Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport PROTOTYPE Nürburgring Experience | WORLD EXCLUSIVE

Misha Charoudin

Misha Charoudin

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    When Bugatti invited me to experience the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport pre-production prototype on the Nürburgring first hand, I knew this was going to be something special. The Chiron should require no further introduction to anyone who knows anything about cars, yet the Pur Sport derivative should make every petrolhead's heartrate increase its bpm.
    Honestly, at the beginning I was slightly sceptical about its on-track performance, assuming it would be an overpowered loose cannon on world's most demanding race track. However, everything changed after the first compression and curbstones were consumed.
    Big thank you to the driver for the lap and the technical insights: Jachin Schwalbe, Head of Chassis Development at Bugatti.
    I will be making another in-depth analysis of the lap and my experience, but this video should give you a very good first impression.
    Endless thanks again to Bugatti and the Nürburgring for offering us a exclusive time slot with the car.
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    1. Collateralcoffee

      Total bullshit. That speedometer is in km/h. He would have done 250 mph on some parts, not realistic. He either misunderstood you or played you, but seriously dude, you should have been smart enough to spot it. Fail.

    2. Danimal 86

      The reflection of the blue dash board would drive me crazy

    3. Playur

      I love how theres duct tape "because its a prototype" yet the interior is full blue....

    4. OIF/OEF-0341

      Fast in the straights but slow in the corners.....who would've thought?

    5. Sebastian Alvarado

      2.5 degrees of camber? Wow Not a fan of camber but never thought it would be used in exotic car dynamics

    6. Lakisleon

      It's really quiet in the cabin even at 300km/h.

    7. Liam Quiroga

      I’m sorry but that dash in is KPH not MPH I refuse to believe it...

    8. RainbowSushii

      hearing those turbos, when will we start using them to create downforce with how much air they suck in xD

    9. phantom2k10

      Misha,how did this feel compared to the green senna you just uploaded? All these variations of the senna was foretold by Salomondrin a while ago are just milking the lineup because they know there will always be demand

    10. Tech 2 Exploree

      Great video was a treat to watch the Chiron on the track.

    11. Daniel Wills

      Даже прокатиться не дали ((

    12. GTŹ ÂPØŁŁØ

      Bugatti: let’s make a track focused chiron!!! Owners: what is a track I’mma just let this sit in my garage for an eternity and it’ll never see the day of light

    13. Tania Romanou

      Ooooooo my god this amazing car is extremely fast!!!!

    14. kein normaler typ

      I gotta say with the chiron, bugatti did an historical movement

    15. LG vLoGs

      The original Chiron never was the best at handling but Bugatti changed all that with the Pur Sport and the top speed has been lowered to 217mph... key word: LOWERED TO 217

    16. neejoy sola

      Taping exterior shut lines: -1.65s from lap time Taping interior console partition lines: -1:53.04

    17. Daniel Hayes

      I hope the interior changes or has a different vision or colour, this one looks a bit like a child play room, it would be nice in black leather instead of the blue velvety material, I know its probably velvet to save some weight, but it just looks 'childish'

    18. Me Sumit

      Who is here after Shmee's video ?!

      1. neejoy sola

        And next on the channel "Ringtractor passes a Bugatti" :P

    19. HUNN

      Thanks to michelin now those type car can be on track.

    20. felipe poffo

      this car is amazing!


      Bugatti Chiron forever ♥️

    22. Donkey Balls

      It’s only advantage is a in a straight line.

    23. Donkey Balls

      I would be terrified in that big brick of a car that can’t corner.

    24. Phil Brown

      I hope that's Shmee150 on the grass bank at 3:29. He was there the same day.

    25. Stuart James Photography

      bad move having bright blue interior it just reflects onto the windscreen

    26. Blark Dexture

      Must not press red button. Must not press red...

    27. Blark Dexture

      How many chiron? 500 are these included in that sum?

