Daenerys Attacks Kings Landing | Game of Thrones S08E05

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    Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 (2019) The Bells
    Scene: Daenerys and Drogon Destroy The Iron Fleet and King's Landing Defenses
    Playlist: de-news.net/onpl-PLh5zc345D06VPPOVEr2VvGgfPvHmcYrMR
    Episode Storyline: Forces have arrived at King's Landing for the final battle.
    TV Show Info: www.imdb.com/title/tt0944947/
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    1. Jardeson Gonçalves Nascimento


    2. ZachRULES1996

      Dothraki invading Kong’s landing. Inevitable

    3. BrxIghtside

      Dude give a raise to dragon sfx dept they looked amazing

    4. Uzoma Mba

      When you are the last on survivor on your team and you just say fuck itand tell them to say hello to your little friend😂😂

    5. Zero

      Odd how the Iron fleet and the scorpions in the beginning are shooting at her then she just flies past and in front of heaps of other scorpions and they don't even try to shoot at her.

    6. Leonardo Datore

      Where tf did that barren wasteland come from?? Last time I checked, Kings Landing was surrounded by the sea and backed up onto a woody mountain.

    7. Leonardo Datore

      It's okay everyone, try not to cry. At least everything else was great.

    8. nyveggie

      Daenerys flies drogon like a fighter pilot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    9. Kevin Scarpitti


    10. Lonely Noodle

      I never knew the Dothraki and Unsullied had a respawn timer.

    11. X Ghost

      Damnit i miss GOT

    12. necromancer

      She had 3 dragons, where are 2?

    13. Miranda Summerset

      All we wanted was baby dragons ....this is what we got instead

    14. Tkelly 2.0

      Once all of the scorpions were gone they pretty much won

    15. Amelia C.

      I think this scene should have happened in season 7. Getting rid of Cersei, as we can see, would have been super easy then. Especially if she still had all 3 dragons, Dorne, the Iron Islands and The Reach. Just destroy the city gate as we here and behead Cersei and Jaime and be done. Then the last 4 episodes of season 7 would be King Jon of the North in King’s Landing to asking for Queen Daenerys help would have been more intimidating because by then she IS actually the queen of the Seven Kingdoms. To in which Daenerys still goes with all her forces and new allies but have them retreat to King’s Landing and then have the Night King and Daenerys burn the city down trying to take each other out.

    16. Chad Coley

      Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me

    17. Shivani

      Missandei is like "I meant to burn just Cersei not everyone Dany."

    18. Raptor302

      D&D kinda forgot about the Dothraki...

    19. Donald Lee


    20. y y

      I love how the AAAaaaAaaAaa theme has a dark twist to it in the soundtrack

    21. Dubrasca Omaña

      Creo que el tener un jinete también le da ventaja al dragón. Viserion y Rhaegal cuando murieron no tenían nadie que los guiara. No me he leído los libros pero lo que leí de danza de dragones en internet. Decía que uno de los dos bandos que se formaron de Targaryen tenia mas dragones que el otro pero no tenia jinetes para ellos por lo que en principio no pudieron usarlos en batalla. Por lo que llamaron personas a ver quien los domaba. De eso infiero que los dragones necesitan también quien los guíe. Están en desventaja sin sus jinetes.

    22. Pink Grapefruit

      Golden company is as useless as sakura

    23. Random Broski

      Real life how to train your dragon hehe

    24. Brenna Koeppen

      Ah, yes, I do believe this episode ended here. Dany's victory speech after burning the red keep and getting rid of Cersei was great. So glad she won


      Lannister soldier: "Fire" Drogon: "Hold the fire"

    26. Reyvan Bueno

      They said fire, but they were the ones who got burned. 😂

    27. vgernyc

      I feel like Drogon got much much stronger with the Night King dead

    28. Matteo Boldizzoni

      first it seemed like the dragons were rendered useless by the ballistas, then Drogon burns down the city by itself and never even gets near to being hit. What a stupid ending.

    29. Mbm mbm

      I love the TRUE QUEEN and her boy Drogon! Burn them all, my love! For Rhaegal, for Missandei.

    30. mason

      This should have been 7x01. Stupid ass Tyrion.

    31. RWM Mendez

      Like damn imagine how much more impactful this scene could have been if the entire season was written better?? I really try to get excited about this scene but there’s so many WTF moments that just ruin it all.

