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    1. Maya Segev

      Don't worry you'll get your Happy ending with him

    2. Bryn 13

      it sounds like it's about shawn until she says "Does she kiss you like I kissed you?" because Shawn and Camila said in their interview with james cordon that they never kissed and that Camila just wanted to be friends, whereas if Camren was real Camila def would have kissed Lauren

    3. BenZ 1790

      Mustafa the poet should feature on this track

    4. mapung ok

      Mustafa melody

    5. Blue Nir

      I wish I had money to go to your show :(

    6. EMdoubleU

      Written by Poet Mustafa Ahmed

    7. Love Girl

      Oooooooooooohhhhh ❤

    8. DarthVader20201

      Good song

    9. Pine- sol

      Shawmila anthem yup yup 🥺😭

    10. Jander 472

      2:02 2:07 2:12 2:17 2:23 2:28 2:33 My favorite part

    11. holy Robinson

      we mess Camila she should be on live ❤️

      1. DangerousWomanVevo

        we mess her?

    12. Shay Dampeer

      I’m in like a bad place right now and this song warms my heart

      1. Shay Dampeer

        Melissa , Thank you so much💙!!!

      2. Melissa ,

        Hope things get better for you 🙂❤️

    13. Shay Dampeer

      I started crying as soon as the song started

    14. jnkes alpdairy

      Naice camila

    15. trixxsy

      this actually hits different when you realize you liked this guy for years with no reason and who will never notice you :)

    16. Jeri Keynolds

      Your like a fabric softener like some midget version of Selena gomez

    17. Jeri Keynolds

      How about never be the same

    18. Jeri Keynolds

      V if this is real hat would be great except I'm damaged goods if I want me anytime u got me for whatever even just a friend cammilia you rock

    19. Janoo Queen b

      Love u

    20. pamela john

      This is the Camila I love

    21. Amazingness Of Cars

      Ofc she uses her body for promoting

      1. Davi Loml

        Its ironic that you say that. when you'r having a video rankig girls.. (to promote you channel mabe🤷‍♂️)

    22. Himangi Nair

      my lifelong crush is getting married to his girlfriend this year :(

    23. Luna

      Your hair's grown a little longer Your arms look a little stronger Your eyes just as I remember Your smile's just a little softer And I, and I never prepared for a moment like that Yeah, in a second it came all back, it all came back 'Cause after all these years I still feel everything when you are near And it was just a quick hello And you had to go And you probably will never know You're still the one I'm after all these years Couldn't help but overhear you Sounds like you're happy with her But does she kiss you like I kissed you? Ooh, I wish I loved you like I miss you And I, and I never prepared for a moment like that Yeah, in a second it came all back, it all came back 'Cause after all these years I still feel everything when you are near And it was just a quick hello And you had to go And you probably will never know You're still the one I'm after all these years, oh 'Cause after all these years I still feel everything when you are near And it was just a quick hello And you had to go And you probably will never know You're still the one I'm after all these years I never told you, I should've told you I never told you after all these years I never told you after all these years

    24. bryiana salez

      "Mesmo depois de tanto tempo, eu sinto tudo de novo quando você chega perto de mim" 🎶🎶

    25. bryiana salez

      12.460.762 M views❤ 204 mil likes❤ #Stream #Romance Camilizers!!

    26. Jonathan Jacques

      Home.... Secure.... I think I did Smart.... Am not.... You Guys up give....

    27. Jonathan Jacques

      Where you like to live as a Foreigner....

    28. Jonathan Jacques

      How is your music goes.... Any where....

    29. Jonathan Jacques

      Where you staying proof.... Think you ready....

    30. Jonathan Jacques

      Everyday you worried... For what God Knows....

    31. bryiana salez

      Já estamos na era Romance sdds do CC1 😭❤foi muitoo boa essa era, esperamos o mesmo de Romance❤o álbum tá incrivél, te amo Camila❤❤

    32. Shayley !

      no it's not about shawn. she legit said in an interview "this album is not really about boys" and she also said that NBTS is the only song that's really about a boy. y'all shawmila shippers talking about "she's straight ...stop assuming shes gay" ight but y'all assume she's straight when she has never clarified her sexuality. also her songs are not about austin she has said many times she hates when people say her song are about him.

      1. Catherine S

        i think we all know who this song’s about

      2. Shayley !

        here's a link with the interviews

      3. Shayley !

        cc1 is about lauren. romance is about shawn.

