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    The next evolution of Special Ops.
    Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®'s massive 4-player co-op world on all platforms October 25th.
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    1. Blue Phoenix110

      1:09 Sounds of The RPG in fortnite

    2. BigBoSs

      Free to play?

    3. CallMeGro9 / CMG9

      Modern Warfare: Can I copy your homework? R6 siege: Sure but don't make it obvious Modern Warfare: 0:33

    4. Del Ángel Máximo

      0:30 that's the "secret" video showing up the possible arrival of a new Warzone map, I was hyped, now I'm so confused :(

    5. Akeesh310

      Whose here after hearing about the new Warzone map

    6. Big Bad Bunny

      Will they ever make new special ops?

    7. mega gamer

      Xbox players of the past (and pc ones 2) there is nothing to be worried about, feel grateful that u have less gigs to download on ur system

      1. Ali Alatrach

        You do know that this trailer was just about Spec Ops, the mode that everyone can download and play from the start. Survival is the exclusive and I am not with the idea of exclusivity.

    8. lasserchris

      Finally tried it out and love it. Hard as f.. ck if the team isn't coordinated, but still a great mode. I really hope they make more missions.

    9. Asa Adams

      Why won’t the game let me download it? I spent 60$ for half of a game that won’t let me download the other half.

      1. Brian C

        @Ali Alatrach its alright

      2. Ali Alatrach

        @Brian C What I was trying to say is Survival is just the exclusive and it made me surprised to see who still thinks that Spec Ops as a whole is the exclusive even after the game is out by a long time. If I sounded mean to you, I apologize.

      3. Brian C

        @Ali Alatrach jeez sorry for triggering you

      4. Ali Alatrach

        @Brian C Spec Ops is for everyone only survvial is exclusive! Are there who still don't know even after the game is out 6 months later?!

      5. Brian C

        What system are you playing on because if you have xbox or PC you cant get it, it's only for ps4 for like a year or something

    10. Louise Wood

      It’s nothing like the real game

    11. Surendra Malla

      DO NOT BUY. uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times and waited for days to complete download but wont work. and funny they wont refund they wont fix. somebody needs to sue them.

    12. Ric v2 ric

      Nice play

    13. Rashid Shaikh


    14. Daniel

      Most of the Spec Ops missions just overwhelm you, take operation headhunter for an example, just add 2 or more players this mode, dont need 4 players getting overwhelmed by tanks, juggernauts, and heavy armored enemy AI just taking them down in 30 seconds, and put the medics team revive recharge to medium or fast, its very annoying where I end up having to waste a team revive on a single downed player or having to waste one on a downed player while there was a player near the downed player and have him revive him and me wasting a team revive on nothing, (and yes I do know that someone can die and go on top of the stadium on headhunter but the only common things they do on there is just snipe and lay down when hurt, do nothing but move around, or judt wait until they beat the others to using the gunship, and i know tune up is an option to take 33% less time from the recharge rate for the team revive but its literally still an eternity for me and some others)

      1. ClinicallyNsane

        You must not know what SPECIAL OPERATIONS is Of course they won't use a WHOLE ARMY against the insurgents

    15. lewisyates_ 1021

      Won’t work

    16. Devil Jin

      Wow Call Of Duty Beyond limits ????

    17. Sura Lilythia

      Me : who is ghost? Other people : he is Alex from the new cod Me: awwww wait?? Who is Alex from New cod????

      1. Ali Alatrach

        You must know by now that Ghost and Alex are not the same guy after Season 3. You really don't know who is Ghost? Never played MW2? What about MW2019's campaign?

    18. Soldier4Life

      Disc read error [9.6]: 'proxywar.ff' ?????? Can't play the game even after the unfair huge update i can only see the menu but when try to play offline campaign and stuff only the intro cinematic comes up for less than a minute than this error. I pay a lot of money for this game plus $10 to get it download and now i can't play it ? Can somebody help me on this ? Activision ????

    19. 7srebels

      Make a cod set in ww1

    20. Michael Wise

      Will there be more spec ops missions added in 2020?

    21. Zombified_Pariah

      Why is this mode so unfairly and unforgivingly hard to beat!?

    22. Apple ,

      Have you guys ever thought of play testing your game to make sure it's actually fun?

      1. Ali Alatrach

        Apparently, they wanted it to be this hard and tested it in easy mode for bugs and glitches, that's what I heard but don't know. Is it any better now?

    23. Ravi Singh

      pilots of commercial aircraft in action movies/games :- Are we just a joke to you!?

    24. Nalini Reddy


    25. Nalini Reddy


    26. Diego Chamba Villota

      Ops 141 hacer más operaciones especiales es un filón ha explotar online , me encanta el extres que me provoca adrenalina

    27. ImJonky

      Fix special ops pack

    28. breakfast taco

      Man I miss the gas station you spawned in for the co-OP on the other modern warfare

    29. OIBOI

      Literally the DARK SOULS of CALL OF DUTY

    30. Rafael See Toh

      Where the jumping in the 747 Mission

    31. dima

      We need split screen for survival mode!

