Building Our First Carbon Fiber Part for the Huracan

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode were experimenting with building a carbon fiber hood.
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    I also wanna give a shout out to the Street Banditos, if you wanna learn some awesome DIY carbon fiber skills, check out their channel here:
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    1. Andraž Logar

      Jeez, this is bad. What an amateurish approach.

    2. Tom Rockholm

      If you want some very durable clear coat checkout aviation grade high solids clear, all the major paint manufacturers offer it for the most part but my favorites are PPG’s aviation clear and Du Ponts aviation high solids. I can’t remember their technical branding at the moment but it’s worth looking into. Some of it is incredibly hard to sand though, drys like concrete lol but it’s Skydrol resistant which is impressive.

    3. vycommodoreute

      Street Bandito made full carbon panels and it was very close to what you did, perhaps they can help out? or do a colab??

    4. domantfly

      For the f of it stray some foam to keep the shape and lay the inside then

    5. Carbon Kingdom

      Hello we are top 1 guys when conversation go about Lamborghini parts. Can you just please explain me what you tryed here to do? as step 1. you not done mold 2. you not wrapped .. did not understood what u just did in 21 minute..

    6. Baitschev

      Forget it You can Never do this.

    7. Majejeje

      Please check this out for panel fabrication:

    8. John Corbin

      Could you have not just ordered the body parts to a lamborghini instead of spending 130k+ and months of rebuilding the entire car only to use the exterior pieces?

    9. Jerry Lifsey

      If only the "November 1 Chris" could go back and tell the "July 1 Chris" how long everything was going to take to finish...

    10. FlexFinder

      Next time you use resin, cut in the corners and deep spots, then roll the rest on, or else you get those leveling issues like you had. Also, you want to uv cure resin, whenever possible, for at least 48 hours. The way you let it cure, is a minimum of 1 week cure time.

    11. Joseph Colby

      I totally dig the fact that hes super honest about going to youtube for tutorials. I do the same everytime I have questions about how to do something mechanically. I call it DE-news university. And he drops a plug to the channels. Bad ass 🤘🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸

    12. BlackDragon

      Yeah.... better to use your original part to make a mold, then lay your CF on the inside.

    13. * FLMAN

      To have the confidence to even attempt this is pretty extraordinary... back in the 90s I cut cars in half my dad would go buy Porsches and high-end European cars and that's what I learned on but it took a long time.... gotta give you props though most people would have just had somebody else do it....

    14. Julian potatoe

      Don't bother clear coating it, just paint it the colour of the car.

    15. Charles M

      Reading comments is kind of an art form. There are those who actually know something. There are those who think they do because they watched a video. And then there are trolls, posting as soon as the vid drops hoping to get the likes and the 'top comment' spot. I'm sure Chris knows who's who too.

    16. JoeyLovesTrains

      I guess you could call it.... A carbon copy

    17. jonathan murray

      the gel is just for seperaton then the carbon fiber is like fiberglass close to same fiberglass cloth is a mat just like fiber carbon easy to use but carbon much stronger then do bottom and mold together good thing is carbon strong and you can use small pieces to put them together watch he did a better like1963;splits window the name is tip of my tongue he's short tattoos and has a son Ryan I think I'll think of it let you no I'm getting older to many fumes memory gone

    18. jonathan murray

      cool I have a model a 1930!Ford 3 window coupe body would be cool carbon fiber if your turns out do mine not many model a left

    19. R Nels

      You have to try to learn...... but you should of spent some more time understanding composites before you went forward with this video.

    20. Cola ColA

      Copying stradman?

    21. Matt SK

      Next time hide in even darker corner of your workshop. This is all bad, sorry bro.

    22. andrew19682008

      Check out easy composites uk. excellent video tutorials.

    23. Robin Autoemp

      Clear example of to much money and no idea...learn to make a simple interior panel or trim piece. Nope tries to make a full hurrican Carbon body even professional shops would struggle with. Watch this channel for the simple reason of how not to build cars.

    24. andre lopes

      These guys from Easy Composite seem to have a good process for it..

    25. Travis Hill

    26. Victor Guerra

      I would have made a wood and clay boundary, hot my PVA mold release then laid my carbon fiber mat. I would then stick it into my vacumm bag and pull a vacum works so much better. Go to RCgroups and view the vacum bagging parts how to!

    27. T Rantz

      You should try your hand at custom headlights/taillights.

