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Gentle Whispering ASMR

Gentle Whispering ASMR

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    Good Evening! :) Let's enjoy barely audible whispers tonight. These hushed sounds are perfect to listen to in the background or as you drift off to sleep as your brain is not trying to make sense of them and let's you have noise without words. I hope you enjoy it! ♥ :)

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    Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
    -This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)
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    1. Gentle Whispering ASMR

      Good Evening! :) Let's enjoy barely audible whispers tonight. These hushed sounds are perfect to listen to in the background or as you drift off to sleep as your brain is not trying to make sense of them and let's you have noise without words. I hope you enjoy it! ♥ :)

      1. Emma Harwood

        okay but i can’t be the only one who heard the church bells in the very beginning

      2. Rebecca Charles

        Hi Maria your work is outstanding and perfect YOUR THE BEST AND HELP ME EVERY NIGHT 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THANKYOU YOUR A LEGEND 💐💐💐💐

      3. Jeffery Robertson

        Jim Newton Leeann Tweeden And Danni Ashe Like Two Piece Swimsuit Color

      4. Big Deal

        @Jeffery Robertson I have disleiya and a grade 1 education reading isnt easy for me

      5. Big Deal

        @Jeffery Robertson sorry I have never read the bible I dont know how to reply

    2. TheFutureKing


    3. xHarryPotter Lovex

      So good! 💛💙💜💚❤🖤

    4. The Cool Vids Gangster


    5. Decharell Decha

      She is so amazing .My ears omg i fell a sleep thank you beautifull lady

    6. Marquavius Casey

      First time reacting to asmr

    7. Jacob Kile

      Who listens to this!?

      1. DEETEA


      2. m e


    8. Allybug

      Before I knew asmr existed, I just kept slurping and doing mouth noises or just fiddling with my nail polish brush😳

    9. Anastasia Petrikova

      Maria: Good evening Me watching it in the middle of the day: oh, well, as you say

    10. Владимир Ульшин

      Прикольно, смотрел твои видео и ранее, но почему-то не попадал под слова на русском, даже и не догадывался что ты не инглишь нейтив спикер)

    11. Kryʌrtz


    12. h-h-hannah

      *did anyone just jump at **7:01*

    13. nunya beeswax

      Please continue to whisper......that in audible stuff is useless for me...thanx

      1. m e

        Inaudible is good for other's

      2. m e

        She has other whisper videos go find them

    14. Mr. Random

      Maria: Good Evening, so tonight we are going to do some- Me: Drops phone on face and falls asleep.

    15. Rayan Ghorayeb

      Maria: _first let's start off with some compliments_ Me: Great! I love compliments Her: _you're so sweet..._ Me: aww thanks! Her: gentle..._ Me: stop! You're gonna make me blush! Her: _... sooo sleepy..._ Me: that's so nice- wait what?

    16. LuKe WorldSon

      Not even a sec... and u can already see the quality!!! ...GREAT!!!😴👍🏻🤤🤤🤤

    17. Kim Ternestål

      I just get angry and irritated because I can’t hear what she’s saying/whispering. Makes me wanna scream 😡😫

      1. Ava Parker

        Then why watch?

    18. Erin Davison

      10:18 don’t mind me just putting a time stamp x

    19. Addy Edits!

      My friends made me stay up its 6:30 AM and I’m ready to sleep 😳😳😂

    20. Vaniok Kk

      How about Ukraine??0????0?

    21. Sean Smith

      Love ASMR but also intrigued.Why do I build up a tolerance for it like medication?

    22. TC LAW

      Is it just me, or sometimes she makes this high pitch sound, like around 23:31 ~ 23:35 ? Plz let me know, it's been bothering me for days

      1. TC LAW

        @newget Thz a lot man.....really thz

      2. newget

        yeah she does, you arent crazy hahah

    23. CDH 1020

      This would have worked well without the Mic fluff/scratch thing. Too bad.

    24. Christopher Cawley

      I don't think I was awake for more than 5 minutes the first evening I listened to this. There's part of me that wants so badly to stay awake to actually WATCH the video, but the other side is like... finally... a cure for the anxiety and resultant insomnia. Since I discovered these videos, I've slept better than ever before. THANK YOU. Sincerely. Thank you.

    25. Johan Walters

      Such an Angel thank you Maria. I am a walking bag of nerves and anxiety so this really helps!

    26. Charles Patrick


    27. Pickle Rick

      I like her because she doesn’t make it weird, it’s really hard to find a good asmrtist that doesn’t make super weird videos

    28. Slurf58

      Your voice and your inaudible words are extremely sensual and make me feell dyzzy and exited...

    29. Preston Reynolds

      7:02 That scared the living hell outta me.

