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Cesaro only allows one question per day: Raw Exclusive, May 20, 2019



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    After defeating Ricochet on Raw, The Swiss Superman cuts his interview with Cathy Kelley short.
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    1. cheezeofages

      Wait is this a jab at how Vince thinks he can't talk? This feels like it might be Cesaro's idea rather than that the writing team.

    2. Dildar Ahmad

      Cesaro need a push from wwe he is a talented guy

    3. 0401412740

      Cesaro deserves more respect. Just let Cesaro be himself he's more impactful and insightful

    4. Rohit Sharma


    5. Dreke Wright

      Cathy kelley is beautiful 🔥

    6. MrTitanSword

      How can one be so rude to such a beautiful woman? PUSH CESARO

    7. Jordan Aguero

      Cathy Kelly is so hot

    8. Billy Stanback

      Hopefully Ricochet Will get a rematch Against Cesaro. :)

    9. Falc0n Productions

      You owe us 6 more interviews.

    10. A H 4712

      Interviewers question for Cesaro In day 284 Interviewer:Are you gay? Cesaro: *looks at her* Cesaro: *walks off*

    11. kiX mind


    12. Julian Pupo

      One question? ok Why aren’t you in the universal championship picture now?! 🤔

    13. bruno Casimiro

      I loved it

    14. christian stephan

      so gut 😆

    15. Diogo Borracha

      0:08 Cathy checking him out

    16. Cass Club

      One question go

    17. Billy Fusco Jr.


    18. zxcvbnm asdfghjkl

      Oh my Cathy😢😢

    19. Big Jake the snake

      I could see cesaro turning face soon he's been better as a babyface

    20. Shalin MGTOW

      Cathy looks beautiful as always

    21. Gabriel Tenchev

      Are Sheamus retire from WWE???🤔🤔

      1. Æpic Playz

        He has an injury IDK thats i heard?

    22. DragonJRed

      Lady one question

    23. CPA

      I love Cesaro. Push this man.

    24. Kevin Ortiz

      Who is she. 😏🤤😎🔥

    25. Kyle Perry

      Cesaro is awesome its a shame about Shemus though

    26. Himanshu Kukreti

      that's what VINCE said to him about his position on roster

    27. Sachin C

      I came for Cathy Kelley

    28. Alpesh Patel

      Cesaro to AEW. At least they will use him to his full potential.

    29. MrKho Kho

      Cesaro away don talk anything

    30. Demon K

      Cesaro for the US title 😁...

    31. edison 3826

      ksi vs cesaro

    32. Angela Ziegler

      Cesaro has better things to do anyway.

    33. Wolfie

      Ceasaro looks like championship material over Kofi Kingston

    34. LuigiSkywalkerHD

      One question go

    35. WaXeN

      One question, go!

    36. Walter Sylvester

      R-truth with that European Championship 🤣

    37. Rupesh Kulkarni

      What reminds me of Dean Ambrose ? Cesaro's Broken tooth......😅😅😁😁

    38. BaBy RevelatioN Bey

      lOl 🤭

    39. Furry Donkey

      The Next United States Champion Cesaro...............

    40. Paul B

      You can ask me all day, Cathy

    41. Gcool243

      So Cesaro’s new gimmick is just being rude?

    42. Beastslayer Gaming

      Next week: Battle Royale to determine who will ask Cesaro a question!

    43. swht281

      This interview was actually pretty good.

    44. l u k e ツ

      Great talent man! If they used him properly then he could be a champion!

    45. ezabackhome

      Kawhi Cesaro

    46. Rönnu G

      I like that guy. He plays his gimmick very well🤙

    47. Thursday Moonwalker


    48. Sai Kumar

      Cathy Kelly is so hot 🔥

    49. Tamzid Mohsin Khan

      Who miss Sheamus

    50. مصطفى اورتن

      Come on push this guy he is world championship material


      What's her name?

    52. K S

      I LOVE him

    53. Jorge Rdgz

      Lmao he’s so cool bro 😂😂😂

    54. Tarmizi 6861

      I like cathy ##

    55. Nazirin Khairuddin

      Cesaro dont you do that to Cathy Kelley , EVER !

    56. Arjun OO7

      0:16 Ahh that awkward silence reminds me of my first date!!!😂

      1. Chris Perez

        Arjun OO7 LMAOOO SAME

    57. That Guy

      Love tony sm

    58. Nephewblue509

      Cesaro Challenging Lesnar for His MitB contract and successfully taking it off the part timers hands would be an incredible swerve

    59. JRA Tu Amigo


    60. Unique_007

      Trouble be like Cesaro a complete package He can easily win a title He needs a push who agrees ?

    61. Bad Kitty Kitty

      Wasted talent once again he has so much creativity he had the cesaro section going on he has it all and it will all be wasted WWE will never listen atleast at Wrestlemania they did Money in the bank was great until lesnar ruined it Womens ladder match was insane and full wil high impact moves that we want to see that makes say daammmmnnn 😍😍😍

    62. Aotizuk Aier

      They will keep making Cesaro win matches till one day Roman Reigns comes and superman punches sucks in wwe at the moment

    63. Vernon Johnson

      So what happened to sheamus ?

    64. Corey Burgh

      Cesaro is the best and deserves the best!!

    65. Heriberto Murillo

      Can we get Cathey on TV

    66. Igor180

      I wonder what is next for The Bar, well I mean Cesaro is still wearing his Bar trunks.

