Disease Expert Breaks Down Pandemic Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED



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    Brian Amman, ecologist for the Centers for Disease Control, takes a look at disastrous pandemics from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate their depictions really are. Find out how realistic pandemics are as portrayed in 'Contagion,' 'World War Z,' 'Outbreak,' 'ER,' 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,' 'House,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Pandemic,' 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,' The Andromeda Strain,' 'The Crazies,' 'The Girl with All the Gifts,' '28 Weeks Later,' 'The Thing' and 'The Hot Zone.'

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    Disease Expert Breaks Down Pandemic Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

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    1. WIRED

      To find out more about Brian’s work with the CDC, watch him in our video, All the Gear the CDC’s Disease Detectives Use in the Field: de-news.net/online/video-BPLZOFIwoZs.html

      1. Mani Khoshnoodi

        @SAI SUNDAR of stfu dude. Thats racist af.

      2. OncomingStorm ****

        Love the use of House here lol

      3. Greg Jackson

        Would like to hear Mr. Amman's thoughts on our current outbreak.

      4. Choco Nilla

        Please after this pandemic bring him back on the show to make a part 2 please

      5. Sushant Kumar

        @SAI SUNDAR like y'all wanted to make mexico pay for the wall and they ended up stealing it? 👌🤣 Murika is losing it's grip on the world.

    2. Anawayvin

      *this guy* “I know who made the coronavirus”

    3. free thinker

      This is not a breakdown its a roast

    4. Ughwork

      Is anyone else watching this during quarantine lmao

    5. Eva

      The hot zone is one of the best series I have seen too bad it was so short

    6. A Serious Man

      21:45 Are you sure ? The future proved wrong.

    7. A Serious Man

      This guy talks about zombie viruses & infections like they really exist. And they're normal.

    8. ruby Aiello

      21:45 just you wait, buddy

    9. ドラジール

      Nice. DE-news recommended me this video. Coincidence? 🤔

    10. Sunil Chitolie

      DE-news recommendation is real hilarious now huh

    11. Lily Luoker

      Man in the video: "shoulder to shoulder when you cant shake hands" ME: NARUTOOOO

    12. Samantha Aguero

      “They would all have a face shield, or eye protection” *well-*

    13. HelloThereRandomPerson

      Yeah...well this is akward :/

    14. Emmanuel Petit

      14:25 Covid testing

    15. K Martin

      This do be happening now with carrona

    16. kmadrig123

      Please invite him back on his views on the Covid-19 virus without any political agendas. Also, can you do one of a professional blood banker (aka medical laboratory scientists or technologists) accuracies depicted in movies. I cring every time I see a person that has blood type O (aka universal donor) do a direct person to person transfusion to an unknown blood type person.

    17. toni short

      During these times this hits diffrent

    18. Spaghet With tomato sauce

      This video do be hitting different tho after corona

    19. Irochi

      16:53 why is there a silence there? error in the video or some word was removed?

    20. Lina Clark

      Can’t wait to see someone trying to pitch a pandemic plot after covid. “So in this scene the military tells everyone to put on masks and a bunch of soccer moms say no and the military sighs and doesn’t do anything”

    21. Krawna

      1:32 amazing that he said it's pure hollywood fiction and reality today is proving him wrong.

    22. Richard Wind

      This guy is OK in my book ..... Knows a lot ... He is actually revealing this PLANNED DEMIC

    23. Hannah Campbell

      Me: Hollywood makes pandemics look worse than in real life. COVID-19: let me introduce myself.

    24. Rob Park

      The conclusion part really #agedlikemilk except for the part where it spreads within seconds of entering a body... why do I hear boss music?

    25. kunstwert

      Greetings via ellbow to ellbow...naahhh, c'mon....bit too much, isn't it..?

    26. jocsdoes gaming


    27. Ryan D

      I'd like to see Brian breakdown more movies.

    28. Mauro Carrera

      This is very awkward...

    29. Irving Ruiz

      IF ONLY WE KNEW...

    30. gabby bulford

      all these pandemic movies look where we are now...

    31. gabby bulford

      all these pandemic movies look where we are now...

