CPU Cooling with BOILING LIQUID 🔥🔥

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    1. IRizofy

      Okay so proof of concept makes sense. But, in order for this to work in any way, reliably, hard tubing is a must. And gravity is going to help. Also, the inlet for the COOL liquid going I to the block must be on a cool part of the board, made with a non conductive material, that hooks up to the copper that's on the CPU. The in return, the heated liquid would be pushed out as the cool liquid would be essentially pulled in. With cold liquid being just slightly above the block, it would be more of the cold liquid pushing the hot liquid up into the radiator to be cooled.

    2. Ryan Amparo

      8:46 Settled down in the low 60s. Not great, not terrible.

    3. Yukha Dharmeswara

      please build room size heatsink to cool down the heat

    4. ALLGAMING404

      Me: If my cpu gets any higher then 80C I immediately close everything Linus: Hold my beer

    5. Lee O'Donovan

      Methanol would work amazingly well in this

    6. Anoop Kammaran

      Pointless click bait... Says in the beginning the point is no use of fans and ends up using two... lol...

    7. Afrized

      Technically I could have liquid cooling with H2O cooling too

    8. Ace Tributon

      Hate to be the OCD person in the room, but doesn't linus have a shirt sticker on the back of his shirt?

    9. Joseph Kinney

      Would like to see this in traditional AIO systems, as a fail safe for if the pump goes out. Would be nice the have, just in case.

    10. skratt skratta

      n zed x t

    11. psYKENNN

      at 14:02, drop of water falls off.

    12. Vicky Kaushik

      Linus - 14:23 bubbling actually makes noise, you can probably hear it. Me : turns the volume up to Max Linus (intentionally screams) - *GET* *ACCESS* .:":":".:":'::'';.....

    13. Sawyer Mervis

      Watch Linus throe out recommendations that actually fixes their issues.

    14. Sawyer Mervis

      3:50 Linus explained it so much better than any of my biology teachers ever have

    15. Pizza Sub


    16. jordan secrist

      Linus lost his nuts a long time ago

    17. Philipp Blum

      Isn't it just Linus' card? I am not a native speaker, but I think Linus's card is wrong.

      1. Thomas Dunne

        You are correct but it’s one of those things that doesn’t matter really

    18. Rati Jugeli

      Yeah .... IU don't want my PC to blow up because of cooler failure

    19. The nextinline

      You didn't really do anything at all and expected something to happen. Well something did happen, you got a 100C CPU and no convection. It's not that simple buddy.

    20. Alex Landherr

      At 9:24, why not take a spare Intel Xeon CPU and run Prime95 for GIMPS? My i7-9700k could according to the program finish a primality double check in ~48 hours.

    21. Darth Gamiing

      XD i just watched the shelf cleaning video an hour or two ago and i was wondering if he ever did make a video for this

    22. pleappleappleap

      Mixed metals? Really?

    23. pleappleappleap

      "By sitting through this sponsor spot!" FFW FFW FFW

    24. Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

      Using Celsius doesn't mean it's cooler you fucking moron KYS

    25. Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

      Legend had it Linus is still raising his eyebrows

    26. Rob

      Its called thermodynamics. Basically, heat rises, which forces the cooler liquid to flow down, replacing the vacuum that the rising heated liquid has caused. The same way that steam is the cooling medium for a steam turbine.

      1. Screaming Wolf

        robert Cluck yeah no shit

    27. Kit Sterling Stratton

      I sit through all of the sponsor segments because someone that I hate thinks Linus is annoying so I want to support the enemy of my enemy.

    28. Tim Seidel

      5:09 Oh linus plz don't drop it XD

    29. Tim Seidel

      2:19 I just unplug my pump and fine XD

    30. Kevindaddyspacey

      linus.exe has crashed

    31. Patrick Wilson

      never ever looks at instuctions ................ Complains theres no instuction lol oh linus

    32. Purushottam Pokharel

      Proper tweak would be to mount the radiator in a way where the thick hot tube is positioned on the top and the thin tube at the bottom, fluid convection works better if the hot fluid enters radiator from the top and and becomes heavy due to cooling by the radiator thus exiting the radiator from the bottom creating a naturally circulating fluid due to heating(by cpu) and cooling(by radiator)... good luck !

