By the way, Can You Survive "Us"?



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    Daniel, Stephen, Hosuh and Jay experience the thrilling concept of "Us" the movie.
    The movie Us is a horror film in which identical clones that look just like us come out from underground tunnels to overthrow the people above.
    Animator: Rei -
    Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
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    1. the ultimate actress girl

      " Burn them. "

    2. Ciaran Little

      Essentially railroading to the max.

    3. 1216 Chloe’s world

      The weird thing is Stephen didn’t die from bleeding out from his legs and arm

    4. Xxloli boixX

      0:14 i just realized and editer is taped on his body aswell-

    5. NovaBurst

      6:41 wait left butt..... why does he have two

    6. NovaBurst

      1:38 the reason he broke his leg is because he rolled a 1

    7. Kakashi Blue bird attack

      Wait if you die do the clones die

    8. Kakashi Blue bird attack

      My weapon is a persons head

    9. the_forgotten_ kid

      did anyone realize the pun that was there when hosuh was running from himself? at 5:29 when him in red was chasing him he had scissors even though hosuh choose a fire extinguisher, and if you don't get it now the pun is the fact they said "ok lets cut to hosuh" 😂

    10. Christopher Jess Jr. Sarmiento

      How to survive them: *Put Bedrock all over yourself.*

    11. [MS7]

      1:15 no....

    12. Fox Lover Gacha

      “What’s 7 x 8” *56* Me: how did I get 65?

    13. Brianna Harris

      I think theres something wrong with me because Im laughing in all of these videos.

    14. animation world

      dan be like to others:''ok boomer''

    15. Divine Animations

      0:26 pls make this a real thing

    16. Kaleb Champion

      I hate when that dumb math thing pops up

    17. Godzilla-TheKaiju #414

      Also, how do you get like the diff fonts and stuff? Like bold, Ittalic, and stuff

    18. Godzilla-TheKaiju #414

      Dan: Today we are playing, Can you survive, Us? Everybody else: *Gets pissed off* Me: Understandable

    19. Spoiled Cheese

      that was the most wholesome ending ever lol

    20. Natasha Roskam

      0:13 I have exactly ten knives in my room so smart move buddy

    21. Aeryn Huffman

      *"and we hold hands into the sunset"* {~RIP~} Aeryn Huffman cause of death: laughter/suffocation 2010-2020

    22. levi ackerman

      1:16 i paused the video watched the movie and I'm back

    23. CLOUT

      The old squad

    24. John Hixson

      I'd defend my home with my guns , knifes, turrets, and all weapons

    25. Roland Vinkler

      If I was fighting myself then I would look for a needle

    26. Minie

      I thought when it was "us" you literally meant yourselves

    27. NøSãnîty Cãndël

      i wonder how daneils clone just continuse to carry stephen without hesitation-

    28. DreamyDiamond

      That Ending was so funny

    29. Claire Arsenault

      I know this video was posted a while ago but the moment were they start saying what weapons their going to use I immediately said to myself: scissors and nail clippers. Not joking. The reason being if you take scissors apart you now have two knifes. It's that simple. As for the nail clippers well the part that clips the nails can cut through zip ties (I have no clue how to spell that) and the sharp end can cut through ropes and duck tape. Those three are the most used and efficient materials used in kidnappings and against hostages. Also I have terrible aim so unless my other self can catch me I don't have to worry about the scissors as you only have one pair so you only have two knifes and to chances and although eventually the nail clippers would kill me it would take much longer to do so. It would also be more painful and i would scream louder than usual, alerting the neighbors. This is just my opinion however and is not ment to offend. Thank you

    30. Sage

      Lesson of today: Don't hug Stephen".

    31. Tirualem Workei

      jay: i walk home Dan: your leg is broken (puts rainbow liquid for blood) roses are red violets are blue theres always a more family friendly channel then you

    32. Tirualem Workei

      oh so he said stop watching ok bye in the in slit his throat and ill rip his clothes of thing bye guys

    33. Tirualem Workei

      wait did you say Cabin BY A LAKE your "twins" wont be the only thing bothering you maybe ya know JASON will come

    34. vinnie jeyes


    35. vinnie jeyes


    36. _momenterium_ _man_

      ...he somehow makes scary movies funny-

    37. IsAiah Travis

      I know dan won’t see this but is the movie us for kids?

    38. SatAngel *

      If there was a real home invasion, I would be a Jay/Steven

    39. Thomas Rivera

      This video proves that Asians are good at math

    40. Anairays Bermudez Martí

      7:35 Hosuh: and Ann couldn’t defend cause rock beets scissors LAMO!!!

    41. Anairays Bermudez Martí

      Hosuh the squid. 0:34

    42. Denki Kaminari

      why- why did jay look like bakugo at the beginning-

    43. Conner Deavers

      hahaha this vid is so funny

    44. iiBaiix YT

      ;~; why did dan have to be so much of an asshole that they left ;(

    45. Philip Joseph Banaag

      Ill use a knife and rotate 190 degrees pointing straight to me and pull it.

    46. Lil Cherub V. Dico

      Hosuh : how did daniel find this place,in the first placa? Jay:by magic and wizard :D me: NO! ITS THE POWER OF PLOT XD

    47. Yeet UwU

      0:34 you know about splatoon? ^w^

    48. Music Central

      N-Naruto? Is that you?

    49. The night lady Zianna

      Steven x Housh

    50. Franklin Joseph The

      1. A katana 2. KILL THEM ALL 3. Fine, get a gun and shoot myself 4. Fake me is dead 5. Kill fake Ann 6. Kill fake Jay 7. Kill "real" Dan 8. Stand up and dropkick Dan. Oh and kill him

    51. Sara Alam

      Stephen: I enjoy your appearance, you’re very handsome Me: was he talking to him or to hosah?

    52. Sara Alam

      So I just realised hosah supposedly gets kidnapped by Stephen a lot, and death threats. So hosah has practice negotiating to not die,(cause he isn’t murdered yet) so he used those skills to get out. Or it was pure luck and in the previous times he just flirted with Stephen when he was about to get die. Pick whichever you like more.

    53. pocket ant fan

      Jay: I get to kill people and murder people holy shit Stephen: first time?

    54. Roselina Ramirez


    55. The Abbyz

      whats worse then school?

    56. Hydra

      this gives me so much hype

    57. Caranto Family

      Fire extinguisher is still a weapon you can blind them and hit them with that

    58. Youdontrule456

      I could not understand jay, what did he say? Flight or fight

    59. Chezziie πERIπ

      Don't mind me I just miss them

    60. SleepySans the Nerd

      "And Ann couldn't defend because rock beats scissors." Me: Y E S. Them: *Dying of laughter*

    61. cool Nolan 443


    62. AnimalAnime Lover

      0:06 Jay: the *power* i contain

    63. Captain Budgey

      Also who else is watching this in 2020

    64. Captain Budgey


    65. Amy Fehringer-Tschopp

      roses are red, violets are blue god made meh pretty wat happend to hosuh and being adorable and dum

    66. Sophie Castro

      The end sounds gay to me.

    67. Strawberry Milk queen!

      Hoshu: Noo it’s us! Jay: Burn team. Me: OMG YES FINALLY SOMEONE WHO THINKS LIKE ME

    68. liam Anderson

      Team Rocket is here

    69. Samuel Tuohy

      Dan:They're just standing there Me: MeNaCiNgLy