Can a $5,000 Fire Salvage Hellcat REALLY Be Rebuilt?



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    1. Floridamoparguy1

      It's a Hellcat .The motor is worth 5,000 . Look him up now that thing looks Great

    2. Frank Muniz

      Maybe it's because you can't do it and you got a down all these other DE-newsrs maybe you don't have the skill like the rest of them though and you're just jealous. I'm a big fan of D.Y.I. Gang. Jose put a lot of work you can see it and he has his family there with him and some of his friends to help him out. I give it to a guy that can do all that he thinks it was family first tell me someone like you to try to down anyone that works really hard

    3. David Guillory

      Dude is a hater D.I.Y gang has that car looking good and it's almost complete he made the impossible possible



    5. Hgp2000

      You should see Jose now.

    6. Naijene Nadal

      What about familycrusin hellcat?

    7. Matilda Fisher

      Jose's Hellcat, aptly named Phoenix, is almost complete. Absolutely beautiful car!

    8. Duck

      And not everyone does it for the money like you.

    9. Duck

      I bet you all feel stupid now, mans almost finished rebuilding it. Lol

    10. Dago Saenz

      Jaja Jose is doing pretty good he showed you samcrap

    11. Raymond Cascella

      The guy who got the 5 grand is the only one who's coming out the winner. In the end he will make about a dollar an hour for all his work. And most of the body panels are going to be distorted. Unfortunately this won't show up till the paint goes on. I really feel bad for this fellow.

    12. Drty Game Nation the channel

      He did do it

    13. ennis p

      This guy a hater dyi gang

    14. Mud Machines

      Can and did get fixed


      All yall talking shit need go follow my boi cause that hellcat almost done..bunch of fucking haters bro.

    16. Dennis Vivian

      You suck you have wasted my life watching this shit try rebuilding instead of using the content from other successful models put out there

    17. michael kennedy

      suburuu fuel replacement

    18. Oldstuff Man

      5000 bucks for a piece of melted metal. Survey says: "Fucking Stupid"

    19. Lafayette Love


    20. Lafayette Love

      Great job 👍👌👏

    21. Matua Johnson

      Sounds like you're jealous to me samcrac

    22. S. SESTRIC

      Short answer: no, not really.

    23. f94 M

      Go look at it know it’s 🔥

    24. Lamster66

      DIY Gangs Hellcat looking good

    25. Mazapan Kingpin

      No it can't. The odd's are better for an addict getting off crystal meth than saving a Dodge.

    26. thehigsy

      5k. That's bs

    27. Lord Baxter

      Fire compromises steel. Its a dumb idea and you should not do it.

    28. Daniel

      Fiat is pulling out of the U.S. parts are cheap, cars don't last, and there's a surplus of crappie parts.

    29. Mclaud Mokwena

      He will make money on the content cause everyone wants to see this impossible project made possible

    30. darquille

      He made it clear in the first episode, he didnt rebuild this for resell value, to save money, but to exercise his skill. "Budget" and "money" isn't a factor. This rebuild takes everything hes got to do. He pushed himself further than any other channel with this build and is building a trophy to show what he got.

    31. Dennis Bello

      That red hellcat is a daemon not challnger

    32. Alex Taitt

      I swear the only reason people do these fire damage rebuilds is for yt views and money. Low key always a second far more complete car becoming the finished product.

    33. Emre Kopuz

      Hey Man dont tolk abut an ouder man if u can do One burn one car and Show to Us how ıts posebel

    34. Damo G

      7 months later he’ll yeah it can be done

    35. james burns

      now look at the car it is amazing

    36. Edward Flanagan

      DIY Gangs hellcat is almost done just waiting on the motor to be finished are you going to do a follow up video, understandably it’s not feasible to pay money to fix up that car but it’s now a special car to him and it makes a huge statement for what you can really do to a car. Because this is not a car he’s going to resell to make money on that’s his car to keep forever according to him

    37. american bass lover1996

      Iv seen this video and I like ur channel. But the only reason y u don't buy cars like this is cause it's to much work for u and about the burned down car from d. I. Y gang I watch every hellcat episode from start to finish I subscribe to him to see that get Done and I notice since he did rebuild it no one has made a video on it giving him credit for what he did and said he was gonna do so I think it's a little low life of people talking about how ridiculous it is and was to do it and not making an other video giving him props

    38. Canadian Pride

      This aged well 🙄

    39. Nate Kastel

      Fuck this guy

    40. Simple Life

      Man Your talking Shit.

