Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy - Trials of Osiris Returns - Dev Insight



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    Trials of Osiris is back and it’s pretty insane.
    Destiny's infamous 3v3 pinnacle PvP activity is returning in Season of the Worthy. The developers at Bungie discuss the significance of its return and what to expect on your quest to the Lighthouse. Favorite maps and armor return as the level of competition rises to a new height.
    Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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    1. joseph benjamin

      Does anyone know what song they used for 2:42

    2. oOPraetorianOo

      Back in the day???? What a hero, a legend in your own mind!

    3. oOPraetorianOo

      Here he is, the fat hobbit of Bungie! Bringing back trials to boost his over inflated ego!


      Your game is trash and poorly managed. Goodbye for the second time and forever

    5. Macattack Lags

      Plus prison of elders

    6. Macattack Lags

      We want siva there so many lore about siva we want siva return in season of worthy or next season

    7. llblueberryll

      Unbelievable they did it again. The game so close to balanced and then you know what lets makes auto rifles the only the thing you can use unless your in the top .00001% aka top 100 . Literally just needed to nerf back up plan and shot gun distance by 1 meter which is what happened but then a genius said "you know what I like call of duty let's make this game feel like call of duty. Let's add a super fast ttk to auto rifles and make the game feel more casual ... bungie you are always so close and then one person runs it. I mean look at it honestly . The last time trials left it was wormhusk graviton now it's just wormhusk or anteus ward's with hardlight, summoner or suros. You always overbuff or overnerf. The primaries were in a fine spot. 110 hand cannons should have had a slight buff along with autos. Instead we got a ridiculous flinch fast ttk auto meta. Its sniper peeking until theres a pic then all autos. The game some how feels worse then last season in which you could be killed by about anything

    8. Target- Exx

      Bring back Noble constant armor for titans

    9. TYB_Jacob


    10. The Savior Sports and Entertainment Channel

      Please please please make destiney 2 crossplay call of duty does it you guys got this common that would be awsome!

    11. Dinkle McPringleberry

      When you go flawless once. The armor stays lit forever or just for a week?

    12. Brianplays 1044

      Fuck you bungie the game still fucking sucks

    13. Johnathan Scott

      How bout this? Whoever is responsible for hard light should be fired. Iron banner is UNPLAYABLE if you’re not a 1000+ light neckbeard with nothing else to do all day but sink their hours into this game.

    14. Itz- -Monday

      Trials sucks bunch of no life’s players that shit

    15. Ozzy Oliver

      Can you guys make a exotic that gives hunters blink again, a exotic for self res on warlock and and titan exotic that gives the sentinels a extended melee where they get a one second shield to block damage and if they do they can tap the melee button again and throw it (Btw there’s a sniper bug where if you spank the trigger enough with snap shot [Which most players are going to have/try to get on their snipers] you can make all snipers shoot like a adaptive)

    16. Electro Solo

      The fact that i haven't heard the word flawless in so long is sad

    17. Juan Simar

      I cant join my friends fireteam but me and my friend have the same NAT type

    18. Ozzy Oliver

      Can you guys combine threat detector and pulse monitor into one perk?

    19. Snackysnipe

      did you really play test trials?? from what im experiencing i'd say no and what you guys showed was just bullshit, you cant just go ''test you skill'' when getting bodied by ppl with higher light level power level shouldnt even be enable, trials is more of a pve end game than pvp because you have to go out of your way to get powerful drops to get that uncap 1000 power and some of the pvp players doesnt even goto raids and for them to go trials they're just going to have a bad time

    20. War Val

      If bungie is nerfing spectral blades because its 1 hit quick hits kill if its damage is 100 am okay with that Titans got nerfed so many times so that must happen am not a titan am a hunter but all i want is just balance because i can win 1 whole round with spectral blades So bungie fix the damage make it 100 not 200

    21. Rico Suave

      The grind is worse in these season than last...don't know why I bought the season pass...Also the armor state is like dark souls..doesn't do anything..just makes a good fashion statement..

    22. Vittorio Di Ruocco

      deposits cannot remain at 500 please enlarge them thanks

    23. Meh was Here

      Hey bungie if it’s possible could you guys bring it back for destiny 1 cause a lot of people miss trials in that game and I would love it cause I never got to do trials in d1 so if you can make where it’s like a twice a month and it last 3 weeks I felt happy cause I got a message on destiny 1 the other day that trials are back

    24. Lou Noreika


    25. CoreDNA

      Bungie you did hell of a good job with trials. I love it and it was missing for so long. Keep it up like this and this game will reach stars again. Btw normally i am in the comment section to say why this game sucks but finally you brought something very magical and impactfull for the game back! Adept weapons would be cool yo :)

    26. Asr

      I wish I was already able to hop into trials

    27. Protector.of. Furries

      Hey bungie I’d like to report a bug were when you do the regular dance it takes the textures and stretches it out on the new season pass hunter armor

    28. Alex Deering

      Hey Bungie Will you please bring back the OG last word in my opinion I think you nerfed it a little too hard last time And I really miss the OG last word So I am just asking and begging you to just please bring back the OG last word

    29. Dex .

      That's nice and all but... It would be even better if trials returned to D1. It sounds something delusional and fueled with nostalgia, but many would also live to experience the original trials - and iron banner - one more time.

