Darius Rucker, Jake Owen, Morgan Wallen, & Hardy Vs. The Fore Man Scramble (Troubadour Golf Club)

Fore Play Golf

Fore Play Golf

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    The Fore Man Scramble traveled to Nashville, TN to take on a team of country music stars consisting of Darius Rucker, Jake Owen, Morgan Wallen, and Hardy. In the process we raised a ton of money for the Jake Owen Foundation, you can continue to donate here: cbo.io/bidapp/index.php?slug=jakeowenfoundation
    Will the Fore Man Scramble remain undefeated?
    Special thanks to Troubador Golf and Field Club and Owens Craft Mixers.
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    1. Esabela Western

      The forgetful distance gratifyingly disagree because baby ethnopharmacologically dress amidst a smiling seashore. vast, black-and-white italy

    2. Michael Doyle

      That was the world's longest "Cotton Dockers" commercial!

    3. Mirelle Tomasina

      Next round: the good good boys vs the Foreplay guys. It may be a slaughter for the foreplay guys but it would be very beneficial to both channels

    4. robyn taylor

      lol does Morgans socks say damn gina

    5. urbanothepopeofdeath

      wish I knew who was who (except darius of course!)

    6. Jack Kineke

      Country stars were awesome! Always makes me laugh to hear the foreplay boys ask for distance to pin, as if they can hit it where they want.

    7. Javier Rubio

      Frank rhymes with shank...lmao

    8. Shane Walker

      frankies club twirl needs to be burned

    9. Ryan Winn

      this is sick but does Fore Play know that making this longer than a movie significantly diminishes its chances to get more traffic. Not that the video did bad by any means. I just think it could hav done a lot better. But hey thats just me some nobody

    10. Andy Reeves

      Jake owen seems annoying when he drinks lol

    11. Alejandro Jacques

      Absolutely love the fact that no one is gona talk about Darius looking like will smith dad off of fresh prince of Bal air.. big fan tho

    12. Tyler Dugan

      I love the ASMR of Morgan spittin

    13. Bud Fox

      hahahah. I don't throw darts on a board, I bet on sure things, Greed is Good,

    14. steve com

      so does THIS prove riggs isn't a single digit handicap or do we need MORE proof? i mean...he can't improve his lie or place shots since there are plenty of witnesses. they used more shots from trent than from riggs lmfao that is just HORRIBLE. weird how that works huh riggsy?

    15. Bobby Merino

      Absolutely crazy amount of missed fist pumps in this video

    16. BlueStrat99

      Who said “speed slot” at 17:55 😂

    17. Trevor Holtz

      48:31 - RIP CART BOY

    18. matt judy

      Did I see a pack of marlboros in jakes back pocket?

    19. Wendell Richardson

      The fact that morgan wallen said he'd give hardy half of his biscuit that's true friendship

    20. Jared Hayes

      Hardy and Morgan Wallen at 0:22 😂😂

    21. Tanner Pederson

      Frankie has zero style

    22. Kevin Ditto

      I could never have Jake Owen as a golfing partner 😂😂

    23. Miguel Barrios

      yo i like frankie but hes traaaaaash

    24. Minerva Marie Kirk

      I love Morgan's outfit He's so Handsome. 😍❤

    25. CARDINAL23 23

      Poor caddy

    26. grant mcquaide

      Jake Owen is a pud, seems like a annoying dude when he drinks

    27. Carter K.

      these are huge names and they suck at gold just as much as i do and i love it

    28. Carter K.

      i didnt mean to say i hate riggs hes alriht

    29. Paul Frechette

      Jake owen is a dick, listen to him, bit of a douche that guy. I'd never golf with him.

    30. Zach Hughes

      Jakes being that annoying drunk

    31. Justin Thompson

      Hardy isn’t a good golfer he’s a great scrambler

    32. Justin Thompson

      Notice how only rich guys use PXG because they are HORRIBLE CLUBS....I’ve tested them extensively and they are just not good

    33. Fried Rice

      Fore Play puts out such great content!!

    34. Robert Harvey

      women girlfriend love man boyfriends love

    35. Daniel L

      That's what happens when you have money and buy blades and don't know how to hit them. Even tour pros play with cavity backs.

    36. Daniel L

      Hardy's swing is terrible

    37. Layla Parker

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    38. Jennifer M Ambriz

      Good Video 🙏 call out #ProducerSamples4Free

    39. Maisie Campbell

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    40. Stephen Boyajian

      If Riggs and Lurch's handicaps are that low, I'm thinking they are entering their scramble scores into GHIN. I ain't that good, and I recognize that level of play.

      1. george larson

        Oh that's great!... How are you doing today.. I hope you're having a delightful week

    41. Thomas Carignan

      Zahs energy in this is nothing short of electric

    42. Woodsy Tugboat

      53:24 thumbnail alert

    43. Joelee Finn

      To the punk ass that took the Lords name in vaine, I hope you ask for forgiveness and turn your life around before you smoke.

    44. J Farmer

      This was awesome! didn't know Hardy and Frankie could golf like that. 10/10

    45. Hunter Klasse

      Lurch said he was a 4 handicap? We need to see him play Peter Finch soon

    46. Darrin Butler

      1:20:53 when jake almost fell and had to run it off!!!!! I felt that

    47. Kevin Johnson

      Pretty bad for Darius to commit if he had another engagement. He golfs enough to know how long it takes to play a scramble round.

    48. Robert Strickland

      My wife is a Morgan wallet fanatic. This is my chance to introduce her to Barstool

    49. Alex Jones

      This was genuinely uncomfortable by the end.

    50. Chun Ming Ho

      Riggs comes in clutch when you need the thinned-shank-sliced 204 yard drive.

    51. Scott Winter

      Riggs blows

    52. Al93Smith

      Anyone know what brand Morgan Wallen's jumper is?

    53. Drew DeYarmon

      Jake got drunk as hell😂

    54. P Twg

      Am i realy watching videos that overlap with the target group of country music listeners. Not only am i dissapointed by you but mostly by me. Greetings from europe, nobody can stand that genre. Love u Trent daddy

    55. SQUADLY

      Never heard of Jake Owens before but that dude is super fuckin’ annoying.

    56. Drew Goddard

      Why jake look like he’s been on the PGA tour sense he was 20 lol

    57. Hunter W

      Jake Owen has the money for golf but the personality for beer pong

    58. Joe Thomas

      Cool video if you like watching average golfers miss putts

    59. It’s your uncle

      Why did I think hardy was like 56

    60. Charlie Sumner

      Frankie's little sword move is so cringey

    61. Alex Jones

      Imagine getting pissed and acting like a fuckwit and trying to ask people for money. Haha

    62. Alex Jones

      Country star team doing so much coke

    63. J P

      Is that Lurch from the junkies?

    64. Bo Thorgren

      Jake Owen’s a douche

    65. Nicholas Hars

      I thought I didn’t like Jake Owen and after that... yeah that’s confirmed. Dude just loves to hear himself talk.

    66. Brian B

      great content, awful golf

    67. tubetime

      Jake Owen has the wrong vibes

    68. Trent Brannon

      Fore Play Golf VS NLU guys please

    69. Coobear99

      What a great match to watch. I wish I could be there. Great times.

    70. JF Boulianne

      Just wasted!!! lol