    32. Sarah Swett

      Oh how much I wish he did teach support again during the pandemic

    33. Mark Whyatt

      You lost me at the movie outbreak ,with you saying that hospital staff would all be wearing proper PPE. Well as we've seen with the covid 19 virus 1 thing that was sadly obvious is that all over the world including the rich countries that there is a massive shortage of PPE. So not Hollywood

    34. Michael Menehem

      The Gates Vaccine is GMO Sheeple. First Wave: Scamdemic. Terrify/teach by fraud/force the Sheeple how to act/behave so they want to be vaccinated. Second Wave: Injection Fraud. Genitically modifiy the Sheeple with mRNA to produce a new protein. Third Wave: Real Pandemic. Release the real deadly virus that only attaches to the new protein. TaDa! They're all dead, and we're not :) - Essene Rabbi Michael Menahem

    35. Megan Fietsam

      The walking dead 😔😭😪

    36. Mehmet ali Fehimli

      what this guy is not telling you is what he actually knows about the capabilities of man made bio weapons, and that a virus could potential co exist in within the hosts neural web and manipulate according to its coding on how to behave weather if that is attack males only threw hormonal detection mechanism or to avoid any one with cancer as the coded virus would know the chances of the host staying alive long enough to chain affect other possible host/victim is reduced. he is quiet reticent with the facts and possibilities of hes career and field of profession. tells us yeah we can actually check to see how a virus might be affecting humans and such deep down to its "hands and legs" 2:40 and yet tell us this is not possible! 5:20

    37. idris jones

      whos watching this 3 months in the covid-19 worldwide pandemic?????

    38. brooke stevenson

      Well this didn't age well

    39. Brian Hays

      “That wouldn’t happen?” It happened A LOT! People either using inferior or no PPE at all. The United States got caught with their pants down 🤒

    40. Thera Neilson

      This video is a tad but ironic......

    41. Latrice Lorraine

      How are ironic that we’re getting this recommend it now

    42. Mr Frodo

      6:28 "Theoretically, that's how things will happen." That's it, CoViD-19. Never seen a person predicted a pandemic.

    43. 남자샠시

      I would really like to see this guy again after this PANDEMIC

    44. Kashmala Khan

      This video hits different now

    45. Amanda Smith

      If only he knew what we would be dealing with 4 months after filming this

    46. Stefano

      21:32 The ultimate famous last words..thanks Wired

    47. Stefano

      "Total chaos it's mess. Pure Hollywood fiction" 2020: Say what now?

    48. The Substitute Gamers

      Videos that didn't age well.

    49. Cesia Jade Servent of God

      *Covid-19 enters the room* "Someone wanna bet?"

    50. evilkitty2007

      also 'bats might be a host...' ya don't say!

    51. evilkitty2007

      Bet this guy is super busy now....

    52. Stevie Bermal

      Little did they know a few months later we would get covid

    53. Kimi Mirta

      Never thought we experience a movie

    54. Brittany Byrnes

      We need him like yesterday

    55. J T

      I wonder how would he react to those videos after this year 2020

    56. Abby Ruth


    57. IIBatwomanII

      Can we talk about how this was published on October 2019 and he said that they "now have evidence that bats are possible hosts for resting virus"? I mean, what are the chances?

    58. Raspil Iverson

      Wired did their best.

    59. Cameryn Huffman

      Didn’t age well...

    60. Nicole Gollihar

      and then there was COVID

    61. Mikalah T

      So, zombies are next, right?

    62. Nina Maguire

      People arent usually as uncontrolably as you have seen Em, wait a few months

    63. Jen Munro

      This did not age well

    64. Phoenix 101

      Seems like this video aged well, huh.

    65. PyjamaMC

      Coronavirus be like bruh

    66. Marie Mattern

      This didn't age well ...

    67. Ritika Roy Choudhury

      in 2020... *breathe in* 2020..... *sigh*

    68. Mr. Hord

      Ever since the coronavirus it seems like we got some virologists in the comments

    69. BruceM Games

      Isn’t this an appropriate recommended video by DE-news given the current world situation

    70. If Antifa and BLM Had a baby

      Where is this guy now? Hopefully he didn't quit his day job.