Colin reacts to Patriots signing Cam Newton and gives realistic expectations | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Colin Cowherd discusses Cam Newton's signing by the New England Patriots on today's show. Hear what Colin thinks about the Patriots' decision and what he thinks are some realistic expectations from the team this season.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Colin reacts to Patriots signing Cam Newton and gives realistic expectations | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Is Cam Newton a good fit for the Patriots?

      1. Glenn Thompson

        Jim Esposito lol at uncoachable, being a headcase, and not being a leader. literally no evidence to support that.

      2. Val

        It's a perfect fit. 2020 Cam Newton is a short-gain passer. His accuracy problems mostly come from throwing the deep ball. With Norv Turner as OC, Turner ran an offense not very different from what the Patriots were running. He'll also have the best protection he's ever had in his career, limiting injury possibilities. And he can make something from nothing, something that Brady could not do last year when receivers couldn't get open. On top of that, even if this is a one-year solution, Jarrett Stidham will be better off after having one year backing Brady AND one year backing Newton. Cam also comes in with a big chip on his shoulder, ready to prove himself still an elite QB while the Pats want to prove that they're still an elite team without Brady. This should be pretty good.

      3. Kemon Games

        We'll see, No one knows until we see them play

      4. Bruce Wayne

        Cam is in his prime why dose collin not see that 2016 after mvp season panthers had 30 rank oline 30th rank run game 30 ranked secondary and 2017 18 played mvp caliber football had 24 pass touchdowns with no weapons and missed 3 games cause of injury missed one season and owe cam is done makes no sense

      5. Anthony Arango

        Colin, pretty accurate on your assessment of Cam, and love almost all your stuff, but Stidham is Wayyyyy better than you think

    2. Tam Dang

      No one's going to be open but Cam is a lot more mobile than Tom Brady. Also, Dak Prescott is a stat compiler, not a winner.

    3. Ben Chaffee


    4. R T/X

      If the Patriots think that "Never Was" Cam Newton will be a Winner like Tom Brady They're NUTS!!!

    5. Austin Cruz

      He’s gonna feel really stupid when cam takes off

    6. Juan Gonzales

      Funny how when Colin was mentioning the 9 year analogies, he didn’t mention mlb. He he didn’t mention mlb. Watch out mlb, you’re slipping away.

    7. Dirty Randy

      New England didn’t have to protect Tom Brady after a while. Officials would just throw a flag on any defender who touched Him. I doubt that will happen for Cam.

    8. Dirty Randy

      I don’t think this changes my prediction for the AFC East at all. I think this will be the year of the Buffalo 🐃

    9. Ann Rambo

      I say 9 -7 for newengland and buffalo will win that devision in boring fashion at 10 -6

    10. Roy Altherr

      Cowturd has always hated Cam.

    11. Adam Hefner

      Colin has hated Cam since he came in the league. I'd hear it after wins, great Cam, that somebody else was the reason they won. This Cam is out to make all owners say " we need a new GM" if all goes well. Watch O'Dells video with Victor Cruz, Gurley, and Cam talking about issues and how people portray them. It's good.

    12. Andrew Carl Elliott

      Everyone who don't play the game is an expert.

    13. Ricky Tan

      Colin “add a little sizzle” cowherd

    14. Nathaniel Jackson

      Historically Colin has been a bigger hater of Cam than Skip Bayless is of LeBron.

    15. Chopshop2 M

      Never recommend cowards channel again!!!!!

    16. LostInReverence

      I could be wrong, but I think Jarrett Stidham is going to be the Patriots' next franchise quarterback. However, I can see Cam Newton starting this year and if Newton balls out and stays healthy this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick and the Patriots commit to and re-sign Cam.

    17. Ogdiinui

      Me, who hates the Patriots and Cam Newton: *Explodes into maniacal laughter*

    18. D-Nugget

      Cam will go Ham!

    19. kolim jone

      This guy hats Cam Newton And Westbrook

    20. xperiafan

      This is one of the worst sports videos I have ever seen ... "Guys who win but don't pile up stats" (Dak, JG, Goff) They're "getting the Super Bowls". Seriously??? One of them has NEVER been. The other two DIDN'T WIN... "getting the championships" oh okay yeah ... They've proven so much haven't they.... Colin, this video was terrible. I didn't even break down the stuff everyone else has mentioned.

