Clemson vs. Georgia Tech Condensed Game | 2020 ACC Football

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    The Clemson offense was firing on all cylinders from the get go as the Tigers defeated the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 73-7 in Atlanta. Trevor Lawrence threw for 404 yards and 5 touchdowns on 24 of 32 passing. Amari Rodgers hauled in 6 catches for 161 yards and 2 touchdowns. Davis Allen, Cornell Powell and Frank Ladson Jr. also caught touchdowns from Lawrence. Defensive tackle Nyles Pinckney got in the end zone on a rushing touchdown in the win.

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    1. C Ramirez

      sheridan jones knew what he did

    2. King Mike

      No Starters No Problem

      1. King Mike

        @Torin O'Connor shut up butt hole

      2. Torin O'Connor

        You guys suck

      3. Torin O'Connor


    3. Jagjit Singh

      Man that was like some girl got hammer down 10 time in row.


      and to think that in 1916 GA TECH beat CUMBERLAND 222-0

    5. Lorenzo Marshall

      I can’t wait to college playoffs. So They can see Bama again I need a ring again and I wanted beating them

    6. flowthrupranayama

      OH MY , HOW JETS FANS WILL GET REDEMPTION! They aren't winning game 1, AS I have said since week 1 when the Jets won the TO battle 3-0 and lost. I would pay the coach whatever he wants to lose every game. WE ARE LOOKING AT THE BEST QB O F A L L T I M E~

    7. Jets Fan In Hiding

      i've been laughing my ass off at 18:21 all week lmaoooo

    8. Cinderella's Wedding DJs

      Well, Big Ten Football is Back! I Quick Hits with Josh Baker

    9. Brandon Caldwell

      Georgia Tech might as well go back to the triple option

    10. Young Kool Aid The Legend

      Georgia Tech sums up every football team in the ACC except clemson

    11. maryanne gerdow


    12. maryanne gerdow


    13. Andrew Jefferson

      I think we can all say that we knew Clemson would win, but 61 unanswered points... like dang 😂

    14. Mohammad Abuali


    15. Sportz prod.

      You know it’s bad when the condensed game is 25 minutes 😂

    16. MrTron

      "I like ya, and I want ya, and we can do this the hard way or the easy way, so the choice is yours." - Fleece "Clemson" Johnson.

    17. Kris Hardwick

      The TD throw by Trevor to Amari just before halftime was impressive. He just gunned it in there!

    18. Carlos Sandoval

      they put the punter as qb😂😂😂

    19. bryan stgermaine

      Chill with the clemson play nobody comments its clemson and alabama almost every year you see ohio state too all 3 of those team beat up everybody in they conferences every year. Moght aswell get rid of conferences so clemson can show everybody they will do the same thing to all of them i mean really what conference would clemson struggle in???

    20. acekelly1000

      GT is getting better.

      1. Brian Gudio


    21. bryan stgermaine

      Can i point out spector #10 on defense is playing amazing this year he nasty!!

      1. Jalil Johnson

        Yes he is for sure and nobody but me and you see that. He playing like one of the best LBs in the country

    22. T. Rizbone

      GT literally gave up 73 unanswered points.. Lord have mercy.

    23. DW VX


    24. DW VX


    25. touchdowns of epicness

      Why didn’t they put up 100

    26. Agent Migs

      Georgia Tech players tweeting out #GameTime then have a game like this hahaha

    27. Justin Humphrey


    28. Randy Bryant

      Clemson literally plays no one, absolutely no one and then sails into the CFP without any injuries and are like “hey look at us, we are number one because we played high school teams all season long.”

      1. Jalil Johnson

        @Randy Bryant dude shut up, you a moron that knows nothing about football. Your not a coach or a player for a reason. And every year you always trolling clemson football smh plus the ACC puts out guys that are the most elite players in NFL. Best interior defensive lineman Aaron Donald,where he go, Pitt. Matt ryan BC, the best middle lb before he retired luke keuchly BC, watson, hopkins clemson, bradley chubb NS state. Dude shut up, ACC clearly produces elite guys at their position at the next level. ACC and big ten guys usually do the best. Sec is okay in the league.

