Clemson Tigers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets | 2020 College Football Highlights

ESPN College Football

ESPN College Football

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    Watch highlights from Week 7 of the 2020 college football season as Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne and the No. 1 Clemson Tigers take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.
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    1. RJ JACKSON V2

      Clemson could have scored 100

    2. Jaylin Pickett

      why didn't he run when he picked up the fumble😂

    3. Cylus Dobre

      witch doctor

    4. acemedia.v

      the "should've put me in the game coach" guy smiling big time

    5. ScallywagBeowulf

      Does anyone else think that the quality looked like it was from the mid 90s or was that just me?

    6. David Welland

      On that first fumble, watch the t/end, number 84. This is a prime example of staying on your man and always be aware of whats going on around you.

    7. Shaun RareEarth7126

      I had an old friend told me Georgia Tech develops forget it receivers. Hardcore Drug sucks. Beer and weed is good

    8. D50ne

      2020 and this film looks like it was in the late 90’s.. fire that camera guy

    9. Gower SUP

      Lmao people are great. Acting like Trevor isn’t that great 😂 bet 90% of Trevor doubters are black and idolise Stephen a smith???

    10. Bob Jones

      At this point, playoff Clemson vs. OSU(Oklahoma State) and Bama vs. OSU (Ohio State). We will see.

    11. Lillian Dail

      Amari Rodgers is killing it this year.

    12. victoria helburn


    13. Joseph Baker

      This is like me on madden 21 face of franchise rookie mode lol 😂😂

    14. Shawn McDowell

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    15. Doug Carden

      How are they number one they play nobody good

      1. Dylan Brooks


    16. Noah DLP

      Makes me feel much better about the Miami loss from the week before

    17. H and R

      Gosh Georgia tech’s punter is humongous

    18. Austin Batchelor

      Love how in 2020 we get 240p quality from game cameras

    19. David Ferguson

      Ohio state is the best

    20. Manuel Polster

      Im not clemsonfan, aber that's is good


        Good !! Checkout my youtube channel show BUCKEYE VINNIE, please watch and subscribe to my channel thanks Manuel.

    21. Boycott TPS

      Back in the day, Georgia Tech were the ones blowing out teams, for example 222-0. My how the tables have turned

    22. Snow Leopard

      I hope Denver draft the number 16 next year

    23. Austin Clark

      Clemson is starting to gain traction... That's scary..

      1. George Mollohan

        Traction in the mighty ACC

    24. Trama

      This is the score when you had madden 18 on rookie playing franchise mode😂

    25. Mitchell W

      NFL Star throw at 7:36

    26. LiLYiN

      Ga tech shoulda won tbh close game 😂😂😂

    27. leighton prezbindowski

      This just makes me sad as a Norte dame fan

    28. Grayson F

      I think this lawrence kid is good

    29. scott franklin

      Georgia Tech looked good, on paper.

    30. Trace Winn

      Blonde jesus zippin’ that thang

    31. Chris McCoy

      Well when Clemson actaully plays a team that can play, then get excited. ACC is so soft

    32. Project One

      When did we go backwards in video quality

    33. SilverBullet

      Isn't Clemson and their coach supposed to be a Christian team. Yet their running up the score for style points. Not very godly in my book. Plus they knew OSU got jobbed last season by the refs.

    34. Ethan Souder


    35. Ethan Souder

      How long has number nine been in college

      1. G W

        He’s a senior so it’s his fourth year.

    36. Oliver Rhodes

      The only high point in Georgia Tech history is Calvin Johnson

      1. Dylan Brooks

        I live in Johnson’s town so I get to meet him and see him at sandy creek games

    37. Cory A. Bernstein

      Fire 🔥 gase

    38. Cory A. Bernstein

      Clemson for national champions

      1. George Mollohan


    39. Cory A. Bernstein

      Complete rout of the yellow 💛 jackets

    40. Cory A. Bernstein

      At least Trevor Lawrence doesn't constantly throw picks. Like darnold Flacco pisarcik and d. Jones

