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    1. Glitter guitar lessons with Avni

      In wheel LED one, he says "I want my car to have that." But then in emoji in back side windshield one, he says"If I had a car I would want that

    2. Clyde Nodes 0101

      Car-Caw Seems legit

    3. Jord4n Clarke

      0:22 If I had a car then I would buy that. lol

    4. XxPixel WarriorxX

      1:26 letsssssss goooooo Minnesota

    5. Jeff IDK


    6. London woods show yeah!!!!!!

      Why you show the plate

    7. TheBlueSea MSP

      I already have a tv in my car

      1. kevin Fortnite dance 1234

        TheBlueSea MSP same

    8. Jairus Mark Torres

      I thinks other cars a ricers.....

    9. Brady Gamez

      U TaL9 a L9t

    10. Nugget

      When he said thats from the fast and the furious I started crying R.I.P Paul Walker 😭😢

    11. RyzaDaBoss

      Yode said "if I had a car" does that mean he doesnt have a car

      1. Akshith Arvind

        No he means he wants a car like that

    12. PumpkinGamer 7749

      This is how many times he said car 👎

    13. Aaron Reveredo

      0:07 I have a car 0:22 I don’t have a car

    14. ZeOQiOfficial ‘


    15. Jayden100p Mckinzie


    16. James Conway

      All these horses in my car got me going fast I just wanna do the dash, put my pedal to the gas (skrr, skrr) Going so fast, hope I don't crash (skrr, skrr) One false move, that could be my last (yeah) All these horses in my car got me going fast I just wan' do the dash, put my pedal to the gas (skrr, skrr) Going so fast, hope I don't crash (skrr, skrr) One false move, that could be my last (yeah)

    17. Paul Sheppard

      1:15 my big brother got that

    18. Jonathan Gutierrez

      Rice car mods

      1. Reece brown

        Ricerice baby

    19. zqMadness

      0:22 dont u have a car?

    20. Madeline Perello

      Imagine 1 car with all of these inventions

    21. Jaxon Warner

      0:20 i’ll buy you a car

    22. Lauren Biltimier

      Yode said that he didnt have a car lol

      1. Tane and Mollie

        Lauren Biltimier bet u don’t have a car

    23. Matthew Krueger

      Can you link that hammock thing?

    24. Cr0tix _yt

      How duh faq can a license plate could save your life, even tho it’s only holding your key?!

    25. TomasLT Gaming

      0:05 says i need that on my car 0:21 says i need a car wut?

    26. Carsen Taylor

      U need to learn to put links or say what they are

    27. the chill family yes

      Ugh this guy again he so bad he sucks

    28. vanessa nichols

      You would get those lights if you HAD A CAR

      1. StuTheBru me

        only if i had a fancy car is a 2.ltr turbo desil 206 16 years old only 68k on the clock,,but i get 65-75miles per gallon even at 80mph nothing beats that

    29. Stevie Maloof

      he said "if i had a car i would do that ?

    30. Evie Tomasek

      You have the best vids

    31. Noam Rotem0909

      This is how many times yode said vibey ⤵️

      1. SuperninjaYTbro


    32. Peddi Gongada

      Dude I’m going to take the boys

    33. Mr Sans

      Australia:outback Americans:desert Africa:desert

    34. Mr Sans

      How in the world that car would like a million dollars

      1. Firebro32

        My Audi has leather seats

    35. Tom Strickson

      My car has white leather seats and it’s 3500 usd

    36. Bagtanbts Channel


    37. John Marston Kill

      Hold on u don't have a car 0:25


      So much clips

    39. Jeremy Gibson

      You are the best, lol

    40. Cheese Fury

      I’m not first Im not last I see your vid I click fast👍

    41. Janet Eccleston

      Like,nobody has seen,the snow plow

    42. Dasia Plummer

      Your videos are to short

    43. Impact

      Wait he doesn’t have a car

    44. kortez tepairi

      hi nana I hope you had a good t

    45. Scott Shady

      No he isn't that cool

    46. Scott Shady


    47. Džafer Kovo


    48. CodingFire

      me: ricer modification.

    49. Craig Bonham

      You don’t have a car

    50. Rogangster

      The thumb nail was just a ricer

    51. Jayde Powell

      Way don’t you get a car with a camera

    52. Twin Team Gamers

      If u had all those...

    53. Dale Rae Kjonaas

      i geuss he never heard of cars with cameras on the back

      1. Death harbinger in fort Remove brutes

        Dale Rae Kjonaas bro he has na education most cars 2010 and above have that

    54. Amanda Burr

      You dont have a car?

    55. Sidney Norbury Stokes

      They are the best car's in the world

    56. sgt. Goeden12

      My mom said she doesn't like your voice

    57. Samara Williams

      I thought this was car upgrade and ps he’s watching a DE-news as all of he’s just watching videos

    58. Harrison Wilson

      Yode: if I had a car I’d definitely do that Me: wait what?

    59. Liam Murphy

      That was a snowboard not a surfboard

    60. Noah Thompson


    61. Trashy 2.0

      My dad's car actually came with a camera on the back

    62. Siobhan Coote

      He said if I had a car I would do this

    63. Sxlt PxG

      "bruh that's illegal"

    64. Bruno Morales

      such a non car guy

    65. Pro Gamer217

      Kwebbelkop watch this yeah boi

    66. Wookmiester

      If I had a car I would totally do that 😂

    67. Kendrick Vran Escobar

      How about a 90000000200292928282891928377372828288272727189199292772 billons millons dollar car 😂😂

      1. guest 666

        How about no

    68. Klay Animates

      If I have a car I would to that does that mean that you don’t have a car

    69. isabel garcia

      Wait you don’t have a car 0:22

      1. Cat Destroyer

        Not all people have cars

    70. From Zero

      U said u putt leather seat on ur car butt then u said I wish a had a car ... y tf u lying