Designing the Huracan Body - Here's How Its Going To Look!

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode im showing off the hard work of my friend Khyzyl Saleem. He was kind enough to do some concept modeling and rendering to create a widebody kit and aero parts for our LS powered Huracan. Check out Khyzyl on instagram at
    And head to his artstation page at
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    1. KhyzylSaleemArt

      Massive thank you for the opportunity to work with you man, can't wait to see how this turns out! YOU SICKKK GUY! 😂❤

      1. GT King

        KhyzylSaleemArt what do u think about adding a roof scoop 🤔

      2. rdannyb

        Your design is absolutely fantabulus!

      3. Christopher Nickerson

        Your pics are everywhere

      4. ramesh anand

        KhyzylSaleemArt you kick ass

    2. justin brown

      9:29 i feel you should build a scoop for the turbo and mount it on the roof

    3. ZaNeXiS kikiriii

      Looks sooo niceeee :3

    4. I'm not sure Why

      You need to put white tires on this crazy thing!

    5. I'm not sure Why

      Dude!!! A cyberpunk huracan?!! That's something else man. I'm excited for this.

    6. احمد علي


    7. Will Beverlin

      At 24:00, you were talking about a detachable roof. Look to the all carbon fiber Agera R for inspiration. Also, if you can have detachable rear body panels would make it the “Apocalyptacan!”

    8. robert durrance

      where does air filters go

    9. My Cool Moral Lay Ha

      Rather than cutting the roof of. You could take inspiration from the Bugatti/ Ford GT and build a roof scoop that ties into the wide body. If its made removal you can go back later and build a cage without sacrificing as much interior room.

    10. Striker Maximus

      Or a center Air intake Roof Scoop.

    11. Striker Maximus

      The braians blown out Ice-T style n shit.

    12. Striker Maximus

      Targa top roof

    13. Striker Maximus

      Exuast pipes should go down and to the lower sides but not too close to the tires.

    14. Striker Maximus

      The air vents at the top should. Act as a air intake for the intakeplenum

    15. anthropologyable

      Listen to the PEOPLE

    16. Striker Maximus

      Tripple air intake roof scoops hell yeah

    17. Striker Maximus

      Hood scoop air intake

    18. Striker Maximus

      Laser Front and rear lights.

    19. Striker Maximus

      Lights in the rear metal triangle shapes

    20. Striker Maximus

      The doors need slots too like the front fenders

    21. Striker Maximus

      Cyber punk

    22. Striker Maximus

      Do 4th gen camaro 98

    23. Striker Maximus

      Toyota Celica Hurican Liberywalk rx 7 mix

    24. 21 Stains

      💚💚 Amazingg

    25. Resistakill LoL

      I just noticed that you have the same IKEA chair as I do. It's such an awesome chair, in my opinion. My first and only chair so far (unless you count a foldable chair I had when I first started). The videos are amazing.

    26. HOONİGAN

      What name this programming

    27. Justin Chacko

      run fans in the front

    28. Gal Azoulay

      A matte grey or like a Nero nemesis also shows off lines very well also just like white

    29. Jesus Torres

      What’s the songs name when you first display it

    30. Kaden Rinehart

      I love your channel can’t wait to see more!! such great content

    31. Kian Johnson

      Maybe a moon roof

    32. Michaelgaming1001

      . . I. I Ic c c c c l

    33. Jose De Jesus

      You should add the knight rider stobe lights and paint it with the night fury dragon silhouette.

    34. Sotero A. Gomez

      Cyberpunk 2077 😆

    35. GT King

      You should add a roof scoop to the lambo!

    36. Jesse McCaffrey

      White carbon fiber wrap!

    37. Bret Spangler

      What modeling software are you using?

    38. AJHedges

      I saw that minion!

    39. Lucatron 9000

      When its the theory lesson in d and t

    40. JustMeBill

      +1 If you noticed 16:14

    41. A K EUC

      I'm a fan of b is for brave but honestly im not fond of your placement of the turbos you have mounted them wrong they are reversed..... They need to suck air and blow out. You have unnecessarily used more piping than needed. Mount the turbos so they suck through a mad vent so that seagulls suck in and bits fly out lol

    42. Ricardo Smits

      I think you should contact illumaesthetic @ instagram and see if they can make you some custom taillights!

    43. IGJOHNN

      This video in other words say every race car can be a show car but not every show car can be a race car

    44. Liam Gleeson

      Pure car porn 🇮🇪

    45. A

      What about the boat?

    46. Ramon Fernandez-Caamano

      How about flipping the Turbos, putting an IMSA style roof scoop for the intake air (a more civilized version of what is on the K.S. black prototype w no rear body panels). That'd also help with a now straight exhaust, maybe thru racing mufflers

    47. ProfessorOzone

      Turn the turbos around so the exhaust goes straight out. Then incorporate some dirty looking scoops across the roof going straight into the turbos!

    48. Boroni BMS

      What program do you use to model the car?

    49. Johnny Chun

      I love Khyzle style, His miata concept is so cyber punk.

    50. mohammad ezuddin mohd johari

      Stealth mode, f22 / f35 themed

    51. Dan Cruz

      Removable roof👎👎👎

    52. bern one

      You should run a roof scoop like on the McLaren's 600lt that feeds the turbos cold air

    53. Luke

      would it be possible to build a 3d printed mold for your carbon fiber based off of the 3d rendering ?

    54. eeueagles

      Go check out Mike Pateys Carbon fiber builds for his plane Draco! I think he has some tricks that would really help!

    55. MrDoni1996

      Try to 3D print moulds :/

    56. Mateja Radojevic

      Whats name of this program?

    57. Ryan Armstrong

      I like the white better!


      Clear hood but have to fix the problem with exaust heat melting body panels

    59. Robert Metcalf

      Make a rack any removable parts for the SEMA show.

    60. Robert Metcalf

      Build a skeleton for the engine cover to show off the goods. You can always put a cover after.

    61. ramesh anand

      Go white. There will be more carbon fiber bodies than you can count at sema. There will only be one white one with that stunning body kit. It will be a show stopper.

    62. Africa's very own

      Roof scoop

    63. RT 87

      Every time you say khyzyl saleem i keep thinking your saying kaiser permanente don’t ask me how but I just do

    64. Deadshilz

      You should form some sort of aero funnels from those Countach style vents into those turbos feeding them, the quicker you go the more you feed them. that would be a sick and cool looking engine design.

    65. Diego Perea

      Why turbos are looking backwards?. I think you will get more air/performance if the look to the front of the car as the air will be pushing inside the engine and not sucking from the back.

    66. loco292_YT

      In my opinion, it needs a big wing

    67. Not my name

      That is crazy crazy, wow

    68. TylerIsToxic

      What about the yacht?

    69. Steven Schaming

      Throw some turbo fans on that for a real cyberpunk aesthetic!!

    70. Robert Reis

      What do you think about flipping the turbos 180 degrees and making some sort of scoop to pull in air like a Ford Rs200 and exhaust exit like a 918 spyder?