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Gentle Whispering ASMR

Gentle Whispering ASMR

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    Good Evening! :) Let's enjoy barely audible whispers tonight. These hushed sounds are perfect to listen to in the background or as you drift off to sleep as your brain is not trying to make sense of them and let's you have noise without words. I hope you enjoy it! ♥ :)

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    Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
    -This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :)
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    1. Gentle Whispering ASMR

      Good Evening! :) Let's enjoy barely audible whispers tonight. These hushed sounds are perfect to listen to in the background or as you drift off to sleep as your brain is not trying to make sense of them and let's you have noise without words. I hope you enjoy it! ♥ :)

      1. Mairyn Torres

        This is my go to video to relax me and de stress, I absolutely LOVE this one. You and Latte are my favorites....please do not stop making ASMR videos. Thank you!!!! 💟

      2. Rachel Freier

        Gentle Whispering ASMR what are you saying at 18:40???

      3. Arinka asmr

        Мария , вы прекрасны , самый лучший АСМР на совете 😘😘😘😘

      4. Katja & Igor

        Маша, а почему идёт шипение небольшое? Смотрела видео у другого ASMRтиста, там нет шипения.

    2. Ian Cain

      Did anyone this of playing the at playback speed of 0.75 or 2x your welcome lol

    3. Retro-Matic Gamer

      For some reason, I just had the weirdest thought. Part of what makes Maria so hypnotic is her gorgeous, heartfelt gaze, like she’s looking us right in the eye. Now consider this - she’s staring at a camera, treating a soulless inanimate object as if she cared deeply about it so that we’d really believe that for ourselves. That’s talent, yo - acting skills that good should not be taken for granted.

    4. Christina

      Bad move listening to this while working..

    5. Kristine Smart

      This is just my humble opinion. This is one of your best videos yet. I went to sleep halfway in. In addition, belated congratulations on your bundle of joy, Mila. She's a doll and has Momma's eyes. Thank you!

    6. chae

      i don't think there's a concept that you CAN'T pull off

    7. Joel senju

      It's the way you say S with the breathy whistle that destroys reality for me. Anything you do with soft speaking never fails to toss me into hyperspace.

    8. Ани Оганисян

      Hope, you'll get 2mln soon ❤

    9. Ани Оганисян

      Одно из тех видео, что бьют в цель и набирают хорошие просмотры. Как с парикмахером

    10. McGriddle69

      Behind the ears gets me everytime. The only way I get tingles is whispers in my right ear. I wish I got tingles from all the asmr techniques though -_-

    11. Camila Hernandez

      I cant help but come back to this video every night and just relax and get tingles☺️😁💖😴

    12. Ayoka Joseph

      love that i can hear the whisper rather than just heavy breathing. so tingly

    13. JJ ASMR

      I'm really looking up to her. I thought what she was doing was easy and after whispering for 3 minutes my throat strat hurting. Good job 💕💕💕💕💕

    14. jolly fresh

      she look l8ike she is playimg with chubachas balls

    15. layla nuria

      asmr w/ a baby!

    16. Melissa Garcia

      I love admit and she is the only asmr channel I watch no one does it as perfect as she does!!! If anyone has a good channel please let me know

      1. Kristine Smart

        Juliet says...ASMR is a new one that does videos like this only she uses real dialogue. She speaks this quiet; love her!

    17. act6629

      Okay, I surrender. I am yours. Do what you want with me. This video has taken me so far beyond tingles that I don’t even know what to call it. You have turned my entire body into jelly. 🤤 I don’t want it to stop!

    18. Mae Lin

      In asmr videos there are always people that manage to hear something random.

    19. Cozy Bear

      I cannot even hear what she is saying, but I don't care.

    20. Jillian Ness

      I don't know why I clicked on this in the bathroom and almost fell off the toilet falling asleep. 🤣

    21. Семицвет Обыкновенный

      Love Maria) But still I have a question in general - why do usually "ear to ear" technique rather meen "air to ear"? I personally have very sensitive ear perception and this oftenly disturbes me...

    22. mikehuntburnz

      This is almost too intense

    23. Jayden Barr

      I’ve been so sick and miserable this week and your videos have really helped me a lot with sleeping and just relaxing, thank you❤️

    24. Sergio Gonzalez


    25. Jade Johannson

      This one really helps me when im studying. Helps me for anything, i think. Thank you so much for this 32 minutes.

    26. Gabby lugton

      hi I hope your pregnancy is going well or was good have you had your baby yet and if not when is your baby due???

      1. AthenaTT

        Gabby lugton she had her baby 7 months ago (a little girl)

    27. Luna Shin

      I’m still hear this video☺️😊

    28. Emma Leyva

      I was listening to this with my eyes closed and I thought the stroking of the microphone was heavy breathing. LoL! I thought that was a bit extreme.

    29. Seren Jones

      I fell asleep but...My brother said " *WhAt aRe yOu wAtcHinG* "

    30. Brgm-


    31. Monkey Man

      This is how many people who will hit a button for no reason 👇👇

      1. ambitchous


    32. Thifany Mazaro Alves

      The best!

    33. Christopher Allen

      wow! this is the first video to give me tingles in a while :) i still watch a lot of asmr because it's super helpful for my insomnia, but it had been months since i've had tingles...good work!