    33. Daniel Young

      Fans aren't spinning might be another reason for temps

    34. Official Anubis

      Still dont understand why people dislike videos like this lol


      The half life dead sound

    36. Dan on the go

      thanks for saying "zed" #CanadaProud

    37. Magnuzone

      eyebrows force upon

    38. B Hew

      you need a extended block with a cold side for the input then rinse the water and have output directly above main heat spot

    39. Jxshua Yuzn

      Hehe, he's like nut nut nut

    40. Chinh Phan

      Using different size pipes to supplement pressures to aid movement along with a heating element pre radiator should work so it doesn't need to use heat from the CPU because by then it would be too late. It will take more wattage for the heating element like a glow plug but it would be quite. Also add a flow and temp sensor to regulate the heating element.

    41. MrNoNamedIdiot

      i guess its that 3M liquid ... novec

    42. Khor Mun Huai

      this is eazy fix , go get a liquid that has lower boiling point than water that also do not damage the cooling system.

      1. Ian Oliver

        Or run it with water at lower pressure, which is what I think is already happening, because of those springs inside the tubes to keep them from collapsing

    43. Fredrik Svantesson

      Pretty sure that one of the pipes need to be higher up than the other (on the radiator). At least if car radiators have taught me anything.

    44. Andreas Belger

      Perfect system to use a Tesla Valve to create a dedicated flow direction into the system

    45. NoDice

      Instead of water, use peak antifreeze and gives us some more stats.

    46. MeDontKnowYou

      I thought PIA was Pakistan International airlines 😂😂😂

      1. mygnolia


    47. Testsubject276

      9:05 Aight. *Unzips*

    48. Marcus Zeal

      I had to pause the video while working to make sure I wasn't going crazy. That background music tho. xD

    49. Zhou Fangzhou

      I guess it is ammonia not water. The Chinese railway builders use it to frozen soil and prevent it turning soft.

    50. Tang Yuchao

      That's amazing

    51. Screen Patch

      Intro is 10/01 quality and yes you heard it right 10/01 quality

    52. PrimeRibGaming

      01001001 01001101 01000001 01010110 01001001 01010010 01000111 01001001 01001110 5:10

    53. Ravi Jadhwani

      wow this was actually cool the application of this technology would be endless thanks for the content

    54. jonathan dents

      Skinny on top, Thiccbois cry everywhere.

    55. Edgar Renje

      Those "Let's find out" and "Will it....?" are taking too far....

    56. popular marble


    57. melven wong

      pls look away at 5:07 !! cringy

    58. Thoringer

      Like the "NO please check" in the background with the eyebrows - says it all.

    59. Michael Mains

      Next up, cooling with R32!!!

    60. Boostic

      i want you to read books to my children

    61. True Shura

      But why are the fans off???

    62. Lane Miller

      at 12:56 is that a picture of a monitor used as a screenshot? If so.... Why lol

    63. Shen Yang

      *puts pc in river. Pump free loop

    64. C#ndition

      just connect CPU and radiators with copper headpipes Linus :D that would be even less noisy :D

    65. Gallons Of Milk Gaming

      That'd have to be a pretty strong straw

    66. Gallons Of Milk Gaming

      Why did he have to canadianize NZXT

    67. Manuel85

      Some do it for the lols! :D

    68. Teddington Bear


    69. Jack Duerden

      Surely orientation for this kind of thing is key. The convection current needs to be gravity assisted. In the same way a central heating system or water heater would work? The cold feed into the block needs to physically be below the hot outlet and then the reverse for the radiator, hot feed into the top then cold coming out of the bottom? That way the convection current flows with the force of gravity providing assistance?

    70. Sam Lorenz

      Stop it. Ur touching the bottom of the mother board