      1. kolim jone

        Im just glad they didnt sign Colin Chokepernic

    21. asioe kiou

      Russel Wilson easily top 5 arguably top 3 QB in league ppl sleep on him guys a winner

    22. Clovis Watson

      You’re going to eat your words

      1. asioe kiou

        this foo need a haircut

    23. Doug Tozier

      @The Herd with Colin Cowherd The question I have yet to hear addressed: Since Tom is gone, is there a "system" in NE anymore? And considering how many new players there are, including a front line that is probably slightly above average and a mobile QB, why does the system matter as much for 2020 as it ever has for 2 decades prior? Cam knows how to make throws. Is he not accurate enough? Aren't the receivers he will have in his arsenal all possession receivers? What if the struggles last year had more to do with the lack of consistent receiving options coupled with Tom's increasing levels of frustration? Harry will be healthy and hungry; Edelman should be healthy; Meyers and Sanu will be in their 2nd seasons here; and maybe the TEs will surprise enough to make a difference (i.e. decent outlets for Newton when necessary. Cam may not need to throw the ball 60 yards, and his legs even add an additional running threat on top of a good (though not great) RB committee. Will it be SB worthy this year... probably not. So what? If he plays well enough to win the division, the worst case is that it creates continued competition for the starting job the following year, etc.

    24. Rizza Rippy

      We will have a home run hitter when we get AJ Green mark my words.😄

    25. jared jensen

      Deep threats look like Harry, Meyers and Sanu(i won't argue about 11, but i could). Did I miss where Cam had much better in Carolina?

    26. jared jensen

      I'm 1 minute in. Does Colin honestly believe the Patriots are going to run Tom's offense with cam under center? Trippin. Josh is going to tailor an offense for Cam's strengths. Remember jocoby brissett...

    27. bennett smith


    28. kiva Bolton

      Colin Proves Why HE HAS NEVER been apart of a NFL organization 🙄

    29. espben360

      no deep threats? watch out for dameryee byrd

    30. Josh

      i actually lost brain cells listening to this

    31. Rock girl

      Russel Wilson easily top 5 arguably top 3 QB in league ppl sleep on him guys a winner

    32. Devon Chester

      Cam never had help like that when he went to the Superbowl he didn't have home hitter then stop hating you'd be better off saying you just don't like Cam, Let's go Cam, Let's go Cam Super Bowl bound Pat's vs Bucs

      1. Rock girl

        frustrated because they wouldn't protect well

    33. Devon Chester

      Please would you be saying same thing if Brady was there

      1. Devon Chester

        @Whiskey Drinker stay drinking and please go back and listen to what the man talking about before you comment than u will know what talking about

    34. Michael Madden

      Cam ain’t a top 20 Quarterback

    35. Carl Barrs

      I do not understand the Ryan and Rogers hate.

    36. Solo PAC

      Im just glad they didnt sign Colin Chokepernic

    37. Kevin Hall

      Plenty of time to acquire receiving talent...

      1. eioshen boboi

        closer to reality.

    38. Diego Fernandez

      this foo need a haircut

      1. eioshen boboi

        You left out two things in your assesment of where patriots will finish the season,MOTIVATION. Belichick wants to prove he can do it without Brady and he was the driving force

    39. Hunter Davis

      This guy is a hater

    40. Jovanny Gonzalez

      Cam is trash and a quitter!!

    41. Shon West

      "Jarrett stidham is going to get a lot of snaps" ..... I mean everybody knows who Cam is and what he can do but who TF is Jarrett Stidham? 😂 "More snaps" yeah maybe in the preseason 😂

    42. Mantose262

      This sounds like a hot take from a guy who has never watched Patriots over the last 20 years. Belichick and McDaniels changes the system for whoever is playing. They have always played to their players strengths... I think the only thing that is going to stop Cam from being good with the Patriots is his own health. If Cam is healthy, the team is going to win.

    43. Dakota F

      Bill will make Cam good in his offense..

    44. JeffDanielsPoker

      He Said.....I don't know if they will be good LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    45. Michael Enger

      I think this is a great move for Pats and Cam. I think they need a mobile QB. The game is going that way now and Cam has a great arm too and I like New England o-line better than Carolina. I do agree about the deep threat would work out perfectly if AB comes back to pats if that's even possible.

    46. eioshen boboi

      Y’all keep talking about cam don’t know the offense trust it will change

    47. Mack McCoy

      Well, Colin you also said Lamar Jackson would be a busy in the NFL and he should have switched to receiver. You openly admitted on air you were wrong and I am sure it will be the same with Cam Newton.

