Building The First Ever Street Hunter 2020 Supra 1 week before SEMA 19 - Tj Hunts A90- Its Done!

SOS Customz

SOS Customz

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    7 Days of late nights and Modelos... Watch as we bust out this a90 Supra Street Hunter Prototype kit in a weeks time from one Friday to the next!!!
    Huge Shout out to you guys for watching!!!
    Ulises @cabrontechpro carbon fiber
    Glenn @thetotalsalesguy - body shop materials
    This year's theme will undoubtedly be all about the A90, so we partnered up with TJ Hunt, Jon Sibal & Street Fighter LA to bring you the first ever Street Hunter Supra!
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    1. ROTSTarge

      as everyone panic pauses at 9:40 at the car alarm in the background X3

    2. Higgs Boson

      1:02 I use my face for a dust mask 😷

      1. Higgs Boson

        SOS Customz .You mean Faking Powder.....

      2. SOS Customz

        It’s baking powder 😏

    3. G Daddy

      Who needs eye protection and a mask??? That's for whimps!!!

      1. SOS Customz

        We die like men

    4. PARTY BOY

      whats the song at 27:00 ?

      1. SOS Customz

        Music is from DE-news music library

    5. M Her

      is there more than 5 seconds of you not yapping wtf just show the car all pimped out driving around

      1. SOS Customz


    6. Yusembry 99

      1:02 😁😁

    7. こんまたれおし


    8. nel c

      Matter of facts, in most petrol head guys this car is 2020 BMW Z4

    9. i have seen things

      I don't know anyone else I saw but those guys are very very.....I don't want to say, but grinding without masks???....ssshhheeeeeezzz.... 🤔

      1. SOS Customz

        lol we always wear mask or eye protection I honestly don’t know why we didn’t in some of these scenes but it was just getting started on it and forgot a step it’s definitely important to wear all the safety equipment

    10. Yogi Yogi


      1. SOS Customz

        DE-news music library

    11. Matt B

      Is that gel coat they are using as a filler? The black stuff EDIT NM I noticed it was panel bonding adhesive

    12. James j

      2020 *bmw

    13. Vanok Silver

      who uses their hole hand to see if paint is wet

    14. skyline2fly

      I heard that “PERFECT” Tag 🤘🏻

    15. robert burns

      Poor excuse for a Supra

    16. Jonathan Silva

      Solo un verdadero mexicano de corazón tiene su taller lleno de latas de modelo

    17. David Espinoza

      SOS !! The MVPs to these builds !

    18. A T

      cheap kit ruined the supra

    19. Sonar Killa

      I´m coughing just watching this.

    20. Gonzalez Canuelas

      Good video but way too long in my opinion 🤙

    21. Djalal Bekrar

      Why you didn't show us the final work ?? I want to see the final supra.

    22. Danno

      Y’all are the true heroes. Great job!!

      1. Danno

        SOS Customz keep up the great work and content y’all going to go far!

      2. SOS Customz

        Thank you so much

    23. Star Fighter

      What a shitty kit. You should have done it in sheet metal yourself.

      1. SOS Customz

        Keep in mind this is a prototype kit not the production kit once after sema they will make a mold from this kit and it will be on point 👍🏽

    24. Bryan Drequito

      TJ need to treat them dinner

    25. Joe A

      You guys at SOS Customz are truly above and beyond. End results of that Supra wide kit shows the dedication and attention to detail you guys demonstrated. Truly a superb job..👍

      1. SOS Customz

        Thank you so much

    26. txboy112233

      Wtf waste my time and still ain't done. ..thats twice he got me just wanted to see finished

    27. Sir Classic

      It’s done but can we see the car? Lol

    28. Connor B

      How you feel about TJ pretending you guys literally don’t exist the second he pics up the car? No @s, no mentions, no “huge 400 hour work week from SOS” Pretty disgusting really.. Is it because he couldn’t stomp his “influencer” feet and had to pay full price?? WHAT ABOUT CARBON GUY?! #CancelTJ

    29. 5WoOdT0Wn3

      Raza always puttin in the hard work

      1. SOS Customz


    30. Dinu Daniel

      What's that black paste?

    31. Christian Mclean

      License plate holder in the space inbetween the grill

    32. Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd

      So now that body kit is like 50% bondo? What brand body kit is that? All the other guys on DE-news with Supras didn’t seem to have all these fitment issues.

      1. SOS Customz

        This was the prototype kit not final production

    33. nathanielLEGACY

      Talk about anticlimactic... sheesh watching like 10 mins and skipping to the end to see you never see the car complete even though the thumbnail shows a “completed” rear shot. Click bait. Nicely played I got tricked here

    34. Uriel Ubias

      Honestly tj goes to you guys for pretty much all his body work and I can see why you guys do an amazing job...keep up the good work!

    35. tecnocato

      Goggles are cheap, protect your delicate sight and keep shops away from infringing OSHA laws. Stay safe!

    36. Mel McGrath

      fuck bro, you are doing a killer job vid was great especially with those perfect white teeth wow geez maybe start doing dentistry adds ///////////// best teeth I have seen lol LF////////// but yeh vid was cool my man //////// more power to u my friend /////////

    37. Peter Serra

      You guys are so chill it makes me laugh you say we gotta get this done but then you be saying one of my guys didn't bother coming in and finish it off by saying I'm leaving early no correction we all leaving early lol, but I give you mad respect because your family is number one f*ck everything else your family should come before all.

