Bully, Bucks me off the Dyno!

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PFI Speed

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    This Hot Rod civic just wont give in! It’s rough it’s tough it’s Bully stuff. Today we got it on the dyno and start to get a tune up in it when it comes tipping off the dyno T 170 mph! So hold on tight while we try and tame the Bully!

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    1. michael chamberlain

      This thing is waiting to break if they would give the frame proper support so it's not flexing 2 inches up n down! Its just an attention getter for DE-news

    2. Chris Dowland

      Is it ever warm there lol

    3. Lamont Wolverton

      Ironic "666" Horsepower!

    4. benny taylor

      This engine in a hatch would be insane

    5. Jacob Myler

      Bully could really use an air ram scoop thingy on the inter-cooler since the inter-cooler is turned 90 degrees.

    6. Kajn Rider

      I suggest to put an electric fan on top of the intercooler.

    7. xmr oso4

      It’s a 2003 Honda Pilot Engine right

    8. Mark

      Have you tried larger tires in the front?

    9. Breathe GUD

      You gotta have balls of steel to stand in front of ANY car on a dyno, let alone this thing. Jeeeesus

    10. Happy Fox

      Extra thrill that you parked the speedboat right in front of it..

    11. Greg Rogers

      It’s a backwards ProMod with a rear engine

    12. RoyaltyTV

      It said danger to manifold

    13. Great Video! That is an awesome machine! Dont give up on it! :)

    14. Rexhep Nikqi

      I bet you can never beet the Electric car.

    15. Hydrocarbon82

      I'm still amazed they haven't braced the shock towers to the upper firewall. I'd bet the front frame will be cracked before he gets to race.

    16. M Ld

      The front frame shaking gives me good vibes 😌

    17. paul deveraux

      Professionals at work!!! Not.

    18. Mr400Bhp

      The glow is beautiful

    19. Johnmicheals Burnett

      It's Rough, It's Tough, It's Bully Stuff! Let's Go!... Awesome video as always and the name fits the Bully perfectly for sure and agree it's gonna really be rippin on 30psi Congratz on all the hard work again brother... Best Team/Family Ever PFiSpeed/BoostedBoiz Rcks!!! 🤜🤛😎 🔰🔰🔰💪

    20. Jose Rotary

      666.6 noooo time to dyno it agian, no choice lol.💯👍👍👍good job Brent.

    21. Jose Rotary

      The bully at it again, now that was crazy lol, glad no one got hurt or anything like that. 💯👍👍👍

    22. Acura RL

      Is it ok for the headers an turbo to get completely glowing red hot ????

    23. клим мухин

      One start on the drag track and the face will come off! Frame shit! All parts fall off before they reach the track ...)))) Do not render similar horror any more !!!

    24. Status Corsa

      theres so many things going wrong in this video lol

    25. graham woodward

      thats gonna snap in half lol

    26. graham woodward

      what a heap !!!!!

    27. QMRJake Green

      Is it a twin Turbo v6 or v8?

    28. rusalaudinov

      omg, only 700 in this ugly, noisy, unsafety piece of metall? just buy Tesla, man.

    29. jkdwayne

      Buy Some Straps ... before your Buddy in the Chair isnt alone...

    30. BIKE_RACER 601

      So why is a 700 hp car running that big of a tire? Is it so it’ll hook up? I know 700 hp rwd car doesn’t need anywhere near that much tire. Let an LS guy in on some Honda knowledge 👍🏼

    31. Trippy Extendo

      V8 swap

    32. Larry Temen

      What engine is in that thing?

    33. Hein-Motorsports Designs

      Can we talk about how you dont have to wait till the last 10 seconds of the video to see the thumbnail!!!

    34. Sam Swink

      😂😂😂 blows me away how ridiculous this whole video was.

    35. KorSidy

      what would happen if the 90 degree angle from the turbo to the intercooler was reduced? better airflow maybe? cooler air? better air flow? idek..justa suggestion

    36. Justin Brown

      Whaaaaaaaaat up Tom!!! Long time no see Brother

    37. throttle bottle

      pretty sure the slicks are on the wrong end.... :)))

    38. bill shearer

      Sorry but I made these low numbers in the late 90s with a j32

      1. PFI Speed

        It’s a great engine . And through a glide at these boost numbers is a great start . Tighter converter and a few other changes she’s gonna be awesome. Congrats on the numbers ! That’s super impressive . What was the set up ?

    39. Idaho Jake

      To heavy in the front and not centered on or behind wheels.

    40. Liberty Prime

      Nearly kills everyone in the shop. Runs it on the dyno and it makes 666 horsepower. That car is a demon not a bully!

    41. Levi Daniels

      That thing needs some front end supports or something lol that motor is bouncing everywhere

    42. publixzz

      6:07 I like how when it jumped off the dyno the cleetus poster was right in front of it 😂

    43. Dennison Seeto

      I've heard to never dyno a car on slicks...You'll be in for a bad time.

      1. PFI Speed

        It can just tear up a tire, these are over do any way so I’m not stressed about it.

    44. Danny Eakes

      Who's 1g on the dyno


      look's like it's going to snap in half, frame is too weak,

    46. Austin Wilson

      that engine is going to fall apart with the amount of shaking lol

    47. cortney bunge

      That thing looks so funny

    48. pineapplespaceship

      that engine is gonna bounce of its flapping around everywhere 100% that car is gonna launch hell still be sitting on the line and the engine gonna do the run on its own

      1. Larry Temen

        pineapplespaceship 😂😂😂😂 May as well Just build a mid engine car at this point...

    49. Phil & Claire Sandercock

      Can someone tell me why the car looks like this

    50. Kaleb 123

      Not sure if it’ll help anything but sparked again at 17:21

    51. Trojan kid

      Why do people keep doing dyno runs with the drag tires still on tf

      1. Brandon Clark

        Trojan kid hope your joking

    52. Dylan Clements

      What a contraption.

    53. patrick dean

      that car is scary sick really is a beast

    54. pcbman1st

      I really liked the hot orange glowing headers!

    55. LenierEusoj

      Shaking of the front is too much!! Even the turbos wobble! Doesnt that make cracks at the welds of the header?

    56. Teo Karlsson

      why have they decided to put the engine so far in front

    57. Beefy's Life

      What about placing a v10 on that bad boy. Would be insane

    58. Beefy's Life

      On a serious note bully looks so menacing its awesome. Want nothing more than to see this behemoth conquer all

    59. TheCarPassionChannel

      700whp car literally flies off the dyno Brent: *hold up let me check the datalog on that run* lmaoooo

    60. Beefy's Life

      Garth from Wayne's world at 1.30 lol

    61. Its_your_local_chriss_ 2018

      That glow though

    62. Brad Baerwald

      Is it me? Or is the Bully sound like it’s “working” SO HARD (it doesn’t help that the exhaust manifolds are WAY too hot too...Crazy back pressure?)

    63. Lance Archibald

      What kind of v6 is it? J32?

    64. jake 26

      Just to much weight on the front end.

    65. John Clair

      That’s the biggest piece of junk that I’ve ever seen someone put that much money and work in! Lol! Come on guys.. really..!

    66. Jeremy Smith

      The BIG tires are at the wrong end!

    67. Eugen Leon

      its a audi engine?

    68. Martin Taylor

      I respect the work but I just don’t get this thing 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    69. Eugen Leon

      its cool to see new style of a dragster. im not a engeneer, but i think the civic need a rear wing to stabelisating the car and for better grip on the drag strip. sorry for my english.

    70. Andrew Walker

      Glad everyone’s ok! Brent is the freaking man!