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    1. Sana Ezz

      0:06 *I want my car to have this asap* 0:22 *i dont have a car*

    2. Brennan Ccgg

      Dasint have a car what

    3. Viljar Bang

      If you put all the attachments and custom things on your bad car and your friend has a expensive car your the one flexing now

    4. Leslie Ritz


    5. Athar Novandri Ghani

      that cool

    6. Jonatan Tito

      Why do so many reaction youtubers have no cars

    7. Yuri Tanaka

      2:48 how da frick u suposed to open that door?

    8. Nick Lee

      Wait a second so you don’t got a call from Home was serious

    9. Mathantics

      0:06 I want my car to have this 0:30 If I had a car I would do this


      You don’t have a car yet😅

    11. ChuckChuck2 Hilliard

      But what if your car get towed

    12. Lnr Spirit

      At 3:21 the trunks is call RICE

    13. Cartoon shi

      0:06 the color rims he said he wants that on his car but 0:12 he said the gif on the can he said that if he had a car he will buy it🙄🙄

    14. Romanfamily09 Trash

      Like if he is annoying

    15. ibrahim tv plays

      First he says he wants the lights for his car and for the emojy one he says if he had a car so does he have a car???

    16. Alyssa Jackson

      Yode: if I HAD a car I would definitely get this emoji pic Me:What This youtuber with 2M subs doesn't have a car 😂

      1. Ivan Venegas

        I agree

    17. Blake's corner

      These people are on yode mode

    18. Evan Elfert


    19. Evan Elfert

      What if it doesn’t have a

    20. Charley Lockwood

      Why don’t you have a car

    21. Jacob S


    22. Capper

      0:06 Yode:i want this have this in my car 0:23 Yode: if i had a car i would try this out What😅

    23. Jack is awesome 123

      Yode:if I had a car I would use that U have a car?

    24. Mohammed Mirza

      Wait do you not have a car

    25. fiona waters

      This comment won’t get a like

    26. Blue zikos

      You don’t have a car?

    27. Geometry Dash PRO

      This is how many yode said wow | | V

    28. Gaming with Jay

      I thought you had a car

    29. Easy Snip

      What you don’t have a car?

    30. Levial YouTube

      Lol he does not have a car

    31. Rommel Baylon

      V. Mvvv,,,,,,,vi Pop

    32. RAP VAN GOES

      2:48 how can u open door???

    33. Sean Banks

      Yode doesn't have car?????

    34. Lori Galvan

      Friend:meet me at my house Yode:I don’t have a car Lmao Lol yode doesn’t have a car he said so How many times yode says that actually works in his videos | |

    35. Charley Lockwood

      Wait you don’t have a car

    36. Wafa Hurie


      1. Wafa Hurie


    37. Sharon Page

      He said I want them lights on my car then with the emojis he said I want them if I had a car

    38. Edwin El chino Chino

      Yode is poor he got no car hahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Troy Dinero


    40. PandaDane Fire

      Planerock124.exe stoped working do to dentists car @planrock124

    41. Lil Ducky

      100 on my wrist 80 on my wrist

    42. Danielle Valliday

      F***** u

    43. Adrienne Newlands

      I live in Arizona

    44. woodzyy_ yt

      You dont have a car??

    45. Norm Trong

      If you have all of this your car will become a zombie proof car

    46. the jelly lover

      ho I want that umdrela car

    47. bacon bros

      Wait so you don't have a car?

    48. Garay arvin

      Yode that its some ricer mod you idiot

    49. royalty tv tv

      Yode:i wish i had a car Me:ummmm ha im younger then you and i have a car Yode:wHy yOu Bully mE

      1. Chill Bill

        He dosent even have a profile picture what a noob

      2. Mary D.

        Royalty tv tv Good for you! I really want a car

      3. Chill Bill

        Lmao idc you don’t even have a computer :/

      4. Itz gacha Wolf

        Royalty tv tv dude I bet your like 5

    50. Kendry Bartolo

      Did yode just say I don’t have a car?!?!? What you mean

    51. Lefty yt

      That guy you called a genius is a ricer his mods are to much. He's a absolute idiot.

    52. world lamor

      He don't know how to talk gggggg

    53. Hayden 1.0.0

      You said if I had a car so do not have on

    54. Meliah -roblox-

      If u knew where u lived I would get u a car

    55. Ashok M

      You are a animal

    56. OPP41

      I know,I watch you but you stupid you just said you want pretty rims on YOUR car and now you Don t have one

    57. Gabriel Maxim gm

      My friend has that thing on 2:43

    58. Paige Tran

      You mean a decal

    59. Alani Negron

      If I had a. Car I would put that. So does that mean he dosen't have a car????????

    60. Kronik DuTcHiE

      0:22 bruh he said “if I had a car”. Like bruh is u be walking home or skating and can’t buy a car when u got 1.9 mil subs

    61. Christopher Clark

      So you don’t have a car

    62. XD_SPADE

      0:05 i want the on ‘MY’ car 0:21 if i had a car i would have that

    63. Shark Boy2017

      2:34 says can take off surf boards while showing taking off a snowboard

    64. Chad Kleisath

      Speaking of fast and furious I watched all of them and never have they stopped at a gas station

    65. Nintendo Gamer142

      2:16 that’s a Tesla feature.....

      1. Elon musk Fan

        Yes and BMW stole the idea.

    66. De’vorris Robinson

      My mom use to have a Toyota Sequi you can watch movies on the dashboard

    67. KR xia

      HE WHAT 0:22

    68. Gary Wiltshire


    69. Asher Time


    70. Mahmoud Fadlaala

      I thought he want light in his car but he doesn't have a car

      1. ScaniaTruckLover

        He does have a car