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    1. SCR33M

      I didn't mean to click this video, sorry.

      1. a youtube watcher

        Drew Gooden e

      2. Aquaflame Gaming

        @I Have a Narrow Urethra How on topic of you

      3. Brodie Hartog


      4. Life of Talise

        whaaat oh no

      5. dogsareunstoppable

        I only liked this because I wanted you to get an extra notification

    2. AZTROBOl

      I'm on my zune

    3. a laurent

      i'm on a binge and i've never felt like a youtuber was so relatable before lmfao

    4. Habiba Noureldein

      i love him with his wife

    5. CyanPhoenix

      tasting history music anyone?

    6. Brynn Schwartz


    7. Tessa Player

      Drew: “I’m not gonna sit here and explain the plot to you” Also Drew: *proceeds to explain the plot for 5 and 1/2 minutes straight*

    8. ZoLexa

      3:43 oh thank god someone else noticed that too

    9. OreoPug

      3:46 Sounds like GLaDOS

    10. Rikki Love

      I want Chad to be the main character Troy struggles with being good at everything and having everyone love him Chad struggles with trying to cope with his sexuality, and being scared to like theater because he doesn’t want anyone to think that he’s actually gay Chad has struggles that kids can actually relate too, and they could benefit from learning that it’s okay to embrace who they are

    11. Isabella Reyer

      I’m not gonna lie... I loved Camp Rock, I’d jam out to the ending song, and I actually still love Camp Rock 😂

    12. titlewave

      UUUUUUUGGGEEE missed opportunity not showing the “cringe” footage of the guy(seemingly at a university) who tries to join in on a flash mob..... it’s like he’d been waiting for that moment his entire life.

    13. -Aиυвıš-

      My dude... I found you through Kurtis and I want you to know I watched about five or six hours of your videos and it wasn't until the exact fucking moment you held up that pillow that I realized... How I could have clicked on 15 videos of yours without realizing that vine was yours and some how miraculously dodging every video where you mentioned it I will never understand.

    14. Shay Esaw


    15. Tessa Ellis

      God there are so many behind the scene things about this movie that i know and things i could debunk

    16. Tessa Ellis

      As an actual high school theatre kid high school musical is SO INCORRECT on so many levels

    17. P. Conrad

      It sounds so dumb, but when I was a young kid I assumed the American public school system was ridiculously well funded 😅Like the kids in Glee had so much school money at their disposal for impromptu musical numbers 😁

    18. Abby Anderson

      I aspire to have this energy in a relationship you guys are so funny HAHA

    19. Rotten Banana

      When Drew said “fuck it or suck it” that had me dead

    20. Alli Swatsenbarg

      You'll never play Camp Rock DVD Game. Why even live?

    21. Dartymissile


    22. Melissa Gold

      School envy is one way to put it. I was homeschooled K-12 so never had any first-hand experience of high school, literally just pieced together tidbits from my non-homeschooled friends, kids TV programming, and... my experience as a student volunteer attorney at Teen Court. Yeah I was (still am) really confused lol

    23. yasilo

      yo theres an ad right after ur mustard ad AND IT HAD THE SONG

    24. Rowan Unseelie

      god I remember that 2000s trend of hanging a statement belt around your hips over your pants like a pirate

    25. No Body

      Him, talking about a tv with a live stream about the party in the party: wtf! Me: he's definitely not seen an Indian wedding You'll lose ur mind trying to figure out Indian weddings

    26. abbie kriskey

      honestly i can relate to amanda with the whole joe/kevin thing, when i was in 7th grade i was going through my why don't we phase (ik im sorry) and my fav was zach. but my toxic friend pushed me to like jonah instead. i tried to be like "why cant we both love zach" but she just said "no you have to like jonah" so yea that's my story.

    27. FAB

      It’s funny how he says before they play the game it’s never been opened and it’s their first time playing this then while playing he says she makes him play this every night????????????😂

    28. •Munchii Chan•

      My music teacher would force us to watch high school musical in 1st grade. My name is gabby, so whenever my class heard the name Gabriella they’d look at me (even if it wasn’t my full name 👀) I just remember starting an argument with a girl on who got to be Gabriella-

    29. Leah Rogers

      Watching on my zoon help

    30. Cole Kinzie

      Omg you sound kinda like Andrew from big mouth, don’t look up who Andrew is, because you will be heavily offended... which it was not supposed to be.