    32. Egypt22

      The more I watch this the more I think "if she could hide in the sun then hide in the clouds or fly high enough over everybody and just lay waste to the castle." It wasn't like she was going to let the civilians live either way.

    33. philip

      I hate Lannister’s army

    34. Sam Carrington

      Dany and Drogon are pissed! love when they come flying outta the clouds

    35. Mythical Cat

      Either the dead win and march south and kill us all or Drogon flys south and kills us all.

    36. Adonis Gonzalez


    37. juliablog12

      This is so beautifull

    38. wb6162

      Geez, the way she wiped out all those innocents in King's Landing. Nothing the US Military hasn't done 100 times though. Kind of a sobering thought.

    39. yacassie kaopeia

      I can't underatand, why they attacked the people

    40. miguel duran

      Why are they screaming like xena ?

    41. De Piazza

      Go Dany and Drogon!!❤️❤️❤️😈💋🌹

    42. monkey zeke

      Deanerys has the biggest and largest army's ever!!

    43. Plo Koon

      Only now did I notice that acording to Got a human body is more resistant to fire than the walls of King's Landing. When we see the Golden Company soldiers geting hit by fire they move and scream for a while before dying of their burns while the thick walls of King's Landing imedeatly explode.

    44. Prince Vegeta

      Dany with her earbuds on while riding her dragon: I'm burnin' through the sky, yeah Two hundred degrees That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit I'm traveling at the speed of light I wanna make a supersonic man out of you Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time

    45. Sentinel_Torres1

      Watching this after Ned Stark's execution

    46. HagridsBallsack jr.

      Is dany on drogon at 4:26? Because it looks like she isn't there

    47. Zoila15

      This was So emotionally rewarding for me... god I love Dany and Drogon💪🏽

    48. Bryan Max

      So wait no one thought of hiding those dragon arrows inside the city in case she flew over the city and not through the outer walls. Worst strategist ever

    49. Basic Opinions on Objectively Badass Shit

      omg this is so good! my fav part is after when dany and her crew live happily ever after 😊😊

    50. overwatch black mist

      This makes me proud. That wicked bitch deserved it after what they did to missaendi and rhaegal and the lady odellena

    51. a girl hiding in her room

      Aww daddy must be so proud of her in hell right now 🥰

    52. Roberto Henriquez

      Somebody edit this video with a stuka siren when Daenerys is flying

    53. MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ

      Any last words............... DRACARYS! 🔥

    54. Aa Mm

      This was disappointing

    55. Miranda Summerset

      So they could not do that ep 4?! Lol

    56. The Anime Spot

      Attack on titan fans hit like

    57. The Anime Spot

      This is the first clip of got that I am watching

    58. Goat Cheese

      Aren't dragons a bit too overpowered

    59. metalheadlass

      When you picture how they were cheering for Ned’s head, you’d get this mad too

    60. Rico Mendez

      Damn it, we have a huge Dragon problem. Send in the Dragonborn, now! Ah yeah, you're done now.

    61. Runir1


    62. Lizzie

      tok tok tok Who is it? It's me Drogon (fire)

    63. Major Robinson

      * meanwhile, in Kings Landing*

    64. Hanji jadey

      “SHOOT HER”

    65. Alex Saunders

      As the Red Viper once said "the Lannisters aren't the only ones who pay their debts", as they once demonstrated at Castamere, I enjoy the Lannisters finding out what the cost of being indebted to the Targaryens is. Fire and Blood.

    66. Alex Saunders

      Loving the legendary Golden Company and their one horse.

    67. ぬっこ


    68. Daisy& Izzy

      Who else has chills whenever she says Dracarys and the warp sound comes on. I am also heartbroken my queen died 💔💔

      1. Daisy& Izzy

        Josh Adams that’s so true, Dani was still one of the best characters x

      2. Josh Adams

        The Unknown Psycho But her demise was also led to the thrones death too.

      3. Daisy& Izzy

        The Unknown Psycho She was my favourite character, your opinion. I know they set her up to fail 💔

      4. The Unknown Psycho

        She was never meant to sit on the iron throne

    69. Franz Schönherr

      Smaug did it first.

    70. Venom

      What the golden company needed was THE FUCKING ELEPHANTS THAT WERE PROMISED! Drogon vs war elephant that would be badass