    28. Nigel W

      Chelsea!!!!!! PLEASE get just one person that knows what they are doing when it comes to mold making to help your boy PLEASE!!!! This is killing me 😳 1) Get a Tyvek paper suit and gloves. 2) Use more coats of wax. Forget PVA. Your finish will be 100% better. YOU DONT NEED PVA. All the imperfections you can see in the surface, even after you just spray the PVA will be in your mold surface. Use 3 cloths, wax on, wax off and then a clean polish cloth. We use to use 10 coats of wax in our difficult edged molds. 3) Get some 3” wide thin sheet metal strips and duct tape/silicone to the door edge to form a good wide flat lip to vac off of. Wax edge fully. 4) Use a fluffy 3-4” inch wide “nook and cranny” roller to apply the resin onto the cloth, (not a paint brush) Much faster. Gives you more time to work on the important things before it goes off. 5) Use a Proper solid steel mini roller to roll out your cloth after you put on the resin. It pushes out the air and forms the cloth into the edges. 6) Reinforce your mold with Balsa Core or Foam Core! To help it keep the correct shape. When Chris is laying back in the hotel room gushing about how great it was to meet Mickey Mouse face to face, would be a good time to suggest he gets someone to help him with this phase of the build. Have a great time in Disney Land guys, Cheers 🍻🍷😃

    29. Adrian Martinez

      Don't be modest be informed. Can I intrastate you in a channel. Easy Composites

    30. SfL Me

      Comment. Cause it helps :-)

    31. ZE_GERMAN

      Do it right and make a mold

    32. hutchingjc

      Check out Mike Patey as well. He makes carbon fiber airplane parts but has some quick how to's on some pretty major parts.

    33. Anthony Jacobs

      Bothering me man r u able to paint the floor in the garage and just cover the hot water pupes with a hing or something made of dry wall in case of reapair? Just a suggestion theres alot of dust and debris and other contaminants gathered on the floor and moved around alot from the fans no matter how good u clean the car the caras just track dirt mud or whatever else in from the tires

    34. WoodGolem

      Make a bumper

    35. Crispy ツ

      Yo bro my brother saw you driving this Lamborghini this night on the Highway i5

    36. Deftones Dsm

      Hmmm i need to learn this to recreate the st185 celica WRC rally car side mirrors. They only exist in europe so gona have to make my own. Plus a replica TTE st185 celica airbox calos saiz's car used

    37. texaswildcat2000

      Just a basic method -- 1. 3-4 coats of wax... 2. 2-3 coats of pva, and a regular paint sprayer is definitely not recommended... 3. use something like plastic sheets, corrugated sign board for example, and using hot glue over masking tape so the glue doesn't remain on the actual part you are duplicating, cut and glue them on the underside edges all the way around, using a release tape to cover all the seams... 4. use a putty type wax around the edge, all the way around the piece... 5. gelcoat prior to resin... 6. resin and fiberglass and get your first half of a mold... 7. do not remove the part from the mold when the resin is cured, but instead leave it in place to create the underside mold in similar manner after removing the plastic edging ..... Highly recommend the following video series for better info... Part 1 of 3 of a company in the UK that provides most all you need to make carbon or glass parts, but the 3 videos go through a very simple mold and part making process:

    38. pete

      ucan still use this method, make the same 1 layer hood, keep it on the original part, spray pve on top of carbon and then put some construction foam on top of it to keep shape, when you flip it the shape is still there and you can take the metal hood out and work inside. we did that with other parts and seemed to work.

    39. Jason S

      You are a hard-working bloke, you are going to be very successful.

    40. Zany Wabbit

      When we made the resin to impreg the carbon for Aston martin/Ferrari body parts, we use to mix the resin in a vacuumed mixer otherwise you would get little air bubbles the size of pin holes. Unless spraying over the Carbon, I'm not sure how you would get rid of the little pin sized void.

    41. F Rh


    42. cegla cegla

      How to not making carbon fibre parts haha

    43. carstenunderwater1 this is the build process when u want to do it right...

    44. carstenunderwater1

      Fibreglass mold + Carbon vacuum Infusion. That is the way to go for all the parts on your car.

    45. JohnPaul McCabe


      Ok you made a mold not a part. That's what you get when you coat over another part. Next you can actually make a part from your mold. I would use fiberglass instead of carbon fiber to make a mold it would be a whole lot cheaper.

    47. daqqer2k

      If you want to do it unproffessionally and easy and its a one time thing then just do the same process. BUT make a mold first, make the edges stronger, then add wooden blocks on the outside of the form to support it to maintain the same shape and curves nad angles. Then take it off and turn it around. And then make the right piece and it will come out nice and shiny.

    48. inspectorg21

      Considered using dense foam core , like used for fiberglass aircraft wings

    49. Edgars Detlavs

      Blcok sand the resin with P180-P320, DA sand the scratches out with P500 and finish with P800 if intend to clear with automotive lacquer.

