Camila Cabello - Real Friends (Official Audio) ft. Swae Lee



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    1. Makayla Dickinson

      I love this song but like lets just keep it to Camila because dude the auto tune ruins it

    2. Emma Ebora

      i think she made this song because of the thing that happed with fith harmory but also i've been a fam was you camila i hope i meet you sum day

    3. Dinosouurs

      Why is everybody hating on Swae Lee just because he's using autotune? Its just a remix. Nobody is gonna die, so please stop talking about it its annoying. Thanks.

    4. Nhi Nguyễn

      2020? anybody here?

    5. MarkYan YT

      I don’t like how the implemented swae Lee but I like the beat change it gives it more of an upbeat sound to a sad song, but the OG is better not gonna lie

    6. Aji Priambodo

      I love the beat drop but I don't like his autotune pls😭it could've done really weellll

    7. Jessica Crawford

      Why do I even try, give me a reason why. I thought that I could trust you, nevermind. FACTS???

    8. Azizi Aiman

      Kok sama kayak lagu Ahmad ya😂

    9. Zhongyun WANG

      It's so gooddddd

    10. MartinCMG g

      Fifth harmony is out...💔

    11. Gargi Ray Chaudhuri

      Only fam(ily) ends in I love you . It doesn't end and others - Best fri(end) Girlfri(end) Boyfri(end)

    12. Gargi Ray Chaudhuri

      Whenever I listen to this song I remember my childhood. After getting emotionally hurt by my bestest friend I stopped making Best Fri(ends). I really can't understand who are real friends !!!

    13. shiki

      Plagiarized guitar riff.

    14. Phong Nguyen Thi

      Very very very nice I LOVE REAL FRIENDS ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    15. Monto philips

    16. Mayra Ruiz

      What a beautiful song. So real.

    17. Lara Ramos

      No sabía que swae lee colaboró con ella Swae Lee ❤

    18. Mrs. Mendes

      If you’re reading this comment and you’re lonely I’ll be your real friend !

    19. Pokémon fan

      Fri(end)🙅 Boyfri(end)🙅 Girlfri(end)🙅 🍔 Hamburger has no end💁

    20. Wolfy

      It truly hurts how much I can relate to this😞

    21. Lava

      swae lee needs to chill with the auto tune ..

    22. Thi Phong Nguyen

      bài này cực kì hay luôn á hâm mộ ( fan ) của camila cabello

    23. Non-Descript Being

      So relatable it hurts, lmao

    24. Grim Pasta

      I use to think this was selena gomez

    25. Henna Patel

      This really relates to my group of friends that i had in my old school. One of them used to be my best friend but turned around and hated me. Now i have another best friend and we would never betray each other because we were both treated badly by them. Even though i still talk to them today

    26. bling bling boi

      You guys are doing your thing

    27. Edits For life


    28. Tharindu Lakshan

      SWAE ❤️🍁

    29. Angela Segovia

      Cool 😎 song 🎫 📀 💃 😿😳😲😱😟😛😜😝😝😋

    30. Angela Segovia

      What a good song😺😺😺😺

    31. Julian

      Producer: How much Autotune do you want Swea Lee? Swea: Yeeeah

    32. Sharon Mutoni

      college social life.

    33. Viren Joshi

      slick af

    34. Pratisruti Buragohain

      Real good song this is

    35. claire kim

      when i went to a new middle school, didn’t make any real friends. while my real friends back home are having fun without me while im dying here trying to make real friends 💀

      1. claire kim

        Aww~ I hope u find some real friends 😔👍💖

      2. Cl

        Trueeeee, same with me, I'm in my school for 2 years and I still walk alone

    36. PRIVATE

      the original song is better

    37. Badgalgerry

      wow i just see that cover have 4 monsters

    38. Maria Rinta-Rahko

      This song is so good, chatchy, relatable and emotional💛. Camila has such a unique, beautiful, sweet, cute and cool voice👍. She sounds like Selena Gomez on the low notes🔥. Sway Lee's part is really cool and he has a really cool rapping and singing style🙂.

    39. Lazy Aries

      This so true for me 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    40. Martinez Plays


    41. Camilla Burdak

      in second grade this was me but I had my family and my true one best friends

    42. Orlando Vallejos

      Swae Lee is killing it! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    43. La vie en rose —-

      Those 4 beast? Who are those representing for?

      1. eminem k

        La vie en rose -- rest in fifth harmony

    44. Excelsis AWOL

      2019 and I'm still searching for some real friends

    45. directioner forever forever

      Some people say that in everything end comes leaving family and ily stands for i love you but once who go through the situation in which u are having no friends than u will understand because our lives are not completed without friends they are as important as family is so stop teasing the relationship on the basis of their alphabet

    46. Angela Degro

      You are the best singer

    47. Farras Ghandura

      3:01 it's my fav

    48. ColdBNoob

      Who love this version more?

    49. Butera My crossaint

      Me too camila ,

    50. Exstella Edits

      You and Selena Gomez sound a lot alike

    51. Penn Patten

      Honestly I prefer the solo acoustic that’s on the album

    52. Claire Rager

      Such an underrated song

    53. George Kays

      If i hadn't seen Swae lee's name , I would say it was Justin Bieber.. especially from 1:44 part

      1. bri

        George Kays ironic how swae sounds like justin and camilla sounds similar to selena

    54. shush _sh

      Wow camila and ari are killing it . . This was a year ago... Oh tee hee

      1. skully

        h e e h e e

    55. Ana Gonzalez

      This hits home, my best friend of 10 years and I have broken up.

    56. Emmanuel Oladesu

      I fucking love the concept of the video❤💥

    57. Ysa Moya

      Why am I only finding this version rn??

    58. Alpachino Choukri

      Selena Vu

    59. Samantha Durrant

      love it

    60. shukri Elfayomi

      هتدخلي النار

    61. shukri Elfayomi

      جميله جدا جدا بس الاغاني حرام

    62. John Carlo Ebol

      Sana all "REAL FRIENDS" Charooot😂❤️

    63. Mel Singson

      I heart this

    64. ani boo

      wow, i'm alredy missing that era lol

    65. Angel Hxze

      I typically prefer the original versions , but I love the version with Swae Lee lol. I only listen to this one.

    66. Olivia Cabral

      I want anybody who is going through a rough situation with their friends I want you to know that you’ll get through it and you’ll be ok.

    67. văn đức nguyễn

      Fake is dangerous , love Real Friends

    68. Jesse Bonilla

      Yasssss gurl

    69. :.*Alya*.:

      I love this song