By the way, Can You Survive Jigsaw? (ft.TheAMaazing & TurtleAmigo)



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    Today we played a Jigsaw survival test! With psychological dilemmas and riddles to solve, Hosuh and Stephen fought for their survival. Of course, TheAmaazing and TurtleAmigo joined us. I always found psychological thrillers and horrors interesting, and always thought what it would be like to be in a psychological thriller like the Saw series.
    Also, we read some TheOdd1sOut James x TheAMaazing fanfiction! I was hoping to make Stephens read some DanPlan fanfiction, but I guess that’s a video for another time.
    This video was completed thanks to the people that were willing to help out!
    Tantan (Made the fanart) :
    Laddi, ArtDemon and Jess helped Hosuh draw/shade, which was really really helpful. Tantan drew the James x Maaz fanart, which was just amazing. Go check em out and show them your love~!
    Still though, after making "What if you were the last person on earth?" and "Can you survive the zombie apocalypse", we found that people really love survival tests, so we went ahead and make a Saw survival test. We were trying to trend with the new Jigsaw movie but failed miserably. We always feel bad for not being able to post often, so I do apologize, but the fanfic with James from TheOdd1sout and Maaz from TheAmaazing makes the wait worth it (?).
    Also, you should go watch By the way, Can You Survive in Antarctica?
    Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
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    1. linda Bonilla

      Hey Daniel you should read your own fan fiction

    2. Robbie E

      why did they just go get a midget and kill them in the room problem solved.

    3. Mr. Mon

      Daniel sounds like dream

    4. Grace LIN

      Turtle is cold blooded literally as in its a reptile.... ...and a cold heartless murderer

    5. Oliveu 2bu

      I subscribed today. I also saw the Stephen video today. It's hard to see these videos the same...

    6. the life of a gachtuber

      Me emeataing choose to read the fan fiction because of being a shipper hafe why threw reading me I ship it

    7. Demetrius Williams

      The canbal gets kicked an dies Everyone what a ledtown

    8. Feminie Rowboat

      The fanfiction made me want to murder myself.

    9. Awesome Sauce

      Do survive penny wise Daniel

    10. Anny Jabbour

      Hey Daniel,eat a Carolina Reaper pepper

    11. Peter Dutton

      Hey Stephen Google turn on the roller coasters while drinking water and then throw up

    12. Iman Najiha

      Dan is cute and not scary at all

    13. The Boi

      “I just wanna eat humans..” *visible cannibalism*

    14. オタク

      While me and my friend been listening and they said “theres 10 migets with daggers” my friend said “OMG ITS YOU!” And then i kicked him UvU

    15. Familija Zuberovi

      This is the first video that I watch in DanPlan And i'll keep watching ther videos

    16. Fatima3056 :3

      6:22 me: ooof i did't die

    17. Diana Suarez

      Dam...I miss them so much

    18. theforgottenmonsters

      3:47 if he's been starving for weeks now he's going to be dead so choose the cannibal

    19. • Kittycat814 •

      *me deciding to listen to the fanfic* Oh lord. *20 seconds in* aLrIgHtY i'M DoNe wItH tHaT.

    20. THEOdDAnnyBOI

      Dan: I mad Stephen: 🖕🏻

    21. La Libra


    22. Sachii

      Dan videos always cheer me up 🥺 i am getting dislikes on my vids and idk why... but i guess :(.

    23. lionel williams

      Hey dan do the ice bucket challenge

    24. Something# 1

      I was drinking cola and then the moment with the dead guy, so u can probably geuss what happened.

    25. April Erickson

      Who else watches Theamazing??

    26. Elephants Rule


      1. Elephants Rule

        @NyaniKore that it is

      2. NyaniKore

        fan fic is the worst one

    27. Ember of the Woods

      Hey Daniel, do a peacefull wilderness survival story video or by the way can you survive the wilderness or something where everyone gets to choose two items to bring with them or something and also make it realistic because why not and maybe clear out some myths or something i dont know

    28. Hayleigh Animations

      11:38 I knew it was the ice. I've seen that riddle before

    29. techno blade

      Ihave senn hosuh in irl

    30. Boyz Play

      DE-news known as 404 roasted a person that sounds like hossa

      1. Boyz Play

        This was a wired comment

    31. Mindy Yoshimoto

      Damn if the jigsaw looked like how it was in the beginning 😭💔

    32. Sara Everson


    33. bathtub ibuki

      Lol I'll just die

    34. Saucy penguin animations

      Stephen is basically Bakugou

    35. Ken Hernan

      Dose anyone miss Stephen?

    36. Julia Gochnour

      Does anyone agree that when the do can you survive a horror movie they don’t make the movie scary

    37. jaxon's life and games

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    41. Moo Snow

      Hey Stephen puke

    42. People around you

      When it came to the iced tea I was panicking immediately and screaming "TAKE THE ICE AND THROW IT AWAY REMOVE THE ICE REMOVE THE ICE" and I almost died by screaming I am still petty they didn't remove the ice I'm cryinnngggg ;-;

    43. RISYAM Zaifi

      Hey yusoh,kiss daniel

    44. The Lastone

      Stephen is very like bakugou

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      I take the gun and shoot jig saw

    47. Emily Hill

      At the beginning i was like but I have no will to live

    48. x DiegoPartyG x

      The part when they have to kill one of them instead of killing other people in the public. They could've just killed one of the midgets from earley

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    63. Galaxy Films


    64. Galaxy Films

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