Camila Cabello - She Loves Control (Official Audio)



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    1. Jib Jib


    2. Nestor Montalvo Mariscal

      Suena igual que waterfall de pink y sia

    3. Luna Lovegood

      Listen to her song and then listen to this song:

    4. blackflag 33rd

      You're a honey girl but have some f#$king self respect and close your legs.

    5. Danny Lao

      0:30 is the part you like

    6. MarinaDelRey

      Camila porpoquito. Y setebeel cabello


      Had this Been a single, she would have had the World at her feet.

    8. Julia Lee

      2020 during quarantine times, anyone?

    9. Yolando Soquite

      The leadr of the Borg collectives was a Woman..If CC is that Borg Woman..every body will volunteer to be assimilated and part of the collectives, including Bill Gets ..

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    11. Gregory Langford

      Control me baby!

    12. Chubby Girl

      Fantastic 😍❤

    13. John Maffina

      Love the pic 👅👅👅👅👃👃👃👃👃👃👅👅👅👅

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    16. Tsedale Belete

      You do not have to sexualize your talent, at this point people are focused on your body than your talent

    17. Fernando Cámara

      ¡Aguante Sonny!

    18. Sarat Sahoo

      Nice sweet voice

    19. Δημήτρης Μιχάλας

      Λουλούδια εινε

    20. Δημήτρης Μιχάλας

      Ωρεα πράματα

      1. Δημήτρης Μιχάλας

        Μου αρέσει

    21. gil Beltran

      camila I now you're in the entertainment industry what do you try prove that you're a singer or a good porno star be a decent person won't cost you a penny

    22. Mune Luna

      2 years ago and I can still hear selener at some part of the song

    23. Julian Leon

      Igual que su repugnante padre asco de ser humaos

    24. Vaishnavi verma

      Waterfall by pink

    25. Daniel Evans

      She is all the more sexy to me just because she got her toes out in this pic😍

    26. Night Love

      Fantastic 💋

    27. Single Girl

      Lovely 😍💋

    28. Raul Bertolini

      Raul saludo a todo messi esperemo copa america pase todii bien abrazo BEANO

    29. Leandro Zamorano Coli

      esta canción merecia video

    30. Larryjay Hamilton

      Lady if you visit me for one day your mind will be so twisted you won't be able to stay away.......

    31. Gail Crowe


    32. Island Man

      My kine a gial 😘😍🇻🇮💯

    33. Richard Rohn

      Fuel for the fire, and they don't even know it.

    34. few things about me

      This song/video currently receives 500,000 views per day.👀 What's going on??

      1. few things about me

        @Sophie Neal true, no one knows lol

      2. Sophie Neal

        few things about me thats what im trying to figure out! i thought it was tiktok but it wasnt

    35. Vegan Applepie

      Who’s watching in April 2020? 🦠

    36. Vegan Applepie

      It’s not about Loren. It’s about Camila. I went to her concert in 2018 and the intro was “I need it I want it I crave it control” in a red light right before “she loves control”

    37. Vegan Applepie

      it ain’t about boys. It’s about her. Remember, Album name: “Camila” She’s talking about herself loving control

    38. M Sher


    39. Veilaji Tank

      2 . Z ?n!b

    40. José Hamit

      Cuarentena 2020?

    41. Sweetcherrx Daniel

      She Loves Control / 2020 😱❤️

    42. Sweetcherrx Daniel

      Por que Camila no hizo single esta maravillosa pieza de arte 😭❤️

    43. Rodrigo Morales

      Estan muy interesantes los videos

    44. Music Live

      Ojalá el próximo disco de Camila sea como esta canción. Cálido, sexy, bailable, dulce y perfecto.

    45. Chitu Ghiorge


    46. marty music

      Who's here after Tommy craze's vedio .. similar or not songs !

    47. Nahom's Mind

      Hig. Pic. After.

    48. Hector Limo

      03/20/2020 500K per day

    49. Funny Stuffthingos

      Anyone 2020?

    50. Abdul Hameed

      With best wishes for you

    51. Luis Ruiz


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    59. Mouldi Mouldi

      gfd est enceinte et

    60. Bushi Ndue

      Seher gut. Prefekt.

    61. DIY girl

      Guys, WHO IS LAUREN

      1. flora

        Her girlfriend :)

    62. Jose Archuleta

      Honey i will give you control that you never dreamed of try me

    63. Victor Hernandez

      Me gusta la serie de videos

    64. Nika Tretinjak

      Buzzfeed told me i was like this song,and i actualy like it

    65. Douglas Garcia de araujo

      Além de cantar muito é super lindaaa...

    66. J.R. Fox

      Singer or porn star?

    67. Jose Rafael