Charlotte Flair’s harsh message for Liv Morgan: SmackDown Exclusive, July 16, 2019



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    The Queen tells Liv Morgan exactly what she needs to do to improve.
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    1. Cameron Griffin


    2. We Worldwide!

      Charlotte is like the son Ric always wanted to have. She still could get it tho

    3. my name is pardhu

      Without Charlotte fued WWE woman division is ntg.. She is the main reason of bechy success now she is trying to push liv 😍

    4. Darla Griffin

      Charlotte never puts over the deserving talents. That's the one thing I don't like about her.

    5. xxkidboy 23/7

      Wow I thought the reason Liv don't get opportunitys because Charlotte always sucking Vince old Peepee

    6. JKR JKR

      It is Ember vs Bayley for SD Women's Championship at SS. Watch Charlotte get yet another opportunity and it be a triple threat. And Ember takes the pinfall/submission. Ugh that would be awful but WWE is predictable

    7. Ken Hernandez

      Liv is annoying and cringe.Stick to catering.

    8. Adrian Denila

      Guys ,maybe you forgot LIVE has Not won a single Match since January 2019! Liv = Jobber!!

    9. Zaheem

    10. Kevin Orourke

      Charlotte is a man

    11. Miles Campbell

      Can anyone say-"balloons"? 😉

    12. G L C

      A million times! Great promo. Lol

    13. Abhishek singh

      sexy boob

    14. Star ChaserROBLOX

      I hate charleotte

    15. Raphael Nahon

      No plz no.

    16. Ray Smith

      The queen 👸

    17. Glen Aitken

      Liv will become Lil' Charlotte, just like The Kat copying Chyna, or Charles Robinson becoming Lil' Ric Flair.

    18. keith Divastator

      Liv has a lot potential! A Hardcore Harley quinn! A new Aj lee! I want see the face of Charlotte flair in the floor screaming help to the idiot of Shane!

    19. Daniel Santana

      Charlotte flair your an amazing woman.

    20. Andrew Spidle

      Liv and Charlotte flair in a steel cage match at SummerSlam

    21. Cornelius Charles

      Just being in a singles match with Charlotte was a come up for Liv

    22. K B

      That wasn't harsh

    23. Ja'laya Brown


    24. Rhetz Yoshioka

      Charlotte is building Liv Morgan's character

    25. Double K 69 fans

      Charlotte came from the nicest person in the world now she is stupid heel

    26. Mustaf Hejran

      Liv Morgan is really cute 😋

    27. Kit

      Aww, but I liked Liv Morgan's juvenile delinquent gimmick :'(

    28. Venomous 17

      You suck chorrlete

    29. Sarah Burkett

      And where has Charlotte been since she fought liv on Tuesday on smack down? Ya keep talking smack. U may be a 9 time women’s champion for some stupid reason but, don’t underestimate how good liv is.

    30. Lillian santana

      Im sick of fans and others blaming Charlotte for everything .She hasn't even been on smackdown for over a month .Im glad she is back and Im glad she shut up Liv Morgan

      1. Gregory Smith

        I agree with you but don't hate on Liv Morgan.

    31. john cena wwe champions 16 cena

      Sexy charlotter flair 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

    32. Faith Johnson

      You're right Charlotte. There is only one queen. The Queen of Spades Shayna Baszler ♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️

      1. Micah Speedwell

        Ohhhh burnnnn!

    33. Eudy Yoo

      Your the Queen👑😍 Whoooo! The best of them all in the womens division 😍👑 beautiful and magnificent 😍 love you Charlotte

    34. Moemun shifayy

      Yeah there's only one Queen " Daenerys Targaryen"

    35. TTW Wrestling

      Charlotte vs liv Morgan at SummerSlam?????

    36. Mitch Colburn

      Can this overrated skank just go away? Please?

    37. Gary Taylor

      To be fair when it comes to in ring performances, Liv is nowhere near Charlotte's level.

      1. shubham cha

        U are right

    38. Pedro Garcia

      Charlotte likes Mesicans

    39. gcord21

      I hope we get Charlotte vs Tessa Blanchard in the near future.