    41. Corey Stevens

      This was nothing but commercials...

    42. Vincent Galin

      You were wrong!

    43. Hello There

      Who would buy one of these totaled cars after theyre 'fixed' ??

    44. nickacelvn

      After the intense heat of a house fire, the chassis and the steel in it would be totally shot.

    45. Simon Leon

      Jose is going to steal a car you dumb fucks

    46. Simon Leon

      Your a dick

    47. Robert A.

      That's never going to be a normal and safe car anymore. After such a fire, the metal would lose all it's strenghts and properties. I do not doubt the guy ability to rebuild it and make it look great but it's just not going to be ok and the cost will be too high. Regardless of that, the guy has balls.

    48. christian gonzales

      I knew u where that green grinch

    49. Rolando De Leon

      Stupid shit

    50. Nationalcitysycho d

      Samcrac talking shit while he glues the bottom of a Ferrari with bathroom caulking

    51. Motorcycle Michael

      Y even try??

      1. Abdo Boss

        Man I think you should look at the car now at his channel diy gang

    52. anastyb

      Jose lives where I live. Although I don't agree with his choice of rebuild have you seen the car lately? Go look. You've been proven wrong because he's close to done. He also bought a Track Hawk.

    53. EIKS HONE

      why u hate him? wtf? run out of content? i just unsubscribe you. bruuh. fu*k this.

    54. A CS

      Even if he doesn't make his money back, if the content is good and theres enough views its likely a cost effective way to build a channel further and get subscribers/views

    55. kuzunkinuts

      Life is too short for this!!! Ha! Good luck with projects !!!

    56. 8t7_ foxbody

      Well he's about got that burnt hell cat wrapped up. Took two cars but he's about got it finished!

    57. Travis Kennedy

      He's made amazing progress on that hellcat

    58. arcnline360

      The way I see it DYI Gang (Jose) intentions are to provide a show, at more than 45 episodes he’s proving to be very clever. Even He knows it’s not worth it but, it will go down in DE-news history as the first one to tackle such a challenge. He will loose money on the rebuild but, will make way more from DE-news and sponsors.

    59. Tyler Nelson

      No...only good for a track car at best.

    60. Mick Jager

      Recently saw a car that had been engulfed in fire and it's astounding to see everything gone except for most, but not all, metal parts. Only the ones that were able to withstand the heat. Like wheels and steel from the tire belts but no tires or valve stems. Seat frame and some springs but no fabric , foam or plastic from the seat. Metal body and bumper parts but no plastic or rubber body and bumper parts. Really pretty fascinating. And luckily no one was hurt with the one I saw.

    61. DERP

      You're eating your words Sam! DIY Gang is well on his way.

    62. dntlss

      I realize this car was burned inside of a house and thats just bad luck and all that and not applicable to what I'm going to say but a fire extinguisher is something you should always carry in your car,under the seat, secured in the trunk etc, i had a scare years ago that could have been much much worse and from then on the next day there was one in my car and have been in every car Ive ever owned, you could have a brand new car or a 30 year old car and it can happen,guarantied.

    63. Carlos

      I bet everyone is eating there words right about now after D.I.Y is almost done with it and yes the car looks beautiful.

    64. Rigo Rangel

      The heated metals is weaken, that goes for most of the car. That engine and set up will twist that car on first drive test.

    65. your face

      He's almost done with it.

    66. Bloody Traveler

      D.I.Y GANG 💪

    67. Carl Campbell

      You guys have a lot of guts and big balls tackling these wrecks! What nightmares!

      1. Carl Campbell

        How many people out there are looking for a reconstructed Hellcat with a salvage title?

    68. Dan Thurier

      You do an updated video yet? Lol things looking beautiful now. D.I.Y gang! Haha

    69. rocknroller1999

      Who in their right mind would buy a shitbox Dodge in the first place, then to buy a burned out shitbox? There's a sucker born every minute, Dodge relies on it for its own survival.

    70. Dennis Salas

      Samcrac you should definitely do an update video to this cause DIY GANG has worked his ass off . He continues to prove everyone wrong on this build. Would be nice of you to shine light on the progress he’s made since this video you posted .

      1. Dennis Salas