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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet It’s Alive. For episode 67 of It’s Alive, the role of Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone will be played by Bon Appétit’s Claire Saffitz…and she’s making sourdough Crêpes Suzette! Join Claire as she befriends a baby, pulls off a heist on Brad’s secret freezer, and has the time of her life hosting the greatest show on earth! [Editor’s note: Hunzi wrote this description]
    And now for your favorite part: asking for the measurements! You can adapt these recipes. Just don’t forget to account for the flour added by the sourdough starter in your ratios!
    Check out Claire's Instagram:
    Filmed on 3/5/20

    Join Bon Appétit test kitchen guy, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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    Claire Makes Sourdough Crêpes Suzette | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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    1. Nafis Sheikh

      Brad is ALREADY hot and imagine him being TOTALLY in shape! The views will go UPPPPP

    2. ian

      brad: what you use to make it sour? claire: 👁👄👁

    3. Sebastian Panzar

      That LaCie edge @ 17:59 is such a niche joke. I really love Hunzi!

    4. Pablo Torres

      I want that driving episode!! pls

    5. airwavehero

      i want more Claire on its alive!

    6. Ariane Mendoza

      I hope Gaby is able to visit Argentina in October and celebrate her birthday.

    7. Jose Oscar Portillo Flores

      I just watched the video 4 the hundred times and I just realized that Gaby is wearing BOCA JUNIOR jersey! If I love her before now I’m in love!!!

    8. Mark Fedorov

      Amazing episode. It seems good to allow hosts the change of pace, by making them host differrent shows. [relieved leprechaun sound]

    9. snoop dogg dank kush

      Baby cute

    10. Emma Holloway

      “This is not my child this is not my child this is not my child ... this is mikes child!”

    11. blacktulip

      Wait, Gaby's 51? She looks so young. :O

    12. Lews Therin Talamon

      Claire being on an easy show is great and all but I’m just happy we got to see an episode of Claire entirely edited by Hunzi

    13. evilovescrayons

      Subplot learning: Claire works best in a relaxed atmosphere.

    14. Emmanuel

      This is so wholesome omg

    15. Tram Huynh

      Please have Claire do sourdough crepes with tuna salad, please

      1. evilovescrayons

        And kimchi!!!!

    16. LunamSol

      Its okay Claire I hate driving too!

    17. Adie Grass

      I always thought Claire had big, aunt energy and this video proves it.

    18. Puffy Marshmellow

      Im kinda craving a The Office style sitcom with the test kitchen so claire can look at the camera in disapproval

    19. sirsethers

      Come to Juneau, Ak.

    20. A Bat

      I just realised Hunzi got so good at transcribing Brad stutters/mumbles, he is super proficient in transcribing the baby language.

    21. ColtBooth10

      The Vanilla Bean Situation: Not good

    22. Wild111

      The blushing sequence at 19:40 is *chef's kiss*

    23. Jesse Smoot

      Claire and Sohla Going places would be great!

    24. Jay Grogan


    25. Charlotte Koch

      this video feels like a hug

    26. Alexis Grisham

      we’re all shy guys and gals 🥺

    27. Zofia Bangs videoz

      I want crepes

    28. djChives95

      Finally got the Choco Tacos Episode

    29. reg

      I dont think I’ve ever been sent in such a powerful state of laughter when Brad started asking Claire where she got her sourdough. Can’t believe its alive is not a fully scripted show.

    30. Arrah Lopez

      A baby holding a baby. Babyception.

    31. Bianca Roode

      "flambé just means we're gonna set it on fire." simple.

    32. Fiona Elisabet


    33. ayo

      you oil the pan each time you put in the crepe on a non stick pan

    34. shantanu panda

      So help me god in this quarantine, I didn't have oranges and couldn't get them in this season, so I made crêpes Suzette with Tang

    35. Anna Hill

      Everyone keeps asking for an It's Alive: Goin' Places with Claire and Sohla but imo their energies are too similar, the real gold would be Brad and Claire simply because of how wildly different yet compatible they are. They've been friends for so long and they always have such a great time working together, it would be HILARIOUS and amazing seeing them going scuba diving for oysters or something.

