Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke

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    James Corden heads to Las Vegas for a Carpool Karaoke made for CBS primetime and calls on Céline Dion to help him get through town. In addition to singing her classics, Céline proves she has a song for any moment, James teaches Céline "Baby Shark" and the two give away pairs of Céline's precious shoes. And stay for a Titanic-sized end to their afternoon together.

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    1. craig joyce

      What’s the new song called ?

    2. Nikodemus Tarigan

      Give me kiss , OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙀

    3. ocean digaoto

      Who cried with me at the end...😢😊

    4. Woah Sieng

      WTF! i didn’t expect for Celine Dion to be this damn funny! 😂🤣

    5. Frandy Zeus

      Celine dion baby shark..lol.. i like it

    6. Vorachote Prapaisuwun

      I like her #Celine Dion

    7. 랄라룰루

      어머 ㅠ 정말 많이 나이드셨다 ㅠㅠ 그래도 너무 기품있고 장난도 치시고 ^^ 타이타닉때가 엊그제 같은데 벌써 20년?이 다 되어가나 ㅜㅠ 진짜 오래 노래 해 주셨으면 ❤️❤️❤️

    8. Leisan Galeeva

      Funny granny😂😂😂

    9. Marcus Smith

      I just became a Celine fan

    10. 따드드다끼쟁

      Love you really

    11. Paul Booker


    12. Skot Matthews

      ...or must be so nice to have so much money

    13. Dapur Fithry

      Waw, Celine You Are The Star 💫 🌟

    14. Angela Horvath

      Omg that time when they kiss omg that was I wow😲😲💜💜

    15. Jainaba Sanyang

      perfection is an understatement mind blowingggggg......

    16. Uthe Azra

      awesome from indonesia🇮🇩

    17. Kevin Kilgore

      Her ring tho

    18. mynameisroman

      I',m wondering if James can get all 5 spice girls to carpool... :-D

    19. Gilly PP.

      Good one !

    20. Grace ng

      James next video pls invite zhavia ❤️and also Billie

    21. Regina Bell

      James can harmonize though 😩

    22. Dee Dee

      😂😂😂😂😂 OMG ... She is so funny..

    23. Kai K

      jesus christ shes so fucking talented

    24. Emily Wheeldon

      I love Celine Dion! What an amazing talent. James Corden ruined it a bit for me.

    25. Courtney Poitier

      Beyonce next please......

    26. Chasity Mitchell

      She is awsome

    27. Destiny Lopez

      this video is too much in the best way possible

    28. Phillysub

      How do you spell annoying? D I O N !

    29. Ragnarok

      I’d put this performance between Paul McCartney’s and Adele’s.

    30. Nicki Michely

      Omg Celine is hilarious 😂 🙌🏻

    31. Muhammad Dhendy

      Please do lewis capaldi

    32. Tolin Lavigne

      Carpool with Avril Lavigne

    33. Stacy Duncun

      lolzz i love her 😍😍😍😍💯

    34. Kalia Morris

      anyone else think she was dead ? just me ok


      I Love you Celine Dion 💜

    36. Zak

      Please do it with Noel or Liam Gallagher. It would be amazing.

    37. Nourabts 7

      Plz little mix.

    38. Chris Ducat

      Ug...she's just phenomenal. Vegas was made for her spirit 💗

    39. GlobalMC

      2:26 I SCREAMED

    40. Dimitra

      1:36 which song is that??? Anybody know??

    41. Markoosh

      I used to respect her so much, mainly because of her huge talent and age I guess... but now I just think she looks and acts like a complete idiot.

    42. Megan Bent

      i'm sorry but corden, shut up and let Celine Dion sing!

    43. Gloria Ford

      She looks bad.....

    44. Григорий Глазков

      Она потрясающая!!! ))) круче, чем любая из её песен ))

    45. David Kreutzer

      This one was so awesome it's the best one so far love it

    46. N N

      People commenting on her being weird, damn here I just thought it was possible for a person to genuinely be themselves without getting labelled as weird. I don't see it. I see someone just being herself.

    47. barry tudor

      She could do with putting a bit of weight on. She looks way too thin!

    48. Stew Pac

      She's damn funny!

    49. Bad Build

      oh my god!!!!! what song is this 10:40 ?

    50. Omolayo Eniola

      Celine!!! Please drop a remix to #babyshark 😄😄😄

    51. Agung Dharmawan

      12:00 - end thebest hahaha

    52. Fatima M


    53. Twitch inspance


    54. ERPY

      Céline is incredibly funny and talented, this is the best carpool karaoke I've ever seen 😍😂👏🏻

    55. Luís Soares

      Esta senhora é do outro mundo.....

