Camila Cabello - Havana (Official Music VIdeo) ft. Young Thug



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    1. Jeffrey Zhou

      I think the Donald Trump is better at singing this than Camila.

    2. Yanela Mormontoy Arias

      lele pons OMG

    3. lore blue

      Weno pos voy a hacer como la carla - camila voy a zalir Pd: me llevo la policía alv v:

    4. The Liverpooler

      2:57 Im sure joey tribbiani would do that

    5. Dayanara Romero

      Her: tries to be ugly , but is still good looking

    6. Deanna Sky

      wowee look who wrote this song

    7. Reti thou

      Woooo yhoooo Hahavan who nana ☺☺☺

    8. Jannat Jannat

      Omg there is lele pons in to 🙂

    9. Ziggy Benavente

      "Not the flip flop again"

    10. Family Mbiri

      Do they know each other bc Why did he say i didn't know u could dance!

    11. Cartoon Games


    12. Charles Victor

      *Stay Home ... .... ...Corona... na... na... na*

    13. Mi Jules


    14. Hisham Abdullah

      Is it just me who found this almost identical to "Same Old Love" Selena Gomez

    15. Jeff the killer

      Wait I'm confused this is my first time seeing this music video basically the whole point of this video is about a movie but was she in the movie or she was just what??????I'm really confused?????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    16. Conchita Couto

      Lo de el chanclazo lohz clavado 😁

    17. Velanda Watson

      Why am I just now noticing Noah is in there 🤣

    18. Faida Uwitonze- Mosses


    19. X0fe45

      1º Everybody on the cinema was kissing!!! 2º In both story's Noah was the one!!!

    20. Rebecca Elijah

      Did you know that Bella was Lele pons

    21. Simona Mozūraitytė

      1:23 Lele Pons!

    22. Wissam BNE

      Camilizers let us reach 1 billion view We can make it

    23. marie jo devismes

      is love to musique!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍



    25. Mostafa Eltoni

      lele pons is in the video

    26. Payas Joshi

      Nobody- Literally Nobody- Camila Cabello in the beginning- "So now u r out of the closet"

    27. The Qwertian Cheese

      J E F F E R Y

    28. Entertain Yourself

    29. piggy boi

      It’s weird how DE-newsy this feels even though it’s a popular artists music video

    30. Marie Kandarah


    31. Emily Göschel

      Wie macht man sich einen eigenen Kanal erstellen

    32. Shamim ahmed

      I kinda wanna watch how he use ' FLIP FLOP' 😁

    33. tik tok videos

      I watch this music video from 2 years and now i realize that lele pons & noah is in it!!

    34. Sida Sagoi

      3:32 They are gay ???!

    35. Ljiljana Schüller

      Lele pons 😄😁🤩

    36. Victor Villagran

      When entiendes lo de español

    37. Lojien 224

      I still can't understand how señorita has 1b views but havana didn't reach a billion yet, like how ???

    38. happy man

    39. yhonny torrico

      el negro le dio el toque final... 10 de 10

    40. maria del carmen gutierrez

      quien esta viendo esto in jun en esta cuarentena

    41. Mike Grubb*

      :0 lele pons

    42. maria del carmen gutierrez

      es la mejor música que e oido es la primera vez que escucho la música de camila cabello y es la mejor te deseo lo mejor saludos desde mexico te quiero

    43. Laura Booker

      I can't believe that you were trying to twerk that's only if you were trying to

    44. Kariannette Rodriguez

      Bella’s sister is Camila cabello I just knew it right way hit the like button if you knew that 👇🏼

    45. Ashton Tan

      ima admit that this song is almost to 1 billion views so this song is famous

    46. Elvira Arriaga

      Great Dancing and Music Video

    47. paola alcantara

      me gusta la parte en la que hablan en español por que es muy divertida

    48. Aisha Alarkaban

      OOOOOOHHH lele

    49. Delicate Blood

      "I do love you, but I love me more" The most wonderful quote ever

    50. Diamond On IPad YT

      I didn't know you that you know lele pons

    51. Georgina Skanavis

      Lele pons is bella

    52. Mariana Gonzalez Castillo

      Alguien me puede decir en que termino la novela???

    53. JP Flame & Dream Heart

      Why Bella is Lele?!

    54. Fabbiano Galarza

    55. cynthia makuta

      Add a public comment...camila is good at singing

    56. Felicity

      One thing I can say I got from this is that I now know where Bella got her snoring from

    57. malcom

      Yeah it's really a shame that someone with this much talent is so racist and yet features black artists for clout! before anyone brings up she was a child..... teenagers know right from wrong point blank period. You know stealing is against the law. Racism is morally deplorable! I just hope you really did some soul searching Camilla and meant the apology instead of knowing you had to do it for pr!

    58. M and j Playz


    59. Mikal Kelly Martinez

      The grandma was AMAZING!

    60. Pastel glow

      did anybody notice that Lele Pons was the mum?

    61. Aracely Aquino

      Esta cuarentena me hace ver canciones de hace años

    62. Yennely Judith Arrua Sanders

      camila me encanta tuscancione like si le queres volver a ver a lele pons uwu

    63. Szybka Jagoda


    64. HB I


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    67. HB I


    68. Eliza Hernández

      Que bonito

    69. Eliza Hernández

      No espiki inghis