    41. Cory A. Bernstein

      Trevor Lawrence is going to be a superstar in the NFL

      1. Rampage

        @Angela FERRUCCI that’s what I was gonna say

      2. Angela FERRUCCI

        Not if he goes to the jets and Adam Gase

    42. Cory A. Bernstein

      Trevor is better than Sam darnold and Joe Flacco Daniel Jones combined

      1. Dylan Brooks

        That’s not really true they are only terrible because they are on a higher level then Trevor they play harder teams

    43. Cory A. Bernstein

      Trevor Lawrence is a NFL Quarterback. Number 1 pick

    44. AndrewVlogs 101

      Clemson knew they were going to destroy Georgia Tech so bad that they even put out a woman for quarterback.

      1. Dylan Brooks

        Heheh ty

      2. AndrewVlogs 101

        @Dylan Brooks woooooosh

      3. Dylan Brooks

        That’s not a women it’s a boy

    45. Chris Sheridan

      Why was this filmed In 480?

    46. Brian Larson

      Watch Lawrence's feet, he gives away run vs pass. Something he needs to work on for next level.

    47. Brian Gudio

      Slaughter on the Flats.

    48. Blake Grice

      Good Lord how good is Trevor Lawrence

    49. Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding

      So prolly should start etching Trevors name on the Heisman.......

    50. Clemson Fan 110%

      4:14 Thanks, Marty! lol

    51. AudioAndroid

      Maybe MADDEN is more realistic then we think.

    52. Bam Grundy

      Lawrence is a tall lanky gun slinger

    53. gd fang

      guys i think clemson won

    54. TheRapper10000

      Georgia Tech should have flown the white flag of surrender before the half.

    55. ChocoMePengu


    56. Tina Allen

      Mac Brown Ain't No Joke.. Give It Some Time, Guys. He's a Good Coach. But Dabbo is one Of The Best. Another Bama, Guy. I have Respect for Dabbo*📣

    57. Tina Allen

      They Ain't played but N. C. And GT.. Go Play SEC..

    58. Tina Allen

      He's good..But Thoer More out Their!💨💥🏈

    59. Broadway Z0

      You mean “just clemsons highlights”?

    60. D. Cloman

      This is why I would rather watch the NFL. Too many blowouts at the collegiate level smdh 😒

    61. Spike Baduccino

      Lawrence=Cowboys next QB

      1. Christian Calderon

        Ny jets here. Gimme Dak, lamb, and Lawrence and 2 rounders

    62. Prone Rider 562

      If Clemson thinks their defense is going to stop Bama or Georgia from scoring, They better start practicing a bit more.

    63. i ate at burger king

      Didn’t know it was legal to show murder on espn

    64. Bullseyefishing662

      They should have put in there subs

      1. Donald Johnson

        At the last eight minutes of the game, they had the FOURTH team in...including the PUNTER playing Quarterback...did u even watch the game? gtfoh

      2. Bullseyefishing662

        Sry watched the whole video and saw they did

    65. Calvin Robinson


      1. Calvin Robinson

        @123 forty you know they not worthy be real with yourself young man

      2. 123 forty

        @Calvin Robinson um yea they’re #4

      3. Calvin Robinson

        @123 forty bruh Norte dame 😂😂😂

      4. 123 forty

        bruh he destroyed miami and Georgia tech, if he destroys Norte dame. He can’t be overrated anymore😐

    66. Calvin Robinson

      bama airing this defense out

    67. pete jones

      Trevor Lawrence gonna be in for one tough wake up call when his receivers in the NFL aren’t WIDE open. My lord, this is what college football has transformed into?

      1. Donald Johnson

        @pete jones....The way it's always been!

      2. pete jones

        To add this this; I am in no way ripping Lawrence. He’s a stud and that last throw to Rodgers was incredible. I just hate how complicated college football has become for almost everyone’s defense. So much of college ball has turned into this talent hoarding and cookie cutter coaching. Teams that aren’t traditional powerhouses are getting left behind more and more. Unless you’re a Clemson fan, no one wants to watch a 73-7 game

    68. Rom

      Got ramblin wrecked