      2. Randy Bryant

        @Tater King that’s true too bro. Alabama and Georgia are the only two consistently good teams in the SEC. I knew when LSU won the National Championship, last year, it was just because they had an excellent QB. I even told LSU fans, that I spoke to here and there, that they better enjoy it while it lasted because once he was gone it was back to being mediocre again and sure enough, look at them this year. Same with Auburn, they only play decent when playing Alabama and that is because they are rivals, outside of that they are less than mediocre. I don’t know what happened to both Florida teams as well. Both the Gators and the Seminoles have been garbage for several years now. I was hoping Lane Kiffin would be able to do something with Ole Miss but, perhaps it is too soon to tell. So far though they have not been very impressive with him at the helm and Tennessee has not been any count since the Peyton Manning era. Like I said man, you are absolutely right in your statement. Take it easy bro. ✌🏻

      3. Tater King

        The SEC is complete garbage too. Alabama and Georgia are the only good teams.

      4. Emarled Jackson

        @Randy Bryant 🤫 don’t tell anyone but Clemson’s schedule for the rest of the season is harder than Alabama’s

      5. Emarled Jackson

        @Randy Bryant “slang talking noob” okay boomer 😂. “try to put yourself a real life together” wtf 😂

    29. Spectra

      The first draft pick isn't going to be Trevor Lawrence... The first pick is gonna be all of Clemson 😂

    30. Goku Majin boo

      Let's cancel the season and let Alabama play Clemson 4 times in a row I'll watch every single game

    31. Complete Charleston

      Why isn't Clemson in the SEC? Would be better caliber games - maybe they could trade with Carolina :-) Glad to see the actual names of the players on their jerseys, too.

      1. MrTron

        Why would Clemson want to associate with schools like Mississippi State and Kentucky rather than Duke and Georgia Tech?

    32. Tom Barker

      That seemed fair to me.

    33. drill babydrill83

      Lawence will get woopedin the nfl

    34. charles martin

      The refs should have stopped the game. Should have the mercy rule.

    35. D’Andre Rodriquez

      They were playing face of the franchise college year 😭

    36. United we Stand

      TOO MANY WEAPONS. Ga Tech couldnt keep up with all the possibilities.

    37. Fereidoon Angoory

      When the ACC start using the vintage filter on their game highlights?

    38. mrmyturn2

      Hunter Helm's stock just went up! He seemed unbothered by the crowd.

    39. immortal mp1

      Sad. Ive always liked gt.

      1. Donald Johnson

        @MrTron...My point exactly!

      2. MrTron

        @Donald Johnson Georgia Tech's football team has a higher SAT score average than the University of South Carolina's general student body. No joke.

      3. Donald Johnson

        Ga. Tech has had some really good teams over the years with a Natty in the early 90's...had some great coaches too with Dodd and Heisman. Their biggest problem is they play in the toughest conference of all.....the SAT/ACT!....extremely tough admission requirements and it shows on the field. But overall, a great University! They have the largest margin of victory over a team in history. 222 to 0 over Cumberland University in 1916!....John Heisman was the coach!

    40. Ryan Daniel

      This was not a game. It was a masacre.

    41. Logan Clemons

      Dear Tigers, Beating up these high school teams must be boring and monotonous. Come to Tuscaloosa and play a real opponent. Best Regards, -Alabama.

      1. GC55

        @Logan Clemons Cheers

      2. Logan Clemons

        @GC55 Looking forward to it! Cheers.

      3. Logan Clemons

        @Emarled Jackson Kindly let us redeem ourselves.

      4. Logan Clemons

        @Jalil Johnson Oh yeah! those guys. The same guys who put a beating on Clemson from 1909 to 2016. Over a century of butt whoopins.

      5. GC55

        Win out and you’ll see us, don’t worry.

    42. UKWN Jae

      This is usually what my madden online games look like wow

    43. Shakeem Brown

      Funny thing...I PROMISE you...when GT got that fumble they thought they had a chance to win. Lol

    44. Jing Qi

      Amari Rodgers will definitely be playing on Sundays.💪

    45. William Brightman

      At least I haven't seen anyone on here complaining about Clemson running up the score.

    46. Raymond Bullions

      Gt is in the top 15 in school rank. They are 1 in inganering. Clemson is 49 in school rank and no freshman.

