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    Am Vor 50 years


    1. Nikø Stark

      Wow, come on man, give us some more glamour shots. You can’t be serious with this video, go through all that to get 5 seconds of the actual finished build! 👎 Yeah, make sure you get your sponsors out safely, forget the fans that give you views! Unbelievable!

    2. Hezlieron Avanio

      The video editing is so good tho👏 and that car is beautifull!!

    3. francisco aybar

      Waoo its beautiful car congratulation 👍👍👍👍

    4. aaron stefanus

      This is so cool men👌perfect

    5. Muhammad Juandy

      I want your and team modif my car Audi R8 but in my dream xd

    6. Tou Vang

      Screwed on ricer body kits... on a BMW. LOL

    7. X7RM

      I still like the old supra mk4 more

    8. L Boogie

      Yep..!! Looks like BMW just got another widebody kit.. there is a reason why you don’t see the MK4 Supra rollin around with the cookie cutter Liberty Walk rivet kits.. it’s because the MK4 was perfect in its original form.. hands down the best car to ever come off the Toyota production line and kept True.

    9. Andrew Collins

      Just amazing what you guys did. I love it

    10. Splendid Cat

      Where's the supra? It's a bmw

    11. Nick Otto

      I saw this on tik tok. Now I'm here

    12. tawan c

      After installed all of these body kit and something happened to the car no other repair body shop can fix it up then got to take the car back to this car modify shop only .

    13. Linda

      Waste of my time to watch this video. Most of the time only shot on those people.

    14. Andre Makina

      you know what makes this video worth watching? That FD RX7 in the back, I was looking at that the whole time. never really been a Z4 fan, and I have no respect for toyota since they don't have enough skills to bring back the real Supra, they just badged a car someone else made

    15. Andre Makina

      congrats, is this your first BMW Z4? ever think about doing a Supra? The real Supra made with actual Toyota parts?

    16. omar gal

      Music 6:23

    17. George

      Looks a little bit like a Porsche. Maybe it isn't only the engine that is German. But the styling too

    18. 2 Wheel Addiction

      don't get me wrong this was a good video but... Filmer: lets make a movie about your car TJ TJ: Slow-mo

    19. Baskara Nra

      Dapat givwey

    20. Mr Wise Genetics

      I'm glad ppl are actually giving synth waves a try.

    21. harry jones

      What is the second song on this video? Sounds so nice

    22. Abdallh 3obd

      Throttle garage ❤️

    23. jesus ponce rios

      Que clase de Juca es este wey ??? Que vídeo tan más chingón

    24. Kanzaki San

      10:11 what happened to him?

    25. brandon hobson

      How much for a kit like that? Also I own a black on black 370 Z sport do you make or offer or would you be interested in coming up with a kit for it you guys do absolutely bad ass work!?!?!?!?

    26. Lewis Foster

      I clicked to see if that was a TRD spoiler

    27. 박강우


    28. zCloud

      So clean...

    29. Carevskij Nikolaj

      Toyota + BMW 🤮

    30. Jithin Mbr

      Great build I can only imagine this car in my country

    31. Shiva Vélacouty

      What is the painting color code ?

    32. Emmanuel Oni

      What is considered a good credit score?

    33. Andre an

      Is that a Zupra

    34. irregular mana

      electric gems.

    35. Reypure207 DR

      Oh look it's a bimmer

    36. Yuri Kiroro

      Damnn I just can imagine I had this Supra 😂😂

    37. Joseph Collings

      #1 class

    38. Cpt Swoopty

      how much did the overall build cost above MSRP for the stock model?

    39. r8228c

      It seems that everyone who owns the new supra is on youtube, because I rarely see them on the road. Or even the older one.

    40. Bandito Dorito

      That widebodykit for the supra is on point

    41. Aldan Setiawan


    42. miata 1800

      respect 80

    43. D' Mahendra

      Penonton Indonesia mana like nya

    44. neoh khai liang

      9:23 what's the music name?

    45. Red0z

      хуйня , одно слоу мо , тачку так в законченом виде толком и не показали , трата времени

    46. khoi pham

      So satisfying, love your videos

    47. wilson sanchez

      gamitin mo yung dr wong na sulfur soap gumana sakin pramis medyo matagal pero efective pramis

    48. franky allvonso

      really beautif

    49. Tô Yô

      Your team look like the team in Need For Speed movie

    50. Kaspar Kask

      *Is tHaT A sUPra?!?* Edit: Awesome project btw.

    51. RCGangstaZ

      the front of the 2k20 supra looks beter with the widebody but i still didn't like . Anyway a great job do on this car , the sexyest supra of i seen until now

    52. DBEAST mobile

      Das clean

    53. Eugene Grechko

      That has to be the best looking mk5 supra i've seen

    54. Brian Twinz

      I love it. Love from Indonesia 🇮🇩

    55. ไพฑูรย์ รักษาชอบ


    56. putra pandawa II

      Om telolet om

    57. apip subarkah

      Best SUPRA SUPRA 125 By Honda

    58. 2slick35

      Damn...like Vin Diesel said about the seemingly dead Supra in Fast 1...'I retract my previous statement'. Or,should I say my previous thoughts of doubt concerning the latest Supra design. So,it can be built to look easier on the eyes! Lol


      *hotslut.ru* 4:46

    60. Seth Stepp

      One of the best build videos I’ve ever seen!!!

    61. Valdez Ride_EP91

      Salomondrin doesn't like this video

    62. Geedygeedy

      Car looks good but those wheels look trash, takes away from the design.

    63. White cat

      3:15 cute…

    64. Nicky mamee

      10:08 What country are they from?

    65. Miroslav Filipak

      a lot of good video

    66. Jalove Nine

      Now that's the way the new Suprs should have looked from stock. Lose the BMW - Miata crossover look.

    67. Marcus Kalkbrenner

      Why not a new front bumper ?! The OEM is so shit...

    68. Gimme Da Bacon

      I think of it as Japan making a great improvement on German engineering and that’s what makes it so lovable!

    69. Colossal BigShot

      Where can I get that kit for my Z4?

    70. Dillon Pippin

      What is that beat u look so pleasure