Camila Cabello - Living Proof (Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)



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    1. potato zee


    2. Aalayah Fleming

      Ooh this was on my birthday

    3. Leah Ray

      Stage literally filled with roses. BITCH I-

    4. IHaveNoName

      I got scared when the dancers came out

    5. Rebeca Soares

      She is so cute.

    6. Bluef Nine

      I literally cant imagine anyone else singing this song

    7. Tam Charlotte

      I love how camilajusr went with no shoes and socks lol :D

    8. TAUANI MAGIC KIDS mmarques

      MANDOU BEM Camila até eu canto enquanto comento

    9. john court

      Wow, what an amazing video and a beautiful song and you're so adorable and beautiful i just loved it all. xx

    10. anelix crisostomo poma

      Sinceramente hermosoooooooooo todo!!

    11. bryiana salez

      te amo

    12. goodolbronco

      Those power chords coming through at 1:17 and 1:22

    13. goodolbronco

      Lord have mercy

    14. goodolbronco


    15. Adryane Silva


    16. amanda anjos

      2:56 fucking genious tbh, she's expectacular

    17. Crazy Average Asian Bitch

      for those idiots that can’t recognise live from lip sync , look at 2:46 the audio is going on , but her live vocal version is different from recording ok , she’s live and her vocal is greater than 99% popstar out there

    18. Tara O'Halloran

      OMG! She is amazing! I feel like I'm terrible at singing now!

    19. AliciaStar Saturn

      Omg... holy crap! That scared me

    20. DarthVader20201

      I like the mini skirt definitely need her

    21. Anne rivera

      How come she sang this song effortless 🙄🤔🔥

    22. Ericka Turner

      Camila +The Tonight Show = An absolutely iconic performance ❤❤ 👑👑

    23. Bożena Bożęcka

      Why it only has 1 mln views??

    24. Dupree Blosch

      Camila: *circles breast while singing* Me: and i oop-

    25. Caja Rama

      “Living Proof” promotes the Africa Heartwood Project which helps take care of orphans in Liberia. The song kicks off with the sound of kids joyfully singing and clapping, a direct reference to the project and its mission. Camila donating her proceeds from ‘living proof’ to ‘the African heartwood project’

    26. Aliyah Zaman

      Maybe I will sing this song in my birthday

    27. Aliyah Zaman

      I love Camila Cabello new song and your voice sounds beautiful and cute

    28. Angy Gudiño

      Vídeo de Camila con anuncio de Camila 😄👌

    29. yérimen lares

      Imagine thinking she can't sing💀

    30. chanthy sar

      Camila she a true born performer!! I love her so much...

    31. Derek Jones

      ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ This song Is everything actually... I'm a fan now...Plus you can tell she loves performing this one❤❤

    32. Mulshankar Maganlal

      I love you too baby girl so swwet harted brokan my dreem forever verry importent dreases look like fashion week I impress you youer voice a songas swwet preenseas girl I hope me you contect me please love you too baby girl

    33. איילה אלבז


    34. nicole ortiz

      At the beginning her voice it wasn't special for me but what impressed me was how easily she can do falsetto and her vocal stability to do that falsetto

    35. Nicole Angel

      When she sang do ya feel me because I can't breathe...I thought..yeah, I bet the dancers can't either! Lol.. how could they in those costumes? With that being said.. excellent performance! She keeps getting better and better. Love you Camilla!

    36. Dookiemanik

      A global superstar she is

    37. Bluef Nine

      honestly i cant imagine any other artist sing this song. not a single one.

    38. Paul Piusinski on YT

      🤦It isn't live. I hope people stop setting unrealistic expectations.

    39. Yennefer Of Vengerberg

      3:26 lmaoo

    40. Pluto Pie

      Live or audio the voice is AMAZING 😍

    41. Devaki Arya

      You are really great all other fail in comparison of your voice

    42. Ashmitha .s

      Director:how many flowers do u want in this video Camila:yes

    43. MakxRange Couture

      my absolute best performance of this song..cant count how maNY TIMES i've come back to watch !!

    44. Ramla Ali

      This song never gets each live performance

    45. Tá na Net

      Que performance lindissima gente!! o que isso??

    46. Djulie Niyizana

      Shawn sees her in night dresses😋😋lucky guy...She looks soo good.💞💞

    47. Malena Lc


    48. Nando Maituku

      She is literally killed it 🥰❤

    49. Mary Mar Calva

      Te amo 💕❤️

    50. Moonlightbae x

      I love the outfit 😍😍

    51. Jaah limmah


    52. gracie izabella

      selling repeats 2:42

    53. Jaah limmah

      Stream nesse hino Camilizers >>

    54. Criselda

      This is so satisfying 2:06

    55. Skiins Vanity

      At first I was like ....Where’s her dancers??then I spotted one before they started dancing, freakin camouflage. LOVE this performance..well planned out.

    56. Harri Mäkinen


    57. Jenny Fan

      Her voice is higher than my life goals...

    58. Freya Martorell

      She is an amazing artist! She is always incredible live too

    59. bryiana salez

      Linda, perfeita, Camilizers vão dar stream pro clipe dessa obra de arte😭😭😌❤

    60. jack

      Anjos existem a Camila é a prova viva disso💜💜

    61. jack

      Angels exist Camila is a Living proof ❤❤

    62. jack


      1. bryiana salez


    63. jack

      Vem um milhãooo ❤

    64. Anna

      Derroche de talento y sensualidad☺

    65. Danielle Rodrigues

      I C O N E

    66. HeyItzMe VIKA

      Am I the one that think that she's soo cute when she says "aaa" 3:28

    67. Elizabeth Ortiz


    68. Itsmemelody

      my favorite song love you

    69. Fer A

      She's a great performer sadly she's racist

    70. Vet a Domicilio

      Mejor artista no puede ser, es seca!!! Baila, canta y expresa perfecto, es la mejor del mundo mundial!