DIY Rocket Powered Plane!



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    Ive always wanted to attach rocket engines to a styrofoam plane, so I went to the hobby shop and bought all kinds of rocket engines! They come in sizes A, B, C, D, and E. Each step up is 2x as powerfull as the last. I also made my own F class sugar rockets based on Grant Thompsons design, but I must have done something wrong because they kept exploding :(
    Music: Halcyon Days- Mokhov

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      2:32 James charles subscriber count

    2. Gabriel Ignatius

      Heinkel 163 Komet's first flight, circa 1944

    3. Blaze

      From what material is thr fuselage and wings?

    4. XxSteve PlaysXx

      3:54 the Nazis got shot down

    5. Henryk Nowacki

      U need to place it under the cg so it goes forward haha why u didint figure that out

    6. johanna stout


    7. SpringArt971444

      Anyone else like it when it goes close to the ground and then goes back up

    8. SpringArt971444

      Everyone's childhood is this *V I D E O*

    9. Gavyn Carpenter

      Where did u get the rockets

    10. CBR CBR


    11. Sukrit Poudel

      Calls himself scientist, throws the plane towards the sea and later complains about the plane going towards the sea.

    12. Mr215Alive✌🏻👆🏻🖐🏻🤙🏻

      Best part of the video was Sandra's cute buttcheeks at 2:04

    13. gtp197 c


    14. Bryan bell Musacchio

      Next time put it in the back of the plane like jets

    15. RilBitz

      4:10 isnt that like a bombin technique?

    16. Thegolden Rabbit

      I like how you get to sea the nice green and blue sea Who gets it Like if u get it | | V

    17. aqua dash 976

      2:35 *I AM DED*

    18. PlayStation 4 Guy

      This is super super super super super super cooooooooooooooooolllllll

    19. PlayStation 4 Guy

      Make a missle

    20. SharkGamingPlayz Roblox


    21. Jhay Crow

      make some vidoe 10 minutes

    22. Josh Playz

      Do it on the tail and the wings to make it a MD-11!

    23. ceezy ace

      The backyard scientist: lets go to a beach and put out of control rockets on styrofoam planes 50 feet away from water and light them off not expecting it to go in the water


      Put the rockets on the plane wings next time

    25. Chew Boon Zhan

      Next: add parachute on them after adding rocket to them

    26. Ion McKinney


    27. Babygogs 24

      Enemy ac-130 above

    28. Cara Welsh

      Why does the water look green

    29. Imagine Wagons 1

      Put them on the wings

    30. ihasarax

      Just when i so I made a good decision to buy a $1,000 drone with a camera on it Lol

    31. Cas Kade

      This may be one of my favorite vids on DE-news and I have no idea why

    32. Lolita Ramos

      Wow amazing cool

    33. kevin byrne

      Plane powered rocket?

    34. Gaige Thompson

      2:33 the rocket plane it was meant to go down! onley $39,99 4:39

    35. Wiktor Dymnicki

      Where can i buy this airplane

    36. Tom Seggie

      I gotta try this!

    37. AK Wingz

      Kim Jon in wants to know your location

    38. MR .BEAST

      4:29 #RIP PLANE

    39. RoamArrow

      “Maybe this will provide more lift” *Lift off*

    40. T W

      Could you put more than one on? Say one at the rear and one at the front and light one of them at different time to the other to give it a countious thrust ?

    41. jason lee

      such a beautiful beach

    42. Cameron Madden

      kevin, one day you are going to blow yourself up

    43. TJ De Santis


    44. Jomayro Graand

      4:24 numbers from black ops 1

    45. Jax Shep

      2:26 The takeoff of the doomed styrofoam plane. Note: 0.25 Playback speed.

    46. Knight Master

      What planes did you use

    47. Jasmin Rodriguez

      Where do you get the plains

    48. el peter

      At 4:27 they messed up there go pro

    49. el peter


    50. el peter

      I knew it

    51. el peter

      Why did they do it so close to the water

    52. Gerrit Rookworst

      That's one Giant backyard you have

    53. Ramona Figueroa

      🛫✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️Wow Wah

    54. Brian Golec

      just unstable fuel

    55. Brian Golec

      I think the reason your sugar rocket failed was combustion unstable fuel.

    56. Christian's vlogs and games

      2:38 YEET

    57. DigimonAndAnime TheOmniOmegaAlpha1

      Before there were drones there was this guy

    58. E. DALTON

      I thought of something that you could do to help it fly put the rocket in the center of gravity of the plane

    59. jason Olefors

      put a parathute on the plane next time anf yes make a part two then put a parathute on the plane or whells on the plane

    60. Furkan Demir

      Where did u buy rockets

    61. Polonium Peril

      Now fire an aa gun at it

    62. Virtual 360

      If you want a rocket scientist talk to mark

    63. T.N.I Ball

      2:33 hijacked plane

    64. Shao Zhe

      You should’ve put the rocket at the bottom to produce more upwards force

    65. Ani Aries

      2:31: Houson we are flying well! Gravity: *I’m about to end this plane’s existence.* 2:33: HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM

    66. 888b-cool

      2:36 to 2:40 Japanese pilot kamakizes into Okinawa Japan 1945 Colorized

    67. LoneToast385 -ToasterGaming-

      2:32 when a japanese pilots ammo runs out

    68. Model RC

      3:47 this flight looked almost rc controlled

    69. CaronneCamarillo PLAYZ

      plane sim