    67. Wahyu Hidayat

      Man, i love Cesaro

    68. Hari Haran

      I want cesaro top 10 powerful moment

    69. Blazing Night Stars

      I wish if Vince give him one title He is a great solo Sheamus absence is missed but he is doing great beside Cesaro is earning respect But damn haters don't say me with bad mic skills or being bald no one can win title

    70. DIEGO the Master GARCIA Wrestling, end Videogames

      Dream Match Cesaro vs Ricochet vs Seth Rollins For the Universal Championship.

      1. The Silencer

        and vs Aj

    71. BloodFistEternal

      Cathy Kelley is glamorous lol 😆

    72. DIEGO the Master GARCIA Wrestling, end Videogames

      Push Cesaro Cesaro Universal Champion

    73. Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo

      Cesaro vs Balor For Ict Title At Stomping Grounds Cesaro New Champion

    74. The Phenomenal1

      1st question:How do you feel when you defeated Ricochet? 2nd question:Where is....WAIT THIS IS IMPORTANT QUESTION!! The next time you question to the interviewer, respect them or I'll slay you myself!!!

    75. Elliott Batz

      Cesaro with the Marshawn Lynch media approach

    76. Rrishabb01

      Why is Cesaro not in the Universal/WWE Championship picture is Beyond me.

      1. Rrishabb01

        @GhostWolf I find him more charismatic if compared to idk Roman or Baron. And the only reason I think he has not connected with the fans is they didn't gave him the cut because I remember correctly, when he won the Andre the Giant Battle Royale at WM 30, he went so over with the crowd and they halted his push for some dumb reason 😕.

      2. GhostWolf

        Because he's not connecting with the fans, he hasn't got a lot of charisma or mic skills. He is however a fantastic in ring wrestler, and it looks like they hsve faith in him with the entrance change and this mini push.

    77. K aweso

      Cesaro need to be the United States CHAMPIONSHIP

    78. Killian Bailey


    79. Killian Bailey


    80. Truth Hurts


    81. Marc Ortega

      Wow one question and he walks away?

      1. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS

        Ikr 😒😒😒😒

    82. Vidya Devi

      I will answer whatever she'll ask 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    83. Coolsister Ts

      Someone plz help me Is Roman heel or a tweener and is cesaro an heel

    84. poke zane Flores

      33rd comment

    85. ThePerfect10

      Cesaro for 24/7 champion!!!

      1. Caio Moreira

        with titus oneil being the first champion ever, that title is alreay buried

    86. Morten Ringdalen

      The way he answered reminds me of the Formela 1 legend Mika Hakkinen. Journalist would often aske him realy interkate questions after the races and his answer was always a simple "yes" or "no".

      1. KashMann27

        @Doğan Yazgı Actually Mika did that first. And I'm glad I wasn't the only ond thinking why is Cesaro doing a Hakkinen gimmick.

      2. Doğan Yazgı

        Morten Ringdalen I guess you meant Kimi Raikkonen who is most famous with his short answers to all kind of questions

      3. Heep_Purple

        It could be a reference to how F1 introduced the new rule of media only being allowed to ask one question to the drivers?

    87. Richard Martinez

      Interview lasted longer than Titus’ title reign

    88. Randy Orton

      Cesaro as future World Champ, this man really deserves to be a Main Eventer

      1. FIREBALLER100

        Couldn't agree more. Cesaro WILL be WWE or Universal Champion one day. (maybe he'll eventually win both) Really surprised it hasn't happened already for him. I think the same could be said for Drew McIntyre, after all, he IS a former TNA and NXT Champion.

      2. Autumn

        Cesaro as 24/7 champion. 😂

      3. Darkboy5109

        Randy Orton Cesaro vs Rollins

    89. Joshua Ivery

      I like ceasro theme song it sounds lit as heck

    90. WildTiger119

      How dare you talk to Cathy like that *Shame On You*

      1. WildTiger119

        @BloodFistEternal your right lol😂

      2. BloodFistEternal

        That’s Queen 👸 Cathy lol 😆

      3. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS


    91. Sasha Banks

      At least cesaro did what he said, took just one question a day. Vince said, 3 wildcards a day, but allowed entire roster to appear on both shows

      1. Paul Escalona

        Ali Becky had both belts so she has a pass on wildcard rule

      2. BossGaming101

        Mav Erick because anything wwe puts out is awful. Throughout Wwe's existence I've never seen anything as incompetent as wwe's writers in the past few years.

      3. Caine Te Whare

        @Sasha Banks That's not what the first guy said though.

      4. mr. kal

        Cesaro going for an exam: "what ?! 50 questions in 3 hrs ?!"

    92. Realesst 1

      Yes. Yes it did. 😂😂

    93. Austin Rouse

      He’s getting the US title soon

    94. LyricalScript


      1. Æpic Playz


      2. Darkboy5109

        I wish me and Cathey Kelley were dating

      3. Bad Kitty Kitty

        Becky lynch

    95. unknown person

      Push cesaro

    96. Starhunter


      1. Tyree Dennis

        Only internet fans

    97. king savage

      Who else had there phone and then put away to see the new title and then saw it and said im just gonna get my phone back no just me makes sense by the way 24\7 title is a dissapointment

    98. AJ2000

      Is anyone a fan of his new theme?

    99. curry curry man

      Yes Cesaro being pushed


      Hit like if you love cathy Kelly 👍👍👍👍 👇 👇 👇