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    1. Minh Ninh

      best song from ROMANCE

    2. Deniz Uzun


    3. Zodwa Dlomo

      Camilas album us hot 🔥l wish she was my Girlfriend 😊

    4. Brigid M

      I'm confused cause she leaked snippets of this song way before she started dating shawn

    5. Aoifa Carruthers

      So what we learn from this is Shawn loves her

    6. Daquii Caballero


    7. heart of stone

      Love this song

    8. Eva L.M

      (🌙☀️🌹) 🥺❤️

    9. Lavínia Sant’Anna


    10. Lavínia Sant’Anna


    11. Rafa Santos

      My second favorite of all time. (First is Taxi of course)

    12. Shalissa_ Ahslei

      0:37 When my crush ended our relationship.

    13. Ryan Gallagher

      Love this song! She is soo good👍


      Nic song take ma breath away


      Que canción tan hermosa, me la dedico a mi mismo

    16. Michael Gleason

      Hey I've known her since the first grade she went by another name but I knew then she was the hottest girl in the play ground her boy ever since then was bradly Knowles he never really died of an od he's still around if you've ever heard of the boo radleys or camillions you'd know he's my best friend and love them lotsol it kind of makes you appriciatte life with friends like them plus she lives in the next neighborhood to mine and christiana aguilara she's actually my half sister pretty cool huh and lives by me also!I'm Mike Gleason but I know she's probably still with Shawn Mendes so we don't talk much but we probably will soon lots of love Mike and don't forget Fred first or limp bizkit they have a lot in kaommon thank God for them with lots of love!later!

    17. Naghelly Stefany Cordova Quispe

      la mejor canción del mundo

    18. Rachel Valerio

      What about music video?

    19. Solène Maurice

      My favorite song 😍

    20. Astronaut

      Camren's still alive fyi this song is for Lauren

    21. Alan Furtado

      Essa música é perfeita ❤

    22. beckyb12

      I love how this song captures the essence of true love. And it's always in my head! 🎧

    23. cci

      this be my fav track 🥺 hope yall can find your persons 💓

    24. Dereje Assefa

      I am in love with your song I love u so much I wash u happy live and I hope u will came to Ethiopia

    25. Tara Borojevic

      This is playing at my wedding

    26. Tahmena Ferdous

      Everyone deserves someone who makes them feel loved so easily

    27. Paulo Aguilar

      Wey no mms, TE AMOOOOO 😻

    28. Traduções e Legendas De Videos!

      Make More, this vibe is very Good!❤️😎

    29. cacher rrr

      Wey la vez que camila dijo que no le gustan sus dientes y lauren dijo que son perfectos we 😢❤

    30. Linda S

      Anyone else think she sounds just like Selena Gomez?

    31. שמעון בניטה

    32. Tokyo

      Uma música tão fofa MDS... ✨🌸🌺🌹🌻🇧🇷

    33. Legend69reaction


    34. Maria Nildiana da Silva Aquino

      Thais Song is my favorite of Camila Cabello, i Love you só much, my favorite Singer, i'm your nuber one fan, i love you so much brazilian half. 😍😗😚

    35. Wendy Grijalva

      Me encanta 😍❤️💞🥰

    36. Babie Ralte

      Kinda song for Shawn Mendes😍😍...

    37. MedSou

      Let's be honest. . . 👇 *We didn't get this in our recommendations, we searched for this*

    38. tess elena

      ‘all of the mazes in the madness of my mind.’ damnnnnn

    39. Rose rosie Cake

      I luv camlia cabello ❤❤❤💕

    40. Karla Franca

      Tá aqui o comentário brasileiro que vc tava procurando 😂❤️

    41. Karishma Mangroo

      "I never liked my crooked teeth, you tell me they're your favorite" 😭😭😭😭😭 this is my flaw and I really hope I get someone to tell me this

    42. Natalhia Freitas

      💕AMO ESSA MÚSICA💖Camila perfeita💗

    43. Mikaela DC

      Man it’s been forever since I’ve heard this

    44. Nam Mii

      I always picture stories in my head when i listen to music and this song just makes me feel lonely lmaooo its okay though i love this song so much


      the stretchmarks kiss em till i change mind ............... damn wow if only

    46. R FM

      I know this is random, but I imagine Hordak singing this to Entrapta in the series SPOP 💕 Thank you for making amazing songs Camila, love you 😍

    47. Han Nah


    48. Jennifer Jung

      I'm having this played at my wedding in 2021. 💚💙

    49. Vesi Mateva

      🎶 “ You tell me that I overthink 'Til I ruin a good thing 🎶 virgo: I feel attacked

    50. TheSnowshow33

      I always think of this as the girl pov of "little things" by 1Direction.

    51. Ishita Mitra

      Genuine celebrity

    52. steph moino

      La amo amo amo

    53. Victoria Brindisi

      Sos una reina

    54. Aaron Leguizamon

      the way she can put what love is in a song is just perfect (a work of art for me). I love how vulnerable and sincere this song is. LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY C ❤

    55. Clara Ferraz

      I don't know why but this song makes me remember shirbert (sorry for bad english)

    56. Saurabh Sanyal

      करेजा में इसका गाना धमाका कर देता है

    57. Dao Chanthavong

      Fc I'm from in laos ✌️💞👍

    58. Natty Angel


    59. Jessica Marian Contreras Atencio

      Quiero el vídeo de esta canción es la q más Amoooo xfa😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    60. Hailey K

      This song is amazing and basically one of my faves that camila ever sang but singing this out loud knowing that you're still single and know one really is putting effort to understand you or love you... It hits home and it fucking hurts.

    61. Fatima Kadimi

      One of my favorite in the album just flawless

    62. Ariana Hernandez

      I’m crying‼️

    63. Yac man

      the songwriting in this song tho ! camiiiiiiiilaaaaaa

    64. Karla Quintana


    65. Lena

      This song is so dreamy I love it 😩🥺😍

    66. Meu nome é Amanda

      E tão easy amar esta música

    67. SB - 08RS - Beryl Ford PS (1415)

      did those quarentine comments not hit this song yet..? wow

    68. VFX Fury


      1. Timur Baster

        Люблю Камиллу

      2. SuperDimon


    69. Mr. Mr.

      imagine being trapped for years thinking thar you're unlovable and there's one person going to give their everything to you, making you realize that ahhhh, I'm easy to love tho.