Caught a CATASTROPHIC Failure on the AWD 4 Rotor before Installing the Dry Sump Oil Pan

Rob Dahm

Rob Dahm

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    1. James Morton

      lol the sex puns

    2. Jonathan Sanchez

      That sorta sucks the intake and exhaust is on the same side. Not to mention its above the exhaust.. like a jeep..

    3. gary jacques

      We do a lot of machined surfaces with gaskets and use loctite anaerobic gasket gel

    4. SoCali7three

      There's already 6 rotors, this one's old news

    5. Kasra Ahmadi

      awesome work. following with anticipation

    6. Jason Gamble

      100000$ dollar engine.. used oil regulator🏳️‍🌈

      1. SoCali7three

        That works fine

    7. firefox gaming

      Can i trade my 12a for it?

    8. David H

      Shouldn't you have some sort of restriction or cover plate over the internal oil pump galley? Seems as though you would loose a ton of oil pressure through this.

    9. jonathan aguiluz

      The day the 4-Rotor goes into the RX-7 is the day James Pumphrey dad will comeback

    10. rob320is

      1k in AN fittings minimum for the drysump alone, for fucks sake man...

    11. Andy South

      Building engines is my favourite workshop job. It always feels like a treat putting all the shiny bits together. This is next level on the shiny scale! Nice work 😎

    12. Michael Taylor

      I hope you were wearing proper PPE while working under that engine! OAHA would have a fit!

    13. Rizki Akbar

      wait wait wait, rob... don't put an gasket upside down again like that >:u

    14. XxCaptanTac0MoN

      9:39 when you bust a nut at the end of no nut November

    15. ATOX

      +Rob Dahm

    16. ATOX

      and i hope you will follow the just natural street racing concept abel has made for his rx8 with a ice tank wich are included both for intake manifold cooler and intercooler,the idea behind is that it lowers the starting temperature wich is actually just brilliant when you want to make a lot of horseswith love Amir,@Rob dahm

    17. ATOX i love your videos @Rob Dahm and i would love to see another video of you today and the link above is all for you these guys semed quite legit and the link is for intercoolers and i would just love to see you unbox a giant radiator and a giant intercooler

    18. buubised

      pretty flat regulator... how much pressure does it build that way? i usually keep a little bump on them

    19. Bryan Glenn

      I Love it!! Keep the videos coming Rob!! Fucking Awesome Build!! Can't wait to see it on a Dyno!

    20. Kelly Adams

      I gotta give him props - just for being able to mentally endure working on / dragging on a project car for this fuckin long... seriously though a is there a car (or any vehicle with 4 wheels) that’s taken as long as the 4rotor build? There’s gotta be a Guinness world record in there for “longest time spent On a car build on DE-news “

    21. Andrew Reed

      My first video of you and can't stand you. I don't consider you a trade mechanic because of the gloves. All I see is a lil bitch

    22. Rotorworks Automotive Garage NI

      great progress :D re sump, if it was me, id be taking the sump off again, not sure why you didnt, id be cnc groove in the sump 3-4mm wide 2-3mm deep groove around the sump where the sealing surfaces are etc, so it seals better, or even get an oring big enough to put in groove, flat surfaces sometimes dont seal properly and leak etc re rear oil pressure regulator, id check with the engine builder first, ask what is needed etc, no point damaging an engine over a cheap simple thing etc also if needed, racing beat sell an adjustable regulator :) zoom zoom zoom

    23. Davee Chronic

      shouldnt u have uncle abel watching over?

    24. merobot.

      I would have put the gasket maker on the pan??

    25. StreamingFailure

      That Area 51 Easter Egg

    26. ᖀᖇᓮᙜᙦ 8 ᖴᕶᕓ

      My hairline has receded a full inch since you started this build. I will be bald and impotent by the time the thing is running

    27. Owen Sparks

      How can you make a responsive car when even the oil pan is heavy? f=ma so sure, add more f but less m helps too!

    28. Michael Mc

      lol easy rob, the internet is counting on you!

    29. MotoGraphyAustralia

      Is that a Ross performance parts dry dump?

    30. Brandon Glenn

      I love this build!

    31. Aden Bittmann

      oh what i could buy with 60k,

    32. Cliff P

      Rob I had a “clue” also when I saw it on that new oil pan! I just want to know if you had a “clue” also? And if your reading this and your getting /got a “clue” let us know. Oh gosh my “clue”!!!

    33. Kameronismyname

      I have a bad feeling about this

    34. Newfie Rider

      Why was I unsubscribed must be a glitch with DE-news... glad I noticed

    35. Kevin Wilmink

      Did anyone else pick up that the stud that lines up with the middle dry sump port @8:54 will be really close to the AN fitting?

