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    1. Heavenly Father

      My five: Thanos after the snap Tachanka wearing black air forces Fortnite Default Skin Atilla the Hun Commander Boomer

      1. CJ Memmer

        What bout the pizza?

      2. yolosupem

        Ethan Cusack I hope your fucking doesn’t die... they live long lives and yours still might be younf

      3. Scarxza

        Degresse McFallagan don’t worry bro my dad and yours must be hanging out because I haven’t seen him sense I was like 7

      4. Rofl Doffel

        King Kong Jeffry Epstein Otto von Bismarck Turg and Jim Pickens

      5. ꧁Gäçha fire and ice꧂

        My line up Coolaid man A Mexican mom with a belt Stalin wearing sketchers 🍆 💦 Flex seal


      My five Solair from dark souls Hulk The state puff marshmelloman Jack skeleton Pizza

    3. Huy Tran

      My Five: Technoblade Albert Einstein Disguised Toast Michael Reeves Doc

    4. Kaiden Brunet

      phill swift,thanos,clarence,godzilla,d.va

    5. TheTurtle Camera

      My five would be any copper player in siege Danny Daveto Steven Hawking Jesus Christ and a bottle of mountain dew code red

    6. A Paper bag with Glasses

      Just five recruits

    7. Edward Giles

      Just a bit late but.... General Grevious, Adolf Hitler, Alduin, Callmecarson in scorch from titanfall 2.

    8. Scorcher 102

      I like how depressed Geuce is and then flames up into angry baby

    9. Martin Koepke

      My 5 are: A giant named Bill A giant named Phil A giant named atill A giant named will A giant named Zill

      1. Martin Koepke

        Cough Cough im 4"8

    10. Wyatt Horton

      MY fucking diet during quarantine 0:14

    11. Drunk_Famas MF

      My Five: 1 - Lemmy from Motorhead 2 - Ned the Bear (from Fnaf 6) 3 - Wu Zi Mu 4 - Mister House 5 - Stig)

    12. Luke Parkinson

      lordchungass as all 5

    13. belfer bros

      phil swift donald trump the queen of england vladimir putin kim jon un

    14. Matthew Richardson

      my 5: Darth vader greta thumberg Nikola tesla the eagle from lord of the rings and the God-Emperor of mankind

    15. DaBoss 1901

      My five: Mary Poppins Kobe Bryant pre crash Dr Doofenshmirtz Jeffery Epstein Patrick Star

    16. Pistol Pete

      my five: shreck donkey from shreck onions sledge and the russian badger

    17. FranRedStar

      Here's my five: Stone Cold Steve Austin The God damn Michelin Man Heavy from Team Fortress Two Luigi and Sledge

    18. Thomas Johnald

      Sans The spider in my room Waldo(yes we found him) Fortnite Tyler ninja blevins And peppa on drugs

    19. mystic beast

      My five Boba fett Tony stark post snap Ray park Saitama And last but not least joe from family guy

    20. Blesi MC

      My five teammates Homer Simpson Ronald Mackdonald A duck with a AK 47 And LAWD TACHANKYKANG

      1. Blesi MC

        And i fucken forgot to write my fifth wich is perry the platypus

    21. Owen Waterman

      The five have to be da pizza, bandit on preforming drugs, the DHX intro, and a bucket of kfc chicken.

    22. Tachanka Is God

      All I’m gonna say, my five: - Mark Zuckerberg (Reptilian, duh) - Joe Swanson (Easy rebounds) - The Michelin Man (For the blocks) - Lee Harvey Oswald (for those 3 pointer snipes) and - The Pillsbury Doughboy (Break their ankles, literally)

    23. F3AR jelly

      lebron kobe sef crey russian badgar stev off mindcraft

    24. Skeleton bones

      The goose is loose

    25. Florida Man

      My top 5 1.) Scream 3 ghost face 2.) Nobel 1 from reach 3.) Sam fisher 4.) HBO series spawn

      1. Florida Man

        Forgot the last one which is Mulan

    26. BuckyBruh

      Obama Prism that's my team

    27. Ethan Hoover

      My five Master Chief Tachanka Gordon Ramsay Heavenly 's pizza And I can't stress this enough, Stalin

    28. Junfeng Chen

      my five: shaquille o’neal post pizza ceo asian michael jackson black michael jackson (women) the american badger andddd the white house

    29. Colton Lehigh

      Gimme Steve from Minecraft, this dog I have as my profile pick, wisdoms doge, Thomas the tank engine in his death robot form, and finally, Danny eggmanveto

    30. helloitme no

      my five even though im late Khorne Slaanesh Nergle Tzeentch The Emperor before the horus heresy

    31. TZone

      I want Predator, Dwayne the thumb Johnson , Mufasa the lion king, Nameless king from dark soul 3, and Dokkaebi... Hope that was funny enough

    32. mumbo fuse

      5v5 pick up game minecraft dirt block, dr fill, legend of a friend Bradley, glaz and ya mama.

