Daenerys Attacks King’s Landing | Game of Thrones S08E05

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    Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 (2019) The Bells
    Scene: Daenerys and Drogon Destroy The Iron Fleet and King's Landing Defenses
    Playlist: de-news.net/onpl-PLh5zc345D06VPPOVEr2VvGgfPvHmcYrMR
    Episode Storyline: Forces have arrived at King's Landing for the final battle.
    TV Show Info: www.imdb.com/title/tt0944947/
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    1. Winston Deavor

      enemy ac130 above

    2. Trevor Wist

      Live footage of George Floyd riots.

    3. Sainte

      that was only one dragon, imagine all three

    4. DylanTanner

      I despise this episode. I can’t even enjoy this scene :(

    5. Damian Louis

      "They Say Everytime A Targaryen Is Born The God's Flip A Coin"

    6. Victor Nascimento

      Alguém pode me dizer o nome desse toque que fica de fundo?

    7. M B

      I always come back to this marvelous scene . Seeing the dragon in action is the greatest. The show ruined khaleesi but she stays my number 1 .


      Hehe manzee hi vida imeweza sana

    9. Rayen182T

      He said fire, so Drogon did.

    10. Francesco

      The 8 season is totally shit. Change my mind

    11. t

      If only she have done this instead of saving the North. This was 1 dragon, imagine 3.

      1. Ryan

        @t Her army didn't stop the NK. Arya did. Proving her army did nothing. And she only did that because she HAD to. She didn't "Save" the North. Arya did. And plus her Dragon IS NOT THIS STRONG. Reminder: JON SNOW HID BEHIND RUBBLE AND AVOIDED THE NK'S DRAGON'S FIRE. Proving DRAGONS. AREN'T. THIS. STRONG.

      2. t

        @Ryan Ah, yes. I must had imagined the dragon dying and her army fighting for the North. It was obviously Cersi. My mistake

      3. Ryan

        She didn't save the North. Her army did literally NOTHING against the NK.

    12. DCFashionGuru

      This scene was my fave she came from behind like gotcha lmao very strategic

    13. Sabela Lopez Nuñez

      What about putting crossbows in the ships too? ....

    14. Neilneil

      She did this much damage with one dragon imagine she had all three of them

      1. Ryan

        Except the NK proved Dragons aren't this strong. This was plot armour.

    15. Doug Campbell

      Should have been three dragons, the darthraki, the Unsullied and the Dornish lead by Oberyn (her soon to be King) taking the city.

    16. Thalía Castro

      Daenerys por siempre la Reina! 👑

    17. sreeram unnikrishnan

      1.43. I said fire not dracarys

    18. Retired Darth vader

      Lol there is hundreds of ships but only theon tries to shoot dragon ?

    19. Nic McPhersonvb

      People don’t give D&D enough credit. They successfully pulled off the most shocking plot twist of all time. They killed the entire series!

      1. Ryan

        Plus they made a fake city. King's Landing is surrounded by Mountains. Whichever city is in the middle of a damn desert it sure as hell isn't King's Landing.

    20. Snipy55

      Dany: I need a cool name for my dragon. Mmh difficult. Eeh i got it, Drogon. I'm brilliant

    21. The Boy

      Harry Strickland got cucked

    22. Jafar Vellines

      This is Jafar Vellines reporting live from Kings Landing AKA hell its seem all of these events are taking place because of there stupid ass Usurper Queen Cersei Lannister we now take you live to the red Keep 4:39 back to you Cersei 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. Randal 1231

      I feel like this season was written by JJ Abrams; not context or connection to the story of GOT, just "cool" camera work and a lot of razzle-dazzle. It's just missing some of his Lens Flares.

    24. Kartini Phillips

      I love this show Games of Thrones good move love you

    25. Leo

      Imagine someone from VI century watching this 💀

    26. Horacio Salazar


    27. That Nigga Tomioka

      Most of the comments under this video: "Yes. Yes. Burn." Me: I'm glad Daenerys won, but she ain't have to kill all those children. I'm reading these comments like "chill"

      1. MONTR65

        I really don't get why these people still support her. There was literally no point in killing innocent people instead of heading straight for cersei. In fact, cersei couldve made it out of the city while Dany was busy killing little children

    28. Dustin Lawrence

      The writing was bad, but I loved seeing the Lannister army, golden company, and that euron greyjoy fall. Still think it is completely absurd that these large ballistas would pose any threat to a dragon.

      1. Ryan

        No, it's absurd a Dragon can take on 200+ ballistas. DRAGONS. AREN'T. THIS. STRONG.

    29. OneTimeIPunchedADolphin

      Hey so this scene is horrible fo so many reasons but I just noticed something really dumb. Why tf would the scorpion bolts have the barbs facing forwards??? That would make it much harder to penetrate and way easier to remove if Drogon survived

    30. tony✔️

      The Drogon didn't get hit by any of those 100 ships is kinda undigesting... Either you should craft that fight scene so that it does look convincing n believable....

    31. The green fairy

      That moment when Daenerys and Drogon avoid the first shot gives me chills everytime!

