DIY Rocket Powered Plane!



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    Ive always wanted to attach rocket engines to a styrofoam plane, so I went to the hobby shop and bought all kinds of rocket engines! They come in sizes A, B, C, D, and E. Each step up is 2x as powerfull as the last. I also made my own F class sugar rockets based on Grant Thompsons design, but I must have done something wrong because they kept exploding :(
    Music: Halcyon Days- Mokhov

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    1. Dania Humza

      Got the best idea put the rockets under the plane wings

    2. WBW perfect

      Please do this again best video

    3. Rizal Sani


    4. Yeetus TheBoDo2

      Try putting the go pro in the middle, one small rocket on the top back end of the plane and a big rocket on the bottom front of the plane.

    5. TooExotic GT

      Japanesse pilot dropping bomb to Hawaii (1941, Colorized) 4:04

    6. Raphael Macedo

      Love the aiorplane

    7. Raphael Macedo

      What'is your name

    8. Morgan Stone

      Shut up seagulls

    9. Vinny Steffanini

      Ok. Ill say it. Thic

    10. La La Land

      Where did you get these planes

    11. Awesome Abdullah

      2:30 R.I.P Go Pro

    12. opah master

      put the rocket in the wings

    13. james Dudley

      With all that force your gonna want your wings to be pretty level with the center of mass and your thrust should be completely level and behind your center of lift

    14. Austin Horne

      Don’t you mean the beach scientist?

    15. patel dharmesh

      rocket engine is future technology for passenger plane

    16. stickmation world

      What was that last one

    17. Blucatube -true randomness

      Behold... a video of just yeeting planes

    18. R. Lothbrook

      my dudes gonna lose his hand one day

    19. Wilson .Fascination

      Come on buddy, it's not *rocket science* anyway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    20. HliasKGamer

      you need to put the in the middle

    21. Conjuras 21

      3:47 wow that's a cool throw😍😍😍

    22. Killer X

      2:33 Mission failed. We'll get 'em next time. 😂😂😂 like it you agree

    23. Zachary Jesenovec

      No one: DE-news *likes 9.8K8.7K71K* I have a screenshot

    24. Hedoy Khan

      Salman mazi

    25. Fatih Sezer

      Where can i buy this plane?

    26. Ashish Ashu

      You look like a girl

    27. Simon Chap

      *Houston, we have a problem*

    28. tomdcat1


    29. 岩崎希美


    30. javed iqbal

      It isn’t smart attatching a GoPro to a plane that would get lost at sea.

    31. christopher combetto

      Every try im like noo its guna get lost in the water!!

    32. Max Payne

      4:06 you think it's gonna fall but it fixes itself

    33. XxXAngelwingofgodXxX 123

      Use two small rockets a once

    34. Arkkïnzå Błuē_Jr._G

      3:54 pop-bass

    35. Arkkïnzå Błuē_Jr._G

      2:32 Kamikaze Pilots terrorize civilians

    36. Arkkïnzå Błuē_Jr._G

      4:10 Ze Luftwaffe strikes again

    37. Mohammed Arqam

      Look at her face at 1:19

    38. Horrific Space

      Where did you bought These Rocket engines?

    39. soko asssz ddhgjz7a76yrnold

      Where do u buy the plane from

    40. Your dad died Lol xd

      0:52 song?

    41. If you subscribe to me you get absolutely nothing

      I tried putting a homemade sugar rocket on my remote control plane.

    42. Meena Kharwade

      hey put the same type of big rocket above and below the plane

    43. chris peters


    44. Natsu Dragneel

      I love climbing tree 😊

    45. ATGPlays _YT

      3:30-3:33, *HERE COMES JOHNNY*

    46. علوچي Geme Oveer

      Look at The sea 😺🤩🤩

    47. Nathan Lemay

      Very funny and interisting

    48. Dodge Charger SRT-8

      2:36 Flight 800 in a nutshell

    49. jan jandourek

      episode 2

    50. Michal Slojewski

      U can Put two rockets one on the top of the plane and one under the plane

    51. NastyNugg3ts

      Try putting one on each wing!

