By the way, Can You Survive SCP Containment Breach | FINAL Ending



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    The final ending of SCP Foundation Containment Breach. What will Hosuh, Stephen, Jo, Jay and Daniel do to survive? The final episode of SCP Foundation will explore different scp monsters and see exactly what they do.
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    1. DaPoodleFloof

      Dan: Mr. Deed. Me: MR. DEEDS

    2. Tammie Bittiker-Saylor


    3. Jessie Logan

      mmmmmmmmm hosuh

    4. I Reject Rejections

      1:15 woah there buddy that's kinda gay do it again

    5. FBI

      just gonna say this why does jay look like brock from Pokémon?

    6. FBI

      mmm hosuh Stephen you flirt a lot 1:15

    7. Lovingsky_ 1234


    8. Alaina Tapaya

      I just realized how Daniel tried to hint that if they go out with the scp things then they’d all get immediately shot

    9. Star The Solar Hex

      What's said at 7:11 ?

    10. Rachel Thio

      9:07 Its funny that Hosuh is the only one asking the logical question, "But, they don't have eyes." while the other's just screamed in horror for the orange slime.

    11. todoroki_reee :v

      At 6:51 anyone noticed the lady's hand?? 👌🏻

    12. Diego Mahoney

      What happened if they went in the barn yard?

    13. stev

      wait what are the amphibian scps? 939 or some thing else?

    14. Daizjauun Phillips

      The amphibious creatures from 9:30 are blind... they couldn't see anything, therefore not only are the pets safe the entire time, but the camouflage is useless.

    15. Angel Dust The Porn Star


    16. frisky animatez OwO

      *_I name him charley_*

    17. Steven_thepsychopath

      AWWW MAH GOSH Steven:mmmm Hoshu O///////O MAH GOD PLEASE LET THEM BE GAY!!!!!

    18. Laura Lomeli

      What's up with Jay and Stephen being horny for Hosuh in this episode lmao

    19. FaveXsnipes dope

      Dan got scp-939 wrong because it only attacks objects that are moving or visible in it sixth sense which is only being able to see moveable objects

    20. Paul Wright

      the starting of stephen x hosa

    21. Willow Harvey

      Stephen's reaction to the orange slime almost being sadly killed, was mine lol

    22. Call Me Pika UwU

      SCP-999 (orange slime) Is The Best SCP Out Of All Of Them. *Also,* What Did You Say *Stephen?*

    23. Okapixx

      What is the farm scp

    24. Jeff _is_Random_my_name

      Before Stephen : CAN I KILL HOSUH Now Stephen : MMMM HOSUH

    25. Cthulhu UWU

      Stephen could’ve sacrificed Mr. D instead of himself

    26. Cecilie Chapman

      7:11 WAIT did housa just say ´´stephen your pants what happend ´´ and the orange slime is ment to make happy memories come.. damn i wanna know more

    27. Shou_2101

      So what's in the silent room? 7:27

    28. ThePigletGamer

      “The silver bell” could also have been the cowbell

    29. Joseph Tavora

      9:16 rare footage of steven caring for someone

    30. Fireblaster 89

      Should have asked Alfred for a portable shower and new clothes

    31. Ⲙyຮtic J𐍉ker

      Soooo what was in the barn for the lake option?

    32. lonely bag

      SCP- ████████ Object class: -safe- -terminated- out of containment Special containment procedure: -SCP ████████ must be kept in a constant illusion that they are normal people- . -SCP ████████ has no special containment procedure due to the fact that they have been terminated- . SCP- ████████ is on the lose, and we know nothing of their whereabouts. but a team has been deployed to find and contain them. Description: SCP- ████████ is a group of 3 young men who have been under surveillance, with the order of the 05 council that they are to be watched. upon first viewing, they seem to have no anomalous properties nor defects or abnormalities in their appearance. but upon further surveillance, they found out that their defacto leader seems to subject the 2 others into situations that he came up with. at first, it seemed to be normal. until they realize that the defacto leader, can bring other people into his "game" and participate into it. influencing them to make a choice. later on, they found out another one of their anomalous factor, it was during their employment in the SCP foundation. to better keep an eye on them. and it was during a containment breach. where they found out another anomalous factor about them. during the time when they were employed, they were employed with 2 other young men. and they seemed to be influence by the defacto leader to do as he says. and during the breach in security happened and SCP- ████████ was alone with all the other SCP's. and rather than find other ways around other SCP containment breach, their defacto leader tends to lead them to room. letting them choose where they go. and even if they die from the said SCP, they would remarkably come back to life. similar to another anomalous test subject. they seem to also befriend most of the SCP's they've found, letting them be around them and letting them inside their shirts. but, after they reach the exit. guards mistook them for D-class attempting to escape and shot them where they stood, though 2 of them revived back from the dead. they were shot down by their defacto leader even though, he himself was shot down. but he was also shot down after executing two of the other SCP. -their anomalous ability seemed to fail after that- . It seems that their anomalous ability did work, and they've used it to escape. the 05 has sent out a specialize unit to find and capture SCP- ████████ . Addendum SCP- ████████ : these are suspected role of each SCP in their group: SCP- ████████ - A: The defacto leader of the group, seem to be calm yet enjoys seeing the others in pain. SCP- ████████ - B: one of the original follower. this one seems to be the violent one of the group. during the initial surveillance, he seemed to always answer with murder when approached with a question by the leader. SCP- ████████ - C: another one of the original follower, this one seems to be naive and young. and seemed to answer with peaceful talk. a complete opposite of SCP- ████████ - B. SCP- ████████ - D: is whoever is under the influence of SCP- ████████ - A's powers. the Group seems to have gone through many people.

    33. The White Skeleton Horse

      9:16 If you hate Stephen *FIGHT ME!!!*

    34. Bailey Ray

      Theodd1sout brought me here, and I've never been more grateful 🤣🤣

    35. GaiaBreakRules

      That slime is literally living mdma

    36. Whale Noises

      Stephan:mmm hosuh me:SHIP!

    37. Grape Juice

      I want da orange slime! SO CUTEEE!

    38. Taco bell piss Nachos

      If i was at the vending machine id get PUSSYWATER

    39. ChibiBoba !

      Jay and Stephen trying to flirt (real cute tho) ~ Dan-your favorite scent is on the slime Stephen-mm.. Hosuh Stephen-(laughing) •///• Hosuh-ummm (laughing) ~ Dan-the machine will make any liquid Jay- HOSUHS LOVE JUICE me- *wheeze*

    40. The animal squad :3

      I feel like all the them are flirting with Hosuh

    41. The animal squad :3

      IS HOSUH A GIRL!?!!?

    42. MyHeroAcadamia Niabeoch

      After watching this I made a plan to make a 131 scp plush!

    43. Ella Ocean

      6:51 Mrs. Dankwerth GOT US ALL with that left hand

    44. Bob Thesmillingface

      But scp-939 ha vision based on sounds

    45. Sloth -d375

      I roll a one. What happens to me?

    46. Shakera Begum

      James: We have an amazing insurance by the way. *pays them £1.50*

    47. Yiğit Ferhat Kurtulmuş

      Trow dam

    48. Shet

      1:15, the gay is real

    49. Patrick Star

      And then everyone died, *The* *End*

    50. GAYE BoI HamIz

      I’m glad the pets survived 🥰

    51. Salahuddin Ashiq

      see's her hand at 6:49 me: *hol up*

    52. Ad Revenue

      when i heard bell i thought it was SCP 513

    53. Littler Box

      I hug the sh- out of it -Jay

    54. Littler Box

      1:16 Stephen:Mmm Hosuh-- Hosuh:wait what? Stephen:I mean-

    55. •Shadow Unie UwU•

      1:16 tho 😂😂

    56. shyhara is gay

      dan: *insults 999* everyone: _so you've chosed, death._ fanplan: *_now this is an avengers level threat._*

    57. Eliu Ate a pig

      Ha gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

    58. SweetBerry

      Worst Danplan video I’ve seen. Everything is just awkward and repetitive. Disappointed... :/

    59. AngelKitty02

      THE SLIME AND EYEBALLS LIVEDDDDDS and mr de- I mean Alfred😗

    60. Patrick pat

      Do u required me to bis slap sir Daniel sir YES

    61. Jamsablook Gacha!

      THAT ORANGE SLIME WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS I WILL NOT LET IT DIE! **hugs the orange slime tightly**

    62. Ashchraya Mapatuna

      Wait, so did the pets live? Cause if the did then they technically won, as Stephen said, the pets are an extension of their being

    63. marina Anderson

      *Stephen flirts with hosuh* *Also stephen threatens to kill Daniel*

    64. ぽたとだいず

      1:15 tho XD

    65. Lucia Reina

      I feel bad for alfred... Theyre just keeping an immortal guy with Alzheimer's

    66. Thehappydramallamas Z

      Can we appreciate how little adds they put in the video

    67. JustAnotherPersonOnYouTube

      Steven you should have made cup of orange slime

    68. Tord red leader

      Awwww steven lobes hosua

    69. Anton-Constantin

      what even is this

    70. Zack The Savage

      (9:03) Stephen: THERE İN İM BOOBS THEY ARE İN MY BOOBS İN MY BRAS! (9:07) Everyone instead of Hosuh and Dan: NOOOO! NOT HİM AAAAA Hosuh: *Math intensifies* it doesnt have any eyes Dan: İt smells it Me: İt doesnt have a nose? Hosuh in mind: How the heck they didnt notice us then?! İTS A SLİME HOW İS İT GONNA SMELL AND HOW ARE THEY GONNA KİLL AN ORGANLESS CREATURE??? AND WHY DİDNT STEPHEN CALLED MR. DEED İNSTEAD OF DYİNG İ LOST 25 İQ WHAT THE HECK?!