    47. Stephen Lewis

      As a Tech fan I know Clemson rank number 1# but this is the worst embarrassed all time loss at bobby Dodd worst than the Georgia Game a year ago I was at the Game yesterday

    48. Tirta Maya


    49. brent guy

      Clemson is over-rated as usual...little competition in that conference...if they played in the SEC they would not be undefeated...playing a tough team week in and week out would be a lot different. The SEC weak teams are better than Ga Tech and can beat anyone on any given Saturday! Fire away!

      1. Tater King

        The only team in the SEC that could give Clemson any competition is Bama. The rest would be a cakewalk

      2. GC55

        Keep talking and we’ll keep winning.

      3. Quinton Gauge

        SEC is the new Big 12

      4. Emarled Jackson

        😭 why you mad

      5. Shakeem Brown

        Lol oh my god...stop it.

    50. J Hard

      O look clemson playing another cupcake. Clemson literally plays nobody all season. Dont start with o we play Notre dame the team that Barely put up 12 points lol.

      1. Tater King

        Only team Alabama has to play is Georgia. The SEC is overhyped garbage

      2. Emarled Jackson

        😂 we beat the number 7 team and it’s called having a bad game not all teams can put up 40 points a game 🤦🏿

    51. Fred Garvin

      Parity in college football?

    52. IsaaK

      everyone in clemson is good

    53. Stephen O Halloran

      Lawrence ain’t messing around this year

    54. yumpladukfoo

      If Clem's son were in the SEC, they'd be like South Carolina....a 500 ball team.

      1. MrTron

        Over the last few years, Clemson has been just as good as the team that has dominated the Special Education Conference, so I think they'd be a bit over .500. hahha

      2. Donald Johnson

        @yumpladukfoo.....Since 2016, against the SEC, Clemson is...wait for it..wait for it....9 and 1!!!.....So shut the fuck up, humpayump!!

      3. Levar Young

        @Brian Gudio yessir

      4. Emarled Jackson

        We beat the best sec team like every year 😂

      5. Brian Gudio

        @Levar Young This is Clemson's season.

    55. ClemsonFan4life

      We're too deep!

    56. ClemsonFan4life

      Rogers and Travis are beast.

    57. Ryan Chmiel

      They should have played the high school seniors they recruited ngl.

    58. Auxityne

      [UN war crimes tribunal has entered the chat]

    59. Personal Account

      Love my Tigers! 🐅

    60. Joseph Conway

      4 replays for damn near every play. Could you try to be stretching out the video much? Shit video.

    61. Taylor Jones

      10:00 he would have had a perfect opportunity to hurdle that guy

    62. Taylor Jones

      4:45 i mean how fast is #3 bc god damn Trevor really said fake hand off, and then two little hops and he threw the ball, and #3 is on the 50 yard line in 3 seconds😂

    63. Michael Scoggins

      Clemson destroyed a high school team. Ohhh. You're number one!

      1. Emarled Jackson

        You do realize how dumb you sound right? they can’t play a top 10 team every week 😂

    64. Malcolm Nesbitt

      It’s looking like another Clemson vs bama national championship game

    65. Justin Christopher

      At least they were tied at kickoff.

    66. Bobby Light

      So nobody reported this video to DCF?? I mean you could just report this bc this is what abuse looks like I’ve never seen a score like this😂😂

      1. Donald Johnson

        @Bobby Light...check out Ga. Tech over Cumberland University in 1916....222 to 0!!

    67. 90clemson

      Who are the announcers? Even condensed they are terrible. Can’t imagine the talk between plays.

      1. Courey Jones

        Im just waiting on Bob Menery

    68. Kanye Anderson

      Practice gone be hell for them😂


      Dude Clemson is literally playing a highschool team, in the first 5 min I heard true freshman maybe 7 times

      1. MrTron

        "literally" hahah

      2. Donald Johnson

        @KYNG WILLIAMS.....yeah, they were talking bout Clemson players!

    70. Travis Rehder

      I hate these accouncers saying it's the QB fault cause he was pressured, the WR was fooled with the jam, how is that Trevor Lawrence fault? It's a bad WR miscue. These dumb announcers knowing they know how to play football!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

      1. Donald Johnson

        @Travis Rehder....hey man, I think Trevor is the best ever, but gotta be honest here.

      2. Travis Rehder

        @Donald JohnsonThat's mostly the WR fault

      3. Donald Johnson

        @Travis Rehder...actually, Trevor should not have thrown the ball.

      4. Kris Hardwick

        I agree. 17 quit on the route