    33. Chloe Raina

      Camila: I never told you after all these years Also Camila: Should've Said It

    34. Olivia G.

      she is performing exactly where i live on my birthday


      Sdd desse tempo.... 💔💔

    36. V __

      So is Camila really a racist?

    37. Julian P.Mendoza

      Té Mirás bien hermosa

    38. Julian P.Mendoza


    39. Rajatava Dev

      "Your hair's grown a little longer" Definitely about Shawn❤

    40. Yoyo Moka

      1% of the comments : something else 99% of the comments : Shawn and camila

    41. Kamilly Jauregui

      "Ela te beija como eu te beijava" Como assim a Camila e o Shawn teve um relacionamento atrás e ninguém sabia??

    42. Kamilly Jauregui

      Sério que vcs acham que essa música é pro Shawn??


      😎 ohh that style killllleddd

    44. Foxfort

      Look at Shawmila shippers and Camren shippers fighting in the comment section

    45. All time General

      Who is here from home bargains

    46. PeanutButterBaby

      Imagine not being in love with Camila

    47. billie rules

      Remember *this album isnt really about boys tho* *cries in camren* I miss dem, shawmila annoys me

      1. Wulan Destiani

        because yall are delusional af that thinking all her song about lauren maybe she means it was not only about boys because its was about friendship too or fifth harmony especially lmao

    48. emily j

      This song's two years old 🎉😂

    49. Luzia York e eu vou Vicente

      Oi, tudo bem, o resto é

    50. m yongco

      "Your eyes just as I remember" Sorry I just remember someone from planet green eyes💔

      1. SENorITa

        m yongco LAUREN

    51. m yongco

      "Sounds like you're happy with her" Come on people. It's obviously not about Shawn. Have you ever heard Shawn being linked to other girlsss? It's so delusional

      1. Wulan Destiani


      2. m yongco

        @honey sun ok my bad, she's not on my count. But still, the song is about longing and loss. How can she long for shawn when she didn't even lost him?

      3. honey sun

        m yongco Hailey Baldwin lol its obv about him

    52. n a

      I can imagine her sitting in the bathroom pining for the person she wrote this song for. THE FEELINGS 💔♥️

    53. Ariel Sanchez

      Me tienes rendido.

    54. Grecia Gomez

      Canción dedicada a shawn

    55. Mayeda Ali

      I have subscribe

    56. The Clegg Family

      This song reminds me so much of JoJo.

    57. T. ASMR

      Camila: *yea it's kind of awkward, cause now we date and know that some songs are about eachother* THIS SONG WAS THE FIRST THING TO MY MIND

    58. Dennis Ronel

      this is such a rip off of love yourself, how is this not plagiarism

      1. Wulan Destiani


    59. Serena Wong

      What is Camila's fans called?

      1. Serena Wong

        @Rosie Sanderson k thx

      2. Rosie Sanderson

        Serena Wong Camilizers

    60. tejal kathare


    61. Svetoslav Asenov

      Süße Lady

    62. Kyla Hearts

      2018: *After All These Years* 2018: *Why* 2019: *Señorita* 2019: *Lover (remix)* 2019: *Used To This*

    63. Kyla Hearts

      I’m here after listening to “Used To This”🤍

    64. Kyla Hearts

      After all these years, Camila and Shawn finally admitted to their feelings towards each other and now they’re finally together🤍😭

    65. Leah

      Is this about Shawn? 👀

    66. a n i k a

      “this album is not really about boys though” -camila cabello

      1. C.E ok

        @a n i k a Vincent ? Bitch ?

      2. a n i k a

        C.E ok you should work on ur english bro, no offense

      3. C.E ok

        @a n i k a well it's TRUE I am was saying that I am trying to tell if you have a breakup or not?

      4. a n i k a

        C.E ok what-

      5. C.E ok

        @a n i k a I am quoting for a response for a mistake or a broke up

    67. Jsvsja Hdja

      Esta cencion se me hace algo similar ala de selena Gómez Bueno el inicio

    68. Here imagine some creative and cool name


    69. Enjoy Life And Keep Dancing

      Top song- She is growing on me!

    70. Jan S

      Wow. This song just decribes what i used to feel 😔💕 im so happy, that somebody finally put it in words... thanks camilla 😍💙