Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre: Raw, July 15, 2019



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    Cedric Alexander battles a vengeful Drew McIntyre, one week after Alexander’s stint as Gary “The GOAT” Garbutt.
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    1. Chase Hansen

      Cedric needs to improve his character big time and until he does I won’t be that impressed with him

    2. zeraxu

      Drew Mchintyre The Scottish Psychopath Should become a Massive and Dominant Monster Heel just like Braun Strowman was in the Beginning.

    3. Freda Gyan

      We don't care if you avenge on Cedric or not. The only thing u know is that Cedric has already set a record by beating u mercilessly within 2min. We don't like u.infact u are too known

    4. Freda Gyan

      Drew McIntyre or what u call urself. Shaaaame on u. U see ur too-know, A small boy has beaten u just like that. U are too know.u raise yourself too much. Instead of u to concentrate on ur work, u are fooling around by following a twart like Shane McMahon and the Two of u are Frustrating Roman reigns life. U see ur end? A small boy beat u mercilessly. Shaaame on u. A very big shame on u. Humble urself for God to lift u up.

    5. REAL Fact wwe

      I am shocked

    6. Doc Moody

      Did anyone else notice that Drew Has new Pecks? Almost as if he had some Plastic alterations on his chest? Compare a few consecutive appearances and see for yourselves.

    7. Nightmare Foxy

      McIntyre: I HATE ALEXANDER!!! HE TRIES TO OUTLAW AUTHORITIES!!!! AND TRICKED US PRETENDING TO BE A JANITOR!!! Alexander: From the bright side, people loved me doing it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Reigns: 👏👏👏

    8. Cory Rardin

      From roh to now he’ll be a black heel cm punk

    9. Iron Mic Savage


    10. king stone

      Drew is a servent of shane

    11. mathathegame11

      I missed "broken dream" theme music

    12. Vinu Sankhyan

      Bhanchod Dru akala ki Fett gyi ab vo lul knha gya ab

    13. Handsome Arabian Prince

      I think cedric is an amzing talent but damn, im still waiting on true to be top of the mountain dammit.

    14. SONIC stiyle

      Alexander Will get a big push

    15. Alex Cage

      Drew is pretty much just commentary candy now. They tell us how good je looks and how dominant he is but it's loss after loss for the guy.

    16. TheKlintis


    17. Yash Chaubey

      I want to see mcintyre turn face and winning universal title at wrestlemania 36

    18. Tommy channel

      Deew McIntyre no pawar 😀😀😀😀

    19. Mcintyre's_Claymore Kicks

      I love Cedric but come on dont bury Drew like this

    20. Saúl Sol

      Mcintyre jobber xDD

    21. madu madu


    22. Kevin Lee

      Cedric Alexander wins his first match on Monday Night RAW.

    23. Sukumar Poojari


    24. Real work No Fake

      Wow very nice my favourite wrestler LX xender

    25. Niakate Sonnuke


    26. Nitu Saikia

      Wish u alex

    27. Tanishq Bisht

      Drew would be better champion than rollins

    28. Raphael Nahon

      Let's gooo!

    29. βιβη Π.

      drew wastes his talent for shane .If he wasnt shane's friend he could be wwe champion

    30. Khalfi zakaria

      OMG !!!!!!! happy for cedric !

    31. I Kill you I fack you m

      Wonderful job Axd

    32. Sm Faisal

      Drew is barking dog 🐕 ,, always screaming N end of the day he is a big loser,, he is not a title materials,, he hadn't that kind of move but Cedric got that...

    33. dman

      I hope this make drew more dangerous. And unbeatable. Come on wwe.

    34. Chris Bradley

      this is wrong throwing drew under the bus like this, burn it down guys 👎👎👎👎👎

    35. Chris Bradley

      I don't know about you guys but if they bury yet another talented superstar I'll be switching to AEW permanently.

    36. Random dude in comments who has a trash channel

      1:05 when your tryna nap but some calls your phone

    37. Jakob

      Who remembers when drew was “the chosen one” like 10 years ago and he’s just now getting his push

    38. Tony Savelli

      That was not fare Drew did not have half the Smackdown roster in his corner helping him out so how do you expect Drew to win the match.