      1. Suganth Ram

        Interesting thing is that the scorpion bolt wouldn't have hit drogon anyway....it was coming at Daenerys and she dodged it like nothing....logic goes out of the window here but still looks cool

    32. STAGE 90 Motion picture company.

      decided to re write the season

    33. emluvslou

      Lannister soldiers: FIRE!! Drogon: 🔥🔥

    34. Kayu BAkar

      imagine how much innocent horses died in this scene :(

    35. Amy Nare


    36. Amy Nare

      You said double letters, fabric ingredients,

    37. Zomuana Renthlei

      "A bunch of scorpions are no match for a dragon" -Ryan


      de-news.net/online/video-Wqi-1_mPFwE.html a cool version Pop Rock

    39. Crystal Drake

      He attack He protect Be most importantly he avenge his brother. Dragon is truly an amazing sight to behold. He's amazing!!

    40. Mikasa Ackerman

      She attacked the fleet mooring right next to Red Keep, and then she flew to the other end of the city to smash the city walls instead of smashing Red Keep first. This battle strategy was invented by a true genius of stupidity.

      1. Ryan

        This is the same woman who put siege engines in front of her castle unguarded.

    41. PHOTON

      this is fine, but what comes after is fucked to the greatest extent.

    42. Amy Priyanka

      Dragon never loose any battle This is the second time dany actually used dragon for the fight to win, Agon never lose His sisters Nor dany

      1. Ryan

        @Amy Priyanka How about all the dead dragons in the Red Keep? Those ring a bell? Plus Drogon isn't as strong as this claims. Oh, and Winterfell. Dragons lost that battle too.

      2. Amy Priyanka

        @Ryan remind me one plz ??,

      3. Ryan

        "Dragon never lose any battle." Erm...Yes. They have. Many many many MANY times.

    43. Syndel Barreto

      " we will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground" Targaryen, Daenerys.

    44. Fact: Beagles Are Best

      This is not the Golden company. It’s bad enough they removed Faegon and Griff... but they had to butcher the Golden company? No pun intended

    45. GALACTUS

      Still confused why she didn't go for the red keep first and she didn't even need to destroy the small houses of kings landing

    46. Leyla Sınırtaş

      No one innocent in this show even King’s Landing people. They all cheered when Ned Stark’s execution.

      1. Ryan

        THOSE WERE KIDS. And boohoo. Ned Stark was a cunt. Fuck off. He was a traitorous bastard and all of the Starrks deserve to die for worshipping CHILD RAPING SLAVERS (The Dothraki).

    47. TheInfernityZero

      The Dragon will torch everything. Everything in the valley. Hospitals, schools, retirement homes, and even the royal bowling alley.

    48. Joshua Littlewolfe

      What a dumb scene.

    49. Relic


    50. Aaron Karnold

      remember when it took 3 large dragons a long time to burn 1 ship in slavers bay, look at this mofo cut them like a lightsaber

    51. Kurt M

      Season 7 and 8 sucked :(

    52. Crimson Claw

      Thought the crew were mutes?

    53. Felix Rufino

      I feel like the slaves

    54. Felix Rufino

      It's the trees

    55. Mr0011011

      That is what she did with 1 dragon. If she just hit them at the start fo Season 7 with all 3...

    56. Heritage NOT Hate

      Wow. King's Landing burned, razed and demolished. Innocents dead. All because of ambitious little Cersei Lannister.

      1. Ryan

        @Heritage NOT Hate More so because of the bloodlust of Danaerys Targaryen. She was going to do it all along. She proved all Targaryens are the purest of evils, and every single member is basically the equivalent of Hitler.

      2. Heritage NOT Hate

        Yeah. That, too.

      3. Mistery Cat

        Becouse of stupidy of Cersein

    57. Lauren McCarthy

      I enjoy the fact every time someone says fire, that is exactly what happens next.

    58. Marcus Breman

      Didn’t know that they had stormtroopers manning the scorpions

    59. Daniel Mitchell

      2:45 Live footage of a Walmart opening on Black Friday

    60. Boy dwi Pinosa

      Me: *inhaling fresh air * I’m content. ( suddenly remember GoT season 8 ) Me: Fuck 🤬

    61. Martin Mikeštík

      1:24 Why would they bother making these iron decorations for the scorpions? If I were them, I would focus on building more scorpions ratger than making them pretty...

    62. Default Name

      I guess the dragon got some of Caps super soldier syrum, twice as powerful as just days b4

    63. Andriana Susilo

      I. Luke. Dhis. Dragon. The dragon. Is the bast

    64. gerey villaester

      All my favorite scenes in one video

    65. Catwoman

      She burned that mutha fuckah down

    66. Nicholas Rue

      The only reason Jon wasn’t with her burning the city was Rhaegal was dead. :(

    67. Triszye Anything

      She really said burn them all

    68. Sergio Blanco

      Lol of she only done this from the beginning

    69. Manu Paródias

      Daenerys all for me ❤❤❤❤

    70. Catwoman

      Much worse than her Father