    30. budz

      Please add prison back, need the nostalgia

    31. IchigoxRukia FOREVER


    32. skrrr ahhaa

      Trials of hard light

    33. XxThePhantom Gold

      Where is the widow map?

    34. maltawhat

      Considering trials is free for everybody, you mean to tell me that what I paid for this season was this shitty tower activity?!?!?! You've got to be kidding!!!!!! I'll never prepay for anything from you guys again!! Obviously leaving Activision wasn't a good idea because everything you've done since then is complete garbage perhaps you should consider getting on your hands and knees to convince them to take you back if you ever want to make half decent content again because this is just a really bad joke that only you guys find funny. Also I'd like to point out that you claim trials is connection based yet I got matched with ppl in Australia and I'm in Canada... keep up the great work lol

    35. Kiss Muass

      Please sell this company to people who can actually make games . At least just to keep it out of your fuckn hands

      1. Blue Beefalo

        mad lol

    36. Julian Rodriguez

      Trials ?

    37. Lazy Leviathan

      Trials or Osiris: *Exists* People with hard light: Oh boy, here I got killing again.

    38. 이규정

      fix the fucking server

      1. Supanat Kitiyodom

        server is fucking insane stupid dc

    39. NAIZER z

      Sell this shit and never come back i think... its worst shooter in a market now

    40. NAIZER z

      Fix your bullshit game .... left blizzard go free to play so many cheats ..... pvp is just laggy and unplayble ... o and from 10 matches 9 is with stupid hardlights....

      1. Blue Beefalo

        NAIZER z mad lol

      2. NAIZER z

        And you pay 50 eu and getting bullshit.... i buyed it because of crucible and now you cant play it ... hardlights everywhere suros regime also ... all other weaps its like toilet paper ... flushed..

    41. Matthew Johnson

      Bungie: oh match making will be based on they amount of wins on your ticket YEAH SAME WINS MY ASS THREE UNBROKENS ALREADY FLAWLESS GREAT MATCHMAKING BUNGIE GREAT

    42. caine Hopkins

      lukes acting is getting better, scripts still suck tho

    43. SwaveyTellem

      I haven’t played destiny in 2 years... time to start grinding Elo again

    44. Ashes527

      1:26 1:32 3:16 trials

    45. Landon Marek

      So it's IB but worse

    46. Ace Fire

      2:02 You did what mate cuz i can't see it

    47. Frankie M

      Destiny2: grind simulator 2020

    48. Mark Cohenger

      Disconnecting social ranks once again ? ... shit.

    49. Kevin Carpenter

      The most difficult thing in this game is coming to terms with the overly convoluted and cryptic nature of it's systems. You shouldn't have to do so much research just to be able to do and know basic things. For what it is, it is too steep of an entry barrier. On top of everything, all I see from the community is complaints about other players poor performance and Bungie's poor decisions for the new seasons. I'm a lifelong gamer and I've never felt so attracted yet simultaneously repelled from a game.

    50. Luke Thomas

      Unplayable story questline without season pass? Wtf bungie youve already made us pay for the shit expansions this should be free

    51. OneWhackMan

      For the most part, I'm excited for trials. There is one thing that I dont want to happen. That being that power shouldn't make or brake the game.

    52. Lim Linus

      Learned my lesson, never buying another annual pass again.

    53. Antonio Armbruster

      I think doom eternal will be best bloody slayer game ever

    54. saint

      Ima get full warlock set again poggers

    55. Ggeneous

      Just bring back trials in D1 I would much prefer to play that.

    56. NH_Bucks

      What’s the name of the first soundtrack that plays while Luke smith talks in the beginning

    57. xxCGdarklightxx boi

      So what's going to happen with Uldren solve in destiny 2 cause he is alive

    58. Chris Maynard

      I want nothing to do with Trials!!! I will play when trials is over, until than go f your self!!!!!

    59. Noel Willis

      What about players that don't like PvP, let alone "trials". It is ful of sweaties that have mapped out spawn point and all the routes to lurk in for the quick sniper kill I am one of lot of older players that NEVER play trials, and yet some many exotic quets requie PvP interaction. Could you please balance PvE and PvP so that you can complete quests without ginding through the PvP or trials. Not every destiny player is a sweatie 14 yr old, how about you focus on other in-game activities, lpease

    60. Seanio

      gimme a game with that Halo 2 vibe. thanks

    61. I slap fools

      LF2G 7+ kd+ over 350 flawless runs. Will quit after one lost round . Must be cancer .

    62. Reese Yount

      What’s the point of making it lvl enabled?

    63. Reese Yount

      What’s the point of making it lvl enabled?

    64. the Legend

      Okay but what’s the soundtrack that starts at 1:25?

    65. smokydabandit is cool

      Make more isanagis ornaments

    66. Rose Aleph

      Luke Smith you are the greatest of the seven.

    67. Savoman Stepn

      Revive Cayde-6 please :'(( - Cayde-6 Returns -

    68. Vicki Love

      I will never be able to go flawless but I want to play so badly! Destiny player since day 1.

    69. Fps 3582

      Yeah but d2 is still awful

    70. A God Io

      Considering I’ve never played trials before even tho I wanted to play in the past but people were only looking for sweat and I never got the chance to experience what it was like but I doubt I’ll get the chance this time either cuz I play alone lol 😂