Camila Cabello - Living Proof (Audio)



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    1. Jemia Cador

      O.75 😍💍✨💦

    2. Jemia Cador

      Mascara commercial anyone

    3. Malachi Mazyck

      Please go to my channel here my accapellas

    4. dummy acc

      1:40 dang, how did i not notice this part

    5. katie Cortez

      You broke up with shun mends


      ugh f*ck you people

    7. Humaira Bano

      Why this can't be download😭😭😭

    8. Daniele Viana de Lima

      I love this, girl. An amazing voice, an incredible singer.

    9. Thomas Dackento

      I Iove you camiIa😍😍😍

    10. Bernice Ling

      Amazing Voice I don't get why people dislike this song.

      1. The Cosmic Note

        Bernice Ling same! She’s amazing😍 I did a cover of this lovely song and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out😇

    11. Gülernaz Çakıcı


    12. Holly robinson

      Camila will you relpy to me

    13. Shelley McRae

      Love this.

    14. Hidayah Furrukh

      for those who say she can't sing after that my oh my performance honestly she had one bad performance and a voice crack that doesn't mean she is a bad singer smh

    15. Pallavi Rao

      hi camila

    16. Beatriz Souza

      this is the most beautiful and artistic sex-song on earth

    17. Caja Rama

      “Living Proof” promotes the Africa Heartwood Project which helps take care of orphans in Liberia , The song kicks off with the sound of kids joyfully singing and clapping, a direct reference to the project and its mission. Camila donating her proceeds from ‘living proof’ to ‘the African heartwood project’

    18. Mohammed Lami

      100M Soon Stream Camilizers For Camila Deserve IT !!! So Stream Harder....

    19. David

    20. Guadalupe Lopez

      Te amo camila eres mi cantante favorita 😃😃😃 mi pequeña camila tienes una voz hermosa e inigualable soy camilizer de corazon espero poder conocerte en persona me fascinan tus canciones

    21. stefany pedroza


    22. bryiana salez


    23. jack

    24. Nitin Sood

      I broke 24 windows, 5 toilet seats, 64 glasses, my mum's eardrums and 87% of the world's population died out when I tried to sing this song seriously this girl has talent

      1. Christa Foster

        you're thanos but on steroids

      2. Voice Of Neha

        I can sing it better each day

      3. Bellatrix Ryddle

        So all those deaths, were all because of you?!

    25. ryna sood

      I broke 24 windows, 5 toilet seats and 63 glasses and 87% of the world's population died out when I tried to sing this song Can we appreciate this woman please she has serious talent Also I think my mum went deaf

    26. Sunlion

      Ariana Grande : I can Sing Highest Camila : Hold my Sangria Wine

    27. Nelia Mvula

      I just love this ❤️ song

    28. Unreality C


    29. Maria M

      Just a little *Senorita* looking for some *Real Friends* in *Havana* who felt *Shameless* and found out that the *Living Proof* was that *My Oh My* it was NOT *easy* to find them.

    30. Jander 472

      Happy birthday Camila!

    31. bonita apple

      Sounds like 'there's God in every move and you're the living proof.'

    32. jacksonofgot7asharrystyles timothéechalametownsme

      This song is literally a *masterpiece* but for real like the definition of masterpiece.

    33. _em

      what was that audio in the beginning? i was so confused

    34. Sarah anwyll

      💕💕I really like the start💕💕

    35. Sabrina Lima


    36. Marquelis Griffith

      Esta canción ayuda a tener culo 👇🏼auto like

    37. Kaczór Ferency

      Camila Cabello have an angelic voice

    38. Frizzy dynamite


    39. Frizzy dynamite

      I like your song

    40. wd harvey

      Not the song I was looking for by the same name..but was hoping it was a "new" cover of a song I knew.... THis absolutely sucks.

    41. Nanis Tsunami

      You sing Beautiful

    42. Imaney farrell

      Shawn has freckles??

    43. Yeah_Definitely_A _Bot

      This is my crushes favorite song, and I’m trying very hard to like it, but like, I’m a very lyrical person, so when I listen to a song, it’s more about the lyrics than the actual sound of it, but these lyrics make me slightly uncomfortable. This song is mostly about sex, is what I’ve gathered and less about the actual romantics of a persona and what they like about them, but, nonetheless that’s the only downside to this song, other than that, it has a nice bridge and chorus.

    44. Potato salad and pasta

      Her voice goes higher than the airplane my aunt went on

    45. jacksonofgot7asharrystyles timothéechalametownsme

      *This song is a masterpiece , the way she is singing, the different sounds , the melody , a masterpiece indeed. One of my favorite songs ever.*

    46. Gab X

      The voices are some kids from a charity she supports in Africa. Camila is embassador for Save the Children and used their voices and their clap on this song. All profits from "Living proof " goes to them

    47. bryiana salez

      Vejam o clipe dessa música, ele é Maravilhoso.. e venham visitar o meu Canal, bjs❤❤

    48. Emilie Grace

      Do anyone else see a depressed baby yoda in the back or just me?

    49. Clarice CLARICE

      Oq essas crianças falam?

    50. Charlotte De Vera

      Why her songs remained on humming on my to my soul..☺️😍

    51. Nali Ka


    52. Duda Monteiro

      O Brasil te ama Queen 🔥

    53. Duda Monteiro

      Te amo Camila

    54. bryiana salez

      Hey Camilizers vamos façam Stream pro álbum Romance !

    55. CuteDagger

      0:20 sloOOoOw

    56. C. Winona

      i don't like her high notes

      1. Jander 472


    57. rydertoast sue

      Wat the ppl doing in the background????!!!!!!!!!?????????(REALLY I dunno)

    58. Asia Fulp

      im sorry but the beginning scared me since it was my first time listening to it 😆😆 love the song though and your vocals are out of this world

    59. محمود كرم

      man this song is cooooooool,, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    60. dahiaaana SCO

      Why this song isn’t at ig stories?

    61. Zaynab Mimi

      I wish fictional characters were living proof. Especially Sarah J Maas’s ;)

    62. Ray nza

      Ok then

    63. Victor Suarez

      if you're the one reading this.. I made an acoustic cover of this song, anyone mind showing some love?! 🙏🏼❤️

    64. abby dhanpal


    65. Mark james

      I can't decide what I love more .... her music ... her voice...or the way she looks.

    66. Grace Ogundipe


    67. kawtar korina

      I just wanna know what they say in the beginning

      1. luke.pin3

        Real 😂 I saw the lyrics and they says: "ha ha ha, I promise".

    68. Neli Dragnell

      And they said Never Be The Same is impossible to sing 😂

    69. The Music Council

      Me trying to hit the harmonized WHOOs in the chorus......(behind the main WHOOs there are even higher whoos if you pay attention) Neighbohrs called my mom they thought I was being tortured...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA