Colin reveals Super Bowl bubble, Rodgers is protecting legacy, Baker is Case Keenum | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Colin Cowherd discusses a few NFL topics on today's show. Check out his Super Bowl bubble teams, why he thinks Aaron Rodgers is protecting his legacy and not elevating it and why he thinks Baker Mayfield is Case Keenum with a stronger arm.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Colin reveals Super Bowl bubble, Rodgers is protecting legacy, Baker is Case Keenum | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Which teams have the best chance at winning Super Bowl LV?

      1. Daryl Weems


      2. Do Du

        wtf, packers took the biggest risk is in the draft.... what are u talking about

      3. Kingzy

        You fr fr hate the packers

      4. Andrew Barnes

        This is a stupid question the league will be rigged with Bucs winning it

      5. Kevin Walsh

        Cleveland browns

    2. Pat Kerwin

      13,3 defence

    3. Pat Kerwin

      Gb defenses

    4. Alf Deaiz

      I’m in love with Joy !!!

    5. Sanjiv Sarma

      Colin "deck chairs and lawn furniture" Cowherd

    6. Holyflygon

      LMAOOOO the eagles???? how could they be superbowl contenders?

    7. Coda Tall Tree

      Okay Mr. Optimistic, OP for short ?

    8. Jeremy Hill

      Oh my god dude you got two AFC teams in your bubble that is ridiculous the NFC are not winning super bowls no more bro so all that big swing is for nothing afc's the one bringing in all the Lombardi's

    9. Robert P.

      This guy is picking on Green Bay every single time. Didn't he notice that they ended up in a good spot last season. I hope this year Rodgers will convince the critics

    10. Austin Jones

      Man it’s not Rodgers to try to protect his legacy he gives Adams chances to go and get it but he doesn’t with nobody else cause he has nobody else he trusts last 2 years basically had the same WR core except they were all rookies 2 years ago ok Colin definitely protecting his legacy 😪

    11. Chris Iverson

      Yeah.... I don't like that analogy involving Baker because it's half truth, your scuing the narrative, yes Russell Wilson is a winner bit dude he had marshon Lynch getting 1100 yards, now he has Carson in the backfield and Wilson is better when Carson is on the field, and dk Metcalf is an "absolute monster" on the horizon, deshaun Watson had probably the best receiver in the league at least top 5 that's not diva acting, case keenum went 11-3 yeah but look at Kirk cousins that system is proven to win so that don't count plus keenum had 9 more starts than Baker but Baker still in only 29 starts has 49 td pases to keenums 51 td in 38 starts, every quarterback needs all the right ingredients to win even if them ingredients only gel perfectly in the playoffs i.e. Eli Manning and the new York Giants... Or alot of those Patriots teams with Brady...🤨

    12. LA Merè & the Cosmos {official}

      Love the show, but how long will you compare Carson Wentz to the great QBs? It should be clear now that foles would have been a better choice..

    13. Lee Yang

      This guy crazy

    14. AJ Kirlough

      baker has 1.7 td per game, compared to case keenum’s 1.3 but yes colin go off

    15. Ryan Staiger

      Weird to think about but winning more games might make the Packers feel they’re better than they really are. They didn’t go after anybody that they needed and seem oddly content with pissing off their QB and not going after dynamic players. Michael Pittman Jr would have been a great receiver to get and they totally lowballed Rodgers😂

    16. im great

      would’ve thought green bay was a toilet the way colin stays shitting on them

    17. Michael Cronin

      The all time 'hail mary' leader doesn't like throwing it up for grabs...

    18. Elizabeth Walker

      The amount of disrespect by putting pretty much the entire AFC West over the Raiders, smh sure the Cheifs are one thing but don't make me laugh by even suggesting the Chargers or the Broncos are better by any stretch of the means. Disgusting

    19. gusgrillz

      Devante Adams isn’t dynamic ??

    20. noobmaster

      Can’t take this serious lmao, Packers are easily better than the eagles, bills, rams, dallas, Broncos, bucs

    21. snazinhouston

      Seahawks are in your "inner bubble" ?? ?? ?? THEY GET WORSE EVERY YEAR ,,,, Cowhead must be on something

    22. Garner Simmons

      He had worse stats but he did have better stats then Tom Brady so how about you talk about Tom declining instead of Aaron?

    23. Garner Simmons

      Every year he hates on the packers but like always if Rodgers is healthy we are always a contender for the super bowl

    24. John F

      Did he just call the Eagles o line below average!?

