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    1. Heavenly Father

      My five: Thanos after the snap Tachanka wearing black air forces Fortnite Default Skin Atilla the Hun Commander Boomer

      1. Oliwan

        Tackank a would be skinny If thanos snaped

      2. dragonfire 101

        1 Jim Carrey 2 myth 3 robin Williams 4 J.F.K 5 takancha This is my team

      3. SE Darkest

        My five Johnny Depp George Washington Winston Churchill Mao Zedong Sun Tzu

      4. HashBrownSelfie

        Heavenly Father I feel like you would want a pizza in your team.

      5. xXKombat _GodzXx

        Cue undertale Megavolina(hope I spelled it right xD)

    2. Fighter pl. 2.0

      My five would be : An M32 rotary grenade launcher George micheal Peyton manning Todd helton Solid snake

    3. Maggy Is Laggy

      Lego batman, ds3 fire keeper, sasuke, abraham lincoln, and arnold Schwarzenegger

    4. jordy koning

      Here is mah five: Hanoi Hanna Neil Degrassi Titan Lucky charms guy The dreadnaught from 40 K ( defence duh) That English guy from parlement that looks like Trump became swedish and ate the queen and bleached his hair

    5. maliiskandar ahmad famy

      1.jotaro Kujo 2.Jonathan joestar 3.joseph joestar 4.josuke higashikata 5.strohiem

    6. Stanley Chen

      Tacko Fall Bernie Sanders (Did you see this mans LotR fight with the speed bag he got hands) Spiderman Justin Trudeau (durag has to be +10 streetball) IQ points And Jschlatte bc he got 99 speed with his sprint

    7. Brojake YT

      My five: Default skin from fortnite, Danny deVito, Black Michael Jackson, Jager with acog, And shrek.

    8. Carson Ward

      Seattle Seahawks mascot James charles Seth Rogan Stephen Hawking as a rebounder And flubber

    9. Resov Prochentska

      My five: Bungo Steve from minecraft Danny diveto Stalin And a is4

    10. N.T.F guard

      My team would be consisted of Sam l Jackson steelo brim and Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tony Stark and fat Thor

    11. Don Cheadle

      I didn't think you were playing so I didn't watch

    12. Malte Ravn

      My five Deadpool Tom Holland spiderman Danny devito Tuxbird Dr. Phill

    13. Pixel The Village Idiot

      Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5 Shannon Sharpe The Pyro from Team Fortress 2 Ultron And Donatello from TMNT.

    14. Tankdestroyer

      Obama jason Voorhees mute(r6s) goro(mkx) and just for memes mark zukerberg and master chief as a team captain

    15. Mr. Soviet gopnik Slav

      I just gotta say... Lord Tachanka Chuck Norris The cat in the hat Karen Mike wazowski It's the dream team

    16. Wincest Gaming

      God (from pornhub he has a verification check) A lion A bear Alexis Texas And chyanne Jacobs (porn star)

    17. Delayed IQ

      My 5 Gordon Ramsey Obama Osama Alex Jones John wick

    18. Robotic Circuits

      My 5 1 joe on a boat 2 dr phil 3 ted sadtler mattress ranch guy 4 barrack obama 5 joseph stalin to make my team communist

    19. bean head

      My five Me Stalin The emperor The joker Phill swift

    20. Bored AF

      Here's Mine -Badger's Brother -Messi -George Washington - Craig Mack -Castle

    21. IDK A Person

      1: Kermit 2: lord tachanka 3: Goku 4: Stan smith 5: Twitch drone

    22. McCool kid

      Abe Lincoln, Godzilla, Hitler, Jesus and the Grinch to intimidate the opponents because Godzilla wasn’t enough

    23. Coconut Boi

      Minecraft Steve, recruit, Sam fisher and master chief

    24. Gerardo Romo

      1 Obama 2 Micheal Jordan 3 Phil Swift 4 Ronald McDonald 5 Doot skeleton

    25. Austin Jurgle

      OK. My 5: He-Man Spider-Man Tachanka Mini Ladd TheRussianBadger

    26. Mononoci

      I don't konw anything about this but when i got the chance i take: 1. Captain Titus 2. Dr. Octagonapus 3. T1000 4. T. E. Lawrence 5. Gordon Freeman

    27. The Mighty Voice

      Master Chief, Chad Thundercock, Bongo Cat, Prince, and the Kool-Aid Man.

    28. Frank Dupa

      A bit late but my five: -Shrek -Reanu Keeves -The Pope -isorrowproductions -karen

    29. Big Shrimpin’ Lawbro

      1. Popeyes chicken lady 2. Theodore Roosevelt 3. Wall-E (u kno he finna pull up with the fire extinguisher) 4. Shugoki cuz he’ll burger thru everyone 5. And my pet dog Beans he can break them mf’n ankles

    30. WIsconSIniT3

      My Five: Jeff Bezos Spider-Man after he lost his powers in Spider-Man 2 Black Michael Jackson White Michael Jackson Viktor Reznov

    31. temodvep

      Late to this party but 50 shades of screw it, here we go: The T-Rex from Meet The Robinsons Robocop (1987) Michael B. Jordan John Pinette Thomas Rogan from House of The Dead

    32. SiLord_RFD

      Pokimane Reily Reid Doki doki Jah

    33. Lachlan Fraser

      Please read👇

    34. Lachlan Fraser

      Yo Russian where Valkrie vid at???????