    33. Joseph seed

      Jacob seed, faith seed, John seed and the sinner

    34. Ratman

      Bro the flex tape guy

    35. Beaniechong

      i want badger during the tpain event

    36. James Pich

      rip dokaebe, i mean kobe




      My five (even though I'm late as all hell) -Sans -Hulk Hogan -The Hulk -Iron Man -Kirby

    39. The 20 Something’s

      Can you play escape from TARKOV?

    40. Soviet saari

      Bruh my five 1Mikhail Kalashnikov 2 Joseph Stalin 3 ted Bundy 4 baby face Nelson 5

      1. Soviet saari

        We dont need 5

    41. SMxsladewazhere xS

      wolfgang, tom from tom and jerry, marly, jacob cetorius, boneless pizza

    42. Bill Nye The switchblade guy

      i only need 3 bro SCP-173 a smoke gernade and a flashbang

    43. ejaybugboy3

      Hands down the best intro of any Bagjur video. Heavenly cackling like a hyena in the background, Geuce screaming mad. Perfect

    44. Dmnlrd 506

      Handsome squidward.handsome spongebob.leonardo de capreo.some random ass bird.and a turtle

    45. gun lord

      Transformers age of extinction grimlock scorn slug strafe en bumblebee

    46. Pedro Broek

      My five Ree Kid, Eddievr, Mrbeast, chandlers Luck, Adam Sandler.

    47. Ben Lyon

      My Five: Johann Bach Dr. Watson The Kool-Aid Man Goofy Voldemort with a nose

    48. Tranq_

      This is by far your best video

    49. Garrett Wichner

      My 5 Ronald McDonald Donald Trump Attack Recruit Mike Trout The Big Show CAN'T BE STOPPED Ima bit late ik

    50. Ryan Cruel

      A pizza

    51. The Electric XxX

      My five: Lee Harvey Oswald (he Nevers misses a shot) Obama Airbud Ellen DeGeneres Shrek

    52. seniore grimble

      FooYas a bitch no cap

    53. No Idea Basement guy

      My five: Mussolini John Cena Mao Pope Pius X King Christian X

    54. Jakob Lehman

      My five John F. Kennedy before assassination Joseph Stalin Bandit wearing gray air Jordan's Lord Chanka wearing air forces And Tom Brady

    55. Banana Army

      7:41 that’s what leatherface would do if he was pizza

    56. Anthony Huffer

      i did not need my memories awoken of that horrid cartoon

    57. Brandon Haffeman

      My five: 1. That WW2 vet that caught and beat Covid-19 2. The Monopoly Man 3. The Foo. I need to know what Dave Grohl has been fighting. 4. Mr. T to pitty The Foo. 5. Abe Lincoln's head on George Washington's Torso with Barak Obama's left arm, JFK's legs, the right arm of both Sr. and Jr. Bush, and Fidel Castro's cock.

    58. Tuxedo bird

      My five: Master chief Jerry springer My mailman Steve A deflated basketball And the Barry bee benson

    59. Tuxedo bird

      We need a screamo cover of the duck song ASAP. Somebody get sleeping with sirens on this right now

    60. Deathjohn

      My Five: Jared from Subway (before touching little kids), Neil Armstrong's missing left testicle , Ratatouille (the rat not the dish), The Steam Summer Sale (this ones gonna blow), An overused sentient fleshlight.

    61. Mc Cream

      When I was watching this I was eating pizza and playing rainbow six siege

    62. Joey Russo

      My five Chankey kang (post re-work) A blue ray dvd player Obama Kronk (emperors new grove) Power ranger maga zord

    63. Liam S

      My team: Darth Maul Babe Ruth The jaxi from Mario odyssey A lamp And Charles 2 of Spain

    64. Identi

      I'm late but my five are Sans Master chief Bill cipher Sanic And My broke a**

    65. Massimo Rosiello

      My five oj MUDBONE Godzilla Lord Tachanka The lizard running away from the snakes in that one animal documentary And MVP for my team Recruit

    66. Spacybomb Coool

      Jesus, God, Kobe, MJ

    67. THE- ASH

      1 god

    68. Jake Stan

      The game was rigged from the start because fooya streamed snipe

    69. PLAZMA Skertecy

      I want Jesus, God, Techanka, and George Washington is the dream team

    70. Me Nvidia

      This is still my favorite video from your channel It makes me laugh everytime I watch it And I've watched this like 20 times