Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - Special Ops Trailer

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

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    The next evolution of Special Ops.
    Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®'s massive 4-player co-op world on all platforms October 25th.
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    1. kumail rezaie

      Ghost! Cpt. Mac Tavish!

    2. IzKlumzy

      Follow me & sub to my channel for some of the greatest clips on MW. Pro player. Thanks & Enjoy.

    3. TubZ _Gerry

      TBH generally Spec ops is dead and no one asked for it

    4. Diego Morales

      I’m reserving this comment for years in the future

    5. R4ZVEDKA

      Что же за дебил сидит в русской поддержке Колды, как же ты всем надоел глупый ты ушлёпок. "Играйте в общем гигантском мире для 4 игроков" - ведь ничего непонятно из этого текста, я понимаю что сам не играешь потому что ты нубло конченое, криворукое. Но тебе что недоумок так трудно написать пару лишних слов для того чтобы было понятно с кем и против кого будут играть эти четыре игрока, против другой четверки игроков или против ботов??? И ты пишешь такие тупые тексты каждый раз, и каждый раз люди совершенно не понимают что происходит и о чём речь. Из-за тебя идиот из русской поддержки люди в России не хотят покупать эту игру. Блять увольте его нахуй уже, он всех заебал!!!

    6. Bookbird MLG


    7. cheese ham

      is this only for PS4?!

      1. Allreli

        No... it's on all platforms. Read the description.

    8. Anthony Barrett

      AC-130 ABOVE!!!

    9. Jinnur Ahmed

      So I need a PS for this one ri8 ?

      1. Allreli

        No... its available on all platforms.

    10. elderiu

      Boycott Activision/Blizzard, free Hong Kong, revolution of our time.

    11. The Overseer Overseer

      I have speculations for who the guy at the end of trailer is, it might be Zakheav, since this is a different universe, or timeline, so therefore the assassination attempt might have never been organized, or attempted therefore He would keep both his arms and yeah, That might be him.

    12. Juan Hudinie

      This isnt special ops. This is literally a coop campaign separate from the singleplayer campaign. Disappointed. Even the guys with balacalvas and helmets you played as in mw2 and 3 special ops are gone. This is not special ops.

    13. shearfvl

      5 days bro

      1. Allreli


    14. Exiled Entity

      I REALLY wanted to get the new COD on PC as I just built a new Rig. But now seeing that I wont be getting the full game it looks like I have to get it on PS4... Complete BS! EDIT: BUT! Since the game is cross play MAYBE the consoles will allow keyboard and mouse ?

    15. DR. Dead-ringer

      Can this be done solo

    16. Christian Hernandez

      PS4 Gang

    17. Skello

      WE WILL GET THE COMMUNITY TOGETHER “Makes only on ps4”

      1. HyperFuztion

        Allreli not the survival mode only the spec ops missions

      2. Allreli

        Its available on all platforms. Learn to read.

    18. Iso Gyro

      Seal Team Six.

    19. Ruthless Marksman

      “The new evolution of spec ops” “only on ps4”

      1. Ruthless Marksman

        Allreli you don’t get jokes I guess😂😂

      2. Oscar Martinez

        Check Description bud

      3. Allreli

        You should go to reading class. This shown in the trailer is available on all platforms if you read the description. But it's okay, I'll help you understand how slow you are.

    20. Walther Schäfer

      “we’re goin deep, and we’re goin hard”

    21. Deprece

      “Go! Go! GO!!” There’s the classic CoD trailer 😂

    22. gwavity :3

      lol imagine not playing on PC trash PS4

    23. Steven L.

      Can we get this on Stadia plz

    24. pb_jtime101 AA

      Literally warface

    25. the xander

      Even if I don't have money

    26. the xander

      I need to buy this game

    27. RandomCodeGuy

      "Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®'s massive 4-player co-op world on all platforms " Except if you're playing survival...

    28. Big Storms Big walmart

      Only on ps4

      1. Allreli

        It's available on all platforms. Learn to read.

    29. Shadow Blade

      4 player splitscreen???

    30. TehMaca HOME of GAMING!

      As an ex soldier myself I really enjoyed the beta thought it was excellent only downfall... if you fire an ak47 fully auto there is no man in the world strong enough to keep it in his shoulder and accurately fire it😂 I also make cod videos and will be doing an unboxing on the dark edition, check it out if you want guys 👌

    31. Pope John Paul II

      I’ll play this on my Xbox next year

    32. Dyln

      Can’t wait to play survival on my xbox! 😃


        u cant. spec ops is for all 3 platforms. survival mode is only on ps4 until october 1st 2020

    33. Rich Handsome Guy

      This finna be lit

    34. Senior Ricketts

      it was a ghost town 50.000 people play this game now

    35. reymon novan

      plane on fire : girls : "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!" boys : 1:17

    36. W41K3R #22058

      1:27 Me playing search and destroy

    37. Doktorr Rocke ART

      We want a SURVIVAL MODE on ALL MP MAPS🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    38. kobyashi

      Can't wait to play the new Survival mode on my XBox and PC!

    39. pleasured uma

      Anyone else get a election

    40. Ethan Harris

      Now gimmie survival.

    41. south South

      Finally, a modern warfare game that compares to the original.

    42. ian Howell

      Looks like its it's going to be very fun, but what happened to the graphics the originally showcased???

    43. ZeFFir

      Worst of the all trailers that have been released. Probably because silly black woman as a soldier, and unit design where every soldier looks like local version of rambo.

      1. Allreli


    44. Damian Delzer

      What about survival?

    45. Ya boi Sundy112

      Soo I'm pretty sure the guy at the way end is Shepherd. There's no one else with that gun

    46. Alfredo amaya

      When’s the survival mode trailer

      1. Allreli

        Won't be shown.

    47. TacoPlease14

      Better have split screen

    48. Dylan Brown

      Cough cough Battlefield cough cough mixed in with Battle Royale

    49. Flash Drive

      BfV leave the chat

    50. Chemo

      That's soap at 1:32

    51. Jj Gaming

      They needa put this on Xbox the same time it comes out for ps4


        @Jj Gaming spec ops is on all 3 platforms. just survival mode is only on ps4

      2. Jj Gaming

        Ight b***h it’s apparently a PlayStation exclusive that’s why DUDE

      3. Allreli

        lol it is coming out on xbox at the same time... learn to read, dude.

    52. Nick Jameson

      I've been playing Call of Duty when the 1st one came out on PS 2. I might say this might be the best of all time Only time will tell

    53. F- MusicZone

      Can you make call of duty ghost 2 trailer ???

    54. Cxmmando

      1:29 reminds me of General Shepard aiming the pistol at you in MW2

    55. Sebastian Jacobs

      I didn't find a way to directly comment on the Activision blogpost so here I am. First of all, thank you for listening! I feel like you guys have come a long way with community engagement and I feel like we're really being heard. This new system is a breath of fresh air and makes me so happy. The MTX system from the past few years is the thing that has kept me away mostly from the COD franchise. I strongly believe this is what will keep me playing COD all year long like in the old days. Now that that is out of the way, 1 tip, don't sell it at a ridiculous price...I'm actually willing to spend additional money on MW, this would be the first time since MW3 IF the price isn't some crazy stuff...

    56. Luke Persi

      Anyone know when you can start the MW download on PC?

      1. Allreli

        22nd October.

    57. Benedict Lim

      PS4 exclusive

      1. Allreli

        It's not PS4 exclusive, you can't read, I see.

    58. kakaroto67

      Yo no tengo PS4 :'(


      too bad only ps4 gets to play

      1. Allreli

        lol EVERY PLATFORMS gets to play this, learn to read the description.

    60. Axel :vv:

      Aqui esta el refugio español :v

    61. Lester Spartan

      Definitely excited for sequel to this game

    62. Stefanus Putu

      170+gb more than rdr2 whaaatt?

    63. Bradley Masters

      What does Suggestive Themes mean.

    64. ranchen leng

      I see bank, gta?

    65. RR gaming

      this one gonna be on fire 🔥🔥

    66. SS1 Crew

      Big L for xbox users

      1. Allreli

        lol xbox can play this on the 25th October too but nice try.

    67. Oonakin

      I'm getting huge warface vibes from this and I'm digging it also at 1:08 its the same rpg sound from fortnite

    68. Dk4342 Gaming_YT

      I loved special ops

    69. Nick

      1:09 is the fortnite rpg noise