    38. Shehab Alkhafaji

      Y’all the real mvps

    39. Reyesxr27

      37 minutes long and you dont even see the Car finished 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    40. Saul Palacios

      Stradmans way ahead of you

    41. Erick Narvaez

      Tj better throw a party for your guys as a guy that works at mclaren body shop what y’all doing is not easy and deserves more appreciation then just saying thank you and a shout out fr fr

    42. Matt

      dude, breathing mask. Please use one before you cut and breathe PLA

    43. Nick Costa

      That’s fucking beautiful

    44. Steve Curtis

      You guys killed it ....great work

    45. Richard Tuck

      FYI guys we don't see the finished car, save some time

    46. McCoy BYZ

      Dam! That custom carbon fiber work was on point!!

    47. Stephen Contreras

      Modelos and carne asada should take care of this 🤩

    48. Selcouth Mesonoxian

      31:40 Supra happy

    49. Christian Torres

      Somebody give that man a mask before he gets lung cancer

      1. jim vollmongo

        Cancer has no Chance its protectet by plastic

    50. Kevin Sanchez

      Supra on god mode

    51. Simon N

      Should have showed the seam on the cf wing. That’s a make it or break it for good carbon

    52. John Guilford

      Then OSHA fines your a$$ for him not wearing proper PPE while working aka mask

    53. Eternity Sphere

      Took a shitty BMW wannabe and made it worse.

    54. Vintage

      LOL that dusty mf need a mask man

    55. MrAudi220

      For people who wonder why the suspension is so high from the factory,it's because they put rubber blocks between the springs probably so the cars don't get damaged while loading it on the truck.Other then that great build👍👍👍✌️👉

    56. DRIVER0051

      Send me your address, you guys deserve a few cases of Modelos after this build.

      1. SOS Customz


    57. Greg Riley

      Sweet work. Now to take the fake badges off and put bmw on it. #FakeSupra -which isn't a rip on SOS at all. Toyota n bimmer did that.

    58. DRIVER0051

      Go to any proper show, and you will see the sickest paint on a vehicle and it's almost 90% guaranteed that a Latino did the paint. Especially in the southwest, Cali, New Mexico, Arizona, even Texas....those candies and pearls....flakes, straight body lines...good work SOS. You guys look like a tight group of friends who happen to work together. Saludos hermanos.

    59. Bill Jones

      dde will say they are the “World’s First” and that you guys copied them 😂😂😂😂

      1. Bill Jones

        SOS Customz Yeah, we know......but that’s just how dde rolls 😂😂😂😂

      2. SOS Customz

        Mmmm there are like 15 pandem supras already this is the only street hunter Supra out there

    60. Barry Terry

      amazing work.. keep it up.. hope to see more videos..

    61. Navi

      TJ should've used SLA printing, he wouldn't have had any of these problems

    62. kustompaints inc

      looks like shit

      1. kustompaints inc

        Work you guys do is good. It's the car I don't like

      2. SOS Customz

        Thanks bro real positive

    63. JordyM.i.a TM

      Lmao no disrespect to Premium auto styling but all they are doing is wrapping cars half the time and y’all busted out the hard work and sweat to get body modifications and paint done on two cars before them doing one. I really love this SOS keep grinding and get that money !


      I saw trash, but this in a new car, take it to a cheap shop to do so fiber that only a man does not know cars and buying accessories Chinese to put hoops Chinese Chinese wheel and dice dangling from the mirror

      1. SOS Customz

        I almost had a stroke trying to read your comment

    65. LawakTube

      you guys awesome

    66. Little Light

      That meet will be only Supras

    67. lil Skrt

      yous have done a crazy job. this would of made me want to end my self

    68. RJayStyle

      I don’t normally ever comment or waste time but you guys are a very talented group of body men. I use to be in the car game myself building cars attending shows, venues, building relationships with my sponsors to make them happy. Getting into magazines and such was a dream of mine long before the internet it was all we had. Get on a cover of a magazine or get featured was something I strive for along with many. When I hit those magazines it meant I succeeded no matter how much people loved or hated my build I enjoyed every show. Meeting new people and kept building. Having family and kids made me retire from the scene. I’ve been to Sema twice back in the early 90s and 2000s and deadlines we’re no fun on my personal builds. Practically chopped my cars to pieces just to build a body kit such as this to change the game. Finding reliable, reputable shops, and entrusting them with your vehicle is tough to say the least. Atleast you’ve got a great business relationship with your partners that goes beyond anything. Never break those bonds that’s how companies die. Sad a ton of well known shops have died out since the 90s that we’re popular once. It’s truly hard to find this type of magazine quality loyal body shops who’d go this far and beyond to complete a massive task at hand in the shortest amount of time. I’m glad to see you have made a channel. Something I’d want to do but never have the time. Keep up the great work I have subscribed to your channel for support and look forward to the content. No other feeling of accomplishment seeing something you’ve worked on massive hours be in a completed state. Love your energy. Like I’ve always said when it comes to a custom build the wheels make the car but the bodywork can make or break it. You guys definitely surpass the make it point. This was a true feat. May you and your team continue to have further blessings and your business stays strong. One of these days I’d like to swing by maybe even bring my cars down they just collect dust now. God Bless! Stay humble and true to what you do. Brings back memories when I did bodywork for days. Glad I watched the entire video. I honestly would’ve watch it all the a way even without the edits. I can relate to the hard work and efforts so much and keep going on and on. The caliber of work shows in your passion of team members just grinding it out that crap was tough. The raw footage is the best no covering up the b.s. it felt non stop without massive annoying ads. Enjoy Sema bro. Time to “get me covered”! Stay humble and true. God Bless!

    69. JA Productions

      TheStradMan’s Supra is better!

      1. LawakTube

        you have bad taste 🙈

      2. lil Skrt


    70. Timothy Wenzler

      Can they make it not an automatic anymore?