Camila Cabello - Havana (Live from Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve)



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    1. Roger Schleich

      Suprise Trump didn't say anything about this song..

    2. Gabriel Blue

      in and out of lip sync problem great song how ever

    3. Arminda Flores

      Havana that’s is my favorite song


      Wow you are heaven




      2:50 Yassssssss slay queen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


      And to think she wasn't good enough for the X-Factor

    7. dragon fire of cool kids

      That song is horable

    8. Aisha Whiting

      She dont sound like the music video but i still like is

    9. lilmilky

      Dumb lazy black girl

    10. Avakin Dancers

      People who disliked don’t know good singing Like if you agree

    11. Phu Tran

      5H would have never made it

    12. Nolan Parker

      2018 anyone?

    13. God The Saver

      I loved it!!! Befor i did not know about her ands i will i did before!!

    14. Sophia Hernandez

      sophia hernanedz

    15. Tammy Lo

      Is this New York?

    16. Dina

      Great performance! Love this song, love the guys trumpets too!

    17. jose rios


    18. roberto Morales

      Happy New year you little Mad singing elf from Santa

    19. Legit Retard

      i clicked because it had "Dick" in the title

    20. jayson perez

      Fake and gay

    21. Ab Sharum

      Yo she covered the trumpet solo in my opinion the best part😤

    22. Hannia

      I love havana

    23. Peter Waugh

      spanish anyone???????????? avana?????????????

    24. Nataly Koval

      This is what I'm talking about... real singing! ❤️

    25. chrystie cottone

      I give you 200

    26. Paul Baumann

      Havana ooh na na...Love ti..💃💃💃💃💃🙌👏👏👏

    27. Andrea Molina


    28. Mom Guillen

      Why was Jeffry in the song

    29. jose rios

      Pls come to Colorado denver

    30. Jazzy Lev

      Am I the only one who loved her outfit...?

    31. AYEForApplesauce

      Guys, check our my official lyric video for havana 😍

    32. KittyKitty


    33. KittyKitty

      Who sees ROMANATWOOD at 2:08 - 2:09 I did

    34. Da' Pain

      Is this new york or hong kong?

    35. blank blank

      I'm here watching here singing in real life

    36. Rodolfo Morales

      I looooove video 😻😻😻

    37. MisunderstoodWeirdo

      I am so late watching this but OMG great performance. I'm disappointed the crowd didn't make some noise in the beginning.

    38. Rat_ H3mßtër

      I sound like camila cobelo

    39. ari thê gãmër

      Omg I really want to see camila cabello 😭❤️💕I literally listen to Havana every time I take a freakin shower💩❤️I love her if I got to see her I would cry my heart out😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

      1. ari thê gãmër

        I posted a Comment yep even her body and I’m not trying to be discussing but she’s really pretty

      2. I’m Wrong But

        Ariana Guzman yeah she is good lol

      3. ari thê gãmër

        I posted a Comment I’m sorry it’s just I wanted to say i love her ohh nah nah theres something about her voice I can’t stop listening to her freakin songs

      4. I’m Wrong But

        Ariana Guzman nah its all good

      5. ari thê gãmër

        I posted a Comment I’m sorry I really love her tho😭😭❤️❤️💕

    40. Equalic June


    41. MR W4TERMELON3

      i am not a fan of these types of songs but DAMN this song i catchy i love it

    42. Live. Love. Laugh. Travel


    43. Marta Cux-Carrillo

      I would like to meet here

    44. Pedro Salazar

      Even if it doesn’t sound exactly like the studio recording it’s always nice to see when artists actually sing their songs. Yeah I’m aware she let some parts of the song actually play from the studio recording but for the most part she sung and didn’t lip sync

    45. Junior Torrez

      Fuck me

    46. Junior Torrez

      Dick you

    47. vivistea

      2:42 - 2:43 omg therES Harry Potter! ♡

    48. vivistea

      Omg I saw this its epic! ♡

    49. Kaylee Velasquez

      I love Havana🎊🎉🎊🎉🎆🎇🌹

    50. April Johnson

      I love you havana

    51. The normie twice removed

      Godamn, that ass though

    52. Kelly Z

      Go Camila 🌸💃

    53. Isabella Brodnick

      Not her best work

    54. etrttrrert Ventura

      Hola Havana

    55. Live. Love. Laugh. Travel

      This is a very catchy song. Very cool and intimidating

    56. Humberto Garcia

      PERFECT at 2:33

    57. Tommy Hickox

      I guess we’re just ok with lip syncing now

      1. Joe Whitehead

        You think that's lip syncing at 2:42-the end?

    58. Mj Lee

      I was there

    59. Ezmeralda Ceniceroz

      I hear this song every day ❤❤❤

    60. debora franco

      Yass Camila Thats how YOU DO IT GIRL

    61. Little_ diamondYT123

      I Love you 😍💖💎👑💎💖😍

    62. Arie Pantoja

      Damn she’s fucking hot

    63. abarrow ptm

      My birthday new year

    64. Nathan Zamora

      How many people love Camilo cabeo

      1. Nathan Zamora

        Boiii it’s Camilla cabello

    65. Nathan Zamora

      Lol 1:16 lots of iPhones

    66. duvio666

      I wish you were my mom😢😢😢😢😢

    67. Diana Quiroz

      I was somewhere there its was so freaking cold but it's was worth it

    68. krydragon

      Is it just me or does she at 2:51 kinda sound like Michael Jackson?

    69. Gymnast Cory

      I love you so much i am going on your tore

    70. infinite tacos

      She does not sound as good as she did