      1. M3M3 Gamer

        That’s tough

      2. dima

        @M3M3 Gamer No, my friend, I need that. Because I only bought this game for this one thing lol

      3. M3M3 Gamer

        You don’t need it you just want it

    32. Jordan Griffin

      Life is hard when you don’t have ps plus

    33. wizzzer1337

      Utterly disappointing, shityy AI, maps are boring empty massive open worlds too big for this type of gameplay. Difficulty spikes WAY too high and not in a fun way... MW2 spec ops was challenging, fast, simple yet every mission was unique. I remember almost every mission im MW2 Spec Ops, I don't remember the sequence of events in this in any mission.

    34. Chronotic

      Combat arms special ops, battle Royale, battlefield conquer. This game is just a bunch of stolen game modes.

      1. Maddness Elite


    35. Sean Benson

      Everyone come over to battlefield

    36. CRUNCHYBUTT 69

      Y r these missions harder than campaign on realism

    37. Jigging Joe

      I like 13 hours the secret soldiers of benghazi's night battle scenes in campaign. And I think if that scenes has on coop would be great.🤣

    38. Base- Dawg

      Add split screen to spec ops



    40. Victor Fedchuk

      By far the worse game yet. If your into camping this is your chance

    41. Yung_turd

      We need the infected game mode in this game

    42. Indian Player 28

      Nice...👌 #IndianPlayer28

    43. DiScRiMiNaTeD

      *** They have to intervene on the movement, give the possibility to move with the torso leaning, without having to stand near an object or wall, for example as in raimbow six siege, I would like to be able to choose how to move forward and move, straight with a straight gun without being able to tilt while I walk it is a limit ***** I want to advance by choosing how best to be set with the bust, for example I want to lean

    44. BALLz Deep

      Completed "ALL" Spec-Ops missions multiple times & still can't unlock "ZANE"???

      1. BALLz Deep

        Apparently everyone's having the same problem unlocking "Zane" Do you have to use the same faction to unlock Allegiance Operator's?

      2. BALLz Deep

        @l xProGames l Positive!

      3. l xProGames l

        Are you sure?

    45. bhonor12

      Bruh the number of enemies that spawn is ridiculous like a 1000 juggernauts spawning in at once.

    46. Alessandro Canale

      Please can you nerf/debuff the enemey juggernout on spec ops? They make too much damage and they have too much health NERF THE SPEC OPS JUGGERNOUT PLEASE!!!


      I swear half of what we just saw isn't in the actual game?

    48. Vladimir Skuridin

      I actually like this tacticool rendition of Minotaur in the trailer. That, and I do still like his "usual" outfit though.

    49. Janxiel Quinones

      You have to download spec ops

    50. NerdyMAK

      We're going deep and we're going hard surely you cant be serious? I'm serious

      1. NerdyMAK

        @Videos shirley 😂

      2. Videos

        NerdyMAK and don’t call me shirley

    51. ZERO 62

      So just this f*cking add on took me 10 hours to download

    52. MrElguanako

      They are definitely deleting comments😂

    53. Art

      спасибо баркову что пытылся защитить нашу страну

    54. armybro008/animation

      That moment people on ps4 can't play because no one put it in the store to download :(

    55. Adam Neron

      This made no sense

    56. Aragnaro

      Trash and glitchy af

    57. GUGUL T.V

      Hey this is age restricted, please make it off so that I can watch it as I am now 15 yrs old!

      1. GUGUL T.V

        Hmm yes 😔

      2. Toka

        18+ kid

    58. Gamer Dan

      This needs a big update

    59. Василий Чубазеков

      Activision Russophobia

    60. crazy ol maurice

      I love diversity ahhhh kekekekkeekee

    61. Arslan Postnik

      активижн, вы реально гниды, наврали в видео интервью своих про игру, и глянув около десятка обзоров, отпало вообще покупать её! я ждал перерождение MW, но вы слили всё к коту под хвост, не покупал колду после Black ops 2 и ни капли не жалею, нафиг вас и вашу колду!!! Battlefield 4 life! p.s. прототайп больше не хочу даже и ждать, ибо это будет очередной слив, идите нахрен!👎👎👎👎👎

    62. Mauricio Rodriguez


    63. Alexander Rodger

      Is anyone watching this after buying the game and then finding out Special Ops isn’t working?

    64. Michael Paguia

      can I play with just me and the wife? Special ops keeps adding another two players to the party.

      1. strirrsdg

        Nope, even if you could, youre outnumbered even with 4 players and it still feels like something they forced in the last couple of weeks before the release just so they can say "spec ops is back"

    65. Sandwichkid 420

      Does this come with the main game or is it a dlc?

      1. Raven

        Main game.

    66. dsargent724

      FALSE ADVERTISING. All 4 spec ops missions are super broken, tedious, and NOWHERE NEAR as fun as MW2/3. Also, the "classic" spec ops is NOT CLASSIC; they did away with a lot from the previous games. Activision should face a class action lawsuit for cheating us all with this lame excuse for paid-for content that wasn't launch-day ready.

      1. abass alqattan

        @Morse Code They said this is a open world different from old spec ops

      2. Morse Code

        dsargent724 totally agree. They lied to us about spec ops, and I will personally never forgive them.

    67. Grapesoda95

      I prefer Titanfall 2.

    68. CreamThatCake

      I was really excited for this, the spec-ops is terrible

    69. Richard Smirh

      What a disappointing mode : /

    70. Diego Piedmont

      whats the trophy about that nobodies gotten yet