Camila Cabello Gets DRAGED For Her Worst Performance Yet



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    Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes put on a little at home concert and fans on Twitter were not here for it after listening to her vocals.. | My Oh my Camila Cabello live
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    Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes | iHeart Living Room Concert for Corona Virus
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    1. Uhlexxah

      Cringe 🥺

    2. Depressed Moment

      Omg so many stans in the comments not wanting to admit that her singing was completely off and wasn't good. She's good but this performance wasn't it. Just admit it. It's ok for it to not be good, it's not like it's defining her abilities

    3. Palo M

      They are amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩 soo STOP critizing people like they are very good

    4. visual luxury

      she snapped tbh , i saw the vision

    5. Fen West

      She was amazing and the event she sang for (The iHeart Radio living room concert), organized by Elton John, raised $10 million. Article: Some people need to be negative so they feel better about themselves I guess. ??

    6. Loving Life

      It was the most viewed video and Camila’s performances can speak for themselves. Out of 100 performances she’ll have 5 not so great ones where she’s either sick, tired, or experimenting. Literally all her videos of live performances have overwhelming positive feedback about her vocals 😌

    7. firstclasspassenger

      dragE is madness. Typos are a h*ll of a drug

    8. Rosey Nosey

      It's literally my favorite part! I love the live performance it was perfect.

    9. Life With Becky

      it isn’t bad it’s literally that one part that everyone is making fun of, it’s like the hate train with james charles is going to camila, just shut up and get over yourself

    10. Michael Chan Wing

      i thought it was great she sings better than most people every great singer has a bad note some times just stop hating Camila that much I'll always like her and support her love her

    11. Elisa Castro

      You never realize how many of her fans are deaf until you read how they try to defend her in the comments.

      1. Loving Life

        Well maybe you’re the deaf one since her video was the most viewed and the GP always loves her even if haters on social media don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

    12. XxGalaxy WolfXx

      Everyone needs to chill just because your voice is bad this time doesn’t mean it’s bad any other time, stop the Hate

    13. Jamie Chiu

      To be honest, her performance was not bad at all. People are just saying that because they need to take their anger out on someone else and a celebrity is an easy target. I think the performance shows how unique her voice is and shows how there is an acoustic version to this song. It’s not bad. People are just jealous

    14. Marianna Flatman

      She did an amazing job there’s just loads of people out there trying to bring her down it only takes the tiniest second when she isn’t perfect for people to drag her and they need to remember that there is a real person behind the screen and negative comments can seriously affect self esteem in this world people should be lifting each other up not putting people down

    15. Elaine Lane

      She sounds amazing to me. I love how she switched the tone and style up. She’s not afraid to try something different. I also noticed after this performance the song and album moved up the charts. A win for her 🙌🏽

    16. Hidayah Furrukh

      she obviously was trying to do a really high note but her voice cracked a bit but i mean it happens like every singers voice cracks a bit now and then otherwise the rest of the performance was flawless we all have not so good performances like shawn's performance at the 2018 vma's he was really out of breath and his voice cracked but you shouldn't call her a bad singer just because her voice cracked

      1. glimigulu

        Also she always does vocal rest like a couple days before the day she's gonna perform, like she doesn't talk at all while doing it. That might be the reason too. But honestly when I first watched this I thought it was great, then I went on twitter and everyone was bashing her. I was so confused lmao

    17. Bernica Crichton

      Omg shut up


      and who are you again?.... a nobody....

    19. Bushra Khan

      Shut up she's doing great

    20. Louissa Halim


    21. David A.

      What is it with people being so vigilant and microscopic on Camila? Like this little girl really makes people so jelly. She sounded so amazing especially on the improv melody of da baby’s verse. And even that 2 second part y’all claim was so bad is better than most pop star’s vocals. Get a life and leave this girl alone.

      1. Ivan Sentosa


      2. Ivan Sentosa

        @Aleandro Cabrera i think its not fair to judge her live performance by having listened to only a small part 12 second snippet of the worst part uploaded in twitter, while you don't really judge the performance as a whole... thats what her haters aka. Nomoney stans do all these times...looking microscopically to her flaws and nitpickingly on doing so... whilst stay silent on how big crap and unwatchable the pre nba all stars nomoney lipsinging did?...thats a bs hypocrisy at its worst

      3. Aleandro Cabrera

        I think it was beautiful love her voice

      4. David A.

        Sarah didn’t you respond 6x In a row ? And damn you’re still responding ? 😂😂😂 you’re not fooling anyone honey 😘 and likewise 💕 hope you learn to focus on the things you like oppose to the things you don’t 👅

      5. Sarah

        David A. Damn you still talking? I’m done with you mate, bye! Have a great life and let’s hope you don’t get Coronavirus 😳😳

    22. Sophie Razz

      it was not her best but it was still amazing and couple days before they did a instagram live and killed every song they sang you should react to them singing kiss me by ed

    23. Team Peak

      This guy uploads every hour

    24. gisamoore

      Nah, her performance was amazing and she’s the most watched performance of that day, but they cut the 12 seconds of when her voice wasn’t the best, I have to laugh ... No one is perfect all the time but she still sells like crazy.

    25. Kali Morris

      It kinda sounded like she was constapated

      1. Ivan Sentosa

        @Jamie Chiu nice point

      2. Jamie Chiu

        Also if you think she sounded bad and you don’t sound bad then why don’t you showcase you “talent” and become famous like camila. 😒

      3. Jamie Chiu

        ‘I wasn’t being shady. She has a great voice’. You said she sounded constapated. How was that not being mean or shady

      4. Kali Morris

        Jamie Chiu well to bad you can’t because I actually used to sing I had a vocal coach and I wasn’t that bad and I wasn’t throwing shade Camilla has a great voice

      5. Jamie Chiu

        I would like to hear how you sing this song. She sang this first thing in the morning, sang with no auto tune(she doesn’t need any), sang it acoustical for the first time ever, sang it live, sang it a little sick and had bad audio quality. I would like to hear how you sing doing everything camila did.

    26. Alli Fouch

      that video is good wtf

    27. lue mae

      She sounds amazing she just has a lot of haters

    28. hello

      how you verified?

    29. Sib Bub

      It may be that she’s “trying to hard” with her voice maybe? Shes obviously singing this live without any back track playing, and maybe she was trying some things with her voice to make the song more interesting but it just didn’t come out right.

    30. Missing In Action


    31. ShaDow Bluezs

      what happen to ur gf

    32. Christy Spellman

      Hhhmm this is interesting because I watched it first on a tv and it sounded so much better but hearing the clips and watching it again on yt on my phone it sounded worse so I went back and watched through a tv on yt again and thought that part sounded much better again so I wonder if its audio quality that is making her sound pitchy right there I'm not sure though.

    33. Hope McKinney


    34. Jascell Rodriguez

      Can you react to so pretty by Biggy Norris

    35. Abolanle Sangosanya


      1. blixbee aka adrian

        Hi 😉

    36. shannon kinsley

      Hey keep being you and know I will always believe in you and meara. I love you so much. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

      1. shannon kinsley

        Yes that is his girlfriend.

      2. Yunie7

        Whoa what? Is that his significant others name? I’ve never met/heard of another person with my name spelled that exact way, that’s neat

      3. MitchellReacts

        all love<333