Crazier 2 Step Launches with the AWD 4 Rotor found a Problem! Richard Hammond Roasted It!

Rob Dahm

Rob Dahm

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    Launching the AWD 4 rotor with Adam LZ and never before seen footage of the drones during the AWD burnout.
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    1. Marlo Breding

    2. Gazpacho

      You really weren't kidding. The brappy, screaming sound of a 787B mixed with a big turbo spooling really is orgasmic.

    3. Joe eoj

      seems like hammond is Jealous that he cant have such an unique 4 rotor awd rx7😂

    4. roseyboi1

      Hammond you might wanna Watch robs channel first before grilling him mate.. the guys a genius..

    5. anarchy deluxe

      Hammond: "Put some doors on it. I'm not sure what it's for" Rob: "Getting lung cancer"

    6. Lilac Tortoise

      This was quite interesting until it wasn’t does a burnout.....hope it goes bang.

    7. Jonathan Sanchez

      Now it's actually a 'viscous' clutch

    8. Jonathan Sanchez

      Lol he couldn't breath lol. He didn't blow a clutch or any tires. He couldn't breath!!

    9. Jordan Jank

      "There was some oil on the clutch" Hey but first I really want to see you do a full power AWD launch.... You need new friends....

    10. Mr Moss

      "Hammond" should stick to what he does best- wreck other people's REALLY EXPENSIVE CARS. His building skills speak for themselves. Awesome job with this car, man.

    11. TheHunGamePlays

      I wish I could try this beast, looks sounds and go so great, I have been waiting for the finish from the start :D

    12. Øpera – San

      He should name the awd 4 rotor "The Ex"

    13. Daniel Maisel

      9:44 pornhub on the dash???

    14. StellWair

      Once you get the car put together you need to reach out and see if you could get Hammond in the 4 rotor

    15. A Aye Ron

      That thing sounds crrrrraaaaazzzzyyyyy!

    16. wert freund

      Brake cleaner Acetone on the clutch and get it back up running!

    17. y3v1k

      Watched it a few times and still dont get it... what flies past/off the car @9:53 very mysterious imo

    18. Jay Vog

      Need to start doing 1 video per day, 7 days a week. Haha. Just love your content and that car!!! Ok, how about 3 or 4a week?


      Son: I want wrx. Mom: We have wrx at home wrx at home:

    20. Ad g

      If rob used a piston engine for all of his project cars he would’ve been done with them years ago

    21. Marc Flameling

      Richard makes himself sound like a dumbass

    22. 37 Wh

      U got dat 2 stroke tho😂😂

    23. Me

      Are you giving KEEPS to Isaiah, because he looks like a troll

    24. Mark Russ

      He's an idiot, talking that smack able rotor engines. Look up angel motorsports channel on DE-news. Look up the recent Ute rotor review and burn out. Most savage limiter bash I've ever seen, like x 1,000.

    25. SketchyDJM

      9:53 Does it throw something out the front?

    26. Mateo

      Is that a Michigan licence plate I see

    27. Jeroen Reyns

      wait weren't those jackstands recalled for safety issues?

    28. TarterSauce

      HEY ROB!!! I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but there is a massive safety recall for many jack stands from harbor freight. Please be careful!

    29. Bálint Turáncsics

      soooo we dont speak about the Evo VI in the background???!!!

    30. Paul Pz

      I really dont understand why u recieve so much hate, you're into something that's different, you're helping to keep a dying out engine type alive and popular within media, culture, and just plain existence, and most importantly when u make videos u dont talk in some pretentious d-baggish voice nor try to use desperate gimmicks to get're just having fun and when people pick at u about it u only push the envelope that much harder and film while doing it..I think we need more like u dude🤙..I've owned 2 banshees and that's what I'm into so I can relate to ur unique motor obsession

    31. Jaybruhh


    32. Yeboi Merchant

      I don't think he has watched all the vids lolll

    33. AudiS4

      I dont want to sound down beat but id be sick to fucking death of this car

    34. Janne Kokko

      send it!

    35. Richard Luu

      sounds like a lighting storm

    36. Thatguywithnopancreas

      4000$ clutch F U UPS! WHAT HAPPENED

    37. Thatguywithnopancreas

      Dude your wiring!!😳😳😳🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    38. Laurence Cursaro

      The little prick has been having a mid life crisis for 15 years and hasent relised there shit yet , come back when you have learnt something about these cars

    39. Lowe Eklund

      Would you consider yourself a rotard?

    40. Kevin lee collins

      Clean with break cleaner, Scuff it up with scotch Brite and send it!!!!

    41. Tony Hightower

      Dang a whole lot of wire clean up in the future. Did you just throw that in there without thought of routing? Can’t wait the finally see the finished product and the C8 build

    42. Fencingboy101

      rob you're scaring me with those jackstands the internet needs you to live to the end of this build

    43. Holzwurm _HD

      I feel like there is going to be a new Video today.

    44. kulabin -

      next video when lmao

    45. Draco WarriorEX

      When you said it is a 1000 HP 4 Rotor, I wondered "Why so little?". I really was expecting more. But, also, I thought maybe you are only making 1000 HP "initially" on purpose so you don't destroy a brand new engine.

    46. Mazda626gtturbo

      Hope those are not the recalled harbor freight stands.

    47. Mazda626gtturbo

      Ha I just commented on his video.

    48. Nicholas Koenig

      Rob should do a veil side rx7 for the 6 rotor

    49. Karl Nõlvak

      nice logo at 9:44

    50. wyld0001

      This looks like how my toast turned out this morning

    51. Andy South

      My days of PTFE tape are over. I use mostly Loctite 577.

    52. BMW_Irvin

      Once you build the 4 rotor vette have someone else drive it into ls fest so its more undercover

    53. c wieling710

      The Jack stands have a recall on em

    54. iPhone Punker

      Why did Porn hub pop up on the Dash at 9:41 XD

    55. Matthew Harding

      Please change the wheels Rob I think it would look a lot better on some split rims

    56. GunterTopi

      Just for fun, after the car reaches its near final form, I'd ask Hammond to drive it. With hammond You can be sure the it won't be burnt down... Like the Furai... Oh god Clarkson

    57. ꧁dollar_133꧂

      Und sowas bekommt tüv in deutschland unmöglich :(

    58. Devin D

      Pretty sure he has a few small rotors on his turbos......

    59. Magnum Life

      Это очень крутой проект! Удачи! 🤞

    60. Luci fer

      @ColleteDavis bet she’s jealous asf

    61. meaan machines

      Well the cleaning of the Clutch disks is a great way to just roast a clutch because it is impregnated with oil it will burn and chunk off and basically waste the clutch should have sent it out and had the disks replaced and everything cleaned by the manufacturer

    62. Ferd Janklow

      0-100 in just four tires.

    63. Tyler Edwards

      More uploads 3 or 4 videos a week please!


      Finish the fuckin car mate

    65. RyTrapp0

      "'s hard to hurt my ears..." Brah... that's called 'hearing loss'..., no, I said H E A R I N G L O S S...

    66. s13coupelove

      9:52 *drives 15ft into the shop* WE FOUND WAY MORE HP lol

    67. Nay Cee

      Who's rab dam

    68. Justin McMullen

      Recycling footage ? Wasn't this months ago ?

    69. STUFFINurPIE

      Hammsters just mad brits cant factory build a car as reliable as robs garage built cars.