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    Today, storm area 51 , pewdiepie minecraft monday, creeper aww man memes & dog and the dad memes plus is it gif or gif meme

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    1. Clumsy

      is it gif or gif?

      1. Multi-Stan For ever

        Clumsy I think.. gif

      2. Kaleb Mulhollen

        woAh you have 500 replies there

      3. Milky Night

        Its gif

      4. Skello Jello


      5. Diego Brando


    2. ꧁Ark Butterfly꧂

      i swear i like the most random tish

    3. My name is Deznootz

      6:50 literally castle crashers

    4. Dorothy Isidro

      6:24 Smg4 amirite?

    5. Azzeddine El Marchouhi

      Gif in dutch is Poison

    6. Steele Doge

      Bruh it’s pronounced soundless video y’all are stupid

    7. iTz0nyx

      6:56 Is it sad that I actually do this on a daily to weekly basis

    8. NukeTwins

      2:51 Yes Yes Yes!

    9. •泪水

      1:47 Congratulations.

    10. Some random Soviet dude

      6:06 DE-news users: *Is this some joke that I am too rich to understand* Plus who watches TV anymore

    11. JaCaBrA Just JaCaBrA

      6:22 Finally! An SMG4 meme

    12. - GameEnded -

      My religion is memes

    13. Faircelt

      6:50; ever heard of A Way Out? Saddest ending to a game besides maybe Red Dead Redemption.

    14. Jayson

      Its G-I-F

    15. DartFight

      It’s Gif not Jif

    16. Madeline Cooke

      I got so happy when I realized the music was from dk summit

    17. Jalabeanos

      6:15 for what made my day

    18. Derpy Derp

      Its jif

    19. Jamie_The_ Pink_Alpaca

      Does that mom not know of photoshop you can clean one counter take a pic then photoshop

    20. Pepe The Frog

      It no lemme reply to clumsy comment

    21. a person

      Waldo is in the top left square if anyone was wondering

      1. Pepe The Frog

        a person no he not

    22. Shika Maru

      Since i cant reply to Clumsy anymore, its is now pronounced "JY-IF".

    23. MaverixXXV

      6:20 YAY, I knew it this will become a meme format

    24. That_weird_horse


    25. NerdyMelon21

      Bonk im a force a nature

    26. RaDe Will


    27. RaDe Will


    28. BirdieGaming

      First day of middle school tomorrow, wish me luck

    29. Nate .L

      Meme religion 🙏🙏 Sign up here ⬇

      1. Jamie_The_ Pink_Alpaca

        The only religion i need is Christianity

    30. shannongaming9

      #DDM Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sunflowers are yellow And lavender is purple. These are gardening facts You have been tricked

      1. Jamie_The_ Pink_Alpaca

        Violets are violet and since violet is technically not a color anymore they are purple

    31. Pimp Named RustySlickClam

      That symbiote one was so cute

    32. Raihan Khan

      #ddm media accuses gamers of gun violence:😢👉 me playing minecraft: 😼

    33. Tobija Aljaž

      #DDM Mom :*calls me* Me: *ends call* So you have chosen; death

    34. C & C Miller


    35. Dynamite PLAYZ

      So your showing yourself something 3:02

    36. Turtleguy 76

      #DDM petition to make ddm episode 420 69 minutes long.

    37. chelly chelly

      6:42 lol “시도하다” & “Kim Jong-un” 🤡

    38. zDecent

      I don’t have a girlfriend.

    39. Meme Boi

      Does anyone know the song

      1. Hannah Crawford

        DK submit- Mario cart wii

    40. Subscribe for Stonks

      It’s gif not jif because gif stands for graphic interchange format and you don’t say jraphic.

    41. Carrie Cook

      Seriously Jeff

    42. Hands full of Ink

      7:06 Good thing I buy glass Bottles

    43. I DONT CARE

      hmmmmm yes a dank meme

    44. troll gamer ame heheheheh

      #DDM=1 hope for team fortress 2

    45. //Diamond Papenbrook*

      wait is that mario kart music im hearing

    46. Jsjjs Sjs

      A mom who can change the wifi password is RaRe

    47. RedYoshio

      6:21 that image is from SMG4, I like this meme

    48. Franx ITA

      6:44 oh you mean "a way out" ?

    49. Doesnt Matter

      Come on Guys.Nobody founds Waldo?

    50. Antonio Caldaroni

      Omg the Mario kart music

    51. Shotgun KITTEEE

      If scientists could turn stress into electricity, I would power my whole state.

    52. Joseph Castillo

      6:14 note that we are talking about a magic glove THAT CAN END THE U N I V E R S E!

    53. Thiccnando

      Smg4 has a part in this

    54. Wobbly Beefus

      Clumsy: See you tomorrow 3 days pass Me: Am I a joke to you? #DDM

    55. DJ Ceviche


      1. Hannah Crawford

        Found it its DK submit- Mario cart wii

      2. Hannah Crawford


    56. FantasySherlockHomles

      6:50 a way out

    57. Jhon Mike

      #DDM Yeet is one of the words u just cant explain 2 ur parents.

    58. Nokoltian Z


    59. The Coockie

      6:45 A way out : Am i a joke to you

    60. BTDBuster

      Gif or *JIF?* hmmm.... il let bad boy halo decide!

    61. nickz1lla

      6:53 castle crasher after every boss battle

    62. Audio Addict

      */summon @p Minecraft:Sending_To_Crush_RN 100*

    63. Orion Thayer

      1:28 is anyone else trying to find waldo?

    64. Red Rodent

      Yo I'm literally on the toilet rn 4:23

    65. Gage Jernigan

      6:53 holy crap I remember playing that level as a kid you could play as both characters and even if anakin won the fight the ending was still the same bc that's how star wars works.

    66. MangaCatGirl

      6:41 not sure what it means but I think it says "Sidohada" and "Gimjang-eun"???

    67. Kellan Murakami

      Ahh soothing Mario kart music

    68. DiWey Production

      2:10 Aight whoever made this, you got my respect, making Johnny Cash funny

    69. Max Crooks

      me: I won the lottery! Everyone in my pre school class: hippity hoppity give me your property

    70. TIG3R T4MYNG

      Me: Forgets phone in bathroom Me 5 seconds later: Hmm, yes the light is made out of light. Also me: Why cant I see anymore?