    36. Josey Wales

      I watched but I closed my eyes....... Too scary

    37. Dankoneon

      Torrington Bearing is was they are called

    38. Belicose777

      I probably wasn't paying attention when he mentioned this or missed a video but why does he have 2 4 rotors?

    39. MrBusaPhil

      What’s going on with the old oil pump,Now your going dry sump, Is this going to be blocked off.

    40. nightmarejr

      When a fuel pump is that explicit it needs to be censored

    41. Jeanneau GDG

      I love these builds its the fastest ive ever seen

    42. Leslie Donal

      That's exactly what I was thinking that same many pretty parts to put on an engjne ....👍

    43. FDK Slyder

      You're not alone Rob everyone is there in spirit because it'd be a little crowded to be there physically

    44. Baby10k

      Quit click baiting the build and just build it😂

    45. lockjawjak

      all of the people complaining it isn't finished are gonna be sad when it is because there will be no more beautiful build progress videos

    46. Richard Browne

      "HARBOR FREIGHT?!" "ARE YOU CRAZY, ROB?!" "YOU SHOULD OF GOTTEN GASKET MAKER FROM TOYOTA. IT'S MUCH BETTERS. THAT STUFF YOU BOUGHT MIGHT LEAK OIL. Looks more like you need to be a plummer for all the tube parts you have boughton. "GOOD LUCK ROB BUILDING YOUR 2,000 H.P. ENGINE!"

    47. Anom Amos

      Now to avoid failure Pull the sump pan off and remove all the RTV that oozed out into the sump and will clog the oil passages, Never use RTV like that . If you need to use RTV instead of a real gasket lay the bead so that any excess squeezes out to where it will do no harm.

    48. Aaron Garcia

      Yeah I’d send it back. Or send a tersely worded email.

    49. Not my name

      *** comment contribution ***

    50. Arne Jager

      The worst part of building an engine is when you need one more item, which you have not laying around and have to order and wait for it!! Looks like you have that in place, and that is so satisfying :) Good luck on the build!

    51. Brendon Bell

      Rob I can't wait ,alot of people judged because I like Rotaries

    52. CriticoolHit

      Rob i love a good progress build same as everyone else but were coming up on 4 episodes dedicated entirely to an oil pan.

    53. Shaun PC

      That little lot is looking Daaaaaaahm good brother, admittedly this is taking some serious time and effort to get done but my god is this project going to be one hell of an epic machine and achievement once complete.

    54. Ynot Drappehs

      You better change your oil filter pretty quickly. All of that heavy gasket maker is going to make it into your engine. Just as you see it outside the block and oil pan,It's tenfold inside the motor. Trust me. You should have purchased some gasket material,then cut out a real gasket. That black RTV is going to cause problems. Probably starting in your oil valve.

    55. Ben Callahan

      When he steals parts off other cars you know its the 3 rotor and he really wants to get the 4 finished. ahahaha but all jokes aside i wish you all the best!!!

    56. Ryan Workman

      Just a crazy observation, but since the engine has a completely custom externally supplied oiling system, with if I remember correctly, a direct external oil feed from the dry sump pump to the rotor bearings, wouldn't this mean that the standard oil pressure valve is not used, hence it was not fitted, and the dry sump pump would be regulated to supply correct pressure? Seems to me the opnly standard oiling on that block is the standard drillings to front and rear E shaft bearings? Did the supplier of the engine not give any schematics or instructions for how to setup the lubrication system?

    57. Lineriderzero

      Could you weight the engine to see how a billet 4 rotor compares to a v8?

    58. vin petrol

      I love how passionate rob is about this whole thing.

    59. PatonHaus

      Rob did i see you put the timing seal in backwards again? There’s a glimpse of it at about 8:14. Please double check!!

      1. SoCali7three

        He put in in right

    60. Taylor Hendrixson

      I bet you this when that car is done mad mike will the first to see it and ask to drift it 😂😂😂😂. This car is going to be bad ass 👍🏾

    61. Juan Sokonech

      ohh hot dahm it is coming together.

    62. Muzza Moose

      He forgot to fit the piston and rings , this motor is going to blow lol.

    63. ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ

      Can't be having the 4 rotor with limp d!ck oil pressure, just-a "sppluurrrttting" all up in there.

    64. Dustin Parmley

      This blows totally gonna get off.

    65. Offset Racing

      Veyron fuel pumps??

    66. Big M


    67. Corbin R

      I love how with rotaries you can just keep stacking them!

    68. Knuckle Instinct

      For the price of this motor I wouldn't touch it wud b to scary better u than me bring mad Mike whiddet and his boys to the build ur views wud sky rocket 😎👷👍

    69. Benjamin Clayton

      Original car🇯🇵engine 🇳🇿gearbox🇦🇺builder🇺🇸...Pacific Rim for the win

    70. Bagel Bites

      Rob i want to smell your shop! You should make candles that smell like rotary goodness!