    36. Kerranda

      Professional baby

    37. Elizabeth Smith

      Claire in January: I’m not held here against my will Claire in April: literally this whole episode

      1. Elizabeth Smith

        This episode legit makes me so sad

      2. Elizabeth Smith

        Article about Claire in January: she often has a cup of coffee behing the snacks! Claire in April: can I have my coffee in this shot, they always make me move it in gourmet makes

    38. Lydia Rose

      Hunzi is a national treasure

    39. Marco Menghini


    40. Ahong

      before the Flash could even sTART running around the world, I would bEg claire to be my child's godmother. Or I would just die for her. whatever comes first.

    41. Lisa Jastillana

      Claire and Sohla NEED to go to a vanilla farm type place!!!!

    42. 大猩猩战略

      Clair needs a baby in her oven STAT

    43. Rosa Luijer

      every time Claire says "yum" you have to take a shot

    44. celeenang wonder

      This was such a fun episode! More It's Alive with Claire! 😆👀

    45. † ∫mΩk∑ M∑†h H∆il ∫∆†∆π †

      That Lacie joke was top notch, Hunzi.

    46. Tom

      Vanilla isn't actually going extinct just fyi lol

    47. Xaylee Minchey

      Can we just appreciate how incredible the editor is!!!

    48. David Baum

      Should take the vanilla and make vanilla vodka with it by placing it in a bottle of vodka and let it sit for a year. And i see Claire has learned to ground herself b4 opening the freezers. I would love to see more of Claire. She has an awesome smile.

    49. Harlen C

      i have so many favourite parts in this but i just have to point out... 14:02 [relieved leprechaun sound]

    50. Julia Jessica Gohl

      More bread pleeeease

    51. Josh Hitch

      Brad: “No one’s watching.” Video has 3.7 million views.

    52. Neil Brideau

      Chicken and waffles. Make Claire suffer for my enjoyment.

    53. Aleksandr Dremov

      I mean, why they are so similar to classic Russian pancakes?

    54. Apple_Juice456

      Oh, to be a baby eating an orange in a professional chef’s arms as she shows Brad how to REALLY do It’s Alive

    55. webstersprophet

      Watching them try to wrap up this episode is like when your fam says goodbye but they don't leave for another hour

    56. Kitten Trousers

      that baby is soooo friggin CUTE

    57. NAMLAZ

      so nice to see her that happy

    58. Birbie

      Think this has been my favorite its alive so far, Brad, Clair, the stolen starter. . . Perfect

    59. Marcus Corporal

      Claire holding a baby while being just happy in general in a on appetite video is something I didn't realize I needed until now

    60. Skyler Beck

      On the real though Can we get that Solah and Clair Going places Episode? Give them the Vanilla beans!

    61. human bean

      Come to Madagascar for vanilla! We produce most of the world’s vanilla and there’s a lot of interesting things to know about the processing and resulting quality, trading, thieves, people’s livelihoods, etc. and you can see what affects the price and why it’s expensive. Even though we’re a very poor country everyone is pretty positive and loves to joke around ❤️🇲🇬

    62. Jessica's World

      The editing on this is INCREDIBLE 🤟🤟

    63. Despicable Penguin

      I've never actually watched an episode to try to get a recipe but when you do, it can be extremely frustrating. I know most people watch it for just Claire talking and the entire cast but can someone put a recipe already? I know there's one in the description but I know it's not the same and I kind of want Claire's. I mean most of it is understandable but there's some things that are skipped like when she's browning the butter and when she's making the butter mixture thing/talking to Brad. The worst thing is is that Claire asks if Brad wants to know what she's doing and Brad goes on a rant about insurance or whatever (I don't remember) and I wanted to actually know the recipe?!! I'm not sure what she used the mixture for too, was it at the end when she's making the crepes. The butter seemed awfully yellow.

      1. Despicable Penguin

        @Mr.Nuget Watch what was the butter mixture tho. I couldn't tell bc she stopped naming the ingredients

      2. Mr.Nuget Watch

        She used the butter mixture at the end

    64. C3MI _ CON

      @00:24 she should have said "Hey everyone, it's Claire. I'm in the BA test kitchen and today... WE'RE MAKIN' BABIES!!!"

    65. Sophied4545

      Claire is the GOAT

    66. Haley Miles

      It's alive: france - claire has to speak french the whole time. plz and thx

    67. bailey goebig

      I never knew I needed to see Claire with a baby. Literally so wholesome

    68. Halo Manlosa

      It's 4am and holy shi- I'm having a laugh trip😹😹

    69. Alt Delet

      *tickle, tickle*

    70. Suzette Sedano

      I loved the show switch!