Camila Cabello - Shameless (Audio)



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    1. VibinWithCiiCii

      just did a cover of this beautiful song, love if you guys could check it out 🦋💕

    2. GJFS

      Hola!! Para aquellos que hablan español! en mi canal tengo la versión con letra de Shameless (Está en inglés y en español) :D Hey guys!! For those who wanna learn the lyrics of this song, in my channel I have a lyric video for Shameless (It has also the spanish lyrics for those who want to learn the language) :D

    3. Amvi Sta. Maria

      I really love how Camila's mind work and the way she expresses her feelings through singing💕😩

    4. Shafqat Afzal

      I love camilaaaa😍

    5. Daniela Ferreira

      It’s hard to get a like from me. Yes, I do think I’m special lol. But you’ve got it hermana🥰

    6. Letizia Salinas

      good songs I love them

    7. Keith Saunders

      Best song Eva!!!


      1:29 to 1:35 is a great wow

    9. maxwell macharia

      It Is An Good Song!

    10. Remigiusz Chmurzynski


    11. lyubovkay

      Recorded a cover to this

    12. Ak Mourya

      New vedio of shameless song 2020

    13. Akasian remix 8M

      Watch this also if like this song Movie :fit remix of chinese movie Song : shameless Time: approx 3:40

    14. Indira Solis

      okay but how is liar more popular than this?!

    15. Guadalupe Lopez

      ❤i love you camila hermosa

    16. bryiana salez

      Stream for Camila 💪 #Stream #ROMANCE

    17. Sara of Isla

      *camila really outdid herself with this one* 😍 i made a cover of this song, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen

    18. Icaro Martins


    19. Icaro Martins


    20. Icaro Martins


    21. Chaima Djahed

      I'm addicted to this song💙

    22. Michał Korzeniowski

      I love u Camila u're the most beautiful girl in the fucking word ;*** Greetings from Poland "Lady" ;))

    23. I E

      Am I the only one who sees her playing Hermione Granger?

    24. TurtleSaverSara

      I think shes a play girl but i still luv her songs...

    25. Rahma Abdulfatah

      Camila cabello is awesome Wow😍😍

    26. AZTEC TREY

      ||12 3456 789 00

    27. Star Constelación

      I just heard of this song for the first time, yesterday. And this is my second time listening to it and I just have to write about how this song has me going crazy lol The moment this song starts my body starts buzzing with energy and whenever she sings “right now I’m shameless” for the first time, my whole body shivers and gets a spike of energy and that energy stays until the end of this song... Bruh this song is addicting 😭

    28. Hobi is a jellyfish cuz he got no bones Hobi

      This is way better than Liar, Señorita, Havana etc. This is the side of Camila that I like.

    29. Super Lyrics

      Hey guys! Lyrics in my channel here: @Tnk4

    30. Sabrina Lima

      I love you

    31. Sara of Isla

      *camila really outdid herself with this one* 😍 i made a cover of this song, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen

    32. Marquinhuz Ferreira


    33. Kuhuki Kinnory

      Am I the only one who likes the live version more....

    34. Kaltham Al Qubaisi

      Such a good song

    35. Blandkhalel Khalel Bland

      New songs ft zayn and Nick Jones

    36. Alumina gacha

      Muito bommm

    37. Jarvis Horn

      F'n AWESOME! " I need you more than I want ya" and "I don't care if I'm forgivin". ABSOLUTE OLD SCHOOL GANGSTA! TAKE IT FROM AN OL' SCHOOL VILLIAN!

    38. Ana Banana

      A alguien mas le suena a la canción del cangrejo de moana?

    39. Dani

      this is about Shawn I'm sure ♥

    40. Connor Tapley

      Am I the only one that gets X vibes

    41. Vane DLT10

      Where do I even begin?! I am blown away by your beautiful lyrics! I actually felt like if I were in the Romance museum.. i felt all the emotions and tears put into these songs. Every verse has a deep and strong message that has to be shared to the world. Camila you are a literal goddess. I have no words to express how proud i am to see you grow through every phase in your life. You've helped through my depression and today i am happy and in love with someone who understands me in everyway. I can't wait to see you during your romance tour (09-09-20) and hopefully one day i will be able to meet you face to face and hug you and tell you just everything! I love you so much camila you have no idea💚

      1. Dylan Slamka

        The song is written by Jon Bellion

    42. Lua Passos

      Someone listening all of her new songs after romance comes out?

    43. Shadow uwu

      Right now im shameless~!

    44. Mariam Diallo

      Whoaaaaaaa it's beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    45. Dkdari

      Hi 👋🏻 Check out my remix

    46. Ruben Elias

      Is the song about the t.v. show

    47. im just a sunflower

      1:04 - 1:22 Im obssed at this part ;-;

    48. Roblox adopt me Games!

      I like this song so much I listen to it everyday!

    49. Vee y Luis

      My friend and I covered this song We invite you to listen to it 👌

    50. Terry Blueberry

      Am I being a liar if I say Shameless is better than Liar?

      1. bauti aguilar

        You're being intelectual

    51. Sakshi Pandey

      I have listen this song so many times really

    52. King TravisSearles

      I love you #CamilaCabello! Always will! ❤

    53. Nevaeh Husen

      Camilla or Ariana grande

      1. RC mashups

        Were not comparing

    54. Shayma Gamez


    55. Joyce Sousa

      Amooo todas as músicas. Sou uma fã. Adoro todas

    56. Lalisa Suko

      I love you Camila you are the best ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾😋😋😋

    57. Ariana Magor

      Why do all songs eventually get old? I've listened to this song a million times and now it's "Old".. Depressing I still liked it though :)

    58. Aleyna Ort


    59. Anastatia Merel S

      I never give people this title. But you my queeeen haha

    60. Itsjessie Vids

      I shameful shameless and shamemore

    61. Majoob ``

      omg manoooooo,sou brasileira e eu amo muito essa música ,e te amo muito Camilaaaa meu amor 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    62. Secco Girls

      I cant stop listening to this beautifulest song *EVER*

    63. Renan Guilherme

      Viciado em shameless💛💚💛💚

    64. Tudo Fraco


    65. D KENZOO 23

      i fucking love this shit because this my love Camilla

    66. It's Elena

      It is perfect for a soundtrack...

    67. Sara of Isla

      *camila really outdid herself with this one* 😍 i made a cover of this song, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen

    68. William Kuebler

      Wow this is a great song.

    69. Cassidy Hall

      The picture looks like that girl off of spider man homecoming who agreed ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

      1. Riya Dutchess

        zendaya ?