Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Medication ft. Stephen Marley



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    Check out the official music video for "Medication" by Damian "Jr. Gong" ft. Stephen Marley (Official Video)
    Song Available Here: republic.lnk.to/MarleyMedicationYD
    For more Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley info
    Directed by Nick Walker
    Produced by Christopher Salzgeber
    Executive Produced by Sheira Rees-Davies
    For Scheme Engine
    Music video by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley performing Medication. © 2017 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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    1. N'famory Diakite

      Super cool

    2. Richard ney

      The Marleys Blessed Up Keep Burning

    3. Gentry Blau

      Those who are too deep asleep need weed!

    4. net harad

      Lévitation 🙏🌴💯

    5. GhOstBraiN


    6. Nilesh venkatesh

      Thank you for giving this song a medication

    7. Bagawould

      Two white boys doin rasta wtf

    8. Monkey D Jamir


    9. Jahred Masisel

      Think thrice act once

    10. Jahred Masisel

      A couple of our closest friends or a trillion of our closest friends still the same millions of voices one mind

    11. /Lilia /

      I love song !!!

    12. Samson FPV

      “You should be a celebrity , Amongst any Tree, across 7 Sea. But your a enemy. Catching felony “ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😮💨= 😁

    13. Free Fire Mercenario

      El que diga que no le gusta esta canción su mae¡

    14. Gleyci Ferreira

      I love you mAryjane

    15. Olaznog

      Very good song

    16. Khalil Calma

      You grand father bob is live

    17. Count Arnqup Lupqurn- the Noone joker

      Check 1200 micrograms/ cannibal corpse

    18. LE TRIO GANG


    19. Terry Dachsteiner

      I love weed

    20. Andreas Vassiliou


      1. Andreas Vassiliou


      2. Andreas Vassiliou

        So funny they duicate🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. Tushar Virdi

      Oh yeah

    22. مايكل مدير


    23. Leti Rdguez

      TemaZO 😍

    24. Jonathan games po jogos espada 104

      the Kings 2020🇧🇷x🇯🇲

    25. I AM ASIAN

      Sounds like matusyahu

    26. Claudia M

      Grow your own mary jane please we have enough on narcos! and microtraffic

    27. Gleyci Ferreira

      Assistindo e F1 DO VERDIN🌿🍁 2020. .....

    28. Francesco Marasco

      Anche nel 2020 è 🔝✊😁

    29. Jilmar Matoma

      Q Riko es cuchar este tema fumando un filin

    30. bryan nolan

      How can you not listen to this all the time.

    31. Mode Dawod

      26,may 2020 still alive 🙏😁

    32. Constant Music

      Marleys, is Miyagi your brother?

    33. lizzie. Alvarezz


    34. Lester Green

      damian is white and tries to hard. do something else with your life

    35. Ry gy

      The message of this song.. the artist.. the entirety of it is true and raw inspiration. Life changing. Hope everyone is having a truly good day. If not turn that shit around and be happy to know there is always light at the end up of every tunnel

    36. RDZINN 007

      Depois de bob ele e o melho

    37. Angel Crespo

      Legalyze it!

    38. Lipe coountry

      Jamaica ⚜

      1. Lipe coountry


    39. Ravie Persaud

      Noting perfect exis.....😱😍

    40. Mr Zitha

      Medication for cold in Africa, probably might heal corona too who knows.

    41. Jack time

      Fumar mota es para aquel que la sepa controlar

    42. Jack time

      Quien latinos escuchan en 2020

    43. Jack time

      Escuchando medicación parami

    44. Real Vibes

      Amazing Jam

    45. S h o l o

      Today Saturday 23th May 2020,9:05 pm with 125.105.877 views😲😲😲😲.This song will exceed the 200 million views...remember this comment The Best Reggae Song of the 21st century🌴 🎶🚬💚💛 💚💛 on day 64 of quarantine colombia 2 days before my 21st birthday🍨 🎂

    46. This Is Life Podcast


    47. Balãozera FF

      Algum brasileiro curtindo essa brisa em plena pandemia

      1. LIL B4RB4

        é o jeito parcero kkkk

    48. Lynette Holloway

      I love them and mommys music

    49. Ayuba Lukman

      africa medication who make me ahhhhhhh

    50. Count Arnqup Lupqurn- the Noone joker

      You just gotta explain my Sui albums to who`s not taking it for own mind like you don`t


      I don't think Paranoia and anxiety is medication

    52. R D

      Quem é BR vendo essa bela canção, vai deixar o like 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 #Legalize #021

    53. HMNY 911

      Smoke weed🙂

    54. в танке


    55. в танке

      Если бы в России такой клип сняли, всех бы посадили😎

    56. Παναγιώτης Καφαταρίδης

      Autotune man? Really?

    57. Ryan Crum

      Have to give them credit but Bob is still the G.O.A.T period

    58. Diva Sargent

      Quarantine and relax 💚

    59. Gleyci Ferreira

      🍺🍻Curtindo um som desse rachando mto top

    60. dsl music

      Guys, Bob Marley is an absolute legend, R.I.P. but his son's music is way different than any other thing I heard.

    61. Yohannes Abay


    62. EMPRESS, C Phillips

      I wish i could handle smoking lord knows i rather use this than be on any kind of medication made by pharma. If I ever get sick Im blazing up!!!!!

    63. Azaria Metekingi


    64. Nick

      I’m a diabetic and I smoke cannabis almost every single day. When I’m not smoking usually my blood sugar level is extremely high. I believe cannabis helps me 100% with my blood sugar.

    65. Mr. imagitron

      pk sodomi

    66. Aime Miler

      En français ptdr

    67. Meilee prosper prosper meilee


    68. Matheus Henrique

      Libera o boldo papai estado 🇧🇷

    69. ramiro peres

      2020 BRO EPICO

    70. TheRhamyres