    30. Ощепкова Софья

      Прямо в моё день рождения вышло это асмр) Спасибо за такой чудесный подарок)

    31. Bucky! At The Disco

      in the beginning I really thought you were gonna say, "I'm gonna do some gentle whispering"

    32. Ella Tobin-Arocho

      At one point i heard a weird noise on the mic, and was like: WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!? and then looked and it was your hand

      1. AllMight

        Ella Tobin-Arocho 1. Name twins 2. I love your profile pic 3. Relatable 😂

    33. Tyler Smith

      This was amazing 🤤 😴

    34. Haley

      I Love Jesus

    35. xHarryPotter Lovex

      Her: *you* *are* *so* *sweet* *so* *gentle* Me: well idk bout th- Her: *so* *sleepy* Me: 😴😴

    36. Boiler Tech

      Maria, you and those fluffy microphones zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    37. nthomasize

      I love the part 22:28

    38. Say T

      DE-news suggested this video, but thanks! This is my second time watching, the first time I fell asleep in about 10 mins. I didn't even know what asmr was but I'm a fan, it's a similar sensation to meditating

    39. Gamer

      Фон сзади будто из раскраски,больно уж похож)

    40. Jay Jay

      Could you please do a video of deep whispers with some mic touching please.

    41. Avenue Kinz

      I feel like you have an accent 🤔?

    42. Uriel Guzmán

      Recuerdo que la primera vez que escuché un ASMR fue en radio en un programa muy conocido en México "La Corneta" y gracias a ellos la conocí a ella 😍

    43. It's Joe

      i think i was so sleepy i accidentally hit the dislike button and only realized it now, sorry Maria UwU

    44. Shalene Mckown


    45. Because I’m Bored

      7:03 that scared the crap out of me

    46. Total Kong

      It’s Mother’s Day and I haven’t had a flipping minute - so I’m hiding in the bathroom and chilling out - what better video! 🤣

    47. charmsparkle

      Make up looks very Adele inspired

    48. Heather Fortun

      This is (in my opinion) THE BEST ASMR audio to fall asleep to 🥰

    49. Itzx Bella

      your eyes are so beautiful:)

    50. Live To draw

      The thing is my right earbud doesn’t work so that’s really sad

    51. DarkMario2

      Alright, so a few weeks ago, I really damaged my hearing and I thought my ASMR days were over. I'm so happy to say this video actually gave me tingles when so many of my other standards wouldn't anymore. Thank you so much, Maria, for everything you do for us!

    52. CRÜEligans

      So I and my dad watch your Asmrs and boy are they good

    53. TheOneKid

      I think I heard her say, "there is no formula to success." Pretty true. Thanks for inspiring me, Maria! ♥

    54. Vanessa Anselmo

      Some ASMR artists act like they are making out with the mic, she doesn’t and it’s some what audible. Love your videos 😍

    55. AvengerNut2018

      “hhhhhgood evening”- *instantaneous tingles* i love youuuu thank you for what you do 😁❤️

    56. Vidar Bökman

      I wish you could whisper in my ear xoxo

    57. Jadyn Tambe

      damn the tingles!!!!

    58. عبدالرحمن الزهراني


    59. canal lesma


    60. Sam and Paitan

      This kinda thing is so weird but I like it 💀

    61. ZebraJess92

      I would love a video where you just switch between whispering "in front of" and "behind" the ear. No brushes, no fluffy thing, no crinkely sounds etc. They are all like finger nails on chalkboard for me... But I DO love your whispers and your mics with the behind the ear effect. Could you a simple whisper video with the effect? No other sounds?

    62. hxnnxh mx

      She deserves more than just 1.82 million

    63. Madison Moran

      Instead of watching DE-news asmr I am just going to start reading books it is healthier

    64. Nicoletta Perotti

      Finally someone who intensely triggers my ASMR I've only experienced partial triggers, but this is amazing... You help me relax before and during studies

    65. Ana ASMR

      Tenta gravar um em português.......not inglish

    66. Bella’s Fun Slime channel

      Are you saying duck

    67. sydney gillum

      ASMR self check point pt 2: (I saw someone do this so I thought I'd update) -Have you used the restroom? -Do you have your charger near by or plugged in? -Did you eat? -Comfortable? Have blankets and pillows? -Earbuds? -Grab yourself a water if you get thirsty. -Turn off auto play

    68. Junia Vieira

      Tks, Adelle

    69. Zinny Binny

      everybody: *asleep* Me: *still awake trying to figure out what shes saying*

      1. Nicoletta Perotti

        lol that was me near the beginning the trick is you kind of... pay attention, yet... not really? idk how to explain it XD

    70. Astrid Playz

      Hack when your phone gets taken away and you want to listen to asmr: Tell Alexa to play gentle whispering and plug headphones or earphones into the plug next to the charger plug on Alexa