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    A new faction enters the fray.
    Join the Shadow Company when Season Five arrives on August 5 for #ModernWarfare and #Warzone.
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    1. Ari Kari

      The time has come.

    2. Cookie Norimaki11

      The dislikes are probably who hated Shepherd. 😂

    3. Matthew Naude

      Shadow company and voice kinda sounds like a weird version of shepherd

    4. TheJoShow

      I am working on season 5 footage for my channel as we speak! 😁

    5. [REDACTED]

      Shadow company: *exists* Ghost: _adios_

    6. Ocean Piglet

      Lol when I got on MW yesterday, I went straight to the Allegiance operators after seeing the cinematic trailer.

    7. Professi0nalTR-

      I hope ghost will wear his OG mask in the next MW game

      1. Shikikan -sama

        You can get his MW2 skin in Warzone

    8. lamar davis

      They never read there comments

    9. miko foin

      when I play as Shadow Company: "trust nobody, not even yourself!"

    10. XYZ Game Mix

      call of duty is the best pc game.

    11. RizkY AbhiN

      The trailer is Shadow Company But my ear is hear like Rorke Maybe The Federation is coming 🤨🤨🤨 Maybe ?

      1. miko foin

        youtube videos everywhere with the title: A new nuke easter egg on warzone WOW.

    12. yroohj gouy

      when I play as Shadow Company: "trust nobody, not even yourself!"

    13. Roshan Poudyel

      World championship

    14. erymmp

      Next seasons new character: Shepherd

      1. yroohj gouy

        Shadow Company: arrives Ghost: “My time has come”

    15. Derek Jerez

      How do you get unbanned from the ps4 I want to play monden warfare so bad

    16. CurtF94

      Game needs fixing,it lags when I play and my internets at 68mbps. Never used to at all until the update

    17. CurtF94


    18. xoobo vola

      when I play as Shadow Company: "trust nobody, not even yourself!"

    19. Sakuya Izayoi

      So far the best season I love!

    20. Dawow

      Dou con gusto

    21. Wesley Edwards

      CoD: "New Update 😁" *AC Origins, AC Odyssey, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor, Ghost Recon, Resident Evil 3*... 😭

    22. Wesley Edwards

      Is that Shepherd or Thanos talking?

    23. Datbigboi 300

      Should have just added multiplayer the update took hella space and they only added like 3 things

    24. Edward Mcnair

      Shadow company: Hey guys! We're here too! Price: *Gets a rope* Keep your Muppets on a short rope. Shadow company: Or what...? Makarov: Trust me, you don't want this fight.... U.S./Allied Armed Forces: Time to watch our former comrades die i guess.....

    25. A n d y S

      General Shepard boutta be in COD

    26. DΛVID X GOLIΛTH ヤハウェ

      they should add the entire expendables cast next

    27. Petru-Daniel Pintilie

      It's funny that they keep showing that nuke, but everytime just a little, so much hype, wow, we've seen that nuke since season 2 or 3, they keep making hype for more publicity and youtube videos everywhere with the title: A new nuke easter egg on warzone WOW.

      1. okow tina

        0:44 who's the guy on the left

    28. MartinBalanag


    29. neni junaeni

      Are you hear thanos sound?

    30. drttyu liqm

      Shadow Company: arrives Ghost: “My time has come”

    31. Generic Internetter

      what a confused, shity mess this trailer was. trying very hard to be edgy, but it basically just jumped around saying not much at all.


      Ñio fuerte

      1. drttyu liqm

        Guess we aren't getting a new map...

    33. Joel

      Do not trust Shepherd

    34. Tocoolforschool

      Shadow company comes to MW Classic ghost skin: My time has come

    35. Tocoolforschool

      General Shepard is coming

    36. Twix.Riegel

      Instagram: xder_chirurg thanks 🤜🏻🤛🏻

    37. annag cocl

      Since when did Shepherd cared about “danger close?”

    38. Raven Ortega

      Bro I just noticed tha soap is ghost

    39. cholo Monroy


      1. annag cocl

        Finally praising the bad guys

    40. Veman Jadhav

      I'm pretty sure the guy in the first few seconds was Echo Charlie Hotel 2-0. The guy who has a radio chat with Nikolai and Laswell in the Season 4 teaser.

    41. michael

      I want a Vietnam for where I play as Mac v sog that would be nuts just getting dropped in the jungle at dark setting up parimiters and being part of a squad and just blind firing from wherever we get contacted

    42. JLGames

      Wait doesn't that voice sound like shepered?!

    43. Ace Strider

      0:44 who's the guy on the left

      1. Marchewka

        Shadow company soldier.

    44. Edgar Molina

      For a split second I thought it was suppose to he the new coixe actor for Sheppard. Their speech pattern is too much for me 😂👌

    45. GUNMO YT

      Real world tactical

    46. Axell Morren

      This trailer: **exists** Me after release: So anyway, I started blasting shepherd.

    47. Rose-shrouded Confessor

      1.4k people who dislike the video had the DSM. *Had.*

    48. Void Locke

      Guess we aren't getting a new map...

    49. sith empire

      70% positive shadow company leader is Rorke from Ghosts

    50. Leena Queen


    51. Leo _14

      Will the left operator be a new operator or a new skin in minute 0:44?

    52. MRgamer4422

      Fortnite is better

    53. Trevon Lang

      As soon as they expand call of duty to more of a open world storyline... Best Cod ever 🤣💯

      1. butti fdft

        I really want soap but it’s not looking likely

    54. Cyboy Gaming

      50,000 GB used to be here. Now it’s a full storage drive

    55. Jamar Willis

      Finally praising the bad guys

    56. Zombies - zShyrxn

      I would be very happy if u watch my Montage on my channel

      1. TheBroz


    57. Danny Boy

      Argan coming to mobile

    58. A P

      Mercenary's okkkkkkk

    59. Thomas Moccia

      Suge Knight?

    60. Flop Pig

      Multiplayer game rise up

    61. Ghost Bear HOA

      Wait a minute, that voice talking about Shadow Company, could that be...? Nooooo, that couldn't. But Shadow Company was in the original MW2 and... NAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    62. Oopsie Poopsie

      If I remember correctly they ran under the name black water before, and that didn’t end well.

    63. Blaze savage

      I’m Kyle

    64. Amir Torvisco

      Season 5:* exists* My ps4:My time has come

    65. Yaser Emad Abdel Halim

      We need field of view 🌚🌚 can we get this in season 5.

    66. Astronomy king

      That sounded like Shepard talking but thier trying to hide it

    67. Idk What’s my name?

      Call of duty black cops

    68. Khalifa AlShamsan

      Can we have less hackers in multiplayer not just warzone? I really dont understand how a billion dollar company is getting finnest by a guy that works on a 2k dollars pc

    69. Josh turner Gaming

      I really want soap but it’s not looking likely

    70. Pafelele PL

      60 GB update?

      1. woiour loin

        Shadow company: I am the edgiest Grinch: No I am Krueger: No I am Ghost: Amateurs