    50. Chef Gerardo Alvarez

      Make it right once having to re-do, I think molding is the right way

    51. Watts

      carbon fiber side view mirrors, they're smaller, cheaper to make, but probably much more difficult, it'll allow you to fail and learn more for less carbon wasted

    52. Benjamin chassé

      You should try usng your panels as masters to make Fiberglass female molds and then make nice solid panels with these. I would recommend using an infusion process where you suck resin through your part and out from the other side and add a nomex core. It will be much lighter than if you lay resin on top of carbon fibre (which isnt the right way to make carbon fibre parts) and make your panels very strong.

    53. Quinn Salmon

      Can’t you make a negative mold of the roof that is solid and lay carbon inside it, that way you’d only add material inward

    54. Simon Thomas

      This has got to be one of the worst videos on DE-news... was so looking forward to seeing him try and do a proper job and cringed from the start... why even bother trying to trim and clear coat it?

    55. Greg Kemp

      the wax is will act as a release agent. You don't need the spray on release agent

    56. Clubsport R8

      Congrats 1 million subs

    57. Nick Perreault

      Omg... So much things wrong in this video... apply the resin on the hood with a paint roller, you will save ALOT of time, you don't need to apply so much tho. If your mold (your part in your case) is in an angle that could induct the fiber to fall or move, yes you should wait for the resin to be tacky, but if it's flat like your hood, you can apply the fiber right after. The only reason to wait it to be tacky is to help keeping the fiber steady so it don't fall on the floor. Also, NEVER EVER use a squeegee to remove bubbles and lay the fiber down, that's what cause all this imperfections, just use the roller. You should also use a smaller roller than the one you have. I work in composites since 4years, we are making flight simulators covers, so I know what I'm talking about.

      1. Nick Perreault

        And please, make a mold of each piece, that's the only good way to do it

    58. Richard Vanags

      This is what a mould looks like....

    59. warriorinside1989

      what if they made the first layer like they did then spray that with pva then cover it in foam and release it from the original hood then put layers inside like they wanted

    60. watahyahknow

      i think you need to make a mould off the original and make the real piece in that mould that should make the dimentions exactly the same as the part you took it off , you can make the mould from cleaper glassmat put a colour celcoat inside the mould so you get a supper smooth surface and to make any misstakes made in the mould visible so you can fix them and not copy them on every part you take out of that mould allso make a plywood frame to go over the top of the mould and glass that intoo the mould while its still on the part , this prevents it from twisting or bowing and kindah makes it lay flat on the worksurface with is nice as you dont have to chase running resin take a look at the youtube channel from @UC2eM7ZuCPfXTAgbKOpuIaIg he has done a lot of poliester work and pulling poliester moulds from parts , he makes it look verry eazy

    61. TrumpCorp.

      That's worse then 3rd grade Chinese Quality. Disgrace to Lamborghini..

    62. Danie Burger

      Dude your carbon hood looks better than the green hood on your car. Maybe b4 you sell it put a proper carbon hood on the green one. Awesome vids love your channel, been watching almost all episodes for past 2 days or so.

    63. Ron Kirkland

      No don’t !!! Don’t do this please. Leave it stocked and keep the Hurcan !

    64. Far Reach Engineering

      Love this. Love the Learning! Keep on BBBBBBuilding!!!!!!

    65. User 457

      Make a new door!

    66. JD Troy

      used the fresh x smoke product worked fairly well

    67. shanepj13

      *Easy Composites Ltd*... was a HUGE help when I was working on a similar project. They're methods allow you to make a true copy of the part too, rather than just some different panel layed on top of the original. They also do a great job at showing how to replicate the interior side of the hood panel. HIGHLY recommend checking them out, especially since you plan on doing a bunch more panels. Not to be a jerk, but I would highly recommend NOT reaching back out to the "Street Banditos" if these are the methods they use. Best of lucky!

    68. Ray

      use the process that koenigsegg does

    69. matt curtis

      do give you guys some advice... lay down seran rap on the hood then tin foil.. apply a seperator, then several layers of thick 1708 fiber glass..... then pry that off... sand it too smooth touch and then add carbon fiber on top of that

    70. Kris Champy

      First love the channel. I have been building aircraft parts for over 30 years from carbon fiber, fiberglass and airamid and the first thing to do is build a mold using tooling cloth and tooling resin. This will give you an ultra smooth surface to lay you cloth on. Then Learn about the warp directions of the cloth and how to clock them for strength. Then learn to use tooling wax to allow for thickness. Also fabricate a female mold and learn vacuum bagging technech that allow for getting any air bubbles out and so you will have a smooth surface with little to no sanding. The real expensive way is like the way the factory does and that is use prepreg materials.