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charli d'amelio

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    hi everybody! well it's finally here! dixie and I have been keeping this a secret for so long. we've partnered with Morphe to launch the new Morphe 2 collection and we couldn't be more excited!! we love so many things about this collection and in this video, we are seeing the finished products for the first time, we tell you all about the products and share which ones are our favorites. we really hope you like the collection as much as we do! you can shop the Morphe 2 collection here: www.morphe.com/collections/morphe-2
    don’t forget to use my code CHARLI for 10% off Morphe 2 and all other Morphe products!
    about MORPHE 2 - HINT. TINT. GLOW
    meet a new line of light, multipurpose makeup that keeps it simple yet stunning launching TODAY 7.30.2020 at Morphe. de-news.net/online/video-8Ky1DdZtFJA.html
    ☁️ Hint Hint Skin Tint (available in 20 shades) $17 ⁣⁣
    ☁️ Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse (available in 4 shades) $12 ⁣⁣
    ☁️ Jelly Eye Shimmer (available in 6 shades) $10 ⁣⁣
    ☁️ Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss $12⁣⁣
    ☁️ Glassified Lip Oil (available in 6 shades) $9 ⁣⁣
    ☁️ The Sweep Life Brush Collection + Bag $24 ⁣($54 value)⁣
    if any product on morphe.com becomes sold out, don't worry! check out Morphe stores or other participating retailers. anything that sells out will be restocked soon!

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    Twitter: twitter.com/morphebrushes
    Shop The Morphe 2 Collection: www.morphe.com/collections/morphe-2
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      I can tell Charlie is a super chill shy person but weird and hype when you get to know her

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