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    callmecarson season 2
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    Cool Math Games

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    1. Ruby Butler

      how does this man have subs

    2. frög

      this is genuinely unwatchable

    3. Tarlie Chompkins

      This is one of the funniest streams ive ever seen tbh

    4. Ethan Hamel

      Carson talking to himself is waaayy more funny than it sounds

    5. twonice

      This is cursed

    6. 700 subs with no vids

      This feels like a fever dream

    7. Tofu Imoutosan

      I have lost SO many brain cells. Bullseye.

    8. Andrew Carns

      Friend: What’s your humor like? Me: Its... complicated.

    9. LoganTheTrainee


    10. Najib Hussain

      The best 2012 video ever

    11. Infinity

      Not tying to brag or anything but I got max level duck in duck life 1,2,and 3

    12. Charles Hughes

      this is too scuffed to be as funny as it is

    13. Asinism Woods

      Whos gonna hell him it's repunzel and not goldie locks-

    14. Katherine Horner

      It just gets worse as he goes on, and yet I stay to watch.

    15. n3wb_Games

      Carson talking makes me feel stuffy

    16. ftw_java

    17. Eli Rollins


    18. Aced Paste

      He’s famous for his severe ADHD

    19. Kermit The frog

      Me in another tab while in online class Me in my mind: *fuck, big ice tower tiny square is hard ass shit*

    20. Garbaer

      Yeah let's get some subs. I was at that stream and I got head ligma

    21. Cyber Dream

      Half of this is normal and the other half sound like the special Ed kid

    22. C.G.

      The best and worst introduction to a video at the same time goes to CARSON!!!

    23. Turtwigamer

      Carson this is the least funny video you’ve ever made, and by that it’s also somehow the funniest

    24. Blorpo baggins

      Is he drunk this one lol

    25. recenome

      carson being drunk

    26. JAM 2707

      When he said corona my brain tripped out then I checked the upload date

    27. Jaxson Dobbert

      my ocd kills me

    28. Haybert

      Funniest stream I've ever watched. Idk why people are actually salty

    29. liss m.

      This is my favorite video of yours

    30. Shibaanx


    31. Losman 666

      Wtf was that 9:00

    32. The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water

      I remember i tried to impress my crush in 4th grade, so i destroyed her in coolmathgames chess. Idk why but ive never had a girlfriend scince

    33. Tristan Del

      i searched 'mental breakdown' on google and this video was the top result

    34. Jowsey

      "IQ ball? I have... an IQ" This is the perfect representation of Carson

    35. Asagao

      I’m too high for this video

    36. Under_Underwear

      haha bullseye.

    37. Troveion

      I remember playing IQ Ball and thinking I was just so awesome

    38. Real Bobby Hill

      Is the camera on

    39. CrazyWeirdo

      Imagine this is the first Carson video you run into

    40. Nietabs

      How on earth did you do that Stream on stream on stream?

    41. Malachy Kemp

      i love the beginning, just a bunch of carson’s talking is the best thing to happen in a long time

    42. Team Technique

      Steelseries arctis 1 mic???

    43. Will Harsch

      Is he drunk or something?

    44. Darth Vader

      This is golden experience requiem

    45. Mataric_GHT

      The intro was just Carson descending into madness

    46. ThomasGamingBrother

      The thing where he talks over his own stream could easily be an animated with several Carsons all arguing and such

    47. Big Toe

      The beginning was all sorts of chaotic-

    48. Manman Tuber

      *Unregistered Hypercam 2* this man will be using the hypercam soon


      pog, champ even

    50. Red Falcon

      The facecam and mic sounds makes this video so much better. It feels so old school.

    51. Joolian

      this is a fever dream within a fever dream

    52. Jack Myers

      This beginning is so funny

    53. Jeffery

      The beginning was the funniest shit ever

    54. Kira

      I hyped for CallMeCarson season 2.

    55. killer of kevin


    56. Jesus's

      I like the effort put into this.

    57. Reef Joubarani

      This is the single shittiest CallMeCarson stream in the history of Twitch... I love it.

    58. Kurran1998

      3:07 I bet it’s because of that thing that John said about them being more popular than Jesus.

    59. Spaghetti Person

      this got so confusing so fast

    60. Diet Milk

      This looks like one of those streams with 100 or less followers but its not

    61. Cadolby

      Anyone here from tiktok?

    62. Another Brother

      It looks like he drunk

    63. Allen Johnson

      man the budget is getting lower and lower

    64. Whisky Horse

      bro i was a fuckin god at Bloxorz

    65. 6:66 Rekab kcaj. 50 characters

      6:11 anyone else bothered Carson didn’t move his knight to B 2

    66. Pillow Salads

      bro look behind you theres bowser

    67. white people

      i do not like this

    68. Dubzy

      “I’ll just stream myself” same. That’s me when I stream

    69. no man

      Wait is that .

    70. CupOfIceTea

      8:25 that sound freaked me out