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    It's about time I jump on this "Draw My Life" craze that is sweeping the internet
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    1. Esneiik

      YOU probably dont know...but there's ONE PERSON FROM ECUADOR who whatches your videos, Good luck and KEEP IT UP!! 🔥

    2. Celeste _1910

      NORMAL DE-newsRS- *crippling depression* KEVIN- *tummy ache*

    3. Mr. Vodka


    4. Irongolm239 1


    5. Kieran Walsh

      Sorry Kevin but Clare’s better

    6. Jacobzombie 2006

      Kevin I lived in the countryside Me country road take me home to the place I belong

    7. KingKevin139

      I literally smell the marker

    8. o of

      Out of everything that happened to you you stayed so lovely and kind and cheerful and I really respect/admire it. You’re awesome Kevin!!!!!!!!

    9. sean woods

      The stumuck story something similar to me and I’m 14 in second year from ireland to

    10. Anne Black

      Am I the only on reacting to the photo of Jim Pickens photo shown on the 66,666 thing?

    11. ShovelFighter12

      Heh, I didn't get to finish school either, Kevo.

    12. Lil Krill

      A *A*

    13. Lil Krill

      gay niggas *incorporated*

    14. tragicglamour

      I found you through RT and the don’t starve streams and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    15. Picket Pants

      Wait Kevin was in a Cex shop.

    16. Khalisah Khairina

      im so lucky i discovered kevin's channel (better late than never), i genuinely enjoy watching his videos and cant stop binging it!! 💓

    17. DerEnterich

      I just realized that Kevin and I are quite similar.

    18. Evil Donut

      Will you marry me if I send you a potato every day?

    19. PositivelyNice

      I am here for Jim Peckins.

    20. Siobahn H


    21. mustafa chey

      Was the guy who hit you with his car named jim pickens?

    22. Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

      4:36 no, they are not caused by stress, that is a lie, as i remember i think it is some bacteria

    23. Plaid PVCPipe

      CallMeKevin's Draw My Medical History

    24. LDCNexus

      16:27 man that 30 a day would almost double my count in 1 day

    25. Chatulhu

      0:25 *Irelano*

    26. TheUltraKid

      "I'm not a doctor ok" me looking at his surgeon simulator videos: "I know."

    27. ZABOO

      I'm so happy i've found Kevin's channel. Even if i'm having a bad day his videos bring a smile to my face. Thanks Kevin, love ya!

    28. Lauren E

      Legitimately didn't know you were the 'how to annoy' guy... Wow.. Small world

    29. ttttttttttttttttttttt

      Found you from how to annoy back in the day. Good to see your channel bigger than ever

    30. Haaam The Psycho

      The "love you nikki" got me

    31. Cosmic Swordsman

      I remember my brother showing me your “Fallout 4: but mods ruin my immersion” video and I almost died laughing so I started watching you more and more and now I hardly watch any other DE-news oh god

    32. Neko Chan

      CEX don't say it out loud and with an s sound

    33. Luke Francis

      I sometimes go cex but in the uk 😂

    34. Galdrad

      You're a good fecker Kevin. Love from Italy.

    35. Rookie Phantom

      I LOVE you Kevin

    36. Shock

      wait a second HOW TO ANNOY was made by you? o.O i loved that series

    37. captain_awesome 21

      Who else played the spinning game with their sibling?

    38. MR OSOS

      Kevin should have said in his videos . "Do you know how I got this scar?"

    39. Carrie

      Hi Kevin :3 New subscriber here! I found your videos during a time when I was pretty down(also in pain and dealing with my own stomach issues) and your rp videos made me laugh SO much. Also very much enjoy the Irish accent. ;) Anyways just dropping by to let you know how much I appreciate your videos and humor! Except for the part where I’ve had ring of fire stuck in my head for an entire week, thanks for that lol.

    40. Vaultboygamer Game plays

      Aw Kevin I did not know your life was so sad

    41. I_am Awesome

      I thought rt was called daniel...

    42. Speedy Gaming

      It’s so weird seeing wholesome comments on one of Kevin’s videos.

    43. Draconian57

      The man who hit Kevin with his car literally did *end this man's whole career*

    44. Shelby

      i ate oreos watching this adn hearing about his stomach problems gave me a stomach ache keVIN i have a guess a similar problem with my knee as in if i bend it too far or straighten it it will start to hurt real bad and sometimes when i get up it twists and it hurts real bad and othertimes it buckles when i walk curse you hereditary knee hurting gene

    45. Dead Hacker78

      I know you just have adhd

    46. chermia97


    47. send help

      *And, naturally, I had to beat my sister*

    48. Ripple on xbox

      I remember when you made the one where where it was you and then like three other guys around a toilet and I can't exactly remember the rest but it was super funny

    49. Luca Stenson

      "So I was in hospital a lot and almost died hahaha"

    50. Emma Pearson

      Kevin makes shop black market opens

    51. Nate The Great DBZ

      First video I watched was Fallout New Vegas and I was sold. I just had to subscribe to this evil fecker

    52. Twonkie

      Awwww this made my night a whole lot better. ...Bye for now.

    53. Max Papaioannides

      Cool story

    54. kloppi

      >I'm a really good person Don't lie Kevin.Don't do it.

    55. Tia Hampton

      I got diagnosed with chronic ulcers at age 8! So cool that someone had to go through the long ass process of doctors not knowing what was wrong for so long!

    56. Mr. Platypus

      the green signifies the bad... *it's an unusually high level for someone of your size*

    57. Comrade Kai

      Sending a huuuge virtual hug. I turn to your videos when my own anxiety hits. Sorry you've had such a rough go, but know it wasn't for nothing. Thanks, Kevin.

    58. Sad tingz

      Why is the whole video basically just kevin telling us about his medical issues?

    59. Stephanie Thompson

      I used to watch your How to Annoy videos years ago. Then it seemed like you disapeared. Just found your channel the other day. Binge watched your Sim videos. Glad to see you're still around.

    60. saammmy7

      My takeaway from this video is that the Irish medical system sucks ass.

    61. Place Holder

      I would not mind to hear more about your family. Do you have more siblings or just the one sister?

    62. Nate Saunders

      Kevin: i'm lucky Me: i thought you nearly died like 1000 times

    63. Sean S

      you lived with actual crown loyalist prots. of course you were miserable there.

    64. Thomas Hamilton

      CallmeKevin's Draw my life but I have Amneosia

    65. momo master 69

      I live in Waterford

    66. Sara Stephens

      I’m so jealous that you got to live in Scotland. #goals

    67. Serpentking 34

      So that’s why he’s so stupid

    68. lpsangel3

      Sorry to hear about the medical issues that led you to DE-news, but thanks for keeping at it Kevin 😯 I appreciate all the work you put into your videos, and it's worth it because your videos are the best 😊😉

    69. enough - A P L A U S E -

      So it was either be successful or be successful

    70. enough - A P L A U S E -

      Ohh your from the UK mhhhh