    52. PATR films

      2:50 This might provide more lift. OOF

    53. ? unknown

      2:30 That Ethiopian airlines b737 max8 crashing

    54. IronChef

      Nerds have more fun! Nice vid!

    55. RadziX

      2:32 my ksp ssto's

    56. Maria Casarrubias

      2:30 4:38 cod black ops 2 HUNTER KILLER DRONE

    57. Oneofakind

      You need to put the "rockets" on the wings of the plane as well as the body.

    58. Cubeminx

      3:28 gets me every time. The "Where is it?" With it crashing in the background and Kevin's face just makes me laugh everytime

    59. Jacob Zosky

      You should try sticking six rockets with half on the end 1 on the end of 1 wing 1 on the end of the utter and the other 4 on the fuselage ware it meets the wings (2 on each side)

    60. MariusFX

      Me after Taco Bell 4:24

    61. ZulisBullet

      2:31 battle of leyte gulf colorized

    62. nathan xia

      2:30 What caused this crash?? Find out next on another episode of air crash investigation

    63. Bot Youtubers

      Wow bad piggies in real life

    64. Noah Luka


    65. Wlovo

      You should put them on the sides

    66. YouTubeVlogsAndMore :D

      at like 2:30 it did a full stall

    67. lochinvar00465

      I've got a G10-7 (5 second burn time). Would love to see it on there.

    68. XxLucky_63

      **Flies in Russian airspace**

    69. Herom 2006

      2:04 *this is going to dangerous we’re going to the park* 2:38 *plane crushes harder*

    70. Jonny McWhorter

      Please put wheels on it and engines on the wings

    71. Link 24

      Place two small ones on each wing

    72. Pã Blø


    73. Leo Miguel

      2:30 my life 2:50 other people’s life

    74. anto turic

      One of them hit Korea at 2:26

    75. Mark Stehle

      Revisiting this video, I think retry this and try the bigger rocket engines in different locations, like under the wing vs nose of the aircraft.

    76. Aydin Rahman

      Cool Never mind level 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

    77. TheEpicsniper34

      Put the german v12 rocket for sure it will go to the moon

    78. Giancarlo Salads

      Do more rocket planes

    79. Techs Science

      A plane powered by rocket seems intresting

    80. Anthony P

      Maybe show the full clip of flight from third person.

      1. Anthony P

        Great video

    81. Chris Hovnanian

      2:32 KAMIKAZE

    82. Torn Sock

      Remember about center of thrust

    83. Kramer X

      2:51 **Rare Footage Of Me Going To Mars** EDIT: Yes I Acctually Went To Mars The Rocket Fell Off To Early.

    84. clara kris

      2:39 CRASH LANDING

    85. Stoneclover 47

      That's awesome!

    86. desi maylisa

      I love tha tape that solves everything..

    87. Felugox Plays

      My man climbing up a tree with loafers on

    88. Justice75 Quick25

      *normal Ryanair landings*

    89. Jacob Scrivner

      i am sort of a rocket scientist and i am planing on becoming a aerospace engineer

    90. Wim Aan het gamen


    91. TantanLoves Cloud 9

      3:30 i saw the plane crash at the left

    92. Nicole Lambert

      if eow sod go to a pobe maec a rocit ioch rocit iocr but for rocix

    93. Floridian Railfan

      2:32 Jake Paul view decline [(2019) colorized]

    94. Kramer X

      3:22 Thats A Good Jet & 4:03 Did Anyone Else See Something Fall Off The Plane Off The Right Wing?

    95. K M

      4:03 *Pilot Ejected*

    96. Bubblezov Love

      wait for the rocket to start before you throw. They're kicking in just as the plane finishes the stall you throw them into....

    97. Jack Bissmeyer

      dis backyardscientest a boy or girl?

    98. Vara Lakshmi

      what is the name of it

    99. High Notes

      2:44 NASA has left the chat

    100. The wygh

      Good idea