    34. Офицер Советской Армии Иван

      Когда видео на русском

    35. Petit Souris

      Машенька, знаю, что мы вас уже одолели, но правда очень ждём видео на русском, прям сил нет😊🐈🍃🍂🍁

    36. jman 77

      I think this is the 20th time I've watched this video.... Absolutely perfect!

    37. james crook

      this is so sexy,.... I love my ears blown, hot breath, and heavy whispering.... niiice

    38. squall_youtube

      You are the best. Thank you! I love the different videos you have made with those sennheiser mics. They give me tingles.

    39. Khawla Jaberi

      The most beautifull and respectfull asmr queen ❤️❤️

    40. Lizzy Kennett

      I love the chimes at the beginning! I'd love more of that!

    41. Immense EdiTzZ

      This is how many people are eating this whilst sitting on their pool table in the middle of a construction site 👇👇

      1. Gabby lugton

        dude I hope your not eating this video!!!

      2. anon nico

        YOU KNOW IT!


      5:40 благородные девицы.?

    43. Ashlee Duncan

      Absolutely adore this, got my tingles back! They seem to come and go, but this video never fails to give me tingles! Thank you so much!

    44. Muhammad Nuruddin

      You can also try whispering in Latin for asmr and most of us still wouldn't understand a word.

    45. Ada Green

      I really love your drumming sounds! I have seen you doing it in 2 videos, with mini drumming sticks and without and both times I was surprised by tingles rushing through even though I would not have thought it would have this effect!!!

    46. Hylianknight93

      i prefer without the fluffy thing lol

    47. Grace

      mannn i would love a full video exactly like this but without the fluffy mic covers! that last bit of the video sent chills all down my spine

    48. Emma Melissa

      There’s two types of ASMR. The kind I watch when I want to relax and feel a little sleepy. And the kind that sends me into a short term coma. This is the second kind.

    49. Angelina Buffolino

      I love your voice ❤️

    50. kay0xsp

      My first asmr experience was with this channel . And for me you are still the best . Thank you nighty night zzZzZz

    51. Laanemets Hanna

      I'm living for inaudible whispers 4real

    52. your hold

      И только русские понимают этот "неразборчивый" шёпот ;)

    53. Alina Gutierrez

      I actually felt tingles and I've never felt them in my life so... She obviously is the only real ASMRtist.

    54. Phumelele Nzuza

      Oh my gahd the way you're giving me tingles I can't even hear what you're saying

    55. Claire_The weirdo girl

      She:Good evening Me:Dint charge the phone and fals off She: ;-----------;

    56. blacktiger07

      She’s saying devilish shit man

    57. izgnarly

      You are the best ASMR person!

    58. Fairy Taco

      These mics are so effective I can almost feel the warm of your breath down my ear.

    59. aREDSerenity

      Lol that moment your husband walks in on your video about asmr ree

    60. Armando Contreras

      Finally an asmrtist that doesnt just focus on the damn left ear

      1. HauntedLocker -


      2. No Limits

        Armando Contreras 😂

      3. cold iced tea


    61. Ashwin Elango

      6 years of listening to Masha and still can't find a comfortable headphone to happily drift off without getting choked by wires in the middle of the night or a earphone that hurts or won't stop falling out of your ear. The ONLY struggle of listening to an ASMR. We need headphones/earphones designed for ASMR !!!

      1. Bat Wolf

        AirPods! They’re usually still in my ears when I wake up

      2. cold iced tea


      3. Hannah Harrison

        Have you heard of Cozyphones? My coworker and her husband both use them at night in bed. She wears it slightly angled with one speaker forward and one behind so she can lay on her side.

      4. Lisa Rose

        Ashwin Elango my the biggest dream. First, when I discovered asmr I prefer to listen to it lying on stomach. And my earphones which I used then for 3-4 years still being as new. Two years ago I decided to lying as I want and just enjoy. So.. MY EARPHONES BROKE DOWN. Wires are bare and one of my cheeks always felt electric chock. Now I wish to try any wireless earphones. Hope using them will fix my problem.

    62. Avril

      Disoriented 🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥

    63. Jennifer Cruz

      I can't get enough of this I've been playing this every night for the past week and I fall in such a deep sleep thank you sooo soo much you have thee most prestine perfect whisper I love it

    64. songül karaman

      she reminds of Clarke from The 100 to me

    65. خاتم المرسلين همام

      I grew from your voice I invite you come to Egypt sent you a visa and marry you. you're an angel....😘💍😘

    66. The Man Himself

      No filter is much much better than with filter. The whispering was perfect and I don't think I can name anyone who can match it apart from Caroline asmr

    67. Time Developer

      *Что не говорите, но рожа у неё страшная. XD*

    68. Life of a gamer

      Was anybody else trying to figure out what she was saying

      1. Lil Gucci

        She says hail satan at 18:40

      2. Life of a gamer

        @ashley e LOL

      3. ashley e

        Life of a gamer yesss😂

    69. Timbill Corder

      This have me such deep head tingles! I'm currently dealing with severe, chronic TMJ pain, combined with 3 days of withdrawal, having run out of my pain meds early. Listening to and watching this is the best I've felt all week. You're amazing!

    70. Le MoNkEy Hehe

      Anyone else kinda felt air blowing in your ear?