Building a Carbon Fiber Huracan Door Pt 1

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In todays episode were building a carbon fiber door skin.
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    1. B is for Build

      Download Turo for free here: Use code BISFORBUILD for $25 off your first rental!

      1. iamsuperstarr1 check out that video. they have a perfected a system to create your own carbon fibre panel. especially creating the mold

      2. Manuel Barsallo

        you can still use the flange, just tape the bag around the flange towards the back of the mold, that way the bag doesn't sit on the free edge (where it would not seal and suck air in). you don't have to wrap the whole thing... also less slack on the bag is better

      3. Dillon Heater

        D is for download

      4. Prestco

        Hey Chris try the tutorials from Easy Composites. Hope this helps.

      5. AlliedGamers

        Please put the radar back on the boat, it is needed for fog, mist and when it's dark

    2. Jorge Lay

      use a heat gun to get rid of those air bubbles

    3. Majejeje

      Again check this out: youtube/dyj23IesF3s

    4. Tom Rees

      Speak to Luka Magnotta for tips on vacuum bagging 🤣 Too soon?

    5. Arda Karaoglanyan

      Mate! For Carbon Fiber duplicate best instruction is "" "How to Make a Carbon Fiber Car Bonnet/Hood - Part 1/3" Please watch it! Love your work! Please keep going!!!

    6. Haiden Lear

      “Gonna get the dremel” *pulls out angle grinder*

    7. George Chirayil

      does this process work with fiber glass as well? If I wanted to make a mold of my over fenders would it be the same process but replace everything with fiber glass?

    8. nathan thompson

      Im not a coder should you use it as a mould

    9. Connor Reeves

      The LEDs did me dirty in that time laps

    10. Isaac Blansit

      Loving the build ❤️

    11. Eric Williams

      You can actually salvage your door by using super glue and baking powder. Seriously, no joke.

    12. * FLMAN

      Yeah you skip too many steps there's tons of videos on DE-news that shows exactly how to do it just look at all of them and try to figure out how to combine them... still many props brother good luck

    13. Ark

      why didn't you use fiberglass its indeed more stronger, mush easy to cast, cheaper.... :) just a suggestion....

    14. David Poynter

      Completely bag your part, the only way you will pull the needed vacuum.

    15. Mike Metcalfe

      Your first coat in the mold is the carbon fiber then you can put just fiber glass after with tinted black resin. The back of the door can be made the same way. If your wrapping or painting the door just use fiberglass

    16. Tim Vo

      The mold might still be usuable, just use a bigger plastic bag that can wrap around the entire mold or 2x the plastic bag you had and seal outside the mold. (Don't try to seal against the mold, seal the bag)

    17. Daniel Chaves

      I hope you were using cheaper carbon fiber for the under layers and kept the show layer of carbon fiber a single layer? Also hope you were alternating the carbon fiber weave in your layers for added strength. Fantastic first semi second attempt. 😁

    18. Chris Cole

      Cheap and free bracing for the fibreglass splashes (molds) you are making is the triangular cardboard packaging that comes with large fragile packages. Cut it to length and lay them in after the second layer of fibreglass cloth.

    19. Lolatyou332

      Crazy how people are working on making carbon fiber parts for super cars but can’t spend the time to learn the proper procedures on how to do it. The wax is to prevent mechanical locks, the vacuum is meant to prevent air bubbles. What you should have done after seeing the bubbles would have been to use a heat gun to get rid of them. Using an initial layer is also pointless.

    20. eric l

      Been reading some of the comments it's amazing how many professional people watch youtube it's amazing.

    21. eric l

      I've never tried Toro but would like to try. Some company that will remain nameless has so lost my business. I have pictures of before and after and they say I scratched bumper and guess what back one had scratches front one there was none and I have pictures showing at airport thise scratches there with a date and time. Fighting them now as they say I could fake them they dont want to see them.

    22. Capitao

      Your mould need to be stiffer or otherwise the end product might have other dimensions. Then Vacuum resin infusion is the way to go!

    23. Subaru Impreza STI V5 GHOST - FANTASMA

      oh man so much money spent. i can help you via whats app. add me on instagram @rodrigolagoa and i will send you my number. I´ve beeing there where you at right now and you are so damn close you can´t imagine how!! lets make this happen!

    24. Rares Curutiu

      I don't if this might help or not but putting it out there:

    25. twistertrucker3

      Hey, for whats its worth, I would love to have that door skin after your done with it. Cool garage art.

    26. Gaming KidEC

      You take to much

    27. ProfessorOzone

      Couldn't you use some kind of body filler, sand and use it as a painted piece?

    28. fakeshemp44

      "Welcome to another episode of Chris Pratt works on cars"

    29. RT 87

      Trial and error bro learn by y’all mistakes just watch bro soon you won’t even realize how pro your going to be at this

    30. Jim Niro

      Good luck if you got a fiber glass splinter on your hand without thick rubber gloves.

    31. gwolfe1231

      Ooooh, that blemish over the handle opening really bothers me!

    32. T H

      Sort of a frustrating video, in that, it appears you guys did zero research on anything related to the task!