    35. Timo So

      my 5: Navi (from Zelda OoT) Alan Haper Po (Teletubbis) Hershell (TWD with 1 leg) Maria Magdalena u r welcome

    36. Wafflez Win

      Tom Brady Red Power Ranger It God Shrek Or.... Steph Curry Michael Jordan Lerbron Jaminson Big boi Shaq Kawri Leonard Don’t judge my spelling plz

    37. ethan 20078

      Badger “ I brought out” me: imma stop you there are they all just constantly in your basement

    38. The Boot of Doot

      Obama,God,a 7 foot tall man, a trained solider with a machine gun, and a angry goose that hates the other team.

    39. Aiden York

      I would have Dr.phil,PewDiePie, Napoleon, Rasputin,and Russian badger for a 5v5 pick up game

    40. TheBruhEffect OKEY


    41. AJ Barton

      My Five: Angery Ash Kanye West Captain Price with cigar Makarov post "No Russian" German Tiger commander

    42. nicholas baca

      1. a giant made out of every person in the NBA, except it's shrunk to a normal person size 2. the emperor from 40k so we can teleport around people and shit (also the enemies of the emperor will always fall) 3. rommel (to get someone to yell angry words in a language no one knows) (and also to come up with a game plan) 4. private dan pre leg explosion 5. a 9 armed octopus

    43. Nicolas Preciado

      My lineup: ‐John wick ‐nicolai tsar ‐George W. Bush ‐Callmecarson ‐heavenly

    44. Redneck Airsoft

      Faith seed Russian badger Heavenly Steve from Minecraft And of course dr. Phil

    45. Paul Parker

      My five The Emperor of mankind Captain titus Captain Diometes A warlord class titan A skeleton in black airforces

    46. Ya boi Ginger

      My 5: Obi wan kenobi (when he has the high ground) Big smoke T posing recruit on yacht Morgan Freeman Batman’s parents

    47. Tina Wright

      I would put john wick and recruit

    48. sofdrink

      My five: Gordon Ramsay Bear Grylls The Heavy Theodore Roosevelt Michelle Obama

    49. Matthew Beckman

      My five: FDR (post-polio) Genghis Khan Helen Keller Jeffrey Dahmer Baby Shaun (Fallout 4)

    50. Nick Jager

      1. El Chapo (if he can cut up lines he can cut up ankles ) 2. Ricardo Milos 3. Derek Geter 4. Tyler Perry

    51. mongoose

      My five: Jordan Ramsey, and 4 Tachanka in full plad

    52. Caleb Morgan

      Shrek, JFK, Pickett, Drew Brees, and Jesus.

    53. The Mindless Bandit

      My five Charlie Murphy Prince Rick James Dave Chappelle Shannon Sharpe

    54. Worm Recker

      Stonewall Jackson Barney the Purple Dinosaur Jimmy John's Ted Bundy And Kevin Hart

    55. Nami

      Deadass the best five Lordhead Ass Russian Badger Cyanide SovietWomble Timmy Turner pre puberty

    56. Taylor Bellinger

      Manager of subway

    57. pormie

      1. Alex Jones 2. Godzilla 3.any Clinton 4. A neckbeard 5. Jesus

    58. NanohaXFate Takamachi/Testarossa/NanoFate

      6:21 my sides are splitting jesus christ

    59. Cackle TF2

      My Five Star Platinum (yes a JoJo reference) Bearded Expense Atlas Prime from Warframe The T-Posing Recruit from Yacht And fuze overdosing on Raw Slurp Juice and Marinara Flavored G-Fuel

    60. Big_Ballaz_ 420

      My five: Hitler LeBron James Fuze Bill Cosby Menendez from black ops 2

    61. FireUser 18

      My five: - Shrek - Shia Le Beuf - JonTron - Shaxx from destiny 2 - SCP-001

      1. Daimian Wright

        Shaxx lol

    62. AUSTIN Williams

      My 5 Joseph Stalin Trumps wall Backpack kid David Mason And a 72 inch flatscreen tv

    63. Cheesy needy

      My five: Putin, queen Elizabeth, ash, you

    64. xSTAR xNinja610x


    65. totes a real guy probably

      My five: Drunk Tom Hardy Patrick Stewart Margaret Thatcher (the iron lady of england) Jason Bourne And all of canada

    66. StreakerGore

      My top 5: Black Prior(For Honor) Arbiter (Halo) Titan(Destiny) Deathknight(Overlord) Giga(Ark)

    67. Michael Duran

      My five are: 1-Yoda 2-PIZZA 3-Red Hoovy 4-Alex Jones 5-Solid Snake

    68. Tamara Nicholson

      My five: Sans TACHANKA castle Papyrus Undyne

    69. Ca11m3Raven

      Harambe Oscar, from shark tale Daxter, from the Jak series Phoebe from friends Tinkerbell

    70. Fuze the Hostage

      will smith doomguy war the horseman pathfinder