    28. Geoffrey LEVERSA


    29. Felix Hyde

      interior looks like a wet suit wierd choice

    30. Luis Longoria

      Thanks to the Engineer for Explaining Camber, it's Too Bad Misha's Insurance Company Wouldn't Let Him Exceed 120mph

      1. Misha Charoudin

        Not really. Prototypes are only allowed to be driven by VW employees.

    31. JesuslovesYou

      Jesus love you.

    32. 2jzandy s

      Chiron poor sport?

    33. Nexus 1725

      Shmee150 was there

    34. ace309

      And next on the channel "Ringtractor passes a Bugatti" :P

    35. Mark Chippendale

      What about a drift-special???

    36. Etreintero 90

      Euromillion is my last oportunity🤤

    37. Sophdog

      Bird: Nice day for flying around Chiron: Hehehe...

    38. Vi5oC4n3

      Mabye it's purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sport. Thats why there is no e.

    39. MaxJustas

      Wow! Amazing content

    40. npharkes

      Never have I seen so little use of the throttle driving the ring..... CRAZY!!!

    41. Scott

      Like watching a supermodel try on different sexy lingerie. Fricken hot, and totally unobtainable.

    42. C Johnson

      Super jelly Misha, but even more happy for you! Mega Gray's Misha, this was big!!!

    43. Sulaiman AlKadi

      Weirdly its a US spec Bugatti in Germany


      A Bugatti for the track!!

    45. matthew smith

      Wtf. Thats crazy! Can't even imagine how fast your mind would need to work completing a lap in that machine. Amazing

    46. Jim Wilson

      That interior colour is horrific, it’s all you can see in the windshield

    47. Arsim Sherifi

      So , did u break any record ? , this car is made to park in front of the casino , tape helps not to fall apart 😂

    48. The_loneriders

      Holy shitt this is thing is fastttttt.....😍😍😍😍

    49. Mikael Rennerhorn

      Silver Tape?

    50. Totyroby

      soo fast! then he says speedo is in miles! wait what🤯🤯🤯

    51. Inars Freibergs

      This is fucking solid car!!!

    52. N4CR

      As someone who hates many modern VW products, this thing.. wow. One of the best. Great video, some sections it reminds me of a rollercoaster as it's like it's on rails. Smooth car!

    53. Michael Goh

      Here's to hoping that the Koenigsegg Jesko is next in line.

    54. Hardjump

      But you didn't tell where i could buy this car.. Dah? xD

    55. Chad Kent

      Still incredibly slow next to the mark II motorsports ford GT lol

    56. Carlos López

      I can’t believe is on mph

    57. MarMPB

      Seriously ? The speedometer is in miles?

    58. Soinas Doyi

      I love how the Bugatti looks parked right in the middle of the track.

    59. Tom Sugden

      The interior colour is hideous...

    60. Yannis Dounakis

      Would be interesting to compare lap timed with One:1 but...

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Bravo Bugatti!

    61. Vukosi Percy

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    62. Yevgeny Lazorenko

      Досмотрел до конца, пернатого жаль, конечно ;) Но это была достойная машина, чтобы об неё врезаться ))

    63. Yevgeny Lazorenko

      Миша, ты везунчик!) Машина зверь и выглядит отлично, а судя по малому количеству общения во время прохождения круга - перегрузки не такие как на Тойоте или Гольфе )) Круто! Очень круто!

    64. SweJoel

      Everyone in the comments says “oh Bugatti is so amazingly good in the acceleration” and stuff like that and I like Bugatti but koenigsegg has a much better acceleration just look up regeras or agera RS world record

    65. J.P. Doyon

      Misha, it looks like the tape was to keep the glare off of the windshield, to me.

    66. bssni touir

      watching Sheeme's video, o cool a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport PROTOTYPE, i wonder where Misha is? and now we know!

    67. Rennerson Clyde

      you cant see anything with that blue dash on a sunny day on the track

    68. Martin Pedersen

      and then he crashed it lol

      1. bssni touir

        Pur sport made for track.. and not allowed to do hot lap.. what a waste..stupid!

    69. jim kamen

      Lap time?

    70. Sniper666999

      Wow. Just imagine how much faster if would be without the weight of that tape.