    56. Peggy Ronved Nakigozi

      Brought a little bit of smile to my face, thank you..

    57. Mini Margaret

      Can I have the full song list???

    58. Héctor Barrios

      I SO MUCH love her!

    59. mtn. srl Rascu

      It is moust crazy of all the singers :))))

    60. Kyah Jermz


    61. BellaZ

      She is LEGEN...wait for it... DARY! 😂haha, what an awesome sport. Laughed the whole way through this.

    62. Dhrubajyoti Neog

      james- Celine where's your heart Celine-in shoes

    63. Steven Do

      James: "Do you want Celine Dion's shoes?" Celine: *SCREECHES*

    64. Arturo GHC

      Celine is so amazing . Omg

    65. Marux Cedeño

      It's THE BEST!!! I laughed

    66. cristybello

      The titanic part is epic hahahahaha

    67. Aurio Khaled

      Who are the bad persons that put deslike in this video?! GODDAMM!!! Céline is Amazing and James isn't far. Love it!

    68. Karolina Wolak

      3:57 I change WHAT every night?

      1. Karolina Wolak

        @Riva Mentez Thank you so, so much

      2. Riva Mentez

        @Karolina Wolak Yeah 100%. She says "I change the lyrics every night, doesn't matter". It's just her accent haha

      3. Karolina Wolak

        @Riva Mentez Really? I don't hear that.

      4. Riva Mentez

        The lyrics :P

    69. JKR JKR

      At the end she should have said "I'll never let go Jack, never. I promise" when she dropped the necklace into the water haha

    70. Queen B.


    71. DownEast Gal81

      I wonder how many people tried getting that necklace ???

    72. Apricot Foxy

      Can someone put a list of all the songs they sang in the reply section to this comment? Thx! Ilysm! (Just the Celine songs)

    73. Layla Marinho


    74. Dan Scharnau

      Awesome to see a legend living a life of humor and filled with laughter

    75. irish elvis

      Bet ya everyone who watched this live thought elvis would get in the car

    76. Al

      What's wrong with her, she looks so SICKLY

    77. leahlovescandy

      I want to see Cher on this so badly!

    78. Merrill Ranken

      You should do a carpool karaoke video with Lewis Capaldi!!!

    79. Peter Wang

      James can sing!

    80. Erick Isay Sanchez Rodriguez

      OMG céline dion kiss you

    81. Mama Tee

      I don't watch a lot of these carpools. But it's Celine Dion and I'm a 30 year old black woman. Who doesn't love Celine! She is so talented and funny! The foul language I could live without but the shoes thing was hilarious!!!

    82. Triana Jackson

      SOOOO FCKING GOOD! My favorite one ever! I love Celine ❤️

    83. Bruna Dionísio

      My God she s fantastic

    84. Barbara Francis

      "Oh No, those bitches" LMFAO IM DYIIINNGGG RN

    85. Stardust

      el mejoooooooooooor😍

    86. Renan Azevedo

      Céline Dion is the best! A powerful voice, and an incredible people! LOVE you so much, Céline! 😍

    87. John Doe

      Man she looks old as shit, 20 years older than her actual age. Not aging well at all!!! Looks almost sick or something. She is only 51, but looks 71. Concerning

    88. Emmen Taler

      It's so confusing how she starres at him permanently when they sang the first song

    89. HiImiPauLL

      what an absolute charm of a human being, Celine is one in a million. truly her personality speaks for itself

    90. Lee Cander

      everytime i watch one of these i'm impressed by james

    91. Passing By


    92. jmatt4life

      Dayummm!!! I wonder how much that rock on her finger cost??? OMG! She has more shoes than Imelda Marcos did. She is so cool!!!

    93. isaac fiedler

      My favorite part, 2:27- 2:37 LMBO!!! 😂😂😂

    94. miss.silvya

      11:48 titanic song :)

    95. Ms Eatapplesauce

      If everyone had her quirky uninhibited yet classy personality and authenticity, the world would be a better place! ♥️

    96. Luccas Freitas

      O melhor Carpool de todos. Nunca imaginei que a Celine fosse tão legal.

    97. Janice12649

      I love everything about this video, Celine did not expect how it was going to go & she handled it very well, the songs, the shoes, ha, & the Titanic, luv the water show.

    98. Katerina Patiniotis

      James Cordon can't sing! Sloppy singer.

    99. nhlpa17

      Good Canadian woman.