    31. Tessa Rodriguez

      Omg did you see Drew flirting with Amanda? I totally ship.

    32. GriffonzStuff

      Drew you wizard how did you know i was watching you on a red zune

    33. proud owner of 0 brain cells

      u should be very proud of the john murlaney vibes u give out

    34. bailey arnold

      Frankie Jonas performs bad poetry about being the least popular Jonas brother; I have witnesses.

    35. RandomGaming2.0

      First. Time I’ve seen anyone play a dvd game on DE-news

    36. august

      Can’t believe the camp rock dvd game comes with jonas brother photocards

    37. Tenzin Amag

      what is your favorite Disney movie musical and why is it lemonade mouth

    38. kaylee

      joe was the hot brother and i remember getting mad at my sister cause she said nick was hotter

    39. nadia lee

      mmm yummy bread sandwich

    40. Ash Lynne

      Camp rock is absolute trash compared to HSM and that’s just a fact

    41. HoneyedToast

      My highschool had shop class where you learn basic mechanics. That part was never weird to me in HSM

    42. Abigail Wilson

      I’m HSM 2 when Troy and Gabriella are singing “Gotta Go My Own Way” Troy says “What about everything we’ve been through?” like what the heck have you two been through? Being the Freaky Genius Girl? Choosing between Basketball and Musical Theatre? That’s literally nothing.

    43. Tanks 777

      3:48 I used to hyper fixate on the fact that the belt was on the outside of her pants as a child I'm so glad someone else noticed.

    44. Little Demon Child

      2:55 I lost it.

    45. Spencer Stillman

      Drew I love you

    46. Brianna Arriola

      Ive been refusing to watch this video cause I didn’t want my feelings hurt, but here I am

    47. Lach1503

      When are we gonna get blue-ray or 4K DVD games

    48. Cameron Mattingly

      “You can’t sing and do basketball!!” Shaq: wait I can’t?

    49. Alexander Knott

      “Don’t put people in a box because of how they look.” - movie with exclusively attractive main characters

    50. Katie Licheni

      Drew in high school musical they hack the scoreboard of the basketball game not the beaker oml

    51. Lauren Fick

      I had the High School Musical 2 dvd game!

    52. Elaina Tran

      Me-drinking my water and then almost spitting it out after hearing what she says - He’s my son is what she said-

    53. remi yeet

      I live where this movie was filmed, East high is not nearly as good as this movie claims lmao-

    54. Alessandro Lucci

      Drew: Comment down below if you're watching this in your zune Me: How the fuck did he know that

    55. Ryslig

      Nice nose, Drew!

    56. Abigail Deno

      drews face when she said it was her son XD

    57. Thicc Duck

      I owned the camp rock video game when I was like 6 and I very vaguely remember it

    58. katia babitzke

      i genuinely have never laughed so hard at a drew video and it’s all thanks to amanda

    59. Jimena Tangassi

      4:30 bi kids coming out to their parents

    60. JackieWarner13

      The belt wrapped around the pants were totally a thing Drew. I remember seeing girls do it...not me bc I was stylish but I saw them. Can't believe I'm only finding out there's a DVD game for Camp Rock!

    61. leanna ashley

      i KNOW drew did not just call camp rock GARBAGE

    62. Renana Davidovitch

      12:13 I didn't actually understand the phrase but it was so cute

    63. Selah Locken

      aw. his wife is so cute

    64. Mikayla lamoy

      *wHAt tHe ʰ ᵉ ᶜ ᵏ aRe tHOsE TWo dOinG iN a ᴛ ʀ ᴇ ᴇ*

    65. Coke-Flavored Sprite

      Am I the only one that notices the In Rainbows Vinyl on the top shelf in the background (Radiohead is my favorite so it’s cool that he likes it too)

    66. kadence

      “If you wanna see what’s on the other side of the pillow drop a like button n o w” Me: *likes* 👁👄👁 “It’s the same” Me: >:(

    67. Dani Kat

      Okay, but camp rock 2 with a nick singing “introducing me” is still a hit.

    68. Zuzuzucchini

      Ok but Drew’s reactions when Amanda said “that’s my son” then tried to put the piece in her mouth, were so cute and funny

    69. Gamer Goose

      I always hated Highschool Musical Never watched it Always hated it