      1. eioshen boboi

        This guy sounds like he's been smoking his own stuff

    48. Spencer Jackson

      I think Cam will do great if he can get protection then he should be good that's Cam has his worst moments was when he would get sacked over and over he would get frustrated because they wouldn't protect well

    49. KingTen91

      My bet => Cam plays the year and proves himself to the world and if NE doesn't take care of him he leaves for a better contract/relationship with another team

    50. KingTen91

      The pats gave the world to Tom why wouldn't they do the same for Cam? If Cam makes plays and says "hey I need a tight end, get me one in the next draft or I don't re-sign a contract" why wouldn't they take care of him like Carolina did?

    51. Dustin Price

      I used to like Coward but man he is just an idiot

    52. Alex TOGL

      the system is so complex that Cassell won 11 games, Jimmy G was 3-1, and Brissette had success. I think it can work

    53. haidar hakim

      Go head and underestimate Bill Belichick. Number 7 is coming

    54. Ekkers Lovarkia

      You left out two things in your assesment of where patriots will finish the season,MOTIVATION. Belichick wants to prove he can do it without Brady and he was the driving force of the dynasty and Newton is a gifted athlete just waiting to prove he aint done yet. As a long suffering Dolphins fan 8/8 or 9/7 for the patriots seems like fantasy and 12/4 feels closer to reality.

    55. Silly Milkmaid

      Sure hope NFL shows all the empty seats in the stands. All these spoiled dicks have done is made games too expensive for families, and black families in particular. Nothing but a group of communists supporting communists.

    56. Ted West

      Can't convince Trump fans that there is anything wrong with him, can't convince biden critics there is anything right with him lolololol nice frame job there colin.

    57. Justin Bowlin

      Take a shot every time Cowherd says the Pats offense is about "efficiency and detail".

    58. M R

      I wish there was a DE-news feature called never show me another Colin video ever again....

    59. Lucine Gyuleseryan


    60. The Glorious

      Bill will use and spit out Cam.

    61. The Glorious

      What’s happening with Colin’s hair here?

    62. Steve DeLand

      I don't think Cam has the Mentality and work ethic to be successful being coached by Belichick. He has the Talent but he NE Still only gave Cam one year for $1 million.

    63. soiung toiue

      This guy sounds like he's been smoking his own stuff

    64. Dwight Shealey

      Colin cowherd is one of the most brilliant sportscasters and I'm just a little grocery clerk in the Midwest but I will say with this coronavirus the NFL owners are going to use it to their full advantage and the supress salaries across-the-board crying broke while they sip champagne aboard their jets and luxury yachts

      1. soiung toiue

        Cam cant/wont run anymore. He has to rely on his passing & his reading of Dees. Both of which he is terrible at. Cam is completely indifferent to winning or losing. The polar

    65. Dwight Shealey

      So Rivers played how many years for the chargers never went to a Superbowl I don't know if he was ever injuredand was out for. Of time if you're not winning super bowls which is the bottom line then you might as well be injured or whatever and I'm pretty sure Rivers is older but they're saying that he has more value than Cam Newton it must be the string Bow Tie not Cam... Rivers

      1. Dwight Shealey

        I say things will be interested in the NFL when the players start doing what they're doing in the NBA by players getting together and talk in their teams that are working together can put together a nucleus such as you see in the NBA super teams in football...wowah!!!

      2. Dwight Shealey

        Interactions with a person that reminds you of someone that looks like them.. that is prejudice.. pre judgement

      3. Dwight Shealey

        This is what I like about Colin he's breaking downhow people will take can if they like him or how they will take him if they don't like him simply put he's talking about the pre-judging of the humandespite what they will do in the future things based on the past even go as far as not knowing anything about that person just looking and making a judgment based on prior

    66. AnonymousYouTubR

      @3:09 No offence but that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.... hahaha every offence is designed for the QB. So rightfully so, everywhere a QB goes, the offence gets changed to make the most of what their good at.... Now, don't get me wrong... Some coaches **cough cough, Bruce Arians** Don't do that... The QB has to adjust to them and no offence, how's that worked for him? hahahahaha

    67. Panoramic View

      So Belichick signs Cam thinking he won't work in his system? That makes Bill sound dumb...I don't think Bill is dumb. But hey I could be wrong. Smh

    68. Francisco A. De La Cruz

      Went we Get to the super bowl you will be on the video of motivation for that team like Ron parker and company. Thank you :) let Go Pats

    69. Johnny Millette

      Colin apparently didn't do his homework, just look at cams first 8 games under norv Turner. Cams efficiency went way up, tons of small get the ball out quick plays which is exactly what BB runs, and cam was putting up better numbers than his MVP season. Then he got hit by TJ watt and broke down but if they can return to that then I think he will be great

    70. Jack Landry

      This guy severely underestimates Cam imo. Cam is more than a home run hitter you best believe