    39. killah23able

      This is what happens when you put Cedric Alexander big matches ihope they push him towards the main event picture - Highly Tyjie

    40. Chris Maya


    41. Tommy Nightmare aka Dreamer

      Remember when Drew McIntyre was Dominant in Raw 2009 😭😭😭😭😥😥😥

    42. Tommy Nightmare aka Dreamer

      Rip win Raw 2009 - RIP win raw 2019

    43. Imanz Lee

      1:39 😂😂 What!??

    44. Pinman Emoji


    45. Paulo Marques

      Cedric alexender its on fire!!!!!!!

    46. Adrian Johnson

      Haaaa.......Drew feels like a hell load of 💩💩💩💩 right there...

    47. ocx xie

      What happen with u drew, what r u doing n what wwe thinking, jinder return still best than u drew, more better

      1. Chris Bradley

        jinder is trash

    48. God-fearing Peace-loving, man of the people.

      Sunday: Entire New Day members retained/won the championships. Monday: Cedric pinned Drew McIntyre. Tuesday: Apollo pinned Andrade, Ember pinned Mandy. What a week! THIS IS AWESOME!!

    49. Mr. Anıl Türkmen

      It's better to see Cedric here in Raw. Welcome to Raw Cedric !! 👍

    50. Fact Adventures

      I think wwe goes mad what mcuntyre looss against this

    51. Erized

      At this point I'm not too worried about Drew losing this match. Sure, it would have been great if Drew won (I seriously love the guy) and he should be getting a LOT more wins -- without outside help -- then he has, but I feel like this is leading to something good for Drew, especially as he has a great relationship with Paul Heyman. On the bright side, hopefully this is an indication that he's totally DONE with Roman and Shane and ready for some serious solo butt-kicking. Also, good on Cedric Alexander for the win. it's about time that awesome stars like him -- and Buddy Murphy please! -- got time in the spotlight.

      1. Got_Dayumm Fiah

        On baby him apollo crews Ali push these great stars

    52. Jorge Palacios


    53. Arsh Singh

      Thank God comments on

    54. Ntombenhle Nonjabulo Dladla

      Dew McIntyre is turn a joke

    55. Keng Vang

      Sad drew will never get that push that we want 😴

    56. Daddy Gilpin

      I’m just waiting for drew to win the universal champion but sadly probably it’s not gonna happen anytime soon...

    57. Кристиян Григоров

      1:41, 2:08 I know that face ... look at his old matches when he lost. Its like a nightmare for him probably. Wwe need to give him the universal title.

    58. Faltu Besharm

      Drew another name is chamcha or stepni

    59. 7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi

      unexpected win , happy for Cedric ..

    60. RPG迷

      Alexander is strong~

    61. Purity_ 242

      Let me guess the black guy lost

    62. Eric Burton

      This is just bad booking. Having a midget beat a giant just because is not going to get him over. This was so random and dumb.

    63. justice cornel

      Drew is a big fool just wasting his talent for nothing

    64. Trung Nghĩa

      Cedric Alexander win Drew McIntyre.

    65. Kain R Heinlein

      Drew losing to a charisma vaccum Indy midget #385835? Sad

    66. Thomas Lee

      Wwe has become a joke and I’m ashamed to continue watching it every week because I’m a loyal fan but they continue to disappoint they shoved this dude down the audiences throats for months putting him in all the main events all these big wins to now losing to Cedric they could of atleast put him in the battle royal putting him in a feud with reigns ruined him we all knew they wouldn’t put him over

    67. Dmitri Wilder

      Pls tell me WWE is not going to Mess up Drew McIntyre again like that did in 2010-2011 when he was the so called chosen one. Drew is one of the few wrestlers that I like and keeps me watching wrestling.

    68. Dmitri Wilder

      Damn the fans, looks bored asl

    69. Caitlynne Wauneka


    70. SSM

      make it real if you wanna see deserving stars make it in wwe let them legit fight.