Building a Tube Frame Front End for the Huracan

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode were building out the front end on the huracan, mounting the headlights and the front bumper to a new aluminum skeleton. Huge thanks to our sponsor check our their site an find a location near you!
    Shoutout to Mullins Auto Parts for helping us find some great headlights, check out their store here:
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    1. Gregory Radzimowski

      B is for Oscar

    2. Niccers Olayus

      Oscar could probably make a real good wheel, with some rods and tubes lol

    3. Heck with the name

      Nice. Oscar is an excellent add to the team!!!

    4. The Kid YT

      Oscar the goat

    5. Jimmy Long

      With out Oscar you won’t even have a Channel

    6. spyboylfn

      B is for Oscar? O is for Build?

    7. Jerry Lifsey

      Hopefully Oscar got a raise from his day job after his boss saw the kind of work he can do on this channel

    8. John Lerigo

      Should gave put sheet of ply wood on blocks , then drawn a line around the bumper/front end line to work to

    9. Builds Down South

      This build is boring....get back to your roots. This should be called Oscar is for Build

    10. Ege Sevindi

      Building a tube frame with 3 or 5 point welds for 300kmh car. Nice.

    11. Superbia.

      hey man you guys are doing an amazing job!! Really looking foward to the completion of this huracan

    12. red or dead

      B is for oscar

    13. xsnrgy05

      Hi Chris and co, man Oscar is a genius how did YOU find him? Heh heh. Hey I was wondering about all the fabrication at the front end. All the factory rails are "notched" so they crush easy in an impact but you haven't done any of this. Isnt this going to be an issue? You are planning on driving it on the road eventually eh? Dam I cant wait to see this monster finished! Mark.

    14. Randall Goetz

      Oscar is a metal fabing MACHINE! Awsome work.

    15. Noriel Padiernos

      come on... even american choppers got rick... they are getting paid (i hope so).. that's the job. at least chris is not taking credit for oscar's job.

    16. Joseph Roose

      I like the music tune on this episode what is it?

    17. Albert Douse

      What an awesome crew, Chris has the vision and Oscar the mad scientist fabricator. Also are there any B is for Build hats?

    18. Jester123ish

      I actually really like the colors and graphics the body panels came with, guess they'll be gone forever.

    19. Peter Kipruto

      Yoh!! We need an update!!

    20. Toyotamotorfan

      I have to say great quality of work but I’m not liking the episode layout as the 240 were more detailed than this and feels like 3 weeks between videos

    21. Oldman

      Im digging the build.

    22. Carl Bredell

      Have you lost your cameras or something?

    23. dave wood

      Should be renamed......BUILDING WITH OSCAR !!!

    24. bagged Q45

      Where's the updates????

    25. shazone

      New vdo plzzz ..

    26. Kenny Mustread

      Im thinking about joining your membership

    27. JCJDM4LIFE !

      New episode???????

    28. Greimr XIII

      Some airjacks would be super awesome on this car!!

    29. Panos WD

      I think you should support the front bumper to be more sturdy.

    30. Shinigami

      Man I need more of your content, got hooked when I saw you GTR build.

    31. Vega Motor Werkz

      I miss the days this channel used to upload more often 😔

    32. M Dalal

      I really hope you don't drash into anything. Absolutely no crumple zones. Yikes.

    33. Heavy hauling Idaho

      When will we see this thing drive!!! I’m dying here... not much time left...

    34. London B.

      this foo dont build his own shit nomore

      1. Bob Swaget

        I'll mail you a dictionary, sounds like you need one

    35. Brooks Mini

      A Lamborghini or any car not being treated like this

    36. Brooks Mini

      You're just an insult to the car community

    37. Brooks Mini

      Just put the car back to stock seriously Lamborghini made the car with quality you're the car would not be the same because it would be put back together in a cheaper way and it'll be an insult to the designers of the car

    38. Rui Kazane

      Chris, you gotta treat Oscar to a bar sometime!

    39. 7evenko

      have a feeling show is going to direction B is for Oscar

    40. Tim.T T

      Yo I live in happy valley or 15 minutes away from you let’s hang out 🔫🔫

    41. Ahmed AG

      12:31 whats the name of the music?

    42. Mid-life Priceless

      Hopefully you’ll drysump that motor

    43. 19irrerfickwinkel87

      Just found your channel. Your building skills are just awesome. You have a new follower from Germany now.

    44. siong

      Been waiting for 4 days for the widebody part 2....

    45. Rxch 21

      part 2 perhaps ? lol

    46. Evan Field

      Looking sick

    47. Armenius


    48. River McDonald

      I went to the comments but was reassured when I saw everyone else pointing out he’s got Oscar doing all the work. Also, shout out for this dude going the extra mile and using a RivNut tool to sink in threaded screws through for the bumper mounts. Clean work, good job Oscar.

    49. gnugnu692002

      Maybe you could let Oscar do some explanations of his work.

    50. Mikko Talvitie

      Slightly misleading but it seems Oscar builds the car.

    51. Dave Read

      Watching this while in Portland on a trip from the uk seems right!

    52. Hayden Joiner

      12:29 what’s the name of the song used in ur timelapse? Also love what u do!

    53. Caleb Jackson

      Hey B is for Build I was wondering if you were ever going to get more of the “B is for Broke” stickers? I love those ones and I want to put it on my crown Vic’s gas cap door.

    54. socrazybmx

      would you say these episodes are...Oscar Worthy? LMAO

    55. The Hut

      Oscar is a crazy good fab tech

    56. Ryland Griffin

      When will we see more of the boat

    57. Nagata

      sneaky little hobbitses

    58. Leroy Martinez


    59. Car_Ful

      Love your work Kris ... it’s getting very complicated every now and than... but I love it 👍👍👍

    60. TJM

      Like this for another boat episode

    61. Dr Dre

      What happened to eric

    62. Yhesenia Vega

      you should give it a cabron fibre trunk

    63. Robert Martin

      Where can I get an "O" is for Oscar shirt?!?!

    64. Michael Hensley

      Where is b is for boat?!?!

    65. David P Edwards III

      Woo! That Decepticon gone love B is for Build staff fo life!!

    66. Matt B.

      Can I get an O is for Oscar!

    67. NYC Reviews

      what happened to the boat???

    68. Mr J. Skunkwerx

      Only thing you said more than "bar" was "oscars gunna"

    69. Richard Powell

      Becoming a bit of a "B is for get Oscar to build in high speed", used to enjoy your low budget d.i.y builds, where the wife used to help you.

    70. Ryan Trant

      Very impressed