    25. John F

      He’s played 2 years😂

    26. John F

      I don’t understand why Colin is so high on the broncos when drew lock has played 5 games

    27. Ivo B

      No hue jackson and freddy kitchens for keenum

    28. Ivo B

      The Broncos?

    29. Mark Newton

      GB will win the division, 11 wins, Aaron will throw 38TDs and the win the MVP.

    30. NickVinopal 1

      Colin - “Aaron Rodgers is declining and the packers don’t take risks” Packers drafted Jordan love. That’s not a “big swing”?

    31. Juampa Vergara

      So Aaron Rodgers NOT throwing picks makes him... not a championship contender?

    32. David Mason

      The colts are superbowl contenders

      1. Qui P

        No way

    33. Austin Wagener

      Did he call the Rams the chargers because the logo is almost the same? 1:02

    34. PackerFan12

      I love how people agree with everything he says about rodgers. People think whatever this dude says is correct like tf? This dude hates people and always tries to make them look bad

    35. PackerFan12

      Bruh this dude talks about rodgers on a daily just to make him look bad like my god does this guy ever do anything good besides trying to make people look bad.

    36. aaron mathews

      So ... it's fair to say that baker and keenum are about the same statistically when one has almost 10 more games played to help the comparison? Trying to reach a good amount there eh? Then said you predict they go to the playoffs as your bailout lol. Go home.

    37. Shea Bender

      this man leaves Green Bay out of his bubble but has Dallas, Denver and Philly in it. What a bruh moment

    38. Sullivan Rowlan

      Colin, Russel Wilson also had Pete Carroll and Carson Wentz had Doug Peterson. Baker hasn’t had one good coach his entire career. He had a terrible coach his rookie year and broke the rookie td record with 0 weapons and a terrible coach and almost made the playoffs but lost the Baltimore.

    39. ZmannR2

      What is with the love for Philly???? Dallas’s talent is 10x what Phillys is and Philly had a horrendous draft

    40. Savage Gameing

      Didn’t that lawn chair eagles team win the super bowl without carson

    41. Matteo Wise

      I guess Colin wants Arron Rodgers to throw 15 picks next year and then Green Bay gets moved to LA, that is what Colin would want lol. Colin doesn’t want Gb to go 13-3 again with Rodgers playing well it’s confusing

    42. Michael Ross

      Colin is a talking head with nothing to say that has any real relevance.

    43. Jacob Israel

      what?! No Joy is so hot comments?

    44. More AGWS

      What’s wrong with needing pieces around you to have success. Brady needs pieces. Brees does too

    45. Jordan Gallagher

      Casee Kenums first 2 years at QB Year 1: 54.2% 9 tds 6 ints passer rating of 78.2 Year 2: 58.4 2 tds 2 ints passer rating of 72.2 Thats a lot worse than Baker Mayfield

    46. Jordan Gallagher

      Alshon Jeffery should go to the Packers so they can get a WR and he can get a better QB.

    47. Jordan Gallagher

      Falcons are better than the Eagles

    48. Rob reviews Tech

      Tampa Bay defense is way overrated. There complete TRASH and the 2020 season is going to show everyone that Tom Brady should have stayed in New England.

    49. Thing Person

      Maybe one day he’ll talk about the Titans

    50. Isaac Cherek

      When was the last time colin said something good about the packers

    51. A Real Sportsman

      Broncos are going deep in the playoffs

    52. Jay9485

      I can't wait to see tampa go 9-7.

    53. Father Evan

      He just said Rodgers was dynamic then says he puts up average numbers. What’s Cowherds real opinion. Was Aaron in decline because of age, or was it that he was put into a system with a first year head coach , or does Cowherd think Rodgers is still spectacular and just isn’t used to his “average numbers”. Also, if Jimmy Garopolo was such a risk, then how is Rodgers putting up similar numbers and is considered as WASHED. Also, the reason the Packers hadn’t sucked were because of their ability to close out games in multiple fashions and limit their turnovers. Rodgers threw 4 interceptions. The Packers went 13-3. Coincidence? I think not.

    54. Dah Bearz

      I'm not a Baker Fan, but hes dealing with different offensive coordinators every year. Hes in the most dysfunctional team in the league. And he is young. You have been mainly right about baker but hes been sailing in a storm this entire time, compared to Wentz's who has actually had best front office and great head coach like you cant compare the players cause the situations are so radically different.