    33. SpankMe Alot

      great job for the first time, protect your skin when cutting, that stuff is itching like he'll, I subscribed to your channel, I would recommend to sprinkle some fiberglass on the fresh not yet hardened gel coat, chemical bond is great , but mechanical and chemical is better , to stop your mold from flexing use a foam that is 1 cm thick in between the layers of fiberglass , fiber glast sells them , and cut your Matt's in advance you will loose less material , and its easyer to work if you are prepared , and there is a aluminum. roller that will help you roll out air bubbles. while applying resin , if I need my mold not to flex I cast it into solid concrete after its done, and I vibrate it very good to get it denser , it becomes super heavy to move, but if you add hooks into wet concrete , you can use a motor lifter for that

    34. pepe la pew

      Can you use preprep

    35. Alberto Uhia Piñeiro

      why dont you use videos from easy composites?? your mistakes are not learning mistakes, they are from trying to do things other way than are wrong...

    36. Slam Lander

    37. Andrew Bewernick

      From what I've learnt the CF should go on dry (with just enough adhesive to lightly hold it in place). Then use an in-flow and out-flow to draw the resin across. There's a kind of mesh that goes on to keep the vacuum bag from laying completely flat as well.

    38. K Gee

      I look in to making carbon fiber parts some time again and this guy give great info. This is his channel link You may want to see a good way of making your parts and light as possible. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

    39. K T

      can you post links to all the products youre using in the description please?

    40. Basil Perez

      Great video and thank for sharing! I truly appreciate the fact that you guys openly emphasized things that went wrong with the mold and part fabrication. That said, EZ Composites has a great instructional video showing an awesome technique for making your flanges in addition to applying a wax or clay fillet that prevents the gelcoat from seeping beneath the part. Looking forward to your future videos on this Huracan build! Cheers...

    41. UFO Club X

      You need to run a heat gun or blow torch over the resin to get the bubbles out

    42. Ransom Muranda

      Build of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. David Outlaw

      Wait, I thought Carbon Fiber was some type of metal?

      1. Philip Marquis

        David Outlaw nope. Carbon fiber is a fiberglass-like composite that becomes rigid when impregnated with epoxy resin.

    44. Ed Wilko

      It seems the pva is reacting with the rasin might of been an idea to practice on a small flat squre to reduce waste then go onto actual pannels. Mate used to work at pro-drive in england they use a wax in their moulds that melts to release the pannel from the mould. They make all the aston martin carbonfiber as well as many ither manufacturers

    45. None ya Texasontheback20

      Reaction is called fish eye

    46. Chyna Mane

      you wanna cross weave ur carbon

    47. ima legend

      b is for boat

    48. IllBuryYou

      RIP homie SMH gone to soon


      where's that yacht dude

    50. Michael Sylvester

      Like with painting make sure that the fish eyes your getting isn't the personal products like hair spray shampoo and stuff like that it sounds stupid but that's why painters wear full over suits and plastic hats to cover there heads

    51. Jordan Hammond

      How many parts on the car to clone?

    52. Roshan Gthap

      Please uplode ur videos soon

    53. Marcelino

      Try this

    54. Dan Hard

      FYI the guy from the You Tube channel The King Of Random died !!!

    55. Roger Sandoval

      or as TJ would say KEEP MOVING FORWARD

    56. Kianu Starr

      Why not use a 3D printer? Another coincidence... a man who who's built a similar car by having 3D printed the body parts for a Lamborghini Aventador, and has a carbon fiber application technique. He's set a $20,000 (USD) budget. It'd be great to see his project merged with the strengths of the B is for Build frame and motor efforts. Here's the link:

    57. walter Gonzalez

      New suscriptor, greetings from Argentina

    58. Robert Sanchez III

      Sorry a little off topic but does anyone know where of a reliable site to buy used engines? 2008 Honda Pilot

    59. Sonny Galang

      ask someone who knows how to shape and glass surfboards, you guys might get some ideas from them...

    60. Ben Radford

      Resin infusion is required!

    61. Vidal Cantu

      this was painful to watch, I studied and learned before I started to practice. Vacuum injected resin is one of the best ways to go. This was way too painful to watch and not a good way to go about it. very expensive mistake don't do what you did again try the vacuum injected resin way is much better. nice try though

    62. justin young

      high my name is justin are you still tryn to get rid of the bmw m5 shell


      the mold turned out pretty good, continue making molds in pairs ....2 pieces at a time .to quarters, front fenders,bumpers,etc.

    64. Matt Bernardo

      Chris, you may want to dive into the youtube fiberglass/carbon fiber deepend of videos. This one may help some:

    65. tony santos

      @bisforbuild, make key chains from the carbon door, sell on site.

    66. Bat Guano Garage

      You're going to find you want more edge than simple tape provides. I use coroplast, basically extra large signboard with about 3" all the way around and fill in those gaps with wax to prevent the gelcoat overlapping issue you saw. You want some fiber to overlap and extra room for taping the vacuum bag. Also you need to wet sand the mold down to 3k to prevent that resin issue you're seeing. A great vid altogether, just stuff to consider for next time

    67. Luke's Motor Shop

      Sweet video!

    68. The_Kyza

      Hi it's me, kloveyoubye, back to rendering this thing. xD

    69. Loopi

      where is the boat build