      1. Fernando Gasca

        WWE made a HUGE mistake in letting go people like Maxine and Tessa Blanchard

    40. corey walker

      Charlotte, I wouldn't underestimate Liv Morgan. Seriously.

    41. Nur Asyikin

      I have a harsh message for you Charlotte " Try to push yourself and stand on your own feet to fight it . Please stop using your father legacy and dont buried a new young divas talent 😉

      1. gcord21

        She is and she's good at what she does. She can't help it if her father is a wrestling legend.

    42. Darrin The Wizard

      Charlotte is the WWE's best heel female superstar. Hands down.

      1. jens och ayman ahmed och fernando pulle

        Darrin The Wizard Charlotte is one of the best wrestler but she have had so many opportunities and getting sick and tired watching over and over again!!

      2. jens och ayman ahmed och fernando pulle

        They are better heels than charlotte

      3. jens och ayman ahmed och fernando pulle

        Darrin The Wizard no she has become more stale keeps saying same things about she is a 9 time champion and will break ric flairs record/Alexa bliss,mandy rose,iconics but they talk to much either way its your opinion

    43. Goblin White

      I can sense Liv Morgan becoming the new Aj Lee I'm surprised no one else compares her to Aj 0_0

    44. Anthony S___n

      Summer Slam Charlotte × Liv Book It

    45. James

      I wanna smell Charlotte's feet.

    46. Edward Jones

      I swear to God I'm so sick of seeing Charlotte.

    47. vicorp

      Just remember, no shots to Char's face or boobs. I mean, do you know how much she spent getting all that done? It's not "fake", it's an "improvement" (or so some people think).

    48. tremblind

      I hate everything about Charlotte Flair. If I had an infinite gauntlet her along with Lacey Evans would be wiped off from existence.

    49. ssgssMUI oc12

      Da hell's is catering?

      1. Scarlet O'Hara

        Shayne Sanders It’s like the lunch hall/cafeteria for them.

    50. Johan

      Actually, right now, it's Bayley's throne

    51. Evan Quinones

      Liv dominated the match sooo.... 😂😂😂

    52. Mikael Thornton 3

      Oof shots at Ronda lol

    53. Twan Mack

      Plastic Girl

    54. Uchiha Madara

      I see charlotte i dislike

    55. NebraskaFan77

      Please put Charlotte with Liv Morgan and keep her away from Bayley and Ember

    56. Odysseus

      Andrade hit that

    57. jj hunt

      The queen got lucky by beat my girl liv but went she comes back u well not be so lucky next time u faces my girl liv because liv better and ready for u the queen and u can believe that my girl liv well beat u I hope u got lucky yesterday but I hope liv beats udown so bad that u so the queen you better watch your back because u never never ever ever know wrew my girl liv well come from behind u in front of u to attack you from out of nowhere

    58. Norman Ingemann

      Thank god she's back!

    59. That Kid

      So happy they’re finally using *Liv Morgan* however, I wish they’d make Charlotte take time off for at least 6 months if not longer to give women like Liv, Ruby, Sarah, Dana, Alicia Fox, Mickie James, Lana and Tamina a shot at major storylines and segments. *PERIODT*

    60. fares sss

      Liv is talented?? In what planet?

    61. muhammad ashir

      Charlotte always sexy...

    62. Adarsh1 Budhu

      Long live the queen.

    63. Alif Najmi

      I'm totally glad that Charlotte isn't going to be the number one Contender for Bayley's Smackdown Live Women's Championship at Summerslam

    64. The Tess-Shocker

      Liv morgan for champ

    65. The Tess-Shocker

      Charlotte sis lets not. Yall good pictures from that time she joined the bffs summer and sasha on nxt, she straight up looks like another person

    66. Exodus King

      Charlotte flair you are only queen and goddess of wwe.

    67. X lDaNnYol X

      God I can’t stand Charlotte, I would like to see what would of happened if she wasn’t Rics daughter, would she still always win, we know wwe she’s gonna hold 20 odd titles by end of her career.

    68. Harish Thakur

      Those big boobs...

    69. Aeon

      Note: any wrestler who gets a rivalry against Charlotte will have all the crowd behind her which can lead to a big push. (Proof of that; Becky)

    70. Aeon

      Charlotte looking prettier after she's in relationship with Andrade.