    55. HoffDawgWithMustard

      Wow its like his takes get shittier and shittier. He has the Chargers and broncos over the packers lmao

    56. justin f

      Green Bay gets no respect

    57. Sandernista

      Case keenum could never throw the ball like Baker, theyre nothing alike besides their height

    58. Carter Maury

      Packers deserve to be on there

    59. Carter Maury

      Broncos are not on the bubble...

    60. cruzboy 27

      I offended he had Green Bay out the bubble and yet we got to the NFC champ game last year and nobody had us even making the playoffs we will could easily win the north again We'll see

    61. jwkreid

      Hahaha Colin, never giving up a chance to provoke Baker. Strength of an arm does not maketh a QB. There is nothing about Baker that screams Keenum, even you said as much in the past. They are chalk and cheese. One is brash, and can make great plays on the regular but with the risk of turnovers. Another is a safe option who can be trusted as a game manager, keeps the ball safe, but not one who can win you games. Colin loves to poke at the guy, even at the risk of contradicting himself :)

    62. Sutt TheSpur

      Imagine one segment where colin didnt criticise or down talk green bay 🙄

    63. Hitman

      if you think seahawks will get to superbowl, you are dilusional

    64. The Count of Toulouse

      Mayfield is WAY over rated.

    65. Sara Ervin


    66. crunchytot18

      imagine ragging on aaron for not turning the ball over LOLOLOLOLOL

    67. Spencer Porter

      I mean why would you not throw the ball away when your receivers are literally not even looking for the ball? It's easy to throw a ball 60 yards when Hill is going downfield. Rodgers has no reason to take shots..nobody is making plays outside him so why should he trust his legacy with those clowns. I dont think Aaron is declining I think hes less interested. Give Aaron just ONE more weapon and you'll see his 2014 season come back

    68. Joseph Dickson

      Going through the comments and seeing all the Dallas hate 😂 I want to say yall spend too much of ur life hating but u don't do any research so u really don't

    69. beeseumz

      Rodgers may be declining, but can you stop pretending that Brady and Brees are fine?

    70. Joel Yetz

      Based on likelyhood to win the Super Bowl: Tier #1: 1. Kansas City Chiefs 2. Baltimore Ravens 3. San Francisco 49ers 4. New Orleans Saints Tier #2: 5. Buffalo Bills 6. Green Bay Packers 7. Seattle Seahawks 8. Denver Broncos 9. Tennessee Titans 10. Philadelphia Eagles 11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tier #3: 12. Dallas Cowboys 13. Indianapolis Colts 14. New England Patriots 15. Arizona Cardinals 16. Houston Texans 17. Pittsburgh Steelers 18. Los Angeles Rams 19. Los Angeles Chargers 20. Minnesota Vikings Tier #4: 21. Cleveland Browns 22. Atlanta Falcons 23. Las Vegas Raiders 24. New York Jets 25. Miami Dolphins 27. New York Giants 28. Carolina Panthers Tier #5 29. Washington Redskins 30. Detroit Lions 31. Cincinnati Bengals 32. Jacksonville Jaguars

      1. Joel Yetz

        @Matteo Wise Aight let me say some things 1. I'm not a Saints fan. If I was, I'd probably put them over SF, just out of bias 2. Whether Brees was better than Rodgers in 2011 or 2014 isn't the point here. What I'm saying is that last year, Brees threw more TDs in less games and had a significantly better YPA/Passer Rating. That's what one needs to look at to figure out who is better NOW 3. The Packers couldn't beat the Eagles, a team significantly worse than them. The Saints, Vikings, and Seahawks could. And the Eagles look more likely to get into the playoffs than Minnesota right now. Not saying that's the biggest problem, but it can be looked at in a similar light to New Orleans "Viking problem"

      2. Matteo Wise

        Joel Yetz then why can’t you beat the Vikings lol, we beat them twice

      3. Matteo Wise

        @Joel Yetz if brees is better then rodgers where are his mvp's

      4. Joel Yetz

        @Matteo Wise I mean, the Saints have more than one good WR, a QB who was better than Rodgers was last year(not trying to start a debate over which has been a better overall QB), and a Defense that's not that much worse than GBs. Both have great running games. The Saints also seem somewhat more desperate at the moment.

      5. Matteo Wise

        You can’t rank saints above Green Bay ...