By the way, Can You Survive "Us"?



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    Daniel, Stephen, Hosuh and Jay experience the thrilling concept of "Us" the movie.
    The movie Us is a horror film in which identical clones that look just like us come out from underground tunnels to overthrow the people above.
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    1. Mackenzie Animates

      1:57 that Jay legit freaking me out.

    2. Vincent Nguyen

      I enjoy jay as a character

    3. CookieMircle:3

      I just realized looks like Brock from Pokemon 🤣

    4. Aaliah Nguyen

      I'm Stephen when it comes to math

    5. Mr Lockheart

      Why they know some parts in this part

    6. Nicole Scott

      The other me literally has a mechanism to make fire he could easily cook the rabbits. Clone: shut up! If that was in the movie, Golden.

    7. Kam Mam

      If i was in this i would get a tommy gun and run away

    8. kaleb k

      Daniel says ' what is 25 * 78 oh wrong' I laughed so much I couldn't stop repeating it XD

    9. Marsh MallowX

      7:14 it looks like Dan is Ash from Pokémon, Stephen is pikachu, Jay is Brock, and I guess Hosuh is misty?? Idk oof I just thought it looked similar

    10. ItzRoseGachaGaming

      Daniel: "Well I lied!"

    11. Albert Joseph


    12. The monster World

      Jay kills other jay Jay: oh *Hell Yeah* Hosuh pushes and kills other Hosuh *Hosuh panics* Jay:*laughing* Jay kills Ann Hosuh: *and Ann couldn't defend because rocks beats scossiors* Jay and dan: trying to hold in laughter

    13. reyalsnomeD

      Wait wrong video... S***

    14. reyalsnomeD

      SCP 999 is charlie! the orange cute slime!

    15. c o o k i i

      Wholesome uwu

    16. Nieve Scott Harvey

      You guys should do home invasion for real

    17. Emiko.E Ponapart

      So 😂Daniel and hosuh(sorry if this is the wrong spelling) live happily ever after and Jay + Steven died?!? Oh mAh gosh 😂

    18. JoshtheOverlander

      The ending of that movie was so bad that Dan had to force them into it! XD

    19. Tiffany Otto

      1:05 I usually find spoilers important, but with these videos, I want to watch the video, not the movie. And by the time I'm done, the whole thing is explained, so... ALSO! Can you make a video about the Slenderman movie? I think Stephen and Jay would like the ending. I know I did.

    20. Random kid With hat

      Daniel: we hold hand and run into the sunset Me: gayyyyyyyyy

    21. Cyntia Ramirez-Garcia

      Stephen was acting sorta weird in this video

    22. Piece of art Animations

      This is my source of horror movies without getting scared. That’s kinda how I survived Purge.

    23. Minikarma

      10:39 this is why you should be a good person

    24. BiPpYdAjEaN

      Yo, I watched this.

    25. Chiara Del Rio

      Daniel: what's 6x8 Stephen: Daniels left butt hole Me: NO IT'S 48 ~while laughing~

    26. •Māy •

      *I'm your 185k like meh dood*

    27. Baron Anoch

      Dan should have let them kill him

    28. Reece Has no shoes

      "oh so it's them they have this items" Jay-2019 Speech 100

    29. shaani goering

      Jay.... He’s definitely Brock from Pokemon, right?

    30. Omega Nugget

      Dan: JAY WHAT DO YOU DO?!?! Jay: SEXY JUTSU!

    31. Chubby Bun

      Funny story I went to the movie theater with my little cousin to watch some sort of marvel movie (I think it was captain Marvel I can’t remember) Apparently the theater accidentally played the wrong movie and started to play the beginning of Us. They realized it after the scene of the girl winning a Michael Jackson shirt so while they were trying to figure out what they did and it got to the scene of the girl (I forgot her name I think it was Adeline) getting switched. So now my six year old cousin is traumatized

    32. Lesli Garza

      Does anyone else find stephen hot?

    33. Jake the Dragony Master

      So the clone has your weapons? Easy. All you need to do is go to the other side of the room, switch to Super Arm, then keep switching between Mega Buster/ Thunder Beam/ Fire Storm

    34. Lunar Eclipse

      “Ann couldn’t defend cause rock beats scissors” Le gasp who are you and what have you done to Hosuh

    35. Ryker Hciebufysvf

      0:30 you know, fire extinguishers, depending on what kind, can be extremely dangerous. Powder fire extinguishers can causer permanent blindness if the powder comes into contact with your eyes.

    36. D Money

      I want upon a time and then she dragged me into the darknessAnd then I was up

    37. Green Feather

      10:40 that ending tho

    38. Antiheld 01

      This Bane sentence really got me! I laughed like 10min straight

    39. Deniz Edryan

      What if Dan was Stephen and he stab everyone but hoza.Hmm i wonder what will he do 😈

    40. ThatGuyGrape

      why does one of them look like brock from pokemon

    41. Elsie Mae Balch

      I want a 'By the way, can you survive Tall Girl' video

    42. zanekiller109

      Omg I asked for this one

    43. Caleb Armijo

      😂hahaha like

    44. e u p h o r i a.

      These people are full on moods-- I LOVE THEM ALL 😂😂😂

    45. lily wall

      Daniel: when I was a kid, I was born in the s-tunnels Jay: I WaS BoRn In ThE SwEaREs

    46. ranmi cunningcest

      Jay, i feel like you always have something between you and dan... Wow what were you guys thinking of?

    47. ýùķì ýàmà

      1:08 i have,a little girl starts to walk towards the ????? And then she goes in and insane people comes out being insane and the little girl's insane version switch the little girl and the isane one pretends to be NORMAL !_!

    48. Pander_B3R

      Not gonna lie. This sucked

    49. Kylie Jener

      In 2:20 Hosuh looks like Charlie from The Great God Escape from Yokai Watch

    50. _Flower5876_

      Man, I kinda wish they actually did “can you survive home invasion?”

    51. Sophia Clare Thorn

      I want Home invasion!! WITH THE PSYCHOPATH AND SOCIOPATH and the cutie patotie HIHIHI

    52. An_Artistic Dragon

      Stephen: “The several knives I have taped to my body obviously. Never go unprepared”

    53. chilliadistudios

      *"7 seconds in and I love it"*

    54. Wendy MarvellOwO

      Bro I would fight

    55. Wendy MarvellOwO

      Heh Hewo :3

    56. jk ghorgh

      Is it weird that dan is always the person who betrays them like in the immortal video??

    57. GoatKidAsrielDreemur

      The man with "fan" taped on his head would be me

    58. Åñgël dråws


    59. The Java Cake Cat

      “I commit to my hugs”

    60. iza- cat


    61. MKG G

      5:02 I would have just asked him how well he was handling his student loans

    62. Help Me

      Why does jay kinda look like Brock from Pokémon lol

    63. Florernce Chaves-Dalde

      Cala Maria is proud

    64. Florernce Chaves-Dalde

      Yas inkling hosuh!!

    65. zizo


    66. Sushiblade

      0:41 Jay conspiracie

    67. Foxy Ruffin

      This is my favorite video so far Fav line “I get kill people and merder people. Holy Shit”

    68. Maia Riley

      Dan: Stephen whats 6x8? Stephen: Daniels left butt hole lol

    69. HxppyPxlls

      50% kinky 25% gay 25% math

    70. Kaiphi Dio

      So if